Sins of the family

Chapter 1;

Problems in bed

Juliet and Justin were locked in a naked sexual embrace. She was moaning and he was moaning. He was in her already and was fixing to come. She cried out his name in sexual orgasmic screams. The only person in the house was Alex, asleep in her room.

Juliet cried "Justin" in orgasmic tones and Justin in the last spasm of his orgasm cried out, "Oh, Alex"

Juliet after she had calmed down from her orgasm finally registered what he had said. "What the fuck did you just say." She said angrily

"I said Juliet." Justin said.

"No, you said Alex, you sick fuck" Juliet said jumping out of bed and putting her clothes back on.

"I didn't mean to" Justin said

"I'm your girlfriend, and YOU SAID YOUR SISTERS NAME WHILE WE WERE FUCKING." Juliet said screaming at him.

"Listen, baby, it won't happen again." Justin said.

"Yeah," Juliet said opening the door to leave, "Damn right it won't" She slammed the door behind her.

Justin ran after her and tried to tell her he didn't mean what he said. "FUCK OFF" She yelled back at him. She got in the Taxi and left.

Justin mulled over what he said as he opened the door back in the loft. He opened the door and went inside. He looked around at the furniture and sighed. He started upstairs when the bathroom door opened. Alex came out and accidentally bumped into him. "Sorry" she said

"Yeah," Justin said breathlessly. He looked her over. She was in long pants and a t shirt and she had a teddy bear next to her. "Yeah, sorry I wasn't looking where I was going."

"Well, night" Alex said

"Night" Justin said

Justin ran to his room and closed the door behind him. He also locked it. He didn't trust himself. This was the 6th time it had happened in bed. Every time he had sex, he always said Alex's name in orgasm. 4 of the women did what Juliet just did. 2 of them corrected him and it was those that were memorable.

The problem was ever since 4 months ago he always felt himself hypnotised by his sister. He started looking for women who had known her. So far he had slept with Gigi, Nellie, Juliet, Brenda, Selena, and Demi. None of them just seemed right. And so it was then that Justin decided that the only way to stop this desire was to fulfill it. He would get Alex in bed with him. After that, everything would be okay.