Crossing Fate

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Summery: What happens when the same boy tempts Fate Twice? Well, Edward soon finds out just how Fickle a Mistress she can be when he finds himself on an entirely new world.

For Spopococ to whom I've been feeding tid-bits of this story to for the last week.

He hated those damn gates. But, really... what else was he to do?

His brother was so very close to being destroyed, and he himself had everything for the gate right there. So doing what he does best... sacrifice without second thought and bound to regret it later... Edward Elric activated the gate and managed to kick his brother's armored body free while grabbing the nefarious fiend in a headlock.

Unfortunately, the pain was as he remembered it, and as he blacked out, he had the smug satisfaction of still feeling the man's head in his arms as he's hauled back into the cold void of the gate.

Shame he didn't see that the remainder of the body was left behind.

Mind... numbing... Bored. That was the first, second and last thing that crossed the female Turks mind, that sat in the shade of the tents set up by the small company of Thirds that were currently milling around. Wrinkling her nose at the idea she still didn't enjoy the idea they had to be brought, but begrudgingly admitted they where perfect for the heavy labor of moving boxes and crates around.

Bright glowing green and silver eyes hung half closed as she was almost lulled into a faint nap. Her dark navy blue suit ill suited to the more humid climate of 'Bone Village'. Still she gave a sigh blowing the stark silver white bang out from her face. She was going to have a very... 'long' talk with one Mad professor once she got back to HQ.

Ohhh yes... Simon was going to be paying her for a long time for subjecting her to this place. Turning her head she kept her chin in her hand while she sought out her 'Partner' Well if she had to be in this Hell Hole.. Then privately she laughed at having Tseng bare it with her.

"Anything new?"

Always pristine and polished whether in office or the field, Tseng simply walked a slow path as his dark eyes scoured over the bustling bodies... and beyond. "Nothing yet. And that is what troubles me. Our enemies will want what we are finding here. There is no doubt. It is merely our vigilance that keeps..."

He stopped ramrod straight as an eerie energy seemed to buzz thickly in the air. Turning, he looked to one of the dredged up relics, a strange wide round carved stone circle adorned with Ancient sigils... looking like some unusual large dais. He blinks...staring as the symbols as they begin to glow. "Silver!"

However, as a shot zings past him to hit rock, he ducks back behind an outcropping of dredged rocks, drawing his weapon. Figures were coming from hiding and closing in even as a dark ominous cloud thick as oil muck begins to gather around the cracking glowing symbols.

Only half paying attention, the girl only startles at the yelling of her name. She reacted a second later ducking behind the rock she'd been using as a seat. As the Turk's ' unofficial ' lead on the occult she was often drug along to any place that was brought across as ' unknown' or in dealing with the Cetra.

Peering up around her rock her silvery eyes blink and go wide as the feeling of... something passes along her nerves. This wasn't Cetra magic, it wasn't the lifesteam... and it wasn't anything her 'magic' knew. Removing her jacket made it easier to move... and since she had no real range weapon she would need to revert to the Materia set into her belt. Lifting her voice she couldn't help but ruffle the man just off to her side. " Seng baby. I hope you're packing more then... just 'Blanks' "

Leaning forward, the dark haired man fires at the figures approaching with a snipers deadly skill.

"No one has complained yet about how I shoot." He, however, turns to raise his gun to fire at a dark clad figure rising up attack Silver.


However, unexpectedly something round falls from the inky void above to land in the assassin's line of sight. The Turk is momentarily perplexed... watching as the figure stares at what it held... a head... and then yelps, throwing it aside only to suddenly to collapse with a shocked strangled sound as a small figure falls in a blend of red, black, and gold to land atop the man.

Calling out orders to the military lugs they'd brought, he changes his clip in his gun to continue to pick off more of the enemies closing in.

Silver felt the shiver go up her spine before she growled and spun around sending a well placed slash of her whip. She might not be able to pick them off from a distance, but hand to hand or anything with her range of the whip was as good as dead. Leaping back into a ready pose should anything else attack her, she's momentarily put off by the yelp but couldn't do anything about it now.

Letting out a slow breath.. Silver gives a slow in coming smirk before one of the green Materia in her belt flares to life. Sizing up the area she needs, and trusting Tseng not to get.. Singed. Sends a rather wide spread filed of Fire across the area.

As the fire races over the incoming enemies and neatly eradicating the large amount of the hoard, Tseng glances upward to see what ELSE might drop in on them, however, he is suddenly distracted by the sound of metal striking metal.

Turning his eyes and his gun to the direction of where the resistance member who attempted to attack Silver had been flattened by a body from the odd cloud. An odd cloud no longer there.

The assailant was on top of a partially obscured figure in red and black, and then suddenly a high voice loaded with rage roars from the tangle.

