Crossing Fate

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Summery: What happens when the same boy tempts Fate Twice? Well, Edward soon finds out just how Fickle a Mistress she can be when he finds himself on an entirely new world.

For Spopococ to whom I've been feeding tid-bits of this story to for the last week.

Happy wasn't the thought on Ed's mind. It was more like a supreme OW. Groaning low, the youth stirred slowly with a twitch. Damn... he was stiff... and cold as hell. Raising his bowed head he blinks bleary treasure toned eyes to glance about, coming to from his confusion. However, when he blinks and glances down to himself clad only in his shorts and so well secured down, he flushes before he begins to wriggle and tug, trying to find a way free.

"Damnit all to hell! God I hate tight assed kidnappers." Panting he glares around him. "Oooh, you HAVE to be kidding me; this is too stupid, even for an Ishballan means to get ahead in the war!"

Pale eyes opened at the first sounds of movement. Uhg. Dam the little prisoner had woken up. So much for the...unofficial nap. Having no choice now the creak of leather accompanies the man's movement, the metallic scrap of a chair as one is lifted follows there in after. The sharp click of heel boots marched across the room before a loud smack of a chair hitting the floor as it's ungracefully set into place across from the bound captive.

Back to the captive, it lasted only for a few second before said owner spun around in a flash of silver and black, retaking his seat only now able to openly glare at the source of his said annoyance. The other source the man privately thought was safely out of his reach for the moment. Dam Zack for dumping this... Kid in his lap. They had people for this kind of shit.

Shifting his look from the blond to the limited folder now sitting in his hands with almost equal disgust. Woefully full of holes and blanks, the simple report only stating the kids' name, and what field observations the two Turks and his own second had made filing it.

"Shut...up." The echo of the kids yelling off the walls was killing his ears.

As the deadly esteemed General turns about face to glower at the boy, Edward meets those eerie glowing eyes with the odd golden ones of his own, seeming to burn with that inner fire of his unfettered spirit. Instead of complying with the irritated order, he grouses back. "Hn, look Lady, I'm not some little kid who's going to co..." Ed stops... blinking as Sephiroth turns more and the bared chest is revealed to the youth. The path between chest to face to chest to face traversed by the large perplexed eyes is priceless.

And then he laughs. "Oh HAHA! You had me going there! Look, if you want something from me, then let me loose from this stupid chair and take me on in even battle like a REAL man." He DARES to smirk back.

Maybe Zack hit him a little too hard on the head?

A pale well sculpted eyebrow lifts in question. Lady. Well that was a new one. Sitting back the general set one leg over the other settling in, to wait out the ranting brat. He was going to have a very long talk with his second for subjecting him to this. "I think not."

Flipping the folder open it took a glance before pale cat green eyes lift back up. "I have little trouble just killing you. I am sure the resident Mad doctor could get any information we needed from your corpse."

The golden maned boy simply stares up at Sephiroth, then squints to peer at him. "Wait a minute... you aren't an Alchemist hunter are you?" The youth's tone is eerily serious, revealing that unnerving part of a child that had to grow up before it's time.

"Alchemist Hunter?"

The statement came out more like a question then Seph wanted but of all things that was the least question he'd expected. Eyeing the youth an idea came to the silver haired general. Force didn't seem to work on the kid if the reports meant anything. Perhaps a different tactic. "Do you even know where you are?"

"Yeah, Alchemist Hunter... someone who tracks down and kills State Alchemists for numerous lame reasons." Which, in thinking of it, hunting down a little kid might seem a tad disturbing. However at Sephiroth's inquiry, he blinks, then looks aside, flushing slightly in frustration before admitting. "No... I don't. And what I saw of this city looks so strange."

Sitting back the Silver hair man seemed to take on a more relaxed pose. Perhaps if he could get the kid talking he'd learn far more. "You are in the city of Midgar. We do not 'Hunt' Alchemist. We employ them." Well if an Alchemist was the same as the lab geeks that was.

However, at Sephiroth's words, Ed sinks back in the seat laughing lightly as he cants his head aside slightly. "Oh, well, then we have a simple misunderstanding! My name is Edward Elric, the Fullmetal Alchemist, Rank: Major of the State Alchemists." Which is, surprising considering how young the boy is... hell, he would have reached rank before Sephiroth who has been the legendary Prodigy of Midgar. He shrugs lightly, then cants his head aside. "My pocket watch should be with wherever my belongings are if you need proof, and if you need further, just call Colonel Bast...I mean Mustang in Central City, and he can vouch for collateral damage I've done." And he smiles proudly about it.

