Summary: Vampires have unleashed themselves freely on to the world and have consequently taken over. Most humans are dead or in captivity. Bella and Alex Swan and Jacob Black are the only free human survivors. When Bella and Alex are caught by vampires what will become of her and the entire human race?

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"That's settled then," said Aro, the leader of vampiredom. "We shall come out into the open and take over the world. Leave no survivors."

And with that, the thousands of vampires that had gathered in the vast hall ran out of the room, causing chaos outside. The screams of agony from the humans outside the castle could be heard by Aro and his brothers, who chuckled evilly.

"The world will be ours tonight, brother," said Caius, sitting on his throne.

"Yes, brother, it will all be ours," agreed Aro.

The human population was over 6 billion people but their vast numbers were no match for the thousand or so vampires with their speed and strength. Aro was not worried.

He had been planning this domination of the world for quite some time now and he was excited to get the plan moving. Caius, of course, was very enthusiastic, especially with the demise of the human race.

"Let us go wreak havoc brothers," said Caius, standing up. Aro and Marcus did likewise and the three leaders of the Volturi walked out of the castle doors and looked upon the remnants of the known world.

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