"Mamoru," a hiss of fear slipped through her lips. He was here, protecting her by fighting off these new monsters created by their equally twisted ruler. It was obvious he could not defend her as his position was delicate. She knew that as Earth's prince, Beryl was his aunt, but here he was, going against his family—for her. Her eyes filled with tears at an abrupt realization, he was going to die if he stayed here.

"Usagi!" She spun around to see her brother running toward her, staff in hand as he brandished it about. "Look out!" Usagi watched in horror as Mamoru was slowly consumed by the darkness. Monsters piled atop his past location, covering his body in a pulsing mass of black and red before it disappeared. Quatre knew then, that it was too late. Nothing could save Mamoru now. "We have to leave." He had seen the Shittennou succumb to what they had been fighting, the monsters fed on the souls as the bodies were possessed. Hurriedly, he pulled Usagi toward the glowing white transporter, covering her eyes as they ran. A clicking of buttons and they were gone.


"Zoisite, please." She was in so much pain. She was begging him and she had never begged before in her conscious life. Then again, she had never been put in this position before. No matter how much she lowered herself, he didn't seem to care and Ami couldn't stand it. She wouldn't stand for this.

"What's this, little princess? Giving up already?" The once welcoming verdant green stung like poison as his glare pierced her heart. His lips turned up in a smirk as he stepped closer, his boots crushing broken crystal as he stepped on the remnants of the vase she'd kept on her bookcase.

Ami drew in a breath. She moved toward him, pointedly ignoring his gaze, a heavy fog rising up from the ground. Zoisite looked around, grinning. He walked closer to her and placed his hand on her cheek. He pulled her chin upward, forcing her to make eye contact with him. He pressed his cheek to hers before she shoved him away as the water in the air condensed. His sweet demeanor disappeared once more.

"You're going to fight me? But Ami, I thought you loved me," he snickered, feigning hurt.

A pang ran rampant through her nerves at the word. She pressed a hand to her head as she tried to ignore what it meant. She turned to him, eyes cold.

"I love Usagi more."


Lightning surged from her fingertips, tingling as she released it into the room. She moved quickly, acting almost like the very thing she wielded. Suddenly Nephrite disappeared from her vision and she felt metal press into her side, not quite cutting her.

"Little Rose," he whispered, his free arm encased her causing her breathing to hollow as she fought with her emotions. He pressed a kiss to her temple, his low timbre tickling the inside of her ear. "Why do you struggle so much? You're like a frightened rabbit," he nibbled on her earlobe as he pulled her back against him. Her brain sent frantic messages throughout her body, yelling at her to pull away but her resolve was melting. He was saying that she could be with him forever. Why should she even bother? "I love you so much, I will take care of you and we will live long under Queen Beryl's rule." The whisper was barely audible, but the words struck a chord in Makoto.

"Nephrite," she turned in his arms as he pulled her in for a kiss.


There had been nothing sweet between the gold and silver. Minako and Kunzite were at each other's throats as soon as he had dared step foot in her bedchamber. The tension was high as they struck blades over and over again, Minako pulled back, aiming her fingers before she shot a Crescent Beam at him. Kunzite grunted as it hit his shoulder, the first damage done throughout their makeshift battle. His eyes narrowed at her and he quickly threw himself back into the battle as she hesitated. Her gaze on his wound was sad and even guilty. It was apparent that she was obviously unsure about this, still. She looked at him, trying to convey her emotions to him but the previously effortless communication was shut down. He would not give in to her, and she would not give in to him. They were both leaders, and neither would ever succumb.


Death, pain, and Jadeite. So many things were happening at once. Rei was going insane as she streaked down the hallway, throwing fireballs blindly over her shoulder. The cackling that followed her was demonic to say the least. She had always loved his laughter, albeit unwillingly. She knew that she could never really deny him anything. Despite her efforts to avoid it at all costs, Rei had to admit that she loved Jadeite. She loved everything about him, usually, just not while he was trying to kill her, take over the Moon, enslave the Solar System, and create a tyranny. Otherwise, they'd be golden.

Rei couldn't help but be sarcastic. Her already cynical persona was encouraged by the current environment. She had made a pact against men and look at what happened. She should have just secluded herself and fried Jadeite's ass the first time he smacked her butt.

"Come here, little phoenix," Jadeite crooned as she scrambled toward the throne room. He sent a shot toward her leg and she went down screaming obscenities. She glared at him and set blaze after blaze at his face, effectively blinding him and putting him on defense. She leapt to her feet, cringing as she put weight on her injured leg.

"I see you could use a little help," Wufei muttered in her ear as he helped her along. He sent up a wall of magic fire to help their escape. Jadeite watched their shadowy figures through the flames, eyes narrowing.


