It's Always You

Chapter 27


The drive south to Los Angeles was uneventful. Wounds were bandaged and dressed, the worst injuries belonged to Robin but he was doing fine now. He had finally stopped bleeding as he sat propped up against the window. Faith sat next to him, holding his hand. Every now and then Robin would glance at her and smile, still trying to believe that a little wound had broken through her unbreakable defences and made her finally show him that she cared.

The girls were sleeping wherever they could. Angel and Buffy cuddled together in the back of the bus, while Spike sat in the middle of the bus, on the shady side, his arms crossed angrily over his chest, as he muttered to himself every now and then.

The rest of the group slept on and off, Gunn took over the driving; so Wesley and Giles could talk.

Three hours after they left Sunnydale, Gunn pulled up outside the old Hyperion Hotel. Angel was the first one out of the bus, practically running through the courtyard and into the lobby "Connor!" he called at the top of his lungs "Connor!"

The rest of the group trudged in behind him, dropping backpacks on the floor and looking around in awe at the large hotel. Spike just raised his eyebrows as he followed Buffy inside "What is it with you and fancy places," he muttered.

Angel glared and ignored him.

Everyone started chatting and looking around the lobby as Angel bit his lip "Maybe he isn't here," he muttered loud enough for Buffy to hear "I should go look for him…"

"Er…Angel." Fred muttered pointing upwards. Angel turned and glanced over to where Fred was pointing. On the balcony upstairs Connor was staring down at them, a wary expression on his face. Angel smiled in relief and headed for the stairs, quickly running up them. He gave Connor a hug, which the boy returned after a shortly afterwards, a few seconds later Angel stepped back and placed his hands on the boy's shoulders, looking into his eyes and grinning happily. He started talking and Connor nodded as he listened intently.

From down in the lobby none of them could hear or understand what was conversed between the two, but by the hurt, wary look on Connor's face, and the concern in Angel's they could guess that they were talking about; Connor being left here by himself.

Buffy knew Angel felt absolutely horrible about that, the only conciliation was that Wesley and Gunn did manage to check up on the boy when they came back for some information, and Angel was finally able to ring him after months as Liam and Angelus. Now that he was back Connor could see that his father did care about him.

As Angel continued to talk they could all see Connor relax, his shoulders drooping as he tilted his head to the side

Angel paused and took a breath and Connor froze, his eyes widening in disbelief.

Down in the lobby Gunn chuckled "And Junior's finally figured it out," he chuckled in amusement before wandering away.

Upstairs on the balcony Angel placed his arm around Connor's shoulders and steered him around, leading him down the stairs. He walked across the lobby and over to Buffy and the rest of the Scooby's "Everyone," he included them all in his introduction "This is Connor, my son."

Spike choked "What?" he snapped in disbelief, being the only one who didn't know about Connor, the others had heard of him either from Buffy or the AI team, but none of them had gotten around to telling Spike yet.

Buffy took a deep breath and held out her hand "Hey," she smiled "I'm Buffy."

Connor took her hand and shook it quickly as he glanced up at Angel "Hi."

Spike eyed the boy curiously "He has Darla's eyes," he commented thoughtfully, raising his eyebrows, causing Angel to sigh softly and Connor to look at him curiously.

"You knew Darla?" Fred asked quietly

Spike nodded absently and glanced at Angel "So does this mean he's my uncle or am I his uncle?"

"What?" Connor gasped, shocked.

"Er…." muttered Angel

Connor sighed "This family is so weird…"

"Got that right kid," Spike agreed "Try putting up with him, the bitch from hell, and my crazy sire for 20 years."

Connor blinked in surprise "Ya got any cool stories?" he asked eagerly

"Hey," snapped Angel, laughing nervously

Spike grinned "Yeah, got tons, this one time in Russia…."

"Spike," snapped Angel, glaring at the blonde man as the rest of them laughed.

