A very short one. Rather obvious (as he was in the Color series). I just feel that, though he and Van Pelt have depth, they are just a little more obvious and translucent than the other characters in the show so the Handful series reflects that. Hope you enjoy this very short short. ;P

A Handful of Emotions

Chapter One: Love

Wayne Rigsby had never been one to say the L-word to any woman aside from his mother. He'd had relationships. Plenty of them, but never very serious. Never serious enough that he had fallen so hard. He had never seen himself with any woman for the rest of his life.

Until Grace.

In high school, he was too busy trying to help his mom out, trying to keep the bills paid and the bruises gone. In college, he had his hands full with sports and keeping the grades. Admittedly, he also had his hands full of air-headed sorority sisters who were nothing more than a good time. Or a way to pass the time.

He was fair about it. All the girls (it was hard to call those kind of college students women) knew the deal from the get go. No hard feelings.

Even after college, he hadn't seriously dated. Well, it wasn't serious for him. He just didn't feel that 'something special' that he had heard about. Okay, maybe it was stupid. Guys didn't think that way. But his mother had always droned about it—those butterflies you felt in your stomach, the crazy urges to do whatever you could for them, be whatever they needed. He knew his mother had settled for his father. What a mistake that had turned out to be. And Rigsby could learn from others' mistakes. He was holding out for the best. Like his mother should have.

And, for him, the best was Grace Van Pelt. She was his serious.

Oh, it had been lust at first sight. No doubt about it. But as the days turned to weeks, which turned to months, he had fallen hard. She was lovely on the inside and the out. Strong, kind, intelligent.

She took his breath away.

And he had tried so hard to keep it to himself, but he just couldn't. He had never felt this way about anyone before and it was too strong to contain. Too strong to keep to himself.

He loved her. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Work be damned.

Now to convince her she wanted the same thing.