Zoisite lay on the floor, his verdant eyes squinted as he followed Ami's movements. She was obviously exhausted, their battle had been a hard one. But in a moment of 'weakness' his possession had faded and she'd gotten in a direct hit. It didn't matter now; he was Zoisite, messenger and warrior. Despite all of this, he still fought the person he swore to protect and to love. "I can keep myself frozen here for approximately twenty minutes, I will fight the urge to kill you." He smiled at her, the once happy expression twisted with the emotions he felt and the want that drove both of them to each other. Ami tiptoed toward him, keeping her hand on his back to freeze him if he were to attack.

She leaned down, her lips at his, "I love you."

"Ami!" Heero's commanding voice echoed from the hallway. Ami's watering eyes stared into Zoisite's. Heero rushed into the room, his trident pointed at the man on the ground.

"Go," he whispered, his lips touching hers. Heero's hand grabbed her shoulder as they ran to the throne room, a trident of ice left behind as it pinned the man's body to the desecrated ground. Zoisite stared at the empty door before letting out a terrifying scream, his body was healing around the ice that pierced his body. The power Beryl funneled into him causing his strength to replenish and his body to heal. The sudden influx of energy filled his head with the dark. His will to fight the poison in his mind drying up as he wasn't faced with Ami anymore. Twenty minutes was dwindling into twenty seconds.


"I love you," Makoto whispered. Her lips touched Nephrite's as she let out a devastating shock. Trowa leaped into her room from the doorway at the loud reply, a shimmering lightning lance swinging as he and Makoto surrounded the floored man. Nephrite stood back up, his body suffering from the attack Makoto dealt.

"You both use the same element, you think I don't know how to combat this? I've been training with you both since birth," Nephrite's limbs flexed as his armor rippled and changed colour. "Come at me."

The twins charged Nephrite, his hands tight as he gripped the weapons he materialized. He swung at them, still fighting, the offer he'd given Makoto now lost under the blind fury Beryl fed him. Trowa attacked, his lance launching him around the room as he blocked and counterattacked. Makoto drew on her secondary power, the pink petals swirling in the air as she concentrated. If Nephrite was protecting himself against the lightning both twins knew fondly then she was going to attack him with what she knew to be an underestimated thing. She unleashed the pink petals, Trowa's contract with Jupiter keeping him safe from the flurrying danger. Nephrite's body was being ravaged, quickly both twins made for the door.

"Makoto!" Nephrite yelled, his voice ragged as his body was battered. "I'm sorry, but know, that I love you enough to remember."

Makoto kept running, and so did the tears down her face. Trowa's strong arm gripped her own as they sped toward the meeting place.


When Duo made his way into Minako's bedroom, the battle was still on full force, both now wielding swords as Minako's energy blasts still dealt damage. Kunzite may not have been overpowering Minako, but he was lasting and she was tiring. Duo's golden scythe spun in his hand as he leapt into the fray, his hands firm as he attacked Kunzite from behind. Kunzite's strength began to dwindle as the golden pair wore at him, the strength they displayed running him down when he let out a shout and a pulse of energy soared outward, knocking both of them down. His position as a leader allowed him to welcome the power more easily as he took advantage of the new source. Kunzite's sword suddenly became two as he handily attacked his two opponents. Duo took advantage of the longer range of his scythe, his and Minako's attacks taking place from farther away as they danced around him. Kunzite landed several hits before the over flowing power began to take a toll on his body. Minako descended upon him as he struggled, toppling him over and adding just a bit more energy to overwhelm his consciousness.

"Minako, I'm sorry," Kunzite whispered. The blood that flowed from his body pulsing as the energy Beryl forced into him tried to draw it back in. "I cannot express how I feel for you, I never could, properly anyway."

"I know you love me, Kunzite. And that's all I needed."


Rei shrieked at Jadeite angrily when she saw him appear in the throne room, still looking a little worse for wear. Wufei shoved her behind him only for her to snort indignantly before running forward to attack Jadeite anyway. The others converged upon teleportation device, watching Rei's battle in their peripherals. They knew that they couldn't help her or Wufei. Heero's eyes watched the battle carefully, never ceasing to grip on the smaller throwing trident he had created upon entering the room.

"I don't care what you want to do, or who rules you, I never loved you."

Jadeite froze at Rei's words. His eyes flickering as the hurt she dealt penetrated the fog.

"You did, though," his words were soft. "You loved me, and no matter what I do, or who rules me, I will always love you." He raised his hands and threw the small axe he held. Heero's trident met it in the air and they both crashed to the ground. Jadeite looked at Heero and glared. "You never liked me, and I know why. But good luck, even now, I win."

The other three generals ran in through the doorways, armed and seemingly refreshed. The planetary princes shoved their sisters into the teleporter before pressing a combination of buttons. Their eyes watched their opponents as they too entered the transporter. Another figure entered the room, causing the four men to pause.

"Endymion." And with a series of buttons, they were gone.


Rewritten! Ages are the same.

Setsuna- 23


Michiru- 22

Heero- 19

Wufei and Rei- 18 ½

Duo- 18 ½

Usagi- 18 ½

Hotaru- 18

Quatre- 17 ¾

Makoto and Trowa- 17 ¾

Minako- 17 ½

Ami- 17