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Chapter 2

Harry and Hermione looked at each other, each thinking the exact same thing, "Married?"

"Uh...Hermione," Harry started as he looked at her uncertainly. "I…well...how do you feel about this?"

"I knew it; he doesn't want me, not really. It really was too good to be true," Harry heard from his new wife as she looked away.

He quickly grabbed her hand, "I do want you and…us." As Hermione turned back to Harry, he could see that she was trying to blink back the wetness that had crept into her eyes. "I just don't know what it means. I mean it's all going so fast," Harry nervously ran his hand through his hair, "You know me and words Hermione, they usually don't go well together. It's just the suddenness of all of this shocked me and, well, I just...I feel like you've been cheated. I wanted you to be my girlfriend and I take you on dates, and sometime in the future I would ask you to marry me, and give you the option to say if I'm worthy of being your husband. I want to put a ring on your finger, and someday we have the same kind of wedding as Bill and Fleur had …" Harry's words faltered, but his thoughts continued on, "I love you Hermione. I want to make up for the things I didn't do in the past, because I want you to be my future, especially now that I know I have a future."

The sincerity that blazed in Harry's eyes amazed Hermione. It's one thing to be told by Miranda that the two of them were soul mates, but to see that look in Harry's eyes, the look Hermione knew from many years of past experience, carried more meaning than even the words of a Goddess. "You really do love me, don't you, Harry? And you think I'm pretty?"

"Not just pretty, Hermione, I think you are beautiful, and yes, I really do love you. When you were in my arms in…in…well, in there, it felt so right. I just…well, I know Miranda says we are soul mates, and this mental talking stuff is confusing, but I just don't want to think you're stuck with me because of destiny or whatever."

Hermione smiled at her husband. "I think I like this destiny much more than what you had to deal with, and I guess deal with again," She squeezed his hand as she continued ,"Harry, you are more than worthy of being my husband, I just can't believe you would ever want me for a wife," She put a finger to his lips to prevent the protest she heard in her mind, "I can see it in your eyes, though, and I know it's true," She leaned in and kissed Harry lightly on the lips before continuing, "I would have loved the romance and dates. I hate to admit it, but I would have loved a big wedding and that special dress, having my Father wa…" Her voice stopped abruptly and voice rose to a higher volume. "Harry, my parents, they aren't in Australia, I haven't done what I had to do to them. I get to see them in just a few weeks," She couldn't contain the glee in her voice, then a look of sadness enveloped her eyes and looking at Harry. "Please let's do our best not to get to that point this time. I can't do it again."

"I never want you to have to, love. We will do it better this time," Harry replied. He took a deep breath and released it before he continued. "Are we going to tell them about our marriage?"

"I...I guess we better," Hermione replied somewhat hesitantly, as she looked into Harry's eyes.

"It's just a document at the ministry that says we are married, well, that and the giggling Goddess."

"Hey I resemble that," Miranda giggled. "Did I mention how much I love champagne?"

"We can pretend the document doesn't exist for now," Harry continued after the interruption. "Let's go on those dates, let's get comfortable with being boyfriend and girlfriend. I don't think I can surprise you with the ring, but I will ask your father when it's time. I can at least surprise him, and if he doesn't kill me, I'll take you to pick out the ring. We can then have that wonderful wedding you want. As for us already being married, well, we can deal with it at a later time if it does become an issue."

"Is that what you want, Harry?" Hermione asked with a questioning look in her eyes.

"I want you to be happy," Harry said sincerely. He grinned at a recollection of something Miranda had said. "I guess she was right wasn't she?"


"Miranda," Harry replied. "She said love is wanting the one you love to be happy no matter what it costs you."

"Well, I am the Goddess of Love," Miranda said. "Of course I am right. You're almost as bad as some of those minstrels and don't get me started about those guys."

"Are you going to be with us forever?" Hermione questioned.

