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"Ranma no Baka!"

Akane slams Ranma under the chin with her mallet sending him straight up through the roof.

"Akane" Nabiki says, "you're really going to have to get control of your anger." Watching Akane mallet Ranma had long since lost its entertainment value, and she was actually feeling very sorry for him. She had even started to cut back on her own teasing. Particularly since she'd heard the details of the events at Jusendo, and learned that Ranma seemed to have brought Akane back from the brink of death.

Now normally being struck by Akane's mallet had little effect on Ranma anymore. Especially after having experienced this for over a year. However, Ranma had just gotten home from a large battle involving all of his rivals, including Taro, and this time the hit was enough to cause him to loose consciousness. Which was very unfortunate because there was no arc to his trajectory, and he ended up falling straight back down.

Tragically, on his way back through the roof of the Tendo home he brought a roof beam down to the floor with him which, with it's jagged end, embedded itself into and through his chest emerging out his back.

Nabiki and Akane just stared in shock at the sight for seconds before Akane screams out in horror at the top of her lungs.

Kasumi, returning from a shopping trip is almost home when she hears the scream. Dropping her bags she runs the rest of the way home bursting into the Living Room seeing Nabiki staring in shock at Ranma's body and Akane screaming and crying hysterically.

Just as Kasumi enters there is a flash of light from Ranma's body and a very large black cat, somewhat larger than any of the big cats in the zoo, rolls across the floor ending up near Kasumi's feet causing her to back up, though she can't take her eyes off of the body.

Sitting up on its haunches, the cat looks at Ranma's body and stares. At this point Akane feints and falls to the floor. Nabiki just stares at Ranma's body, still in shock and unable to think, her mouth hanging open.

Kasumi seeing the body, realizes who it is and starts screaming softly, getting louder and louder "No, Nono, Nonononononoooooo!", and falls to her knees sobbing, covering her face with her hands.


Ranma stumbles from the fight having just run Taro off. 'That coward always flies away claiming he isn't beaten.' The rest of the fighters had been knocked out earlier in the fight. 'Heh, that was a good fight. Haven't had one of those in a while,' he thinks to himself. 'After Saffron, nobody's really wanted to get into a fight with me, and pops sparing hasn't been real challenging for a while. Guess they figured since they were all there they had a chance.' Looking down at the cuts and bruises covering his body he continues thinking 'Taro must not know of the battle with Saffron yet. He started right in as if nothing's changed. Everyone else has been nervous and unwilling to spar since then. Just my luck everyone was in the area and decided since he'd started it, they'd join in to.' He smirks to himself, 'Still didn't do them any good.'

Deciding he was sore and tired, he thought it was a good time to head home and take a nice long soak in the furo.

"Tadaima" he calls out as he enters the Tendo home. Nabiki is just getting up from the couch and looks to be heading into the kitchen, and Akane is just coming downstairs.

"Looks like you've just been run over by a truck Ranma" Nabiki smirks. "So, what are the details so I can see who's won the latest betting pool".

Ranma sees the smirk, and wonders if it's his imagination or if they've been getting warmer lately.

Akane meanwhile knowing that Ryoga is the only one who can give Ranma a challenge anymore yells out, "Have you been picking on Ryoga again! You know he's been very nice to you since we came back from China!"

Now Ranma has been trying more and more to avoid arguments with Akane since the failed wedding in an effort to improve their relationship. However, being tired and very sore he just can't keep his mouth shut this time. "Whada ya mean 'picking on Ryoga'! He's the one who saw me fightin with Taro and just had to join in bringing everyone else with him!"

Akane has also been trying to be nicer to Ranma since the failed wedding. Especially since the other fiancees had been avoiding him after destroying it. This had just come to an end however, when both Shampoo and Ukyo had visited earlier to try and make up with Ranma, by bringing food. Of course this lead to an argument that ended just short of a battle and Akane was now in a foul mood. The only reason it didn't deteriorate into a fight was that Shampoo and Ukyo remembered the large repair bills that Nabiki had delivered to the two of them for the costs of repairs following the wedding.

"I'm too tired for this Akane, just let me get to the furo and I'll be out of your way!" Ranma sighs grumbling to himself about how unfair it is. Just how much effort does it take for Akane to start trusting him.

Akane, falling into habit, reaches for her mallet and lashes out in anger.

"Ranma no Baka!"

AN: OK, woke up and had this wonderful idea for a story (in other words a cool dream) and I hadn't even seen it written up here yet. Hopefully it has and original take on what are probably already well used tropes. Probably won't be able to tell till I've gotten a few more chapters up. I was able to convince myself that I should write it down so that I didn't forget it, and got tired of using a pen and paper. Then after typing in what I had written down so far, I found that it sounded even better than it had in my head (I'm always my own worst critic). Because of this I've decided to try to get past my problem with being a perfectionist and just see what kind of reaction I get from the fanfiction community by posting it. I was afraid it was going to sound wooden and script-like.

I will try to spend time expanding this work. I'm afraid of how long it may be between updates though. Reading from a laptop screen as much as I have been lately has become tiring on my eyes, and maybe this will be a good method of taking a break from just reading others stories.

Because this involves a crossover and I haven't plotted out the different areas that are impacted by events in the story, this may lengthen the time between updates. I really want to avoid flashback chapters. So in order to keep all areas impacted by events in the story running alongside each other smoothly I may have to either sit down and draw up a plot *shudder* or I'll just be writing along editing and reediting until it becomes smooth enough for me to feel comfortable publishing it.

I also do not have access to any of the Gold Digger comics. Because of this the story will probably not contain a lot of elements from those comics, at least at first. After I've done more reading of Gold Digger fanfics this may change.