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After hanging up the phone with Kasumi, Dr. Tofu immediately placed a call to have an ambulance sent to the Tendo home. Rushing to grab an assortment of supplies he might need, he places a sign on the door stating he was out on an emergency and decided to take his car in case additional transportation was needed.

Arriving before the ambulance, Dr. Tofu doesn't even bother knocking due to the nature of the emergency, and his concern over the people involved.

Entering the home, he quickly removes his shoes and calls out "Kasumi? Nabiki?" as he moves into the living room. Spotting Ranma's body, it is obvious that he couldn't have survived the injury he's taken. Looking towards the stairs, he misses the site of a large feline head looking out from the kitchen.

"Dr. Tofu!" Kasumi cries out. In the time it's taken for him to reach the house both Kasumi and Nabiki have calmed down quite a bit. Though Nabiki still seems to be stunned and unable to focus.

Helping Nabiki lay down on her bed, Kasumi rushes out of her room and down the stairs. Meeting Dr Tofu at the staircase.

"Kasumi, how are you holding up? How are your sisters" he asks.

Kasumi almost breaks down again, but realizes that someone has to hold themselves together and start dealing with what needs to be done. "I I'm OK for now. Please take a look at Akane. She's still unconscious, and I don't know, but she doesn't seem to be doing well. Nabiki is awake, but is still in a bit of shock. I'll stay here and keep Nabiki company. I don't want to leave her alone right now."

Kasumi has also seen the warmth that Nabiki has been showing lately in her smirks at Ranma, and she just knows that she is taking this harder than her 'Ice Queen' persona would lead one to believe she could. She had checked on Akane recently and she still appeared to be unconscious, though she did not like the pallor that she had seen when she checked her over.

"OK, I've called an ambulance. It should be here soon." he replies.

Trusting Kasumi's judgment, Dr. Tofu moves to Akane's room to check on her.

Moving back into the room, Kasumi sees Nabiki looking up at her. "Nabiki?" she says, sitting down on the edge of the bed.

"Oh Kasumi, how could we have let things get to this point!" Nabiki cries. "He seemed so invulnerable. How could this have happened!" breaking into sobs again she covers her face with her hands.

"Shhh Shhhh now. Here, sit up." Circling Nabiki with her arms again she begins rocking back and forth. "I know,... Ranma seemed to bounce back from everything, no matter what was thrown at him. But he was only human. It seems we forgot that fact." Taking her handkerchief she wipes the tears from Nabiki's eyes again.

Crying softly Nabiki replied, "yes, but he killed a God, or a Demigod. How could something so stupid as a careless lashing out in anger be what takes him from us."

"WHAT!" cries Kasumi her eyes widening while she holds Nabiki out at arms length, "What do you mean he's killed a God!"

"Oh,... nobody's told you yet what happened on everyone's last trip to China, have they."

"No! How could anyone, even Ranma, kill a God Nabiki!"

Sighing, Nabiki decides that she can pull herself together to at least tell a little bit of the story. "Well, in order to save Akane, he apparently had to fight Lord Saffron. Saffron was a Phoenix, an immortal being who easily regenerated damage, even lost body parts, and had control over enormous amounts of power in the form of fire. Because Saffron was arrogant and would not be stopped by anything less, Ranma was forced to fight back with lethal force. Luckily for Ranma Saffron's ashes reverted to an egg, and he will apparently be reborn. I don't know how Ranma would have dealt with it if he had permanently killed him. Ranma told me he felt bad enough, as it was, that he had ended Saffron's current existence."

Kasumi just sat there in awe, pulling Nabiki back into a hug, unable to comprehend what Ranma must have gone through recently.

At this point, there was a knocking at the front door.

"That must be the ambulance that Dr Tofu called, … oh no, I don't know if I can deal with going back downstairs." Kasumi winds down towards the end of her sentence.

"I'll go with you sis"

"Thank you Nabiki"

Making their way to the front door, both glance sadly towards Ranma's body, and give each other a quick hug before opening the door.

"Hello, I'm sorry to intrude, but we were called by a Dr. Tofu for an emergency." stated a young man in an ambulance uniform.

"Yes, please come in" Kasumi replied.

Walking up behind them, Dr. Tofu says "Yes, please do come in. I'm afraid we've got a body for you to bring to the morgue. We also have a young lady that I will be driving to the hospital myself."

"Dr.?" asks Kasumi.

"I'm afraid that Akane woke up hysterical. I had to sedate her, and I will need to take her to the hospital for observation. I don't at all like the way she looked when I was examining her. She was much to pale and appears to be suffering from extreme shock."

"Oh, I see"

"In fact, both of you are looking a bit peaked yourselves. Why don't we move into the kitchen for some tea to settle our nerves, while the ambulance techs here do their job." Saying this, he motions Kasumi and Nabiki into the kitchen.

Sailor Pluto was not happy. Her unhappiness was not due to a loss of Crystal Tokyo in the future. No, that future still had very good odds of coming to be. In fact recently the odds that Crystal Tokyo would come to be had increased by a marked amount. No, her unhappiness was due to the fact that not only could she not pinpoint what had changed to increase the odds, but also that she was having trouble pinpointing anything at all! Plus there was something puzzlingly different about the Crystal Tokyo pictured in many of the time lines. She just couldn't put her finger on what it was.

"What could possibly have happened to cause the time lines to branch like this!" She fumes. "I can understand a few splittings based on decisions someone important might make, but thousands!" Sailor Pluto has yet to learn of the existence of one Ranma Saotome, to whom almost anything seems possible if he sets his mind to it. And it looked like soon he would be coming into contact with the Sailor Senshi. Unfortunately for her, she will not be enlightened any time soon. At least not until she tells herself about it. (A future chuckling is heard in the background.)

AN: hehe, I know I know, some of you are going to consider me evil for that cliffhanger :) It just felt sooooo right. Next chapter... Here's Ranma! (couldn't resist)

As some of you probably noticed, I don't have a firm grasp of the Japanese culture. Because of this I will not be able to use the Japanese style names or building rooms etc etc. If I make mistakes based on my ignorance, please don't take offense. I've been reading a lot of stories on this site and some of them make me feel inadequate in trying to tell a story that takes place in Japan since I've never been there. I will do my best, but... well I think I've already mentioned somewhere that I'm my own worse critic. I do want to do something creative though, so I'll push through come hell or high water (or in my case extreme anxiety because I'm making mistakes). I will probably make use Ranma-chan for Onna-Ranma during the story. May even try to use it correctly as a form of endearment towards others, like Hotoru-chan. We'll just have to see.

Btw, 'future chuckling'. Best way I could think of to quickly describe Setsuna's humor at her past self.