"Probably not forever, but after so much work to get you two together I've grown quite attached to you. Even if my hair became detached because of you. Now you two get back to that chat, it's very touching."

"So glad you're enjoying it," Hermione replied and she heard a giggling in her mind as she returned her gaze back to Harry, searching his eyes for answers, "What's it costing you Harry? For me to be happy?" The images of her eighteen year old self standing nude in the antechamber and other images a married couple would be engaged in flashed into her head, causing Hermione to blush.

"Oh, please don't tell me you saw that?" Harry exclaimed as his face turned red. "I…well…look, I'm seventeen, uh, I guess now fifteen, and still you know…never... I mean, I can't help but think…" He sputtered helplessly to a stop.

"Harry, I'm eighteen and have never, either," Hermione said as she looked at Harry's hand, which was still holding hers. "That you find me desirable like that is," her eyes returned to Harry's, "very flattering. I never thought that anyone would ever…well, think of me that way," She couldn't help but think about Harry's seventeen year old body, and what he had been trying to hide before the clothes had appeared, and how much she had enjoyed the sight, causing more blushing between the two of them.

"I would like the dating and romance, Harry. I would like to feel I'm more than a walking book of knowledge," She once again silenced his reply with a finger to his lips, "It's more of how I see myself sometimes. I was always the bookworm, lost in my books," She smiled, "I don't know if I can give up my books, but when I do look up from one, I would love to see someone there looking at me with love in their eyes and in their hear,t and know it's for me and only me. I know that probably sounds silly."

"No it doesn't, but you won't even have to look up to know my love is there and only for you."

"Don't let me ignore you either, Harry. No book in this world is more important than you," Hermione replied.

"Not even 'Hogwarts, a History'?"

"Not even 'Hogwarts, a History'," Hermione replied, as she continued to gaze into Harry's eyes. "But I am serious. Tell me if I'm not paying enough attention to you, or if you get annoyed. I guess at least I'll know if you get frustrated at my constant reading, but I hope you'll tell me before that happens. Your happiness is just as important to me as mine is to you," Hermione let out a little laugh as she continued out loud, "I want romance and I was going to date Ron? There's definitely humor in that, somewhere," She looked back down at the Marauder's Map that still showed Hermione Potter and smiled as she realize she was getting more comfortable with the idea. "How long ago was it that I knocked on Harry's door? How can things change so fast? My heart, my life and, my future all because of a single kiss."

"But it was a magical kiss, remember?" Harry replied.

"It was, at that," Hermione said, as she remembered her dream really coming true. She smiled at her husband and then leaned toward him, offering her lips for a repeat performance. "Oh Merlin, I love magic," was the last thought she had as Harry's lips touched her in accommodating her desire.

"I want you to have all the romance you want Hermione, just please, not Madam Puddifoots," Harry said pleadingly to his lovely wife when the kiss finally ended. "I can't step back into that place."

Hermione giggled as she remembered the Valentine date Harry had with Cho two years ago, or several months depending on what reference she was using. "Okay, no Madam Puddifoots, but Quidditch games don't count as dates either."

"Deal," Harry replied, "Though I would have never considered that a date."

"What do you consider an appropriate date then Harry?"

"I was hoping you'd tell me. I really don't have that much experience."

"And just how many dates have you seen me out on?" Hermione asked with a questioning glance.

"But you have parents and read a lot; I mean I know we can go to Hogsmeade and maybe to the Three Broomsticks, but what does Mrs. Potter think of when she thinks of being romanced?"

"Well, in the muggle world it would be dinner and a movie or the theatre, maybe dancing sometimes, but please don't think I want that all the time, just occasionally it would be nice."

"I'll see what I can do if we ever can get out safely in the Muggle world."

"There is that problem. Just another reason to make sure we succeed in what we need to do," Hermione said. "Now, until sometime in the future we are going to keep our marriage a secret, but be openly dating. How are we going to break that to Ron?"

