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Chapter 2: You're Story

"By nature man hates change;

Seldom will he quite his old home

Till it has actually fallen around his ears."

-Thomas Carlyle

A shrill scream echoed from the darkness. A dull ache vibrated throughout his body. Frantic footfalls could be heard all around him. What the…? His consciousness slowly regained power of his physical form, and slowly, Tidus opened his aqua colored irises.

It did not take the boy long to realize that he was lying on a hard, flat surface. His blurred vision made it difficult to see; all he could make out were the frantic forms of random people, scurrying around like frightened animals. Cries of both anguish and fear echoed all around him. The sound of an explosion forced Tidus to try and regain his sight. He shook his head and blinked a few times before the world become clearer to him.

Tidus found that he was lying on the hard concrete sidewalk. Large pieces of rubble surrounded him, and people were running as though their very lives depended on it. Looking up, he found that the sky was still black with night, and that smoke rose from the buildings of Zanarkand.

He turned to look back at the building behind him, and found that it was the ruins of the stadium. It was obvious to him now that they were being attacked, but by what? Continuing his survey, Tidus quickly found out that that shrill scream was the alarm; it had gone off to alert Zanarkand's denizens of the impending attack. Not that it wasn't obvious already.

The blonde rose to his feet, a look of confusion crossing his face. How did I…? His memory was a little fuzzy. Tidus shook his head as he tried to remember what had happened before he passed out. Memories of the game flashed in his head, and then he remembered the fall.

The blonde looked up to find that pillar still standing. He gaped at how far he'd fallen. Yet for some reason, his heart was still beating. How did I survive that fall? He had to be the luckiest man alive to have survived such a fall.

Turning around, the teenager stumbled around. "Whoa-ah!" The blonde cried as he tripped over himself. His equilibrium was still off, so walking was going to be a challenge until it sorted itself out.

He gripped a large piece of debris for support, and began searching for away out of the jungle of fallen rubble. How could this happen? Tidus thought to himself while he searched for a way out. Who could have done this? So many questions swirled around his brain, and yet no-one offered answers to him. At this rate, his brain would explode! Everything came to a halt when spotted something – more like someone – amongst the rubble.

The blonde stared at the unmoving body for a moment, trying to decipher the face that stared back at him. It was not long until her name left his lips, "Keiss!" The seventeen-year-old recovered his balance and ran to her. He knelt beside her and started to shake her shoulder, a look of desperation on his face.

"Keiss!" Tidus called out to the unmoving female, "Come on wake-up!" But no matter how much he tried, she never responded to his pleas.

Instead, she stared up at him, her eyes lifeless. Guessing from her expression, Keiss never saw her death coming, as she looked a tad surprised. The look had fallen into a sense of lifeless, to illustrate that she had passed on. Giving her a once over, Tidus found that the lower half of her body was crushed under the debris.

His eyes narrowing in frustration, the blonde released her corpse and started to push at the rubble, wanting nothing more than to pull her away from the wreckage, to help her. No, he refused to leave her like this!

"It's useless, you know."

The voice snapped Tidus out of his thoughts, and he turned to find a very familiar person standing behind him. The blonde knelt there, starring at him before replying to him. "Auron…"

A man of at least thirty-five, though he appeared a tad older, was standing before Tidus, amongst the rubble. His style of dress was very odd when comparing it to the rest of Zanarkand's people. He bore short, messy black hair that was streaked with grey. Black tinted sunglasses kept his stern chocolate brown irises from being seen. His skin was a few shades lighter than Tidus', but still held a tan. The lower half of his face was guarded from sight by a dark grey collar. A long-sleeved coat the color of blood hung around his body, allowing his black chest armor to be seen just barley. A pair of black pants lined with white hung around his legs. He wore a pair of short-boots of the same color.

One arm was left bare of any equipment; he allowed that arm to rest inside the torso of his coat. The other arm was covered up by a black glove and dark grey gauntlet. On his back, he was carrying a one-handed black and red sword.

