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In his apartment, Chris sat at his desk, his eyes glued to a computer screen as he scrolled down on Leon's recent dig up of information. The screens light illuminated his face, giving it a slight blue glow.

His eyes showed he was tired but his determination held him back from his bed which was placed right beside his desk.

"Another hour then it's time to hit the hay."

Though he knew it was unhealthy, Chris had labored day and night with his efforts to find Wesker ever since he and Claire escaped the Antarctic facility after defeating Alexia Ashford.

For the past two weeks, Chris and his comrades, former S.T.A.R.S. members Jill Valentine and Barry Burton had been scrounging up as much information as they could on any leftover Umbrella movements. Leon S. Kennedy, a former officer of the RPD had joined them about a month before the Rockfort Island incident.

Unfortunately for them, Wesker was a slippery one. He never stayed in one place for long and with his own private military, the HCF at his side he had plenty of underlings to carry out his plots whenever he pleased.

"So why won't he just cause another spill?"

The question, though horrible to think about, was compelling. In the time since their last encounter, Chris knew that Wesker had more than enough to cause any sort of mayhem he wished. He did have the T-Veronica virus at his disposal and was likely developing new B.O.W.s after thoroughly studying it.

What if he was simply biding his time? What if he suspected Chris was hunting for him? What if this? What if that?

So many questions but no answer available. It made Chris ache inside with frustration.

There came a knock at the door that was so sudden it made Chris jump. He turned in the direction of sound.

"Come in," Chris said panting a little.

The door opened and a young woman, dressed in a blue bathrobe stepped inside. She had medium length brown hair and promising icy blue eyes, or at least they would look promising if she wasn't so tired.

"Chris, it's almost mid-night," The woman said softly, placing her hands on her hips. "How much longer are you gonna be up?"

Chris sighed briskly and shook her head.

"Jill, you know how important this is."

Jill Valentine stared at Chris and breathed out, exasperated. She understood Chris's determination, in fact she respected it greatly, but not at the expense of a good night's sleep to keep him energized.

"Yes, I know," Jill said with her voice signifying fatigue. "I want to find Wesker as much as you do but working yourself to death isn't the answer, Chris."

Chris sighed again, realizing Jill had a point. She had warned Chris several times not to obsess over it too much; otherwise it would isolate him from those he cared about and that he certainly didn't want.

Jill herself was more than happy to join Chris in his search for Wesker as soon as he contacted her after the Rockfort Island incident.

About a month ago, Chris and Jill had moved into an apartment in Los Angeles, their own little headquarters. It was quiet but comfortable and with Jill as a roommate, Chris found the time he had been looking for to get close to her.

"Okay, just give me a few more minutes," Chris said, trying to suppress a yawn.

"All right. Good night, Chris," Jill replied as she left the room.

"Good night, Jill," Chris replied just before Jill shut the door behind her.

Chris switched his gaze back to his laptop and finally finished reviewing Leon's report before switching off the computer. He leaned back in his chair and rubbed his eyes before dressing into his robe, getting ready for bed.

As he dressed he couldn't help but give himself a mental kick for his lack of appreciation for Jill's concern. True she was serious but very kind once one got to know here and he knew her quite well. Though there was no romance in their relationship, at least not yet as he sometimes hoped for, they had a strong mutual respect and relied on one another immensely.

Barry Burton and Leon Kennedy were also eager to lend a hand. Once Barry made sure his family was safe, he kept in touch with Chris at all times, acting as something of a father figure to him. Leon on the other hand moved from place to place, digging up information from any unusual event he could find.

"Good to have friends," Chris muttered to himself with a smirk as he climbed into bed.

He flopped his head down on his pillow, still too deep in thought to go to sleep right away.

His thoughts drifted to Chris' last encounter with Wesker and his last words to him after aforesaid encounter.

"Until we meet again…"

Chris knew Wesker was far from finished. He knew they would meet again.

But what really troubled him was what he said earlier…..about Steve Burnside. The unfortunate fried of Claire's was obviously close to her and it truly was a shame Chris never got to meet him.

But what Wesker said about him gave Chris the chills.

"Maybe he'll come back alive, just as I did. And be able to see your sister again."

Chris tried to the shake the thought out but his love for his younger sibling reminded him it was indeed a threat.

Not long after escaping the Antarctic facility, Claire had told Chris she had enough of Umbrella. Had enough of fighting for her life against monsters. Had enough of watching people die.

She returned to college to return to a normal life. While Chris respected her choice, he really was disappointed. He expected so much from Claire after everything he taught her. She proved herself a formidable fighter who could certainly handle herself, which she had already proved twice and yet despite her reliability, she chose not to get involved anymore.

"She is getting older now and she has to start looking after herself. I can't look after her forever."

Sighing again and feeling his head start to ache with so many negative thoughts, Chris shut his eyes and went to sleep.