I'm in a new school. Yay. 'Stupid rich people,' was my first thought when I saw the school. And my parents are rich!

Notice how I said 'my parents' not 'I'm'. I said that because they don't want to see me. They hate me. So I don't get to see the other two of my triplets any more. I know I have two brothers because my parents used to send me pictures of them but now they don't. But they pay the bills so I guess it's okay.

This year I passed the entrance exam to get into Ouran Academy. My friend who's rich but went to my school and we became friends. When she heard about my scholarship she asked her parents if she could go to Ouran too, and they let her.

So here we are in 9th grade in a new high school. I was about to turn around and leave when Alys came up next to me and blocked my escape.

"Fine." I sighed. "You win. I'll go in. But I won't say I want to."

She laughed, "I wouldn't expect you to, ginger!"

"Hey! Don't call me that!"

"Oh! Would you rather me call you carrot-top?"

"Smart-alike." I muttered.

"Oh, you know you gitchy gitchy goo me."

"Okay so I do love you. So come on. Since you're not gunna let me go then we better go get our classes and get there 'fore we're late."

She brightened up. "Okay!"

We walked in and into the office that was pretty close to the entrance. We got our schedules and maps. I didn't even open my map 'cause I suck at following one. We walked randomly around the building for around five minutes before coming to a door labeled 1A. We knocked, as the bell had already rung and waited. After a moment the teacher came to the door and invited us in.

"Class." She called getting every one's attention, "We have two new students."

They all looked at us curiously and we took that as a chance to introduce ourselves.

"Hey People." I started, "I'm Nitre and-"

"I'm Alys Heart! But you can all me Kami!" 'Lys finished.

"Okay so your seats are over there on the right at the back."

"Thanks!" We said at the same time before racing each other to our seats.

I got to them first, so I got the window seat. We sat down and listened to the teacher drone on and on about things we'd already learned. Yeah we're smart.

I looked out of the window, and zoned out.

"Nitre!" The teacher called getting my attention. "Since you zoned out you can tell us pi."

"Yo-kay." I stated before starting from 3.14 and going on and on until I was to about the 50th number and got elbowed in the ribs by Alys.

"O-o-okay. So class that was pi although we usually only use 3.14."

I smiled brightly at the people who were still staring at me.

Finally after another 5 hours (20 minutes) in there the bell rang. I jumped up and yelled "Freedom!"

Everyone stared at me, and I didn't care.

"There are squirrels in my pants!
Tell me what's making you jump like that.
S.I.M.P. squirrels in my pants,
ain't got no chickens ain't got no rats.
S. to the I. to the M. to the P.
maybe you can be movin' like me
step right over and watch me put it down!
Step right over and watch me put it
S. to the I. to the M. to the P. got back home waterin' your plants.
S.I.M.P. squirrels in my pants
baby you can qualify for government grants.
S.I.M.P. squirrels in my pants
hypnotize me put me in a trance.
S.I.M.P. squirrels in my pants
got an aunt Florance, liven' in France
she can't see the squirrels in my pants!
Step right over and watch me put it down!
Step right over and watch me put it
S. to the I. to the M. to the P.
if you wanna know how I'm doin' this dance.
S.I.M.P. squirrels in my pants
look in my trousers and you know it ain't ants.
S.I.M.P. squirrels in my pants
proletariat and bourgeoisie,
maybe you don't need an academic degree
smelling like my potpourri.
S. to the I. to the M. to the P.
step right over and watch me put it down!
Step right over and watch me put it down, down, on the ground,
'cause you know I got it goin' on.
S. to the I. to the M. to the P.
S. to the I. to the M. to the P.
if your pockets are empty get a cash advance.
S. to the I. to the M. to the P.
you're losin' your hair get yourself implants,
If you're wrestling a bear then you ain't gotta chance,
Old uncle Freddie who just ridges and rants,
It ain't about love, it ain't about romance.
I got squirrels in my pants!"

I finished and froze,. And yes I was dancing. Alys had joined me a second after I started. We high-fived then walked to the cafeteria.