Spike sighed dramatically "I'll tell you later," he said to Connor, causing the boy to smirk.


A few hours later the sun was beginning to set. Angel, taking a moment away from the organised chaos walked out into the courtyard and looked up at the fading blue sky. Buffy walked up behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist "I still can't believe your human," she whispered in awe

He laughed softly "Neither can I, it takes a little getting used to."

"I saw you jump when you walked past the office earlier."

He smiled sheepishly "I forgot about having a reflection, I couldn't remember what I looked like." he explained slowly.

"Really?" Buffy whispered. Angel turned around and looked down into her eyes before kissing her softly.

When he raised his head again Buffy smiled "Did you see Spike before?" she asked, changing the subject.

Angel snorted and grinned back at her "Swearing because he kept coughing after having a smoke? Yeah, he's gonna have a tough time quitting!"

"Good, serves him right." Buffy added

She leaned forward again and kissed him again. The former vampire smiled against her lips and deepened the kiss, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her close. "You are so beautiful Buffy, I love you so much." he murmured against her lips.

"I love you to Angel." Buffy replied letting her arms stay around his waist.

Angel sighed in contentment, holding her close and leaning his chin on the top of her head. Both of them content to stay with their arms wrapped around each other as the sun slowly set behind them.


In the office Wesley hunched over an ancient scroll, reading the passage that mentioned the vampire with a soul. Giles sat on the other side of the desk, reading an manuscript.

"Ahh ha." Wesley exclaimed excitedly, sitting up straight in his seat.

Giles glanced up curiously as Wesley pointed to a spot on the parchment "Here! Look at this I thought it said the vampire with a soul, but it say's the vampire's with a soul."

Giles paused for a minute before he nodded slowly and went back to reading the manuscript "I think it would be wise if you left that little detail to yourself." he admitted.

Wesley sighed and started to carefully roll the scroll up and place it back in its protective tube packaging "Yes, indeed, Spike would not take this news well."

Giles shrugged, unconcerned "I think he can handle it." he said dismissively.


Spike sat on the couch in the lobby, his feet stretched out in front of him. On the floor sat Connor and Dawn, the two teenagers had become fast friends in the few hours they had been there, both of them finding a common ground in growing up in not so normal circumstances. Spike was talking animatedly, telling them a tale "So, Darla had an eye for expensive stuff right, so when she found out about those Faberge Eggs she just had to have one, she made Angelus and I steal her one, from the Imperial Palace…and we almost got caught."

"And then what happened?" asked Dawn excitedly

Spike paused and then he smirked "Angelus started talkin' to the duchess in Russian," he shook his head "Don't know how he does it, she was giggling and everything."

Connor and Dawn glanced at each other and raise their eyebrows 'So what other stories do you have?" asked Connor


In the months that followed Buffy and the others finally started to relax. The world was safe, for the time being and they could finally look forward to a little rest and relaxation. After a little bit of digging Willow discovered that there was now over a 1000 Slayers active all over the world, from Russia to Johannesburg, from Sydney to New York. A thousand girls that needed to be informed of their calling, and trained so that they could live.

While the council building in London was destroyed, there were still a small handful of Watchers that were still alive; all of them had been informed of the new situation. Most were eager for the change, only a few of the older ones opposed Buffy's new ideas.

Giles and Wesley had both left for England, intent on getting those few stubborn Watchers back on board, and to see how many of the old resources they could scrape together.

The task of retrieving and informing the new Slayers of their calling fell to a select few, those that could be trusted were sent out. It was crucial that these girls were found as soon as possible, not only so they could train, but so they knew of their strength, and the responsibility that came with that strength.

Faith and Robin had headed east, back to Boston to try and find the three Slayers that had been detected in that area. Xander, along with the help of Andrew had gone to South Africa. Willow headed to South America, while Vi and Rona had headed to Europe.