Auron wore a stoic expression as he gazed down at the fallen blitzer. "You won't be able to get her out."

"Auron," Tidus got to his feet, his eyes a mix of both anguish and confusion, "What's happening? What're you doing here?"

"I came to look for you." the older male replied in a deep voice.

The blonde turned away from his childhood mentor and returned to digging Keiss' body out of the rubble, "Hmph…well, thanks for the concern." He did not sound very grateful. All that mattered to him right now was helping his friend.

But Auron was persistent in reasoning with the boy, "You won't be able to get her out," he tried, "best to leave now rather than join her later."

"I'm not leaving without Keiss!" the blonde snapped back, a defiant expression on his face.

"Fine," Auron sighed and turned away from him, heading towards exit of the rubble, "but if you want to die with her, so that her sacrifice would be in vain, then you can go right ahead."

Tidus ignored him as the older male left. Instead, he continued his digging, determined to help Keiss in any way that he could. But as the blonde tried to block Auron's words from his mind, he soon found them haunting his thoughts. Tidus managed to move some fo the smaller pieces, but it soon became clear that he would never be able to move the larger pieces, at least not without help. She was trapped.

Tidus slammed his fist against the rubble, anger apparent on his features, "Dammit!"

Why did this have to happen to him? What the hell was going on!?

As he sat there seething, Auron's voice wandered back to the forefront of the boy's mind. There was merit to what the older man said. His eyes found Keiss' lifeless form. If he dies now, then Keiss's own demise would have been for nothing. The least he could do was survive for his friend. That is what Keiss would have wanted him to do, isn't it? But before he could leave, Tidus reached down and started unzipping the top of her swimsuit. He reached down and removed the object of his desire and slipped it into his pocket. Rising to his feet, the blonde teen ran after Auron, newly revived vigor running through his system.

Tidus left the large pile of debris behind, and was surprised to find Auron leaning against a light post outside.

"Auron!" the seventeen-year-old called out to his mentor as he joined his side. "What're you still doing here?"

Auron pushed himself off of the post and turned his back to the boy. He started walking towards the streets of Zanarkand. "I was waiting for you." It was amazing how calm this man could be during a crisis.

Instead of replying, Tidus followed after him, curious to see where he was going. Hopefully he would lead the boy of danger.

The pair began making their way down the road, with more of Zanarkand's citizens scurrying around them in a scared frenzy. Tidus was silent as he followed after the older male, moving from street to street, his eyes surveying the damage done to his home. Buildings were either torn down, burning, or bound share one of two fates. Spheres of flame were soaring through the sky and laying waste to all he held dear. People screamed and ran for cover as all of Zanarkand was brought to ruin.

As it continued, suddenly, a strange sensation jolted in his spine. Tidus gasped and stopped, looking around in confusion. Something was wrong. It did not take long for him to notice that that was because no-one was moving. Everything was still, as if time had stopped.

"W-what the hell?" The blonde blitzer spun in circles, trying to make sense of what he was seeing.

"So it begins."

He jumped and whipped around to face the speaker, finding none other than the boy with the purple hood. The one from before. Tidus' brow furrowed in confusion, "You…your that weird kid," his mind wrapped around the boy's words, "and what're you talking about?"

Instead of supplying him with a reasonable response, the child replied with a "Don't cry" and then vanished in thin air.

As soon as he was gone from sight, time resumed, and people continued their desperate flee for freedom. Tidus stared at the spot where the purple boy was once stood in confusion. What was that? The blonde looked around until he found a figure in red, and then quickly ran to his side.

Where was the idiot going? "Auron!" the blonde called out to his mentor. He came to a stop by the older male's side, quickly catching his free arm and tugging him in the right direction.

"Not this way!" he urged, "this is the wrong…"

But he was ignored. "Look." Auron gestured skywards. Tidus followed his hand until he found what the older male was pointing at.

