Heya! Here is my fourth entry! This is Maximum Ride fanfic so yea. Remember, they have wings! And can fly! OH and Gazzy is a pranking little 8 year old, who can make pretty much any type of bomb he wants….so yea, keep that in mind.

Prompt. Evil. Search (Google or you tube) hobo, dimples, or sparkles, then write a story about it.

Gazzy POV

Bleh. Bleh. Bleh. Oh!…..Bleh. Double Bleh. Ugh, what a disgrace. Why is there nothing on T.V?! Mondays always suck. First, you wake up late and so you miss breakfast, which means you will fall asleep in social studies. Which means Mrs. Petterson will give you a 500-page essay due on the rise and fall of the Roman Empire! Which means you will spend all afternoon working on it, and in turn miss all of your stories and have to settle for second best, "All My Children." Bleh, what a load of stupid. Not to mention Rodgric is soooo in love with Stacy, even though she is the mother of Ken, who is gay and has a crush on Tina! Stacy's bf and sister! I mean come on! At least in my stories no one is related, I mean gross.

What to do, what to do? Hmmmmmm…. I guess it is time for a prank...Oh!

"Hey Nudge come here for a second please?"

"You bet ya. What do you need? I got time, I was just catching up on "All my Children." Gosh can you believe Ken with Tina! And Seth and Kim-"

"Kim! What's going on with Kim?"

"Well if you watched this more often, you would of remembered her doctor, the on who gave her those implants she wanted, which were badly done btw, well he secretly slipped some valium to her so she would profess her love to Rodgric. It went like this:

"Oh Rodgric! Rodgric, Rodgric, Rodgric, I loooove you! I love you thievish muuuch"(Kim)

"Oh boy."(Doctor Nick)

And when she did the second "I love you", she held her arms real wide, as to show him, physically, how much she loved him. It was so hilarious…"

"Wow. Well anyway I called you over here to ask if you wanted to do something fun?"

"Ok sure, what do you want to do? Go for a fly, to the lake, blazer tag, paint each other's nails? Oh! We can have a tea party-"

"What!? Oh no, maybe something like….a picnic?"

"Oh yay! Fun, let's do it!" Nudge looked really happy, it is too bad what I was about to do could get both of us in trouble….

Later after everything was set….

"Hey Gaz, is that…coke?" She eyed it warily, oh yeah this is going to be fun.

"Yes, why do you ask?"

"No reason, 'cept for the fact that Max will not only kill us because of my sugar consumption problem, but those are her cokes, her special cherry cokes."


"And…you know what? Forget it! Let's have some fun! Whoo hoo!" And with that, she popped open one and chugged it down. A few seconds later, I could see her fingers nervously tap against her leg. A couple more cokes later, she was bouncing in her seat, oh no, what have I done! WHAT HAVE I DONE!

Wait, where'd she go? Oh god, this can't be good. Where'd she go?

I started calling her name but there was no answer. I looked all outside when I heard a scream from the inside. Worried that erasers had come back, I rushed in side, only to see a fuming Max, with a nerf dart on her head.

"What happened Max?"

"Nudge happened, she came in here, screamed "Hobo with A Shotgun" and shot me, bouncing all around the room singing the mission impossible theme song! Gassy, did you give her sugar?"


"You didn't.." She looked furious, I mean down right scary!

"I didn't mean for it to become so out of hand! Oh Max I'm so so so so so so so so so so so sorry! Please don't punish me! Pleeeeaaaassse!?"

I couldn't tell what she was about to say because another scream sound from Angel's room.

We rushed up there, but this time, Angel was on the floor with a dart to her heart, and…and ketchup? Yeah, a ketchup bottle lay a few feet from her, with its insides sprayed all out, making Angel look like a bloody mess.

And Total, oh joy, Total lay on his back, all fours up, moaning. What a melodramatic.


"Nudge." They both confirmed in unison.

"Gazzy's fault." Max blurted.

"Wha-! Max, you can't just blurt it out like that! Now everyone is going to n=know and everyone is going to try to kill me! With actual guns!"

"Hey, your cokes, your but. Don't do the crime if you can't do the time Gaz."

"Actually Max, they were your cokes…"

"Not my super moca cherry cola! How dare you! I swear Gazzy when this is all over, you are so DEAD! DO you hear me I'm going to-"


"That sounded like Iggy, come on."

When we entered Iggy's room, I didn't know what to expect, but what we saw, sure didn't disappoint. Iggy lay in his bed, tied up with his earplugs from his IPOD, with pink duct tape covering his mouth, taping all of his hair to his head. Pink lipstick was smeared on the tape, and blue eye shadow covered his eyelids and beyond. Wow, Nudge worked real fast to get all this done before we got here, but where did she go? I didn't see her leave, and where's fang in all of this?

"Aiiieeee! Lolololoololololololoololo! HOBOS WITH SHOTGUNS!" BANG!

I was shot, right in-between my wings, dang she had good aim!

"Nudge, stop this now!" Max screamed.

"No! You can't tell a hobo what to do! The Man is trying to bring us down! Power to the people!" Uh…what did that have to do with hobos?

"What's going on down here, I was trying to nap when I-"BAM! Right on the schnozzle!

Fang had walked in, finally, looking really tired. I guess all those late night recon missions him and Max have been taking, are starting to take a toll on him. Gee, what a hero, saving innocents at night with Max, all for the sake of the greater good.

They're not fighting when they go out Gazzy, duh! They're dating!

Gross Angel! Don't tell me that! You just totally burst my bubble on Fang. Now I can't get the sight of them together out of my head. Do I have to remind you what you saw in Fang's head?

I saw her take on a disgusted look before she pointedly glared at Fang and me, back and forth.

Gross! Please don't, I don't EVER want to think of that again! Ugh, I'm still having nightmares.

Then don't burst my bubbles. And with that, I stuck my tongue at her.

She stuck it back.

I pulled a face.

She did to.

I made a raspberry.

She smiled politely and bam! I hit myself over the head.

Stupid little sisters and their stupid mind freaking control powers!


"Uh Nudge, why is there a dart on all of us, and why is Angel covered in,"*sniff*, "ketchup?"

"Oh, that's easy, Gazzy gave her cokes, my moca cherry cola, cokes."

"Oh, in that case, Gazzy… Run."

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I ran for my life! Screaming bloody murder, but we were in the mountains, no one would hear me, at all. Oh no, I'm so dead. They will kill me so hard, I'll die to death! SO much so that there won't be any way to link the homicide to them or me! I'll be an unsolved cold case! Oh, maybe I'll end up on that show "Cold Cases," or whatever it is called. Oh well, goodbye cruel world! I might never see daylight again! Sigh, I'll miss you.

And I might continue with this later but for now, I like the ending. SO, obviously this chapter is longer than my others! I actually had some real time! Well, more so then usual. Anyway, I searched Hobo on Youtube and watched "Hobo with a Shotgun." This basically had nothing to do with it besides the title and blood relations, so yea, BUT! It was evil. Trust me, Nudge+Sugar=BAD COMBO! You do NOT want a piece of that jazz! J Lol well if you have any questions, ask me! Any shape or form! Goodbye!