Just To Prove You Wrong

"You!?" The mistress's face lit up bright red and her eyes narrowed.

"Us?" The twins said in unison, peering curiously back at the mistress.

"You're the little brats who..." The mistress was cut off by the sudden wail of a siren, as Jailbot came crashing through the doors of the Superbar, Jackknife's neck in one metal claw, the warden's mail in the other. He flipped Jackknife in front of him, putting him in a strong headlock. Jackknife managed a strangled "Gak!" before he shut up and began clawing at the metallic arm. Alice, who had been sitting away from them all, back turned, gazing out the window, turned to face Jailbot and raised a questioning eyebrow.

"You got 'im?" Jailbot nodded, and tightened his hold around Jackknife's neck. The convict, who was now turning slightly blue and loosing the use of his limbs, slowly ceased his struggling as he blacked out from the lack of oxygen. Jailbot put the warden's mail down on the bar counter, and proceeded to prop Jackknife against a wall. All of a sudden, the warden burst into the bar from one of the wine-keeping rooms, bare footed and drunk, gripping a nice looking bottle of wine in his hand.

"H...*hic*...ey Every...*hic*...buddy!"

"Hello." The twins turned their attention from the mistress to the warden, their voices unison and monotone as always.

"S...sir..." Jarad croaked. He had been sitting at the bar counter the entire time he had been there, staring at all of the alcoholic drinks, temptation threatening to overwhelm him.

"Y...*hic*... es Jarad?"

"C...Can I go now. Please?"

"Oh come,...*hic*...now Jarad!" The warden walked unsteadily over to him. "Don't be such a...*hic*...party pooper!" Jarad gulped. The warden, who had suddenly lost his balance, leaned forward, catching himself on Jarad's shoulder. His glasses, however, slid off of his nose, and onto the floor, hitting the tile with a soft 'clink!'. The warden giggled a little, and straightening himself, grasped his glasses between his toes. He swept them off of the ground, kicking his leg high into the air, while letting out a loud, "Woo Hoo!" as the bottle of wine that he had carried out with him popped open, sending white wine flying out of the bottle.

Alice, who had been watching most of this in the reflection of the window that she was facing, shook her head, and muttered,

"Dorks." Under her breath, before she got up and tossed the can of beer that she had been drinking over her shoulder, its reminiscence spilling out into the air before the can itself could reach the floor. The twins, meanwhile, returned their attention to the mistress.

"You were saying?" One of the them said, folding his arms across his chest. The mistress blinked.

"I... I was..." She thought. She had been yelling at them for something. She looked around her. The warden had grabbed his glasses from his foot, and was now drinking the rest of the wine from the bottle. Jarad was still sitting at the bar counter, Jailbot had moved and was floating protectively by the warden, Jackknife had just started to come to, and Alice was walking toward the door. "Never mind..." She muttered, sitting down with a sigh of defeat. The first twin shrugged, and teleported away, followed closely by the other one. The warden, noticing the mistresses sigh, stumbled over and sat down beside her. He held the bottle of wine out toward her. She shook her head, and pushed it away.

"I don't drink" She stated plainly. The warden frowned.

"What?...*hic*... Don't know how to have fun?" The mistress 'humphed', snatched the bottle out of the warden's hand, and took a gulp of the wine.

"Just this once." She growled. "And just to prove you wrong." The warden smiled as she took another drink from the bottle. Just to prove him wrong.