Slowly the new Slayers would arrive at the hotel, eager to learn and to train. So far only one girl had turned them down. A 16 yr old, at 5 months pregnant she didn't want to expose her unborn child to the things that went bump in the night. Faith had smiled despite this, and handed the girl a card anyway, telling that if she ever changed her mind they were only a phone call away.

Connor and Dawn were back at school, Connor in a University in the city and Dawn at the local high school, both of them now firm friends, and teasing Buffy and Angel mercilessly.

Spike had moped around for the first week or so, before buying a pack of nicotine patches and quitting. He still drank but when he remembered he could drive in the day without blocking out his windows he perked right up.

A week after they had arrived back at the Hotel, Spike stole the keys to Angel's GTX Plymouth in the early hours of the morning.

With a skid of tyres he headed out of the city for a road trip. His bag was in the back, sunglasses on his head, rock and roll music in the CD player.

When Angel found the convertible missing a few hours later his anger rivalled that of Angelus's, "I'll kill him" Angel shouted as he paced around the lobby, the phone pressed to his ear "I don't care if he's human, I'll kill him….Yes?" he paused stopping in the middle of the room as the phone connected his call "Los Angeles police department? Yes, I'd like to report a stolen car…"

Lorne moved back to Caritas, opening up the club again and refurbishing the place.

Cordelia still got visions of people in trouble. But this time she noticed a change in how the visions came to her, before she always got a sense that the visions were for Angel. Now they felt different, Angel was human, with a human's strengths and weaknesses.

The visions were for the Slayers now; a demon attacking a young girl and Mandy went to save her. Two vampires terrorising a group of teenagers, Sammy and Claire took care of it.

Angel didn't mind, he still went out and patrolled with Buffy, he was well aware that he was no match for a demon anymore. He was ok with stepping back and letting the Slayers deal with it. It didn't mean that it wasn't hard; he was too much of a leader, too used to taking everything on his shoulders to not feel a little annoyed.

But it wasn't his fight anymore.

Having Buffy back into his life more then made up for the fact he didn't fight anymore. They were closer then they had ever been before, talking and laughing without the weight of Angelus hanging over their heads. The fast-paced sexual energy they had shared during his stint as Liam had changed, becoming a slow burning fire between the two reunited lovers.

They spent hours sitting on the couch together, wrapped in each others arms, kissing and touching until someone yelled for them to get a room.

That was when Angel would smirk, grab Buffy by the hand and pull her up the stairs.


Angel laughed as he kicked the door closed behind them and bent down to kiss Buffy. She laughed with him, pressing herself close and raising her arms to wrap them around his neck.

Angel moved across the room, almost knocking into the couch as he pulled Buffy through the open glass doors and into the bedroom. Buffy smirked against his lips, grabbed him by the arms and pulled him around so his back was facing the bed. She pushed him lightly. Angel, unsuspecting took a startled step back, the back of his knees hit the edge of the bed and he fell onto the bed with a soft grunt.

Buffy grinned again and stepped between his spread thighs before raising her legs and straddling him across the waist. Angel raised his eyebrows and laughed as she bent forward and kissed him.

It was different then when he was a vampire, before he had craved touching her. Hands on skin, mouth on mouth, it was all about being as close to Buffy's warmth as possible. Now that he was human, it was less about the actual sex, that physical closeness, and more about the emotions that came with two humans loving each other. He had loved her for a long, long time, but even as a vampire there was some part of him that was always hesitant, that voice in his head that would whisper that this wasn't right. After his soul had been ripped away that little voice had been even more instant.

Now there was nothing to stop him loving Buffy with everything he had. They were human, soul mates. Finally.

Buffy pulled away and Angel sucked in a deep breath, both of them smiled at this simple reaction, reminding them again of his new life. "I love you so much Buffy Summers." he murmured, reaching up and stroking her face.

Buffy smiled and settled onto her side, lying down beside him with her arms and legs still wrapped around him.