"Get the HELL off of me!" Followed with a violent punctuation of an uppercut to the man, that sounded like a car hitting bone and throwing the assailant into the path of the fire.

Blinking... shocked for the moment the female Turk just watches the slow arch of the man as he's flung into the path of her flame before turning her head back to look off towards where it had come from. In the back of her mind as she replayed this scene in the ' Safety ' of the Labs... she'd laugh about it. But as of right now she crept closer towards Tseng her eyes wildly sweeping over the field.

Who ever had come to attack them must have sent a small force, and hadn't counted on having two Turks and a small troop of Thirds to deal with. Looking around she jerked her head towards the loud yelling voice.

Ed's head hurt. Someone attacked him.

And he'd gone through the gate in one piece. Absently, he clenches and unclenches his gloved hand. Damn... still had that. And if he hurt, then he couldn't be dead. Pushing himself to his feet and brushing himself off, the golden haired visitor stands up... and stands in a rather diminutive height.

Tseng pauses, glancing briefly to Silver, and then back to the golden eyed lad glaring with a sharp glance around, noticing the odd military personnel handling the burnt individuals. Fire. He twitches an eyebrow slightly. "Hn...Colonel Bastard's gotta be a part of this."

"A... boy?" Tseng pauses, then glances askance to Silver. A boy... who uppercuts an assailant out cold, unaffected by war and carnage...and refers to a military rank. VERY ODD.

"Is he from the Labs, Silver?"

A single onyx eyebrow lifted at the 'Colonel Bastard' but couldn't look away. At hearing Tseng she gave a small shake of her head. No... This 'boy' wasn't from anything she knew of. However... she trusted Tseng to watch their 'boy' for the few seconds it took her to walk over and pluck up her coat. Wrinkling her nose at the dust she slips it back on before giving it a dusting with her hands walking back to her 'Partner'

"He's not from the labs. Or if he is I know 'nothing' about him." Yah the likely hood of her knowing nothing about anything in lab was an almost automatic Zero. "Look how he's dressed. It is no clothing I've ever seen before, nor is the symbol on his back known to me."

Deciding this wasn't going to get them anywhere tucked her recoiled whip into the small of her back on her belt before yelling over. " Oi.. You have 5 seconds to state your name before you meet the same fate as those 'friends' of yours. "

Nodding, the sharp eyed Turk focused on the boy, tensing his finger on the trigger of his gun as the lad reaches into the pocket of his leather pants to withdraw a curious looking pocket watch, flicking it open.

Ed frowns slightly, flicking the watch then looks up to the sky. It should have been night.

However at the warning, he looks to the woman, he simply quirks a pale brow slightly as intelligent golden eyes settle upon Silver to study her. Tilting his head, he simply smirks.

"Edward Elric. Of course the rules Equivalent Exchange mean that one thing should always be exchanged for another, so who the hell are you?"

He pauses, then snorts a breath, nudging the head with his boot. "And don't lump me in with this moron."

Silver narrowed her eyes noticing the clipped smug tone of the boy's voice. Didn't he have 'any' idea just who he was talking to. And what in the name of Gaia was this boy talking about rules of Equivalent Exchange. Although she did find herself agreeing with the moron comment.

"And where do you come from ... Edward Elric "her tone clearly said she highly doubted that was the boy's real name.

Tseng was just as surprised by the kid's flippant remark and lack of respect to people ANYONE in the world would recognize in the tell tale dark suits and ShinRa lapel pins.

The lad, however, simply settles the woman an annoyed look from under the long honey toned bangs. He looked barely over 13 despite the height adding boots. "Some place I'm planning on going back to."

Turning, he moves to the carved stones on the ground, hunkering to peer at them with a thoughtful study... and blatantly showing the two people facing his back an utter disregard for their authority. "Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost...that is the law of Equivalent Exchange. If you want to talk, expect to give answers, not just take them."

Silver felt a slight twitch in the corner of her eye. This Brat did not just dismiss her and he did not just toss an attitude back at her. And once again this Law of exchange crap. This brat didn't have her respect enough to stand on even terms to swap information. As far as she was concerned the boy was a prisoner.. He just didn't know it yet.

Letting her voice drip with Acid lace honey she placed a hand on her hip, secretly fingering one of the Materia hidden in her belt disguised as jewels." What do you think...? 'Seng baby. Should we comply with this Brats demands? His answers so far have fallen a little Short for my liking."

Oh, Tseng would have LOVED to have added a reply; however, the golden maned boy leapt up to his feet and whirled about in rage to yell back with a trembling anger. "Who the HELL are you saying is so short you'd have to go to fractional metrics to measure the height of...OOOF!"

