HPxMagic Kaito

Characters: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Kaito Kid/Kaito Kuraba/Phantom Thief Kid

Summary: They've dealt with mass-murderers, psychopaths, dangerous wildlife and even cranky politicians. But a thief who didn't steal? It sounded like the perfect way to find trouble.

"You two should be excited," Kingsley said as he eyed the both of them. "I've decided on your first assignment. Something that will definitely get you in to the official Auror ranks."

Harry shared a look with Ron and they both straightened and focused on the man in front of them with alertness.

Kingsley smiled, held up a newspaper and pointed to an unmoving photograph. "This is your first assignment."

Harry squinted at the photograph of a man dressed in a pristine white suit, top-hat and a monocle. "Phantom thief kid?"

Kingsley nodded.

"Hasn't it already been confirmed that he's a muggle? Since none of the electronics around him short out when he carries out his tricks," Harry said with a frown.

"Yes, but," Kingsley sighed. "Him having a magical accomplice to help escape has never been ruled out. Or even him using magical objects."

Harry frowned.

Ron picked up on the oddness and said, "Is this another move from the Wizengamot to stop Harry and me from actually becoming aurors?"

"In a way," Kingsley shrugged. "You know that they're not keen on making you two actual Aurors even though you raced through the training program."

"How does Phantom Thief fit in to all this, then?" Harry asked.

"It's my idea." Kingley cleared his throat, looking the slightest bit sheepish. "You've probably heard about our current rocky relationship with the muggle government."

"So?" Ron said.

"The prime minister knows about Harry, so..."

Ron snorted and patted Harry's shoulder sympathetically. "Time to put your fame to good use again."

Harry cringed.

"It's not like that," Kingsley said.

Harry looked at him sceptically.

"Well, okay it might be a little bit like that. But I honestly think the both of you are best suited to dealing with Phantom Thief Kid." Kingsley stood up from his desk and walked closer to them.

"Deal with him? You're not asking us to capture him?" Harry shared a look with Ron and said, "There's a lot more to this, isn't there, Kingsley?"

"I might tell you, if you deal with the prime minister and agree to intervene in his next heist..."


Harry stared at the white form disappearing in to the night sky. "Well, he made all that look embarrassingly easy."

Ron snickered and examined the large blue jewel in his hand. "At least we know he has no real connections to the wizarding world, even indirectly."

Harry stretched. "I'm glad it's over. This polyjuiced body feels so bloody stifling."

"I don't see how you can complain. I'm a whole foot shorter with the polyjuice." Ron grumbled and held up a jewel. "But Kingsley was right. Phantom thief is looking for something specific."

Harry nodded and grabbed the jewel. "I want to know what he's looking for. Especially if something as expensive as that jewel is not good enough to be stolen."

"Yeah, but Kingsley going to annoyingly smug about this," Ron said, "Chasing after Phantom thief on our own is like saying we're not going to bother him about making us official Aurors."

"Inspector Riley!" A voice shouted behind them.

"Bugger. That's me, right?" Ron said and turned around confidently. "No need to worry, Detective Lenard and I have saved the jewel..."


Kingsley stared at them expectantly over his desk.

"You're right," Harry finally said. "There's a lot more behind Phantom Thief's motives."

Ron sighed. "We can't even call him a thief."

Kingsley smiled at them wanly. "So he's managed to grab your interest?"

"I wouldn't say it's completely his fault," Harry said. "Especially since you're the one who pushed us in his path."

"What do you think about his motives, then?"

Harry glanced at Ron who shrugged and motioned for him to talk. "He seemed sort of desperate to find whatever he was looking for. And we don't think he was looking for it just to make money."

"Good, then you both will be even more interested in this," Kingsley pulled a box from underneath his desk and opened it up. "My old research on Phantom Thief Kid."

Harry looked at the large pile of files and papers in the box in confusion.

"Or more accurately, my research on the previous Phantom Thief Kid. The one I chased until he died a few years back."

Harry sighed. "That makes more sense."

Ron nodded beside him. "The Phantom Thief we saw the other day couldn't have been older than us."

Kingsley looked at them in surprise. "Really? How can you be so sure?"

Harry and Ron glanced at each other and said in unison, "Instinct."

"Right, well even though he is a muggle," Kingsley said, "I think whatever he's searching for is really important. I could never get enough proof to ask the minister to make it an official case for us. And I highly doubt any current Aurors would want to work on a primarily muggle case, but you two..."

"We're slaves to adventure?" Harry said.

Ron snorted beside him.

Kingsley smiled at them. "No, I was going to say, you two are the most open-minded Aurors I have right now."

