Seems like just yesterday, you were a part of me Your arms around me tight, everything felt so right, Unbreakable, like nothing could go wrong… Now I'm barely hanging on

"Behind These Hazel Eyes"

- Paramore

I broke free of the circle of vampires surrounding me and collapsed on top of Alex's lifeless body, sobbing.

He was the only one I had left, and now he was gone. They were all gone… Mum, Dad, Alex, Angela, Mike, all of them. And I was next.

As the head vampire stood over me, I looked up at him through watery eyes. I gasped.

Surely my eyes were deceiving me. It couldn't be… He died a long time ago… So it couldn't be… But I'd remember that bronze hair anywhere.

"Edward?" I sobbed out.

"Bella," the velvety voice said. I had missed the sound of him saying my name. I remembered wishing to hear it every day since his death, but now that I heard it I didn't want it. I didn't want to be standing here, face to face with my brother's murderer.

This isn't happening, I reassured myself. Edward died three years ago, remember? The doctors confirmed it. The police confirmed it. Every single person in the freaking town confirmed it!

Yet, he was standing right here.

I slowly raised my hand, brushing it over Edward's skin. I flinched back as I made contact with his face. His skin was ice cold, so different from the warmth that radiated off him as a human.

But, he wasn't a figment of my imagination, brought on by complete boredom from being inside the cave continuously. He was real. I could touch him, I could feel his ice cold skin.

But I didn't want to. Not anymore.

"Escort the girl to the room next to mine. I wish to interrogate her later," he said in a cold, hard voice, a voice that was foreign to me. He had never spoken like that in my whole life. Edward was always the sweet, polite boy across the street. But now he was a monster.

I felt one of the vampires seize my wrists, pushing me forward. I stumbled forward, letting the vampire push me along. We stopped at a room with a large wooden door, which the vampire pushed open. He shoved me inside and, as I struggled to regain balance, he locked the door from the outside.

I was trapped.

The room was huge, with a king sized bed, huge walk in wardrobe, en suite, dresser, vanity mirror and a bookshelf, filled with books. I flopped on to the bed and pressed the pillow to my face, muffling my sobs.

This wasn't happening! Edward, my Edward, had not, could not, have just killed my brother, he had not mysteriously risen from the dead as a vampire, an extremely powerful one at that—well he must have been if he were able to command the vampires like that.

I felt the tears fall as I thought of Alex, my gorgeous brother, the only one I had left, the last one I'd lost. I thought of my mother, my father, my friends, my extended family, even Mike. Then, I thought of the cruel twist of fate that had left me trapped here.

I looked up as I heard the lock slide open and watched as Edward walked into the room, his blood red eyes fixed on me.

"Bella," he said, his voice full of emotion as he stared at me in wonder. He locked the door and came to sit beside me. I moved as far away from his as possible. No matter what he was to me in his human life, he had changed now, he was a monster, and he had murdered my brother.

"Bella, what's wrong?" he asked, eyes sad as he wiped a tear off my cheek. I flinched away from him.

"Don't touch me!" I said, with as much courage as I could muster.


"Don't, Edward, just please don't."

"Bella, listen to me, I—"

"I don't want to hear it. I don't need this. I don't want this. Let me go, please."

"And let them kill you? I don't think so, Bella. This is the only way to keep you safe," Edward said. I saw the old Edward, the human Edward, emerge from the monstrous exterior.

"You killed him! You killed Alex!" I sobbed. "How could you?! I loved him! He was all I had left!" I broke down, tears falling relentlessly down my cheeks, sobs racking my body. Edward sat there silently, his hand resting on my back comfortingly.

It felt like old times. The times when he would comfort me, wipe away my tears, fight away my fears, hold me in his arms, telling me everything would be okay.

I cried for a few hours, before my grief subsided enough for me to form coherent thoughts. I wiped away my tears and looked up at Edward. The face that had always been so familiar, so comforting to me had become strange and scary. Those once emerald eyes now gleamed red. He was so different since the last time I had seen him. For one thing, the last time he had seen him, his eyes were closed and his heart was still beating, though it was faint. For another, his skin was much paler.

The last memory I had of him as a human came into my mind and it was all I could think about for a moment. I instantly remembered the conversation I had had with his mother over the phone and my desperation as I drove to the hospital praying he wasn't dead. I remembered the relief I had felt to hear that he was alive and then the overcoming grief at the sight of him sprawled on the hospital bed, eyes closed, heartbeat faint and his breaths slow. I remembered being escorted out after visitor's hours were over and then returning the next day only to find his room empty and the hospital staff saying that he had been moved to the morgue that morning.

I squeezed my eyes shut and opened them slowly. Edward was still there, looking at me worriedly.

"Bella, love, are you okay?" he asked. I inhaled sharply as he called me love, the way he used to when he was human.