Of course, the distraction was perfect so that Tseng darted in to catch the smaller body in a skillful lock, holding his gun to the lad's head. "I have no qualms in shooting children." The Turk states flatly.

Squirming slightly, Edward attempts to move... however, the best he can manage is clapping his hands together, and he simply grins. "You don't know who you're messing with..." And he turns slightly to grasp Tseng's coat, and suddenly the Turk yelps as it becomes stiff, rigid and jerks his body into an open armed position like a coat out of the cleaners.

Silver who had a small... gift for picking weak points out knew she'd get a rise out of the boy and it would leave Tseng open to subdue him... However she hadn't expected the out come of that little move. Shocked into inaction for a moment... she didn't let it hold her for long.

Plenty of Monsters and Beasts could control a person against their will for a short time... but she'd never hurd of just someone clapping to do it. Still now it was Tsengs turn to play decoy as she moved silently across the distance towards the struggling kid. His... hot temper reminded her of someone yet at the moment couldn't place who.

The brief flash of angry blue eyes came to mind and was quickly pushed out it. She'd also bet this kid was singled minded to... She didn't need to be within touching distance to fire off her next attack. The green Materia under her finger flaring for a second, as she activated the 'Stop' spell on the blond. Let's see how well the kid Like being held frozen in one spot. " Nor do you.. Brat."

The eerie feeling that stole over Ed brought a blink of surprise from the kid, and he stops still as the power of the spell holds him rigid. He shouldn't have been so careless! But, they didn't look like the sorts who used alchemy.

Struggling mightily against the magic holding him ramrod straight, he then sighs in frustration.

After much wriggling and squirming, Tseng managed to worm his way out of his stiff jacket and he casts the stiff thing away. Adjusting his tie and smoothing his hair, he turns his attention to Silver. "I have never seen Materia affect clothing like that before." Striding forward, he proceeds to feel over the inert body, patting the slender form down and searching for any possible weapons.

Chalk, a photo, a pocket watch, and a small all purpose knife. No weapons. The immobile boy's face grows more and more red in indignation. "You do not seem to appreciate the trouble you are in, Mr. Elric." However, he pauses as he feels over the boy's right arm, glancing up to Silver.

"Come see this."

Silver cants her head at the change of voice from the other wise cool under fire Turk. Nearly dancing around the Immobile blond she comes over to see what Tseng has found. However knowing the limits of the spell she's cast, renews it as the hidden Materia warms back up under her fingers. "What have you found...?"

Her eyes didn't take long to blink and look at the metal hand before shooting a look back at the boy then back at the arm. It was... fairly done. A bit crude for her taste after some of the thing's she'd seen but... it still looked serviceable.

"This isn't ShinRas' doing." She completely ignored the fuming blond almost wrinkling her nose in mock contempt. "As if the Professor would let anything that... sloppy out of his hands."

Tugging the red coat and the black jacket off the slender body, Tseng raises his eyebrows slightly, seeing the painful scarring and the taught tension of the muscle under young skin revealing hard battling from a very young age. However, as he inspects the metal arm, he tilts his head aside slightly.

"Silver... you may want to reassess your opinion. It is not shoddy craftsmanship compared to modern prosthetics... it is more of advanced craftsmanship in a less updated civilization." He hesitates, finding the maker's mark in the metal. "Rockabell". Interesting. "It is surprising to see a little boy having such additions."

The sound Ed breathes is like a strangled en-furied cat, and he's visibly beginning to shake as he fights to regain control of himself.

Silver lent in and lightly ran her finger a long the metal of the arm. Mm Tseng was right on this point. The arm wasn't as shoddy as it had looked. Just really... well used was the only thing she could come up with. "I've never hurd of anyone named Rockabell. At lest not in the Slums. Or in any of the Weapon manufacturing towns. "She backed up tapping her finger lightly against one pale cheek.

The skin under that tapping finger completely unmarked and nearly looked translucent as a pale blue vein seemed to snake up along the girls neck and up along her jaw until it disappeared. Taking a closer look she lent to peer at the Boy held in her spell, ending up only a mere few inches from his face. Sharp silver eyes peered back, back lit by an inhuman green glow... However it was the near slant of her pupils that would draw the most attention. Not exactly slit like a cats but something not human either. "I think we should put a call into Verdot. Request a pick-up now. And get our boy here back to Midgar. I'm sure... the higher Ups would love to get their hands on him. "She stepped back and cocked her head." I'll even be a good little Turk, and not saying anything to the Professor just yet. "

As that finger trails over the cool metal of his arm, Edward shivers unbidden... revealing the sense of touch, odd for someone with a prosthetic. Must have been REALLY well made.