"Do you think we did the right thing?" she asked softly

Angel paused and tilted his head to look her in the eye "Yes, I don't doubt that it's going to be a shock for the girls to find out about vampires and demons and the part they have to play. But you dealt with it, they will too. They have so much support. From Giles and Wesley, you, Faith, that's more then any Slayer before has had."

He paused and turned his head, looking up at the ceiling as he stroked her hair. "I think they'll be fine, they're not alone any more."

Buffy bit her lip "But…but don't you think…" she trailed of uncertainly

"What?" asked Angel softly

"Don't you think it might have been…selfish…" she ducked her head

"No." said Angel turning over and grabbing her head between his hands "No, you gave those girls a chance to be strong, to stand up, it doesn't mean it's going to be easy…."

"I know, I used to wish it had been someone else, that I could have grown up normal…when things got to hard, when mom died…I just wanted to quit, to let it end…but….I know I've done so much good as well."

Angel smiled and kissed her "I know it was hard, but you've got help now, you have me, I'm never leaving you ever again." he whispered against her skin before resuming kissing her.

Buffy moaned softly and closed her eyes, wrapping her arms around his neck and letting him roll her over, so she was lying on her back, sprawled across the bed and he was leaning over her.

They started kissing again, soft moans escaping their throats as hands started to explore. Angel placed his hands over Buffy's waist and slipped a hand under her jeans, massaging the flesh over her hip and causing her to moan again.

Clothes were quickly discarded, jeans and shirts flying across the room. Angel quickly unhooked Buffy's bra and threw it over his shoulder.

They were both naked within minutes, eager, ready, soon both of them were breathing heavily.

"Oh, Angel." Buffy whispered as his hands moved over her body "Don't stop, oh, don't stop!"

Angel buried his face between her breasts and kissed her, his mouth moving slowly over her skin. Buffy gasped and squirmed under his touch, her entire body tingling with pleasure.

Their movements were slow, taking the time to bring each other right to the edge. Angel's heart was thumping painfully against his chest as Buffy's tight warm body wrapped around him.

"Oh god." he murmured as his eyes fluttered closed, his whole body tensing with anticipation, straining for relief.

Buffy threw back her head and screamed with pleasure; Angel gasped loudly and relaxed at the same time, moaning as he released his seed deep inside her.

Finally they both collapsed onto the bed, their chests rising and falling rapidly as they struggled to get their breaths back. "Mmmm." Buffy murmurs contentedly "That was nice."

"Just nice?"

Buffy blinked and turned her head "Well, nice and satisfying and…wow…."

Angel laughed and wrapped his arms around her waist "I could get used to this."

Buffy nodded and closed her eyes as she turned and rested her head on his chest. After a few minutes Buffy raises her head "Angel?" she whispers

The man in her arms has his eyes closed, his breathing regular "Angel." she hisses, putting her hand on his shoulder and shaking him awake. "Angel!"

"Ugh." he muttered "Sleepy."

Buffy laughed as Angel opened one eye and glanced at her "I want to talk." she said

Angel sighed and opened the other eye, yawning and shaking his head and then giving her his full attention "What is it…"

"I wanted to ask you something, you know before, when you lost your memory."

Angel tensed warily "Yeah?"

"You told me before that you never loved anyone…so I was…I was just wondering why you…why you still lost your soul?" she whispered sadly

Angel looked at her sadly and rolled over so they were both facing each other "Oh Buffy," he whispered "I'm sorry….I thought," he sighed as he struggled for words "I thought you knew."

"What?" she asked

"I never loved anyone when I was human Buffy, I didn't care." he looked deep into her eyes "When I saw you…I loved you as soon as I saw you, being Liam took me a little while to realise that…"

Buffy ducked her head and sniffed, touched as Angel leaned forward and kissed her forehead. "It's you Buffy, you're my perfect happiness," he smiled "It's always gonna be you."

The End

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