However, he closes his eyes, furrowing the pale brows slightly as he tilts his head somewhat in thought. "Hnn... but I don't think I've ever heard of Midgar. Must be a pretty tiny town."

Any surprise the General had he kept close to his chest. The information gathered so far was priceless. Now if he could keep it going.

"I see. A Major, impressive. And you say for the State Alchemists." Seph canted his head looking inquiring but still open. "And you say this Colonel Mustang of central City will confirm your status if we call." Glancing back at the fold he shifted the single photo of said Pocket watch and a short description on it. "It seems fair then a trade of information is in order. My name is Sephiroth. Rank General of the Army. Classification: First Class SOLIDER."

At the explanation of Sephiroth's rank, those golden eyes blink slowly and he sits back, easing, grinning slightly. "Eyup! I passed the exams and got the rank of Major at the age of 11! Youngest ever!" He grins with never failing pride. However, he sighs. "Kind of funny, though. Being old enough to kill and die for the country, but still considered to young to stay out late in the city, or drink or anything." He pauses, then turns those bold eyes to the general before him, studying thoughtfully. "You'd probably know... by my estimation, you went through pretty much the same thing."

Exams... ah so that made much more sense. He had trouble believing a mere brat the age of the typical cadet could have worked his way through the ranks honestly. "And what makes you think I went through the same thing." He understood points in the kids story thou. However he wasn't going to start awarding sympathy points anytime soon. "The Observation report claims you can use... this Alchemy without needing anything?"

Raising a pale eyebrow slightly, Edward stares back to the General. "Easy... despite that hair of yours... you're actually younger than you look. And considering the rank of General and what I have knowledge in my three years of service for someone to work their way through the ranks it takes time and skill. Even if your skill is the best in the land... there is still the factor of time. So, if you just do a little rudimentary factoring with standard military advancements and reverse engineer it... I'd be guessing you were maybe a year or two older than I am now, when you were my rank. And, generally... that would leave you with the same 'old enough to, yet not old enough to' dilemma I face now."

No wonder the kid was a prodigy; he was surprisingly astute when not fired off like a roman candle.

"All I wanted to know is how you handled such a situation. You know... professional curiosity."

Sephiroth was a touch impressed. The kid had a fair head on his shoulders. A little bit too sharp in wit but he wouldn't show how close it struck home. "I've yet to run into the problem. General has been the only Rank I've held." He'd keep the information that it was the only Rank that had been accepted he hold. The others where only expected for him to have had, not keep. "As for the drinking issue. My...constitution will not allow the effects of drinking to linger."

The young Alchemist simply stares back to Sephiroth, then raises a pale brow. "It's not a matter of getting smashed... it's being finally accepted fully as the Alchemist that I am... as capable as any adult, and able to enjoy the rights of camaraderie and kinship." He pauses, then glanced from Sephiroth to look down to his bared skin bearing the scars of war, and from the impromptu installment of the automail.

The metallic fingers close absently then open movements as real as a living limb... unlike most prosthetics which are stagnant replacements or weapons. Glancing back up to the General he lofts a pale brow. "Don't tell me you don't bother living a little?"

"Living?" What was he doing now? Thinking about it for a minute he gave the blond a long side look before closing the folder and setting it aside. "We do not have a Central City on Gaia. Midgar is the largest populated City."

The blond boy blinks, raising his eyebrows. "Yeah... living. You know... that thing people do aside from working that brings pleasure and eases stress." However, as Sephiroth explains where he was, Ed wrinkles his pert nose in frustrated thought. "Midgar? Never heard of it." He sighs and shakes his head slowly.

"I had a feeling that I wasn't in Amestris any more. Gates tend to do funny creepy things like that."

Listening to the description of 'Living' the Silvered General had two things cross his mind, neither of which he'd bet the boy meant. Killing things was a way to shack off stress, as for the pleasure... Well... he'd leave that thought alone. " Amestris?" Just a little intrigued now Sephiroth shifted in his chair before making a very shrewd deal. "If, I remove your restraints. I expect a warrior's code of honor you will not try to escape. If you agree I'll see about getting you replacement clothing."

Those unusual golden eyes blink as the young Alchemist looks up to Sephiroth, a genuine innocent surprise and honest curiosity there. "That's a mighty tempting offer... just... why couldn't I get my old clothes back..." He pauses... then amends, looking slightly flustered. "Wait, it's not that I intend to cause trouble... but..." He sighs and glances down to his metallic arm and matching leg. "My clothes... especially my watch, are a part of me... a reminder of my mistakes I must atone for and a promise I made for my Brother." He hesitates... "But, if I can have them back... at least to keep... then I suppose I would be willing to not attempt to make an escape." However... if should HAPPEN that something else should remove him, unexpected outside force... he wouldn't argue.