"Does it matter?"

"I don't know, Harry. But it was just hours, or maybe even minutes ago, that he was our friend and someone I thought I fancied. It's hard to come to grip with what Miranda told us. I mean, I believe her and I know I love you, but the conflict still exists in my mind," She explained. "Do we distance ourselves from him and Ginny, or try to be their friends now that they can't hurt us?"

"I know what you mean. I have the same thoughts of Ginny," Harry said. "But the deliberate way Ron hurt you by making you jealous of Lavender, and then flaunting his relationship with her all over the castle just….." Harry's voice trailed off as his emerald eyes hardened at the thought of what Ron had done.

"Well, Ron's never been subtle about anything has he?"

"I guess not," Harry replied. "I guess we just wait and see how it goes tomorrow. But," He looked Hermione in the eyes, "If you're not comfortable in any way, we'll get away. Remember," that look of sincerity and determination reappearing in his eyes, "you are my future as well as my now. I don't just consider you family; you are my family, Hermione Potter. We might hide our marriage, but you are my wife and the woman I love, I will not let anything or anyone hurt you."

"Just remember that it goes both ways, my husband," Hermione reminded him, "You are my future as well. I will not walk behind you or be left behind as you left Ginny. I will be beside you protecting you as well, just as I have always been."

In Harry's mind the screams of his soul mate as she endured the Cruciatus Curse while being tortured by Bellatrix Lestrange echoed. "Beside you, Harry, no matter what," He heard in his head. Looking at Hermione he nodded, knowing in his heart that as much as he would want her safe, he needed her beside him. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her against him. "I wouldn't want you any other place," He said sincerely.

Hermione leaned her head against Harry's shoulder as the two of them lapsed into a comfortable silence.

"How much sleep did you get last night?" Harry asked finally. "Do you need to go to bed?"

"Not as much as I should have, but... do you have any idea what time it is?"

It was only after Harry's hand had instinctive reached for his pocket that he remembered the watch he'd received from the Weasleys on his seventeenth birthday wouldn't be there. ""No, but I remember the party broke up very late because Ron woke me up when he finally came to bed. It's got to be three am, at least," Then looking back at Hermione, he tapped her wrist which had a watch on it.

"Oh, I didn't have it on this morning and forgot…" She said, and then looked down at the device in question. "Close, it's actually almost four. I guess we should just stay up and make plans."

"You should get some sleep," Harry suggested.

"No, I'll be fine. Besides, after the last year, we're both used to going without sleep when needed," Hermione reminded him. "Let me grab my planner so we refresh our memories of what is going on right now," She raced up the steps but she came back down at a much slower pace as she glanced at the planner.

"What about the OWLs, Harry?" Hermione whispered.

"What about them? Hopefully we don't have to study as hard this time for them, since we have other things to do."

"No, I mean my name? Remember how they called our names for the practicals? What if they call me Potter?"

"Don't worry, dear. That's why I put you at this particular time," Miranda voice reappeared in their minds. "They copied off the student lists and testing materials last night. You will still be Hermione Granger, according to the OWLs. Any earlier, and it would've been Hermione Potter. You can still request the name change on the exams or results at any time, if that is your desire."

"How'd you know what we would decide about disclosing our marriage?" Harry asked.

"I didn't, but this is the earliest spot where you could make the choice. It gives you over a week before the testing starts and almost three weeks before the Department of Mysteries event happens."

Harry waited for the shriek from Hermione about how little time was left before the exams, but it never came. Looking over at her, he was surprised how calm she looked. "Only a week before OWLs Hermione, are you alright with that?"

"I'm fine Harry."

"So, no short tempers, no hitting me with books this time?" Harry asked. "No tormenting and terrorizing the tower?"

"Was I really that bad?"

Harry shrugged. "It felt like it."

"Well, it's not going to be like that this time," Hermione said. "I already know what's coming. I'll need to brush up on some of the written portions, and definitely history, but the practicals won't be a problem."