Tidus jaw dropped as soon as he laid on eyes on it. Unbelievable! That was the only word to truly describe what he was seeing. For the Zanarkand's assailant was standing – or more like hovering – in midair, hidden within a giant bubble of water. Whatever it was, it humungous, and obviously anything but human.

As if reading the boy's mind, Auron placed a name to the monstrosity before them. "We called it 'Sin'."

"Sin?" Tidus echoed. An odd name. He wondered where the creature got it. Auron started walking down the road, still going in the wrong direction.

The seventeen-year-old gave an exasperated sigh and took chase, "Hey, Auron wait!"

The pair continued down the road, one set on a destination that the other was completely unaware of. After a few minutes of running, Auron came to an abrupt stop, causing Tidus to nearly bump into him; but he managed to catch himself, skidding to a stop rather than slamming into the older man.

He turned a confused gaze on his mentor, "What's wrong?" Instead of replying to his young charge, Auron gestured towards the sky again.

Tidus followed his hand; at first he thought that the older man was pointing towards the giant bubble, but soon he realized that that wasn't the case. The seventeen-year-old squinted as he tried to spot whatever Auron was looking it. There was a large object soaring through the air!

The blonde cocked his head to then side; he wasn't sure what to make of it. "What is it?" They watched as the object flew straight for the bridge they were standing on.

It soared over them and eventually hit the ground a several yards away. "A fiend." With that, the dark-haired man took off in its direction.

That was a fiend? Tidus took off after Auron, his brow furrowed in concentration. Man that thing was huge! As he was running, he noticed that something else was now airborne. Auron seemed to catch on as well; he was looking upwards. In the air, Tidus could see what looked like large oval-shapped balls falling towards them. The boy covered his head as the objects rained around their bodies, eventually ceasing long enough for him to see what they were. The small objects that had fallen all around them were spiked and oval shapped, and they were all giving off a blue light.

"What the heck?" Tidus arched an eyebrow; what on earth could they have been?

Almost as soon as the words came out, the small oval-shapped forms started to twitch. Soon enough they unfolded into medium sized bug-like creatures. Tidus' eyes narrowed in irritation; so they were fiends as well, huh?

A low growl escaped his throat, "Get outta my town!" The order wouldn't be enough to be rid of them.

Snarls erupted from the fiends; they did not plan on leaving a meal, it seemed. Two of them went at Tidus. One managed to bite onto his armguard while the other went for his leg; he quickly kicked the second away and then threw the first off. The blonde started throwing fists and kicking at the creatures to keep them at bay. But the boy lost his balance and stumbled backwards onto his behind, right beside Auron.

Just as another fiend lunged at them, the older of the two humans unsheathed the sword on his back and swung it fiercely, literally ripping the poor creature in half! He then lowered the blade to Tidus, who stared at it as if he were not sure what to do with it.

"Take it."

Tidus blinked in confusion, "Why?"

"It's a gift from Jecht."

The younger's eyes widened in surprise, "My old man?!" Auron merely nodded. Tidus gave the red and black sword a once over, not entirely sure whether he should take it or not. But given the circumstances…sighing, Tidus reached up and grabbed the hilt of the sword.

"I hope you know how to use it."

Using only one arm, Auron held onto the hilt as he lifted Tidus to his feet with very little effort. The boy was so stunned that when he let go, Tidus nearly lost his balance again. But he caught himself, and instead thrusted the sword when another fiend lunged at them.

It impaled the bug-like creature, killing it instantly. Blood poured from the open wound as Tidus shoved it aside.

Like all of the deceased, the fiend evaporated into a flurry of glowing lights, and vanished into thin air.

Tidus glanced at his companion, "What're you gonna use."

"This." The blonde watched as Auron reached for his back. His hand slipped inside the back of his coat, and slowly, the older male drew an extremely long katana out of his coat. It was black with a fiery orange design near the hilt; guessing from its size, it would require two hands to wield.

