Note: This is going to be the place where I dump all the possible Harry Potter x-over plot bunnies that occur to me. Most of them will be rough sketches-snippets of things that come to me- not complete or edited by any chance.

I may develop these ideas in to separate stories later but you're free to adopt any ideas you find interesting. Just tell me about it and be kind enough to mention me as the inspiration behind your story.


Main characters: Ginny Weasley/ Mei Terumi (5th Mizukage)

Summary: Harry Potter was too late to save Ginny from the Chamber of Secrets. She didn't want to die. She fought back. An 11 year old redhead wakes up on the border of Kiri and begins a very different journey.

Ginny Weasley knew she should have paid more attention to her father when he spoke about hexed objects that endanger people's lives. But she had been so excited to finally have something of her own. Something that would listen to her troubles when no one else cared. And something that would encourage when she needed that extra bit of strength to get through another hectic day at Hogwarts.

Which had led to her current predicament.

She stared in disgust at the object that had led her into this dark and creepy place by taking control of her body.

The small diary never looked more sinister that it right then- suspended in air within the faint outline of a hand.

Ginny had stolen the diary from Harry's trunk in an attempt to protect him and Ron from having to deal with Tom. She didn't want either of them to be possessed by the malicious being housed by the diary. But she had forgotten that was in equal danger especially since no one knew about Tom.

There was no one who could protect her now.

As lethargy crept over her body, Ginny decided it was time to be a hero. She didn't have to win a spectacular battle. No, she had to stay focused and not give up so easily.

She was a Gryffindor.

And above that, she was a Weasley.

Her father's voice played out in her head. "You're special Ginny. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I'm sure you'll do splendid at Hogwarts."

She had to make sure that the thing in front of her never got out of this chamber. Ginny had to keep it away from her family.

Her wand hovered mockingly in front of her, beyond the diary.

Think, Ginny, don't let him win. So what if he has your wand? You can still hurt him.

Her eyes watered and her lungs struggled to take in air as her energy and magic drained away from her. She tried to hold onto her magic blindly.

"Do you really think that you can fight me?" a disembodied voice mocked her.

She glared at the blurry outline.

What do I do against that, she thought desperately and cringed at the strong tug on her magic. A torso materialized in front of her. Tom laughed.

No, Ginny growled defiantly, and concentrated on her magic.

Blue eyes brightened in triumph at the sudden pause in the movement of her magic.

"I won't let you Tom," Ginny hissed, not so easily, and struggled with a renewed confidence.

Tom snarled.

Concentrate Ginny, if we get the diary, then… her eyes widened at the rush of energy that flooded her.

She grabbed the diary from the hand, ran towards one of the pillars and started to rip out the pages of the diary.

She gasped as a spell grazed her cheek and caused a trickle of blood to flow out. She'd completely forgotten about her wand.

Tom was still semi-visible. Did tearing pages do anything? She wondered dismally.

Help, I can't let him get out this chamber, he'll hurt them she prayed desperately and tore more pages into shreds, all the while trying to hide from him.

Ginny's heart raced as a song filled the dreary chamber. A beautiful red bird flashed in between her and Tom.

I'll defeat you Tom, she thought and bent over the diary glad for the bird's distraction.

A trickle of blood slid down her cheek and onto the torn diary. Her eyes widened as the drop of blood hissed angrily and blackened the pages.

The bird song grew louder and Tom screamed.

I hope that hurt a lot, Tom. Ginny's mind gloated as darkness crept across her vision.


13 year old Sora Terumi sat on the riverbank, eager to catch some fish. He flicked his reddish brown hair away from his face and hooked his bait.

He threw his line into the muddy water with a sigh and shuffled around to get comfortable. It usually took a while for the fish to bite.

He perked up at the strong tug on his fishing line. That was fast, he thought and pulled the line towards him.

His eyes widened as he caught sight of a human shaped something attached to his line. He pulled it cautiously, dragged the body onto the riverbank and turned it over with a sense of dread.

It was a girl with vivid red hair and cold pale skin. He absently searched for pulse and gasped when he found a weak beat under his fingers.

Blue eyes opened and glanced at Sora deliriously as the tiny body coughed up dirty water. Sora watched in awe as all the water on the girl's body evaporated in a hiss of steam.


What happened to Tom? Ginny wondered.

She flinched as the red-haired boy stared at her with curiosity and worry. She knew he wasn't Tom. He was too kind and honest to be Tom.

So then where was she and who was he? She had no idea where she was or how she had gotten there from the dark chamber.

