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After being hugged and cried on for a few moments Ranma thinks to herself, 'They don't seem to be stopping. How am I supposed to cheer them up as a cat.' She sights to herself, starting to get lost in thoughts of how to stop girls from being sad.

Because of this she doesn't realize it when she starts to purr as Kasumi and Nabiki begin petting her. This has the exact impact that she's been looking for, as they stop crying and continue to hug and pet her.

Noticing that the sobbing has stopped, Ranma tries to take stock of her surroundings again. The second thing she notices, after the fact that the girls are no longer crying, is that they are running their hands over the fur on her back and sides, and that it really feels nice. 'Wow, I could get used to this. Ohh, I really like what Kasumi is doing, scratching behind my ears and on the back of my neck like that feels wonderful!' Stretching out his legs in front of him, he lets out a low contented and throaty growl. Which is shortly followed by a another rumbling from her stomach.

"Oh my, are you hungry Ranma?" Kasumi asks with a smile. Ranma ducks her head and puts a paw over her face in embarrassment. Laughing brightly she says, "I see that you are!" The smile on Kasumi's face gets even bigger with Ranma's reaction momentarily forgetting all that's happened.

"Oh No!" She says, "I dropped all the shopping outside when I heard Akane scream." This removes her smile again, reminding her of what's been going on. "I'll just run out and pick the bags up so that I can make you something to eat." Noticing that Nabiki has lifted her head up after the exclamation about the shopping, Kasumi asks her, "Could you please heat some more water for tea Nabiki?" thinking it would do her good to be up and moving about.

Getting up to fill and place the kettle back on a burner, Nabiki starts to recover further from her own shock. Thinking to herself that there has now been a major change in the dynamics of the Nerima ward, and that this will impact just about all of her best money making activities, she decides to slip into her standard 'Ice Queen' personage to do some calculations. Unfortunately she was finding that she can't quite get into the role. 'To think, just an hour or so ago I was tallying up the possible debts and payouts on the obvious fight that Ranma had been in. It was business as usual. Given how long it's been since a good fight and the fact that everyone has been avoiding one except that stupid Kuno, the income from the fight he was obviously in had a very good chance of adding significantly to the savings I've been putting away for our home and family.'

She almost lets out a sob at this point and tears do start to fall down her cheeks. 'Why am I crying? Why am I having such a hard time getting a handle on how this will change the plans and activities I've got running?' As she is preparing two cups of tea it begins to dawn on her. There are some things more important than money. There was family of course, but... Ranma wasn't... At this point she is distracted by hearing Kasumi entering the house.

"Oh, Ranma, I'm sorry I didn't think of you." Nabiki says after seeing him in the corner again. "Do you want a cup of tea?"

Ranma stands up and sniffs the tea then winces a little internally, wrinkling his nose 'Too strong, funny Nabiki's never made tea that strong before.' Shaking his head to indicate no she sits back down in the corner.

Entering the kitchen with the groceries Kasumi sees the tea and smiles, thanking her sister. Putting away the perishables, and having heard that Nabiki had already offered Ranma tea she asks "Ranma, would you like a bowl of cream till I can get something together for us to eat?"

Trying to shrug, and finding it a difficult thing to do as a cat, Ranma nods his head yes to the cream.

"Oh, by the way Nabiki, where are our fathers, I need to know how much to make."

"We won't be seeing them again until after dark. Unless they stagger in tomorrow morning that is." Nabiki states caustically. 'Honestly, Ranma's father has brought daddy out of his shell a lot more, but the expenses of paying off the bar tabs is getting to be a bit much.'

"Why won't anyone else be here tonight sis?" Kasumi asks her as she gives Ranma a saucer of the good cream that Nabiki liked in her morning coffee sometimes.

"Well..." She pauses thinking again of the events of the night. "Before everything, Akane had announced to our fathers that she was going to make a special dinner tonight."

"Oh, OK then, it's just us three." Kasumi says as she decides what to make for dinner.

"Kasumi?" Nabiki hesitantly says "What are we going to tell everyone?"

This causes Kasumi to pause and turn around to face the other two occupants of the kitchen. "We'll have to tell them the truth, of course." turning back around and continuing her work.

"That's just the thing sis, what exactly is the truth?"