Getting up from the chair, Seph moved out of the kids' line of sight with a smooth cats grace. Crossing the small sterile room with just a few strides, the click of an intercom being used easily echoes. "Zackary, will you bring me up a plain set of Cadet clothing." The crackling answer that came back was too low to be hurd easily, but the louder 'Sir' in a flippant tone was clear enough.

Depressing the button the General returned to his chair sinking into it. "For safely reasons any and all personal belongings are being inspected to insure no further surprises remain." Partly resting his fingers over his eyes it was fairly clear the man had in part relaxed enough to leave off the battle-ready edge that had been humming through him minutes ago. "Since it is clear you are not part of any rebel faction, you'll no longer be thought of as a security threat. However, leaving this room dose not mean you are free from our custody." Sharp cat slit eyes look over at Ed, the back lit green flaring for a second then melting away.

"The next time you try and escape... It will not be the Turks, nor any other SOLIDER that is sent after you. You'll be personally hunted down by either me, or...ShinRa's other little 'pet'. "

"Very well, if you promise to uphold giving me freedom to remain here untethered and with the option of getting my belonging back, I swear by the Laws of Equivalent Exchange and as an Alchemist that I will not attempt to escape from you." He speaks solemnly with a tone and gravity belonging to one well beyond his years. Maybe, despite his childish anger and occasional outbursts... he is a kid that grew up too fast.

The General nodded. He didn't trust many but he'd never been wrong in judging people before. At some meaningless flick of a hand the solid metal restraints holding the young man to the chair clicked open, then slid aside. And if he knew his second... the man should enter the door

The loud bang of the swinging door didn't raise a reaction from the sitting general. The older man had long ago learnt that nothing shy of sedation would dim his SiC's exuberant personality.

Zack grinned at the look his commander shot him and laughed whole hearted as his clunky boots struck the floor. If the dark haired man was surprised to see the Blond kid free of the restraints he didn't show it. Circling around he dropped the pile of clothing on the simple table between Edward and his Commander, then perched on the corner of it crossing his arms and flashing a wide grin at the blond. "Hey no hard feelings right? You understand how it goes."

As the restraints release, the boy stands up and does a full bodied stretch like a cat... and...WOW, was he pretty short next to the renowned General! "Ah, thanks! That chair was cold as fu-" However, as the door slams open he twists into a defensive stance with sharp alert instincts scouring the door, however, he eases on seeing the black haired man.

Oh yeah... VERY much like Maes... all he needed was the guy showing off pictures of his girlfriend or child. Easing, he shrugs slightly; however, the chilled boy does eye the clothing with a thoughtful appreciation before glancing up to Zack who was grinning at him. Raising golden eyebrows, he shrugs then grins. "Eh, I suppose. Guess I didn't break anything on you. Bruises?" He inquired as he pokes through the clothes, then picks some of them up... then exhales a frustrated sound. These were going to be big on him. Just great.

Zack blinked for a second; ignoring the smirk he could feel directed at his back by his Commanding officer. "Uh..." Canting his head he gave the impression of a puppy. However it did nothing to ease the after thought that the puppy persona was a lie, and below that nothing short of a wolf. Patting himself down comically the First Class made a show of inspecting himself over before flashing that cocky grin and offering a thumbs up. "Nope. Takes more then that to hurt me."

The General on the other hand just let his second ramble. The dark haired first would wind down eventually. Zack however at seeing the kid's reaction to the clothing smirked just a little. "It's made to be baggy. The shirt'll be a little form fitted. Pants fit snug around the waist and hip but bag past that. If you need it fitted a little more you'll find made in belts and buckles to personal fit it."

"Oh well, I'll just have to try better next time. I generally fight better when I'm not cuffed." The cocky alchemist shoots back with a bold grin back to Zack.

However, at the explanation of the clothing... the boy proceeds to slip them on, unashamed of the men there and following the guiding on how to adjust their fit with thoughtful nods. However, after it's all on, he blinks, then glances up to Zack then to Sephiroth. "How does this look?"

Frankly, with his hair loose, and the slender diminutive physique, he could easily be mistaken for one of the female cadets. There's no doubt that he's going to get picked on, or hit on, by other officers or recruits. He shifts slightly with a thoughtful frown, poking at the pants material. "Feels so weird... guess I'm just used to leather pants." Glancing up, he shakes himself then adopts a more confident stance. "Well, how do I look?"