"Easy for you to say," Harry replied. "I wonder if I can ask McGonagall if I can just not take History OWL?" Harry said. "I have no chance of passing it. I mean got a Dreadful last time and I've forgotten most of what I knew then."

"You can pass it, Harry," Hermione said then after a few seconds of chewing on her lip. "I...well I remember what was on the test, and I can help you study what you need and if you really need help…well…..I can help," She finished in her mind.

"You would cheat?" Harry asked in amazement.

"I'm not saying I'm going to help you get an Outstanding," Hermione replied with a huff. "But I will help my husband get an Acceptable; that is IF he at least tries to study the material. Besides, we're cheating already, aren't we? We've already finished our sixth year, and had an additional year of practical charm and transfiguration work while we were on the hunt. I can't imagine you not getting an O this time in charms or transfiguration."

"Yeah, I can't wait until I see McGonagall's face if I do get an Outstanding. Let's see, career counseling was several weeks before the exams, and she was telling me then my work was only Acceptable. I definitely won't mix up the color change and growth in charms this time," Harry looked back at Hermione, "Can I at least drop the Divinations' exam? You can't help me in that one."

"True. Though you could make some startling accurate predictions currently, but that would draw some very unwanted attention to you. I wished you had dropped the class when I did and started Ancient Runes," Hermione said and at the look on Harry's face she continued. "See, that's the Ron part that rubbed off on you that I find frustrating. I don't expect you to keep my schedule, but trying to always take the easiest path wasn't the best way to go either. Runes are the basis for Wards and other static magic, you know. You love Defense, and I think Runes is a complimentary course to Defense. But yes, love, talk to Professor McGonagall and say you would prefer to concentrate on the tests you feel you have a chance in. I know she thinks Divinations is a joke," Hermione looked away for a few moments, and then back, "What do you think of telling Professor McGonagall about our marriage? She does the administrative work for the school, and if my name does pop up somewhere she might be able to help."

"But not anything else?" Harry asked.

"No, not yet anyway. I would probably put her on the short list of people we can trust, if only we knew she wouldn't tell Professor Dumbledore, but that's unlikely right now. We are going to need help though, and we have to figure out how to give people information, without them knowing where it came from."

"True. I really don't want to break into Gringott's again. If we can find a way to get someone else to get that Horcrux, all the better," Harry said. "Well, at least Sirius is safe. I won't be leading a bunch of students on a foolhardy mission, will I?"

"No, you won't, but Harry, we have to do something about it," Hermione replied.

"What do you mean?"

"It was more than Sirius dying that evening. The Ministry discovered that Voldemort was really back that night. If we just ignore it..."

"Then Fudge keeps his head in the sand, Umbridge keeps her job here, and Professor Dumbledore doesn't get any support. Not to mention all of the Death Eaters who were captured that night, and the Prophet continuing to attack me. Great," Harry groaned. "We could easily make this worse, couldn't we?"

"We could, but only in the short term. Unless we really do something stupid, we should be able to make things work. I mean, we know about the Horcruxes and where they are this time."

"So we destroy all the Horcruxes, get Riddle to kill me, so I can then kill him?" Harry asked.

"Works for me, though I really don't care for the part about Riddle killing you. Do you know if it has to be him who casts the killing curse?" Hermione asked.

"Are you wanting the job?" Harry asked grinning at Hermione. "I've only been married for a short time and my wife is already planning my murder."

"Prat. You know what I mean."

"I don't...wait," Harry said as Snape's memories from just a few hours ago came back to him.

"So the boy…the boy must die?" asked Snape quite calmly.

"And Voldemort himself must do it, Severus. That is essential."

Harry sighed and nodded. "One of those memories had Dumbledore telling Snape that it was essential for Voldemort to be the one to kill me."

"Then we'll just have to be smart about it."