Harry gasped and even Ron blinked in surprise. "What? You mean..."

Kingsley held up two new Auror badges. "I told you smoothing things out with the muggle government would be helpful."


"You think we'll be lucky this time?" Ron asked as he looked around the small dark room. A small window in the side let in the moonlight, their only source of light.

Harry sipped his butterbeer. "Third time's the charm."

"That's a stupid saying," Ron said and sipped his own bottle. "But George really went all out with those monitoring traps we set up."

"We can't really consider them traps, since they're not meant to catch him or anything," Harry said. "Well, since we've got complete control over this operation, I think we're definitely going to be able to talk with Phantom."

Ron took a large chug of butterbeer. "Can we call him Phantom?"

"Phantom Thief Kid is too long, especially since we're going to be talking."

Ron blinked thoughtfully and nodded. "Our first face to face meeting with him. Without Polyjuice or any sort of disguise."

"It's fine. He can't really disguise himself as us. Not when he doesn't know who we are or where we actually work." Harry said, "Besides if things go well, it won't really matter."

"But those illusions we set up outside..."

"It was our only choice." Harry said, "He'd be suspicious if there wasn't an incompetent muggle task-force outside trying their best to prevent the heist."

Ron sat up with a start and pulled out a parchment from the inside of his jacket. "Our first trap activated. He doesn't have any bladed weapons, but he'll be here in a few minutes."

Harry gulped down the rest of his butterbeer, stood up and vanished the empty bottle easily even as he applied the disillusionment charm on himself. "Let's get ready."

Ron stared at the parchment for a few second before he too got rid of his butterbeer, moved to the pre-planned waiting spots and disillusioned himself.

Within a few minutes, the confident form of Phantom Thief Kid emerged in the centre of the secure room via a small opening from beneath. Harry watched as the thief opened the glass case with a smug smile and grabbed the jewel encrusted bird.

He examined the bird thoroughly, tapped it in various spots and even held it up to his ear. Then he held the bird up to the window, putting it under the moonlight for a few minutes before he sighed forlornly.

"Not what you were looking for?" Harry said as he made himself visible and activated a multitude of wards he'd kept ready before hand. Wards that would prevent any sort of magical and muggle escape.

Phantom cursed and tapped his earpiece as he looked at Harry.

Ron chose that precise moment to make himself visible and grabbed a hold of the thief's arm easily.

Instead of giving them a smug smile, Phantom Thief Kid snarled and tried to pull his hand away from Ron violently. "So you bastards finally found me. I'm surprised Snake isn't here himself."

Harry emptied their captive's pockets easily with a discreet flick of his hand and said, "So there really is so much more going on with you, Phantom. And before you think of fighting, rest assured that we're both working for the British government."

Phantom calmed himself but said, "There's no way you're law enforcement."

"Not like the kind you've dealt with before, that's for sure. But make no mistake, we're law enforcement. Badges, credentials, first-name basis with the Prime Minister and all that wonderful stuff..."

Ron let go of Phantom's arm, grabbed the jewelled bird and stood beside Harry. "So why is the moonlight examination needed?"

Phantom thief tensed and reached in to one of his pockets. When he found it empty, he looked up at them and repeated, "There's really no way you're law enforcement."

Harry sighed and pulled out his Auror badge, knowing that it would be seen as an ordinary police badge by muggles.

Phantom examined the badge critically and snorted in disbelief. "The Metropolitan Police? You're not..."

"Old?" Ron supplied helpfully as he pulled out his own badge. "All the better to blend in, mate."


"Why Japan for another heist?" Ron whined. "It's annoying to be undercover here. I always feel like people can tell we're in disguise."

Harry elbowed him. "Not in English, moron. Especially when I haven't activated the Muffliato yet."

Ron huffed and waved his wand. "There!"

"We promised to help him no matter where his heists were, this is our case, remember..."

"I know," Ron said. "I just wish we had more clues about that Organization. Five heists collaborating with Phantom and the only thing we have is an evil code-name."

"Just because the code-name is spider..." Harry chuckled and accidentally bumped into a small kid.

"Laugh it up. But you know it's true," Ron said and helped the kid up. He patted the kid's shoulder gently and smiled at the teenage girl who immediately came and dragged the kid away with an apology.

"Oh Ron!" Harry snorted. "But Phantom seemed happy that we'd made such quick progress even if it was small. Then again he's probably just happy because someone is helping him."

"He'd be happier if we found the Pandora gem," Ron said.

"Phantom is our only lead to the organization, we can't ignore him just to look for that gem."

Ron pulled out a map, a detailed blueprint to the area of the heist. "All right, I'll be up here and..."