"How dare you stand here and call me that after—after everything?! I don't want this! Just go, you're not making this any better!" I yelled at him.

"Bella, honey, I still love you. I'm still more or less the same person as I was when we first met, but with a few subtle differences," he said softly, taking my hands in his.

I flinched back from the iciness of his skin, ripping my hands out of his. "You call the fact that you drink human blood a subtle difference?!" I screeched. "You're not the same man I met four years ago. You killed my brother and God knows who else! I'd rather you stayed dead!" I regretted the words as soon as they passed my lips. I could see the hurt written all over Edward's face and I hated seeing him sad, even if he had killed Alex.

He regained control and his face turned into a hard mask, free of emotion. "I will be back later Isabella," he said, in the same cold tone he had used earlier. He turned on his heel and walked out the door. I heard the loud click of the lock as I was trapped again.

Edward still had feelings for me, but did I still have feelings for him? Did I still feel the connection that I had felt when we first met?

The day was still fresh in my mind, even after all this time. Edward Cullen, his mother, Esme and Alice and Emmett, his siblings, had all just moved here, after their parents' divorce.

My mother had dragged me out to meet the new neighbours. I was relunctant at first, but as soon as I saw Edward smiling his little crooked smile of his, there was nothing but he and I. Our relationship only grew from that day onwards.

Eventually we became boyfriend and girlfriend, but the day before he 'died' he asked me to marry him. The next day, as he was driving, he was in a tragic accident. He was brought to the hospital but he was only there for a few hours before he 'died'. How he was alive right now was unknown. I wanted to know how he had survived, why he didn't come to me after the accident, why he kept his survival a secret from me all this time.

I knew that, had he come to me before this business of vampires taking over the world and killing my brother, I would have welcomed him with open arms and if would've been as if we had never left. I had loved him so much that I wouldn't have cared if he was a donkey when he returned to me, the fact that he was alive would have surpassed all. But now, I wasn't so forgiving and I don't know how he could expect me to overlook everything.

However, despite everything, I still felt the connection. I didn't want to feel it. I wanted to hate him because he killed Alex. He was a murderer, a monster, yet I still loved him. Our past was something that I could never just shrug off, no matter how many family members he'd killed, no matter how changed he was. I knew that what he had told me today was true: he was still the same Edward I had met four years ago underneath the monstrous exterior.

I lay on the bed and closed my eyes, trying to get rid of all the thoughts and just sleep. I managed to, finally, putting a stop to all my thoughts.

I woke up to blood red eyes, but they didn't belong to Edward. I yelped, snuggling deeper under the covers of the bed.

"Eat," the monster said gruffly, pulling the covers off the bed and exposing me. He put a tray on the bed and swiftly left the room.

I stared at the meal the monsters had prepared. There was chicken, it looked like, a few slices of bread, some salad and a glass of water. It certainly wasn't a gourmet meal but what else would you expect in a house full of vampires? Considering that, I was surprised they had any human food at all.

I picked at the food for a while before tentatively eating a bit of the chicken. It wasn't too bad, I suppose, and, seeing as I hadn't eaten since a few mornings ago, I hastily devoured the rest of the meal.

I placed the tray on the top of the dresser and took a shower in the bathroom. I sighed, content, as the warm water washed over me. It was the first shower I had taken for days and it felt very nice. I put on my clothes and walked out of the bathroom.

I ran my fingers of the books in the bookshelf, reading the titles slowly. There were many of my favourites, Wuthering Heights, Romeo and Juliet, Pride and Prejudice and others, which I was grateful for: at least I'd have something to do while I was locked away.

I picked up the copy of Wuthering Heights and started reading. I was well into it when someone knocked on the door, which was very unusual. I heard the lock unbolted and the door swung open.

"Bella, oh my God, it is you! How did you survive?" Inside the door stood Alice Cullen, Edward's sister and my best friend. She had spiky black hair and was really short. She reminded me of a pixie.

"Alice!" I squealed, noticing instantly that she indeed human. Thank God! "We hid out in this secret room underneath the house. How did you escape?"

"Edward found Esme and I before—what do you mean we?" Alice asked.

"Um, Alex and I," I explained, my tears filling with tears as I thought of him. I blinked, keeping the tears at bay. "And Emmett?" But I already knew the answer to the question.

"He—he... didn't make it," she said sadly, her voice breaking.

"I'm sorry," I said, putting an arm on her shoulders comfortingly.

"Where's Alex?" she asked, looking around the room.

"Gone," I whispered.

We were silent, not knowing what to say.

The door swung open again and Edward stood in the doorway. "Bella." He nodded in my direction then turned towards the pixie. "Alice, do you mind?"

Alice stood up quickly, pausing to give me a hug, and walked out the door, closing it behind her.

"Bella, we need to talk."

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