Auron then slipped his other arm out of the sleeve of his coat, allowing that side to fall limp at his side. This revealed a scaled bracer was on the other arm, so it wasn't completely bare at after all.

The older man hefted the blade onto his shoulder while Tidus dealt with the oncoming fiends, and then, with a mighty stroke of his blade, killed off several of the small fiends that scurried around them.

"Kill only the ones that matter!" Auron shouted as he took off running with Tidus at his side, "Leave the rest!"

"Right!" The pair began plowing right through the onslaught. They were lucky that not all of the eggs has hatched, so it made cutting through the rest so much easier. Fiends started dropping like flies before the mighty power of Auron and the seventeen-year-old Tidus. It was not long until they'd cut their way down the road and come upon the large fiend from earlier.

One of Tidus's eyebrows arched when he saw it. It really was quite tall, and it resembled a giant sword with several glowing blue veins. It was impaled in the ground, and a few fiend-eggs surrounded it. Tentacles whipped around in the air near its top. As if sensing their presence, several of the eggs hatched simultaneously. There weren't too many of them, but enough to consider both Auron and Tidus outnumbered.

This doesn't look good! "Let me handle this." Auron ordered as he stepped closer to the horde, a look of determination in his brown irises.

Slowly, the older man held his hand towards his forehead, his brow furrowed in concentration. The air around him started to crackle as if it were lighting on fire, causing Tidus recoil from the dark-haired man. In the next second, Auron hefted his blade high into the air, and then kicked off skywards. The flames around him quickly slid inside of his sword. Then he dropped to the ground so that his katana impaled the concrete before him. In unison with his sword touching down, the ground beneath all of the fiends erupted into a fiery explosion, killing over half of them and injuring the spear-shapped one.

Tidus whistled, impressed by the man's skills. Rather than soaking in the praise, Auron hefted his sword over his shoulder and prepared to attack the bigger fiend.

"Hold on," he stopped and looked at Tidus. The younger smirked, "You're not the only one with mad skills."

One eyebrow arched in curiosity, "Care to demonstrate?" It was more of an order than a request.

"Naturally." With that, Tidus called on the mana inside of his body. Mana was the energy inside of one's body. If one trains hard enough, they can learn to harness that energy. Throughout his life, Tidus had trained to harness that energy, and now he was about the show the fruits of his labors. Blueish electricity sparked around the younger male's body as he charged the attack.

Auron made quick work of the smaller fiends around it while Tidus was busy charging his attack. He could feel his muscles twitching as they were strengthened by the newly charged energy. Pain started to vibrate throughout his body, as it was not used to such a charge. He rarely ever used this attack, mostly because he never had to.

Taking deep breath, Tidus performed a cartwheel towards the tallest fiend. Once he was close enough, he switched to a front flip, held his sword up high, and delivered the fatal blow to the creature! Gold and blue electricity swirled around it as his blade sliced right through it armored body. Soon he hit the ground, the mana in his body returning normal.

The spasms in his muscles continued for a few more minutes; he heaved a deep breath as he waited for his body to return to normal.

Silvery lights whirled in the air as the giant fiend evaporated into nonexistence. "Hmph," the older man started walking passed his charge, "So you have been training."

"Yup," Tidus followed after him, a smile full of pride spread across his face. "Call it Swordplay," he asked, "what's yours?"

"Bushido. That was the style; the attack you just witnessed was the Dragon Fang," he turned a stern gaze on the boy, "If you plan on surviving, you better start learning new techniques, otherwise you'll die quickly."

Tidus scoffed, "What about you?" there was a pause, "Is that Dragon Whatever all 'ya got or are you hiding something up your sleeve?"

"Heh," Auron chuckled, "You'll see."

That didn't make much sense. Tidus thought to himself. He threw his sword over his shoulder in a similar manner as Auron, wearing a thoughtful expression, "Well, can you teach me Bushado?"