It was then that they noticed a small creature moving silently around, picking up the trash and cleaning. "Dobby?"

"Harry Potter, sir. Dobby was tryin' to be quiet," The house elf who spoke wore a multitude of hats upon his head, and a mustard yellow sock on one foot and a bright pink one on the other.

"Dobby!" Harry repeated as he rushed over to the little elf. He dropped to his knees, wrapped his arms around the elf, and gave him a hug. Tears flooded Harry's eyes as the memory of the grave at Shell Cottage where he'd buried Dobby two years in the future engulfed this mind.

"I'm so glad to see you, Dobby," Harry said through the happiness of seeing his friend. The death of the little elf saving his, Ron's, and Hermione's lives had hurt Harry almost as much as losing Sirius had.

Hermione had been right behind Harry in the race to the elf and had her arms around him too. She hadn't been as close to the little elf as Harry had been, but she knew he was the one who had saved her when Bellatrix had the knife to her throat, and helped them escape from Malfoy Manor, giving his life to do so.

Dobby, not understanding all the affection, had a nervous smile under his tennis ball sized green eyes, "Dobby is always glad to see Harry Potter and Miss Grangy. Though the other house elves don't like Miss Grangy."

Hermione looked perplexed.

"Uh, Hermione did I ever tell you that Dobby was taking all the things you knitted?" Harry asked looking nervously at Hermione. "The other elves started refusing to clean the tower because of the clothes you were hiding. They found it insulting. Dobby has been doing it all himself."

"You mean, you just let me keep knitting and leaving stuff out when you knew it wasn't doing any good?" Hermione asked her husband a little forcefully.

"Well, you weren't willing to let it go, Hermione," Harry said shrugging his shoulders. "I was just glad you stopped putting stuff out the next year."

"And when did you find out?"

Harry strained to remember back over two years to when Dobby had told him about the Tower. "When did Dobby tell me about the Room of Requirement? That's when."

Hermione glared at Harry with a "We'll discuss that another time" stare before turning back to Dobby. "I was…I mean, I am, just trying to help," Hermione said. She remembered a swarm of house elves attacking Death Eaters with their kitchen knives and their own magic just last night. She shook her head to clear the memory, because she also remembered seeing some of them die in the attack. "Dobby, you can tell the other elves that I promise not to put out any more clothes. There might be some out now, but once they are cleaned up, I won't put more out."

"Yes, Miss Grangy."

"Can you call me Hermione, Dobby? I'd like to be your friend as well," Hermione said.

"Her – mine – e," Dobby voiced.

"Yes, Dobby, just like that," Hermione smiled. "Can I be your friend, too? If you need anything you can come to me for help, or to talk just like Harry."

"You want to be Dobby's friend?" When the small elf saw her nodding, tears leaked into his eyes, "Dobby would like that."

"I'm glad, and I'm sorry I caused you so much extra work," Hermione replied.

"Dobby doesn't mind extra work. Dobby enjoys it," The elf replied.

"Hermione is my girlfriend, Dobby," Harry said.

"Her-mine-e is your life mate, Harry Potter?" Dobby asked as his tennis ball eyes grew even bigger.

Harry looked at Hermione and smiled. "Yes she is, but let's use the word girlfriend, okay, Dobby?"

"Of course, Harry Potter, sir."

"Harry, Dobby. Just call me Harry."

"Dobby, how is Winky?" Hermione asked.

"Winky is not good, Her-mine-e. She drinks far too much butterbeer," Dobby replied sadly. "Dobby tries to help. Dobby gives her some of the clothes Dobby finds here, but it only makes it worse. Winky still pines for Winky's family."

"Maybe I can talk to her?" Hermione asked.

Dobby looked sheepish, "That would be bad. Winky don't like you. Yous insulted Winky's family."

"Oh," Hermione said. "Well, is there anything we can do for her?"

"If you know of a good family who would take her in, that would help. Dobby wanted her to stay at Hogwarts, but being free is not good for Winky," The little elf said as he sadly shook his head.

