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Moving into the kitchen, Neko-Ranma lies down and puts his head on his... paws. 'This is just great! How am I supposed to help the girls if I'm the one that's causing them to cry. It was hard enough trying to help when I was human, without being punched or getting hit with Akane's mallet!'

Looking at his paws again he thinks to himself, 'It's bad enough that pop never let me learn how to deal with crying girls, but being a cat makes it even harder. And being a Large cat will probably make it even worse. They're likely to just run away scared. What the heck happened anyway! It had to be the magic I tried using to save myself. Stupid magic! It never has been anything but trouble. Stupid pop and his stupid training ideas! I bet it's the fault of the neko-ken training.' He sighs again, thinking of what an idiot his father really is. 'Maybe it's time for me to really try breaking away from what he's taught me, outside of the Art.'

Going back over what's happened in the past few moments, he tries to analyze what exactly has happened to him, 'Hmmm, when I was trying to find a way to survive I felt that there was someone or something else in my mind trying to do the same thing. It felt like a part of me, yet wasn't. Had to have been the neko-ken. Especially considering how things have turned out. Felt like I merged with it. Maybe what Doc said about the way I acted while in the neko-ken being a part of me was true.' Sighing, he tries to make himself more comfortable by moving into a corner near the kitchen table and curling up, bending himself almost in half. 'This body sure is flexible.'

'This body,' he thinks to himself. Looking out of the kitchen, he can just make out the top of what used to be his head with its' black hair and ponytail. 'That's my body over there. And that body is dead. What does this mean. Am I still Ranma Saotome? How am I supposed to figure out where my honor lies now!' He growls in frustration at this thought.

'No! I'm still Ranma Saotome! This is just one more strange mess out of a number of them that have been plaguing me lately in my life. Because of the neko-ken training and all the magic pop has exposed me to in our travels, I can even blame this on the stupid panda. I wonder if I still have the curse? That body may be a girl, but at least it's human.'

Getting up from the floor he moves over to the kitchen sink. He has no problem sitting up and reaching into the sink given how big he is, but getting water seems to be another thing entirely. 'Gah, stupid paws. Maybe if I tried to use both at the same time.' After a bit of fumbling and some effort he finally gets the knob to turn, giving him access to cold water. 'Now for the test.' Sticking his paw under the faucet up to his elbow he feels the familiar tingle of the curse's change. Unfortunately, he is still starring at a black paw. Looking down at himself, now herself, she realizes that yes, the curse is still with her, but unfortunately instead of changing him into a human girl, she is now a female cat. 'Dang! That's no good.'

Struggling to turn off the water, she comes to another realization.'Hmph, Ryoga wasn't kidding. Being cursed with a human form really wasn't that bad! Trying to interact with the world as an animal really sucks. I'll have to apologize to him, when I get the chance. At least nobody's going to try to eat me.' she smirks to herself.

It was at this point that Dr. Tofu entered the house calling for Kasumi and Nabiki. Looking out of the kitchen she is relieved that someone has come to help the girls. 'Good, now that Doc's here to help, I can stop worrying about them as much and get back to figuring out what I'm going to do next.'

'What am I going to do? Nobody's going to recognize me like this.' Sighing again, she moves back over to the corner by the table and lies down again, licking the water off of her leg. 'I'll just have to act non-threatening and see if someone can figure out this is me. I'll have to be ready to run, in case they don't. Wish I had paid more attention to how pops made those signs of his when he's in panda form. Who knew something like that would be important! Maybe Kasumi is right and I do have to pay attention to more than just the Art.'

Grumbling to herself again she lays her head back down on her paws with a sigh. Deciding she needs a way to communicate, she tries to picture all the times she's seen her father pull those signs from wherever he keeps them. She knows she can figure it out if she just puts her mind to it.

Walking the two girls into the kitchen Dr. Tofu says, "Don't worry about cleaning up. I know someone who can help out with that. I'll just give them a call now. Why don't you make some tea Kasumi and I'll be right back."

Kasumi puts the kettle on the stove to heat while Nabiki sits at the kitchen table. Both sisters are still too out of it to notice the black cat sitting in the corner.

Neither sister having anything to say, Kasumi just stares at the kettle until it begins to whistle. This doesn't take long because the water is kept warm for those occasions when someone needs it to reverse their curse.

Turning around to bring the kettle to the table Kasumi notices the large cat for the first time. Dropping the kettle and taking a step back, she cries out "Oh My!"