Ginny eyed the piece of fish, he had placed in her hand, suspiciously. Her stomach rumbled at the scent and the boy chuckled. He shoved another piece of fish towards her and Ginny couldn't help thinking that he reminded her of Ron.

She swallowed and watched the boy. She had a feeling he wanted to know her name. Ginny was proven correct when he pointed to himself, enunciated slowly, "Sora" and then pointed to her questioningly.

She didn't think Ginny was a suitable name here. Wherever here was. He frowned at her silence.

After a bit of consideration, the boy pointed to her with a solemn expression. "Mei"

Ginny tilted her head to the side, "Mei?" that didn't sound too bad, it would help her fit in until she found out more about this place.

He seemed delighted at her voice and repeated, "Mei…Sora" while pointing to her and himself.

"Sora" she nodded and bit into her second piece of fish.


Ginny watched Sora get into position. His hands moved slowly, fingers moving into certain formations before he put a hand to his mouth. A torrent of water gushed out of his mouth, through his half open hand and into the river.

Blue eyes widened in awe. "Wicked" Ginny uttered. Magic was one thing, but seeing Sora doing something without a wand was definitely amazing. Sora turned to her with a cheesy grin and said, "sugoi, ne?"

Her lips quirked and she agreed, "sugoi"

Ginny turned to him and watched as he mimed teaching her. She nodded at him; after all she didn't have a wand anymore.

Two hours later, Ginny's head buzzed with new information. So what if she couldn't quite speak Sora's language yet. She'd learn. She'd survive. She'd become stronger.


"Sora nii-san" Ginny shouted in warning as the swordsman slashed down the boy.

With an enraged hiss all the broken twigs around her rose into the air and shifted into thin pointed needles.

"Mei?" Sora gasped as the needles pierced the man in front of him from every angle. He was dead before he hit the ground.

Sora turned back to find the red haired girl struggling to stand up. "You really over did it, this time, Mei. I told you not to get involved" he said and helped her stand.

"This is why I told you need more training. You have no stamina." He said patiently

Ginny groaned. "Exercise is one thing, you're training is torture"

"That's only…"

"Yes, yes, I know, I'm starting late. And the only way I can grow strong is if I practice" Ginny mimed.

Sora glanced at her, "I liked it better when you couldn't speak a word. You were so obedient back then."


"Are you sure you remember the exact sequence of seals, Mei?" Sora asked.

Ginny twitched in annoyance, "of course, it's been almost a year since you showed me these things. Just let me try it already"

"Maybe we should wait some more, just to be safe…"

Ginny ignored him and her hands flowed into familiar positions. Her eyes widened as an all too familiar feeling accompanied her flow of chakra. Her magic was getting pulled out and being concentrated in her mouth. But she couldn't stop the technique now.

With a slight trepidation she released the technique.

Her eyes widened as a hiss of steam emerged from her mouth and onto the river causing it to evaporate and fill the air with mist. Sweat beaded her face as she turned to Sora with a nervous chuckle.

"I thought you were trying a water technique that I had showed"

Ginny coughed, "that was your technique"

Sora frowned in concentration. "Come here" he took her to the river and dipped her hand in.

Ginny sputtered but Sora ignored her and said, "Try to make that evaporate"


"Just try it. The day I found you in the river, you sort of managed to make all the water on your body evaporate. I didn't think much of it then, but maybe, it's some sort of bloodline limit"

"Bloodline limit?" Ginny asked fearfully. She knew Mist's stance on those.

"if it is…" Sora said, "I won't let anything happen to you"

She looked into his eyes and nodded at the truth in them. She concentrated on her hand for a few minutes.

Nothing happened.

"I don't think…"she paused. Her magic was moving. To her hand. She watched with wide eyes as the water on her hand dried off.

Sora ruffled her hair, "I knew you were special."


"I now present to you, our new Mizukage, Mei Terumi" the old man hollered to the assorted crowd of shinobi below.

Ginny lifted her hat triumphantly. She'd do her best to rebuild this village. They'd finally managed to end that man's rule. She'd make sure to protect everyone who had helped her get this position. Everyone who had fought alongside her and sacrificed their lives to bring Mist out from the dark ages.

Ginny smiled sadly. Zabuza would have laughed his head off. She had become Mizukage. Who would have thought it possible?


Ginny called her magic and pulled her chakra as she ran through several seals combining two different elements to take care of the threat.

She despised those red eyes. They reminded her of old nightmares- of gigantic snakes, diaries and of him. Tom.

"Youton: Youkai no Jutsu" Lava gushed out of her mouth melting everything in its path. She'd do her best to get rid of this Uchiha.