Hermione was about to say something else, when she heard Harry say "I know you want her to be free but don't say it, not now, please," she turned and looked at him for a second and the turning back to Dobby. "We'll see, Dobby."

"Dobby better get back to work. This tower needs to be cleaned before people wake up," Dobby said.

"Okay, Dobby," Harry said, and then to Hermione, "I'm going to buy every pair of bright color socks I can find for that elf."

"I'll help, love, he saved my life as well, but don't forget about Kreacher. We have to do something about him without trying to recover that locket of Regulus'."

"Let's talk to Sirius tomorrow," Harry replied. "He is the one person I would like to tell everything too. I'll use the mirror and check in with him. Remind me to do that daily. If only I had opened that mirror then..."

"We're back and you have the mirror," Hermione said. "You have the chance to make it right."

"I know but...I wonder how many hours and days he sat with that mirror, waiting for me to call him?"

"I don't know Harry, probably a lot. He was, I mean, is very lonely," Hermione replied. "We will make him a part of our lives; he is your family, so now he is my family."

"One more thing we have to do. We have to find Peter," Harry thought. "Saving Sirius and he not being free might be worse than him dying."

"Well, we know he was at Malfoy Manor when we were there," Hermione said. Ron and Harry had, of course, told her what had happened in the basement, and how Peter had lost his life. "Since we can now believe Professor Snape, maybe Professor Dumbledore can get him to tell us where he is and we can set a trap of some sort."

"He would know where Wormtail is wouldn't he?" Harry asked. "Why didn't Dumbledore make an effort to capture him?" The thought tickled a memory of a discussion with Dumbledore.

"Pettigrew owes his life to you. You have sent Voldemort a deputy who is in your debt... When one wizard saves another wizard's life, it creates a certain bond between them... and I'm much mistaken if Voldemort wants his servant in the debt of Harry Potter."

"Do you think Dumbledore would sacrifice Sirius's freedom to keep Wormtail near Voldemort?" Harry asked Hermione. "You know, because he owed me a life debt?"

"Possible Harry, but it might have been just impossible to get to him," Hermione replied, and then thinking of what Miranda has said about the Headmaster. "Harry, what if he didn't want Sirius free?"

"Why wouldn't he have wanted Sirius…" Miranda's warning came to him as well. "He wanted me locked away at the Dursley's. That would make me, and them, safe. If Sirius was free, I would have gone to live with him."

"But, then why let us rescue him four, I mean two years ago?"

Harry waited to see if Miranda was going to break in and give them the information. When she didn't, he finally thought, "Because he knew if we had to stay out of sight, there would be no way to capture Peter. Without Wormtail, Sirius has to be on the run, and Dumbledore had another asset he could call upon when needed, one that would be extremely grateful. Remember how he deliberately told us we must not be seen?"

"True, but if that's the case, Dumbledore will never ask Professor Snape about Peter, will he?" Hermione asked.

"Doubtful, but I guess that will be the indicator. If he helps us find Peter, then we might be wrong, but otherwise…" Harry replied trying to figure out exactly how he felt about the Headmaster, but he was too confused at the moment to think of him. He turned his attention to Snape, and tried to determine the truth of Severus Snape and what he should think of the Potions Master.

"Just last night I watched him die," He thought, "I can't believe he loved my..." but then something didn't add up. He looked over at Hermione and thought of the love he had for her. Then he remembered what Miranda had said about love.

"You know, when I went to bed last night I thought Snape loved my mother," Harry continued to his wife. "But if Miranda is right, then there is no way he calls her a Mudblood if he loved her. He lashed out at her instinctively."

"IF?" Miranda screamed in his mind. "Okay, kid, what part of I'M the Goddess of Love are you really having trouble with?"

"Uh, sorry. I didn't mean it that way," Harry thought meekly, "Can you tell me? Did Snape love my mother?"