"Oh, I see your point. Well, I suppose Ranma could respond to questions that only he would know in order to prove who he is."

"While there is that also, it wasn't my point sis. What I was getting at is..." not sure how her sister was going to react to all the consequences of what had happened, she pauses and makes herself another cup of tea. Finally starting to get into an analytical frame of mind she continues.

"Let me put it to you in the worst possible way." Nabiki continues.

"Akane killed Ranma, and the body is in the morgue."

"Ranma being an only child, there is a good chance that Mrs. Saotome could declare blood feud. Good news would be that I couldn't find connections with any other Saotome clans. This could have been cleanup by someone due to Mr. Saotome's actions and I've been hesitant to ask Mrs. Saotome. Bad news would be that Mrs. Saotome won't get her grand-babies."

At this point Kasumi drops the pan she was holding with a large clatter.

"Then there are the Amazons. If it is reported that Ranma was murdered by Akane than at the very least Shampoo would have to kill her. Due to Ranma's defeat of Herb and Saffron he is kind of a hero to the rest of the Amazon tribe, if they are not satisfied with just Akane's death and require more... It could be very bad."

Kasumi barely makes it to a chair and almost falls on the floor.

"This is not even saying how the rest of Nerima and the surrounding wards may react. I may have been able to get away with taking advantage of Ranma while he lived here and was considered part of the family," looking over at the large cat she says "sorry Ranma, nothing personal. Had to cover the bills." looking back at Kasumi, "but, he has had a large impact on the entire ward. Even though his fights may have caused damage in certain areas, crime has become almost non-existent even in the surrounding wards, and I've even heard daddy say that the council has praised him countless times for having the person responsible living in his home."

Putting her head down in her hands and starting to cry Kasumi says "What are we going to do Nabiki!"

"Now, now sis, this is a worst case scenario. That doesn't mean it will happen and we can take steps to make sure it doesn't" At this point Ranma is up and pacing around the kitchen wishing she could contribute to the conversation.

Now having a large cat, almost 3 meters long not counting her tail and well over 200kg, trying to pace in a small room like the kitchen is bound to cause problems. It's when he bumps against Nabiki's chair almost knocking it over that Nabiki finally says to him, "Please sit Ranma, I know you want to give your piece but like I said, this is a worst case scenario and it doesn't mean it will happen."

Blinking a few times at what she's just said, she tries again "Oh, right, we'll have to figure out a way for you to give us your point of view somehow." Ranma nods agreeing with this whole heartedly and decides to put her head on the table near Kasumi and try to purr to calm her down. Hey, it worked earlier.

"Now the first thing we need to do is keep a consistent story of events." Seeing a frown develop on Kasumi's face as she's petting Ranma again Nabiki quickly says, "This doesn't mean that we have to lie! We just have to place things in the best light. Do you truly believe Akane tried to kill Ranma?"

"No, no she wouldn't" Kasumi says.

"OK, then it's not a lie to put things in the best possible light. The first thing to do is remember this was an accident." It's at this point that Ranma growls and coughs lightly to try to get attention.

"What's the matter Ranma, oh yeah, you can't communicate well. Lets see." Thinking to herself she tries to come up with a way for Ranma to give his input. "Can you produce signs like your father?" Ranma shakes her head no. "Well, you obviously can't talk. How about write."

Ranma holds up a paw to point out that he doesn't have an opposable thumb to hold the pen.

"Huh? Oh, OK, you can't hold something to write with, but... can you write with your claw if we use ink?"

Looking at her paw, and then back at Nabiki she twists the paw a few times as if to convey that she doesn't know.

"Is it important enough at this point that we experiment?" Nabiki asks, impatient to work out the details of how to save her family.

Ranma nods his head almost vigorously, indicating it is very important.

"You don't think Akane would try to kill you do you?" Shaking his head quickly he indicates no.

"OK, I'll go get some ink and paper to experiment with." Nabiki says in a bit of a huff.

Kasumi decides this is a good time to get back to preparing dinner. Nabiki indicating that things weren't as bad as they seemed, helped her to pull herself together again so she could get back to work.

Entering the kitchen again with the supplies Nabiki tapes a few pieces of paper on the table so they won't move.

"OK Ranma, let me have your paw." she says as she sits in a chair next to the paper. "Not your left paw, idiot, your right handed aren't you?" Bowing his head sheepishly he gives her the other paw, though it is harder because he has to cross his body with it.