Nabiki looks up at her to find out what's wrong.

Ranma doesn't move, trying to look non-threatening.

'A cat!' Kasumi thinks to herself. 'Wait, I've seen that cat before, but where.' Furrowing her brows, she finds that trying to think is not an easy thing to do with the shock she's experienced this evening.

"Kasumi?" Nabiki asks.

'I know where I've seen it! When I ran into the house there was a flash of light from Ranma's body. That cat almost knocked me over! It just didn't register because of the shock I was feeling.' "Nabiki, do you know anything about a large black cat?"

Seeing that Kasumi's eyes seemed to be locked onto something, Nabiki looks over. Crying out in shock she yells out "NO!" while jumping out of her chair, into the opposite corner of the kitchen next to her sister.

"Shhh, shhh," Kasumi gestures for her sister to calm down. "It doesn't look like it's going to attack. In fact, I think it looks sad."

"Looks Sad, LOOKS SAD!" Nabiki almost screams out, "That's a freaking panther over there!"

At this point, having finished his call and hearing the commotion in the kitchen, Dr. Tofu rushes back in to see what the problem is. "What's wrong!"

"Calm down Dr. Tofu, I don't think there's anything wrong." Kasumi says in a soothing even voice.

Following the sisters line of sight, the doctor sees the cat for the first time. Not sensing any threat or killer intent, he decides to follow Kasumi's advice and walks slowly over to the girls.

"Kasumi, do you know where that cat came from?" Dr. Tofu asks.

"No,... not really. But maybe..." Kasumi cocks her head to the side trying to look closer at the cat which still hasn't moved, except maybe to look even more dejected.

'It can't be.' Kasumi thinks to herself. 'Ranma's body is in the other room. This can't be Ranma. But than again...' "Nabiki?"


"You did say that Ranma killed a god, right?" Kasumi asks. 'He's done so many impossible things already, could this be another?'

"Yessss." Nabiki replies slowly.

"You don't think..." cocking her head the other way she moves forward a bit and says tentatively, "Ranma?"

At this point the cat lifts up it's head and slowly nods. Startling both Nabiki and Dr. Tofu.

"No Way!" cries Nabiki. "What makes you think this is Ranma!"

"Well, as I came running into the house after Akane's scream, there was a flash of light and a large cat almost rolled into me. I didn't really realize it at the moment because I was so shocked from seeing Ranma's body on the floor. And I didn't notice it while taking care of Akane and helping you. It must have already moved into the kitchen."

"But how!" Nabiki says.

The cat just puts it's head back down on it's paws, still looking sad.

"I don't know." Kasumi says, slowly moving forward a little more. "Is that really you Ranma?"

The cat lifts it's head again and nods.

Everyone is stunned by this. Especially given the roller coaster ride their emotions have been taking over recent events.

Moving forward some more, Kasumi slowly kneels down on the floor and says again, "Ranma?"

Inching forward, Ranma places her head on Kasumi's lap and is engulfed in a hug while she breaks down crying again. "Oh Ranma, Ranma, Ranma..."

Seeing this Nabiki doesn't know what to think. 'This can't be Ranma! His body is in the other room!' Slowly moving toward Kasumi and the panther she thinks to herself, 'Than again, there have been a lot of impossible things happening since Ranma came here to live.' "R Ra Ranma?"

The cat looks up at Nabiki and nods it's head again.

Rushing over, Nabiki flings her arms around Ranma and starts crying again herself.

Dr. Tofu doesn't know what to think either. He hasn't been exposed to nearly the amount of strangeness that the Tendos have, so he isn't too sure about the claim that this big cat is Ranma. However, it does look like the girls aren't in any danger, and he needs to get Akane to the hospital. So he says "Kasumi? Nabiki? If you think you're OK here, I need to get your sister to the hospital for observation."

Kasumi looks up at the Doctor and says, "Please, take care of Akane. I'd come with you to the hospital but..." looking back at the cat she doesn't know how to continue.

"I think I understand. Akane will probably be out of it for a while because of the sedative I've given her, so there wouldn't be anything you could do there anyway. My friend Mrs. Yamada will be here soon to help with cleaning up. You two just take it easy, and do try to drink some herbal tea to help calm yourselves." Seeing that they both have their faces buried in the cat's fur, he decides that's all the answer he's going to get and leaves the kitchen to take Akane to the hospital. He decides that he will have to stop back after getting her settled to ensure that everything here is OK.

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