Harry and Hermione could hear the sigh in the Goddess' voice before she answered, "Severus Snape thought he loved your mother, but there are some people who can't let go of themselves enough to truly love another. He unfortunately falls into that category. If your mother had lived, Harry, how would she have liked how Severus has treated you? Would she have been happy? Answer that question and you have your answer."

"But he cared for her didn't he?" Harry asked.

"They were best friends when they arrived at Hogwarts," Miranda replied. "She was almost the only happy memories he had in his childhood. It is that Lily Evans he cherished, the one who talked to him when he was a child, the one who boarded the train with him, the one who stalked away with him when your father insulted him. Though for some time to come, they told themselves they were friends their paths began to separate almost the instant they removed the sorting hat from their heads," Miranda paused for a beat and then continued. "Remember what he asked you to do right before he died?"

"He...he wanted me to look at him."

"He wanted to see your eyes, or actually, Lily's eyes. He didn't want to see the son that had brought your mother so much happiness; he only wanted to remember his own."

"Thank you. I think I understand now," Harry said, as an explanation penetrated into his mind. "That explains his Patronus, doesn't it? His only happiness came from memories of my mother, but the Patronus comes from happiness felt, not given."

"He can learn, Hermione. There is hope," Miranda said to person who had been just listening. "Correct, Harry, the Patronus only suggests his happiness came from memories of your mother, not that he loved her. He thought he did, but as I said, he was one of the people who could never understand what love truly is. But now, all of what was past is now present. You will have to interact with him again."

Hermione had put her arms around Harry and held him. "It's going to be strange," Harry thought. "I just watched him die last night, and now he's back alive. When he glares at me what am I going to feel?"

"Whatever it is, I'll be right there beside you," Hermione replied then a little mental laugh. "I think I will be getting a share of those glares once he sees us together."

"I'm sorry love."

"Don't be. It's not your fault he became who he is."

"No, but you shouldn't have to suffer because of his hatred of me."

"I would suffer far more than Professor Snape for you."

"So, when is our first potions class?" Harry asked trying to change the subject of away from Hermione suffering.

Hermione opened her planner and thumbed to the right date. "Oh, I forgot how much I hated Mondays this year. Double Potions right after History first thing Monday morning," She flipped to another page. "And you have Divinations in the afternoon, and then we have Double Defense."

"You had my schedule as well?"

"Of course, Harry. It wasn't that much different than mine. I even kept track of what homework you had."

"I'm sorry, you know. Sorry for not telling you how much I appreciated you."

"Well, you have now, and since you're married to me, I guess I'll let the previous years go."

"So, first thing Monday morning for potions? Well at least I won't suffer from waiting," And as he looked at his wife, he couldn't help but smile. "Do you know how beautiful you are?"

"No, but I know how handsome my," She looked around at Dobby who was still cleaning and then back at Harry "life mate is."

"I love you."

"I love you too."

"You two are so sweet together," Miranda voice broke in as they heard something like sniffling. "I really outdid myself in you two."

"Thank you, oh my Goddess," Harry replied. "For giving me my soul mate."

"You're welcome, Harry," The Goddess of Love replied as the sniffling turning back to a slight giggle. "Take care of each other."

"We shall," The two Potters answered at the same time.

Harry glanced at the window, and noticed faint light of the new day had arrived. "It's getting light out. Maybe we should go up and lie down, and wake up with everyone else in a couple of hours. That'll let Dobby finish down here without us around."

Hermione looked at the little elf, "I hope the other elves will come back and help him. Maybe I should apologize to them. I still wish they were all free but…"

"I understand, love, but we can discuss that later, for now let's go to bed," Another kiss, then they both walked up their respective staircases and crept into their beds. As they climbed into bed, neither thought they could sleep after the tumultuous changes that had occurred, but as their head hit the pillow, the pleasant thoughts of their soul mates drew them into slumber.

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