1 year later

Charlie Van House got to know his daughter's (yes it did turn out to be a girl) true family really well. He didn't tell the hospital or the cops he had found them because it would expose them all. He liked being a part of the now extended Russo Family. He liked how things have turned out.

Alex and Justin came to terms with each other. They both went to counseling to deal with their issues which was going well. The fact that both of them now shared a child was even more binding.

Max was given 24 years in Wizard Prison for his help in Gigi's scheme.

Gigi was given eternal servitude to Slimeball as her contract stated.

Slimeball was given the business end of the deal since that was what he was in the plot. He was given five years demonic probation which meant he had to serve at a soup kitchen and who was helping him but Gigi.

Alex did however get a few years in prison due to the fact that she shot and killed two wizard cops.

Justin did a few months due to the fact that he raped his sister. Weirdly when he got out he dated proposed and married Harper Finkle.

Richard Mourtigan presided over the wedding and walked Harper down the aisle.

Alex and Harper aren't friends anymore due to the fact that Harper had tried to betray her one too many times.

Jerry still traumatized that he would have killed his son had it have been his son recoiled away from friends and family. He was shocked back into the family when it turned out that the baby was Alex and Justin's. They really did bond very well as grandfather and granddaughter.

The baby named Abigail resided with Charlie due to the fact that the secret of her true parentage could never get out.

Victor Kellaway has been visiting Alex Russo in prison and it has been said that they are going to marry when she gets out.

Alex's still the full wizard of the family. That secret has yet to come out.

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