Looking over his paw, "I thought so, I'll have to clip some hair so it doesn't get in the ink, though the claw itself looks sharp, without breaks, and clean so I won't have to modify it. I'll put the ink here next to the paper, you try to write out what you want say and I'll continue with how to put this in a good light."

Thinking about it though, Nabiki wasn't all that sure she could put a good spin on events.

After all, there was a body.

Even if they could get this ruled as an accidental death, there were going to be people who were very unhappy. Those close to Ranma's life may accept that he wasn't really dead, but anyone else wouldn't really be able to accept Neko-Ranma as an excuse for not crying bloody murder. Even those who could, may have problems with a Neko-Ranma. How was he supposed to produce grand-babies as he was. Of course, if she played this right, she may be able to get rid of the Amazons.

After all, they did have a body.

At this thought she shakes her head in disbelief at what she has to deal with. Finished cleaning up the hair around his claw she gets on with her explanation.

"Since this was an accident and it was 'one of the family' because Ranma was living here, the official response will not be very bad, if even more than just a report.

"This leaves us with the unofficial responses. I have to admit it's going to take me some time to come up with answers for all the possible reactions that people are going to have to this. It wasn't high on my list of possible scenarios in Ranma's life. All the work I had put into thoughts, and bets, of Ranma's death revolved around one of the others killing him in a fight. Come to think of it, this was a major failing in my planning considering how often Akane has hit Ranma with that mallet." Though she thinks to herself that she'll have to check her ledgers to ensure she collects all outstanding bets. They will probably need the money soon, and she doesn't remember any bets of death by accident.

It's at this point that Ranma coughs to get Nabiki's attention.

Looking over, Nabiki sees that one piece of paper is torn and has a lot of meaningless marks on it, however the other one looks like it has writing, albeit bad writing. Getting up to see what it says, Nabiki is annoyed.

"What do you mean 'Shouldn't have died from that'! Anyone would have died from having a piece of wood that large shoved through their chest!"

Ranma simply points to the next bit of writing, that says 'Taken worse falls after mallet. Consciousness wouldn't matter. Wood shouldn't have penetrated'

"Your kidding right?" Nabiki replies.

Ranma shakes his head no.

"Falling through the roof and landing on a large sharp piece of wood would not have killed you." she says in disbelief.

Ranma just shakes his head again and starts writing 'Happens all time. Nothing new. Tofu knows. Patched up.'

"Dr. Tofu knows you have taken falls like this?" Nabiki questions.

Ranma just nods his head yes again.

"This puts a new light on things. An investigation would give me the time I need to come up with answers for all the people who will want them." Turning to Kasumi she asks "Kasumi, what did you say to Dr. Tofu on the phone?"

Pausing in her preparations she says "I think I said there had been an accident and Akane needed his help."

"OK, that's good. I'll have to get hold of him now and mention what Ranma's said to see if he knows anyone we can get to do an investigation like this. The regular police would never believe that Ranma could have survived things like that even with his reputation and Dr. Tofu's statements. We'll need someone who will dig deeper than the obvious. And we'll have to make sure that Ranma's body is not touched. I've got to make a call." Saying this she leaves the kitchen to call the hospital.

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Since I'm stating Sailor Moon is an AU, I've decided that I'm going to go from the Death Busters Arc where Hotaru is reborn and go with something of my own following that. It may or may not contain cannon material. I hope to make this more than just adding another series characters and throwing Mooks at the good guys. (Mooks ref: see tvtropes org or google it)

Also if you are worried about Ranma getting a power-up from this, don't. In fact Ranma has lost quite a lot because of this transformation. Since he is not an ailuranthrope created by Iceron, he may not have all of the same vulnerabilities or invulnerabilities of Iceron's creations. He's also lost the body that he's spent his whole life toughening up and bringing up to the level he needed to defeat Saffron (Note: any and all damage from his fathers training is gone also). I don't even know what he may have gained due to the magic portion of what created his new body. I'm not going to go sending him back to the basic weakness of your average human, but he is not going to be able to just kick butt and take names like always (OK, large cat...never-mind) There's also all the new ki pathways he's going to have to figure out. As to how large Ranma is as a cat... well, you've now found out how big his female side is :)

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