Alys got the food that we would split while I found a spot to sit down at. No one neared me, but I didn't care. If they thought I was the weird smart new girl then I don't care because I'll admit to both of them. I am weird and I am smarticles! So take that peoplez.

We ate or lunch and talked about what we would do after school was over. We ended up planing to sing 'today is going to be a great day' by Bowling for Soup.

~Timeskip to the end of school, because apparently nothing ever actually important happens during lessons~

The bell rang and I jump up onto the desk and started.

"There's a hundred 104 days, of summer vacation
till school comes along just to end it,
so the annual problem, for our generation
is finding a good way to spend it,
like maybe:building a rocket,
or fighting a mummy,or climbing up the Eiffel tower
something that doesn't exist,or giving a monkey a shower.
Surfing tidal waves,creating nano-bots,
or locating Frankenstein's brain.
Finding a dodo bird,painting a cotton field,
or driving our sister insane.
This could possibly be the best day ever (This could possibly be the best day ever)
and before dad says that tomorrow might be
a million and six times better
So make every minute count,jump in and seize the day,
and lets make sure that in every single possible way,
Today is gunna be a great day.
Crossing the tundra,or building a roller coaster,
or skiing down a mountain with skis,
devising a system for remembering everything or-"

I was cut short when someone who was leaving accidentally bumped into the table I was on and I fell off. I landed on my side so it didn't hurt to bad.

"Nitre!" Alys said knelling beside me. "Are you okay? Are you hurt?"

"It's okay, sissy. I'm fine. Really." She leaned over me bending her head. "Now can I get up? I may actually want to get up and live at some point."

She chuckled and helped me up. I winced a bit when I got all of my weight back, which wasn't that much. Then turned to the people still there.

"Hey, peoplez! Do you know where we can go to a club 'cause we want to avoid going home right now."

"How about you go to the host club with us? We were about to go there if you want to come." One girl asked.

"Sure. And thank you." I replied.

We followed her and her friends to the host club. They left when we got inside. I turned on my heel and was ready to leave the second I saw the room, but sadly Alys grabbed my wrist and dragged me inside.

"Who would you like to designate?" A guy, with glasses and black hair, asked.

"Do ya'll have twins here?" I asked boredly looking him in the eyes.


"Then we'll take them."

He led us over, and we saw the twins close enough to kiss.

"Alright, alright. Break it up. Break it up! This isn't the time or place for that." I told them and they just looked at me.

"Yeah! Wait until you get home!" Alys said backing me up.

My amused smile turned into a frown when I saw that they looked exactly like me.

"U-um I-I-I'm sorry, b-but I-I have t-to go r-right n-now." 'I'm sorry, but I can't get caught by my mom or dad.' I stuttered out.

I ran out of the room.

"Nitre!" Alys called out behind me, but I didn't stop. "Come on Nitre! If you over exert yourself like this, you'll be more hurt than if they catch you!" She pleaded with me, but I barley slowed down.

Tears were on my face and my breath wasn't coming well but I kept running.

"Nitre Marie Hitachiin! Stop running right now!"

I stood still. That was the first time someone called me by my full name. My breath had almost stopped. Then a hand smacked me in the back of my head. Hard. I snapped out of the trance I was in and I started to chuckle.

"Sorry 'bout that. But, you know it was kind of your fault." I told her.

"What? How was it my fault?"

"Well you dragged me into both the school And the club room."

"Oh that's it! I'm gunna get you!"

I laughed and she started to chase me around the hall. I started to cough but I kept laughing.

"See? Now it is your fault!" I rolled onto my side laughing at her expression.

"Well, come on. We better get back if you want to eat at my house. I heard it was round stake tonight."

"Awesome my favorite!"

I jumped up and dragged her out of the door that we were surprisingly close to, and ran outside.

We arrived at Alys' house and I got to spend the night there. Awesome! We had fun then went to sleep.

The next morning I woke up by a Bullhorn being yelled into right beside my ear! Who does that?