Tseng watches in amusement as Silver draws a reaction from the immobile blond, however, he withdraws his PHS with a small smile of amusement, contacting for the chopper. "That IS something to consider. After all, keeping him in stasis like is impossible permanently. I would suggest, Mr. Elric, that you behave and cooperate with us, or else you will find yourself with the displeasure of meeting the Doctor."

Silver giggled... yes the woman actually giggled at the name. She'd begun to relax, at lest outwardly and her playful and teasing nature began to unfold. While like every other Turk she wouldn't pause to kill a child, man or woman... she just didn't have the same regard to them as people as some of the Turks did.

Sliding up to Tseng, she knew the spell was starting to weaken. At lest enough for the blond to move a little and speak, but the moment she saw any funny movements she'd slap a third Stop faster then a heart beat. Draping her arms around the Dark skinned Turk she let her breath tickle his hair and ear. "Hey 'Seng baby... have I ever told you... without your jacket on you're absolutely... fuckable." She'd bet 50 Gil the Blond listening was as much a virgin as the Generals' blade was long.

As the spell begins to wear off from the stubborn blond, he steps back, glaring between the Turks as he crosses his arms over his chest... feeling irritated and vulnerable. However, as Silver drapes herself just a LITTLE too close to the tall man with the long black hair. Tseng didn't seem to mind... hell; he even smirked as Silver spoke such scandalous words.

Edward, however, blinked, and then blushed hotly at the less than polite statement. "For the love of God, why don't you two get a room and leave me the hell alone?"

Silver blinked before almost falling on her ass in laughter, about the only thing holding her up was the fact she'd been hanging on Tseng. "Oh... 'Seng I love him. Can I keep him...Please...?" Her laughter was bell like and pure sounding... a pure illusion to the mind behind the laughter.

Detaching herself from her darker companion she found a rock high enough to make a usable seat, pulling her jacket off she tossed it on the rock before sitting down and crossing one leg over the other.

Reaching up she easily pulled several of her buttons open allowing the line of her shirt to split down well past between her ample cleavage, one hand lightly fanning herself. With her shirt open it wasn't hard to see the rather thick collar like necklace that hung around her neck, including several smaller finer chains… all leading down to a rather palm size red orb that sat on her collarbone, the orb spinning in a lazy red pool.

"Since we have a little while before our ride gets here, and our... Replacements are dropped off. We might as well 'play nice'" She flicked a pure inky black strand of hair over her shoulder. "You might have guessed but tall and Dark here is named Tseng... as for me I go by several names. Sil will work for you. You haven' earned the right to call me by my full name."

The newly rank advanced Turk simply grins at Silver's words. "Of course, Sliver, but make sure you keep your pet on a leash. I don't want to have my men wasting their time cleaning up an unruly mess." At the explanation of their names, Edward simply glares back at the pair before stalking forward to collect his jacket and crimson coat... not enjoying being so visible.

It's obvious he's pretty clean and innocent as he shyly turns his gaze away from Silver sitting so comfortably on the rock with her cleavage exposed to the cool air... for anyone's eyes to see.

"What makes either of you think I will consent cooperate?"

Silver without missing a beat just smirked and lightly crooked a finger at Tseng waiting for the man to move over towards her. Once he had she ran her hand up along his hip caressing the white crisp fabric of his shirt until she found what she was looking for.

The Gun that sat just under his arm along his side and rib cage. "This Beretta automatic with thermal sight says you wont get more then four steps before finding a hot round traced through your head. " She caressed her hand over the butt of the gun before leaning into Tseng, her hand trailing down her own body until she circled the red orb set into her collar.

"And this. Should he miss will reduce you to a frozen ShinRa treat within seconds. "She turned her head just a little her smile never leaving, her words remained sweet." We are Turks. We are not known for asking questions first. We're more the... shot and kill first-then if it lives get your information."

Tseng simply chuckles low, turning his hip ever so slightly to make Silver's access a bit easier as he observes Ed's intense interest in a very uninteresting rock nearby. "We are famous for our ruthless efficiency."

"Hn." Ed grunted as he moved to sit down on the ground, plucking and poking at rocks like a petulant child... even going so far as to begin doodling on the stony ground with chalky lines. "It's not the first time I've dealt with ruthless people. There is one thing they never anticipate..." He pauses, and then smirks, lazily drawing a circle in his fun little design.

Observing the childlike sulking doodling on the ground, the dark haired man lofts a thin brow before glancing at Silver, wondering what her reaction to this odd behavior is. "And that would be?"

Ed simply grins like a mischievous angel, raising his attention to meet bold golden eyes with the dark ones of the Turk before looking to Silver. "I know death well, but now is not the time for him to come for me, yet." And then he places both hands upon the ground... a large explosion of rocks suddenly blasts and forms a large wall between him and the Turks, and then the boy is off and running away.