"Bushido," Auron corrected, "And yes, only if you have the patience, that is."


"It takes a while to master."

Tidus fixed his teacher with a curious gaze, "How long did it take you?"

"Fifteen years." That seemed like a long time. For some reason, Tidus did not like the idea of spending that much time learning some random sword trick he might never use again.

Just as he was about to retort, Auron interrupted him, "Come on, we don't have much time." And so the conversation was over.

Getting the message, Tidus remained silent, and instead took off at a sprint with Auron at his side. The both of them hardly said a word as they ran along the concrete road, one intent on a certain destination while the other followed like a lost puppy. Where was Auron taking him anyway?

While they were running, Tidus realized which path they were on. It was the one he and Keiss used to get to the stadium. Keiss. The thought of her made his chest throb. Was it right of him to just leave her there? What could he have done to save her? At least he had a memento to remember her by; he patted the pocket on his pants. Still there. The blonde glanced up at the building they'd passed. Jecht's picture now flickered violently, but it was still clear who was in it.

The way it flickered made Tidus sick to his stomach. It was almost as if the man were laughing at his son's predicament. The bastard. What're you laughing at, old man?

"Tidus!" The blonde snapped to attention upon hearing his name. He looked forward, immediately seeing the problem.

Another swarm of eggs started hatching into fiends around them. The number had increased greatly, and it was not hard to figure out that they were in trouble.

"We were expected." The older man muttered behind his cowl.

A small handful of fiends rushed at them. Auron quickly swung his blade and sliced through a few of them while Tidus took care of the others. More fiends appeared in the frontlines. The two started cutting them down as they appeared, growing ever more frustrated with each new rain. It was never ending!

Tidus clutched the hilt of his sword angrily, "How many are there, damn it!?"

Auron glanced back and forth, searching for a way out of the situation. He noticed a fuel tank that was hanging on the side of the bridge precariously. Perfect! "Attack that fuel tank!"

"What?" Tidus was confused, "Why?"

"Knock it off!"

That did not serve to help, "Wouldn't the explosion kill us faster?"

"Just do it!"

"Alright, alright!" Yeesh! Auron took another swing at the foul beasts, slaying many of them of with just two swings of his sword. Meanwhile, Tidus ran towards the tank and started cutting at the barrels that were hanging off. If he broke the connection, the remaining ones would fall off, leaving only one on the bridge. When that happened, there would be a big explosion. That is why Tidus asked Auron what he was planning.

Whatever works for him, I guess. Yet Tidus preferred to live; but what else could he do in an emergency? After one final swing, the connection snapped, and the two tanks fell from the bridge and into the dephs of the city below.

"Get back!" No argument there. Tidus ran back to Auron's side, who was slowly stepped away from the edge.

The ground rumbled beneath them. Tidus' heart rate skyrocketed as the starving flames shot up from below and started engulfing the building to their right. Jecht's billboard fell forward, encouraging both Tidus and Auron to run back a few feet. It collided with the bridge and slowly started breaking through it.


"Huh?" Tidus glanced at his mentor.


The command, for some reason, was all the encouragement Tidus needed. The boy secured the longsword in his belt, and then immediately jumped off of the bridge and started sprinting towards the other side. The fiends were dead now, and now the falling building was acting as a replacement for the lost bridge in the meantime.

Explosions went off around them. Tidus' held his breath as he ran for the other side. Auron made it passed him and leapt up to safety. He paused to look at Tidus, who was making his leap of faith as the building dropped lower.

Arms outstretched, Tidus' heart skipped a beat as he caught the ledge, a cry of surprising ripping through the air as he did.

Tidus struggled to hold on, his legs kicking below him as he grip started to slip. "Auron!" For some reason, the pull of gravity began to change, yet he still hung there.

Everything around Tidus was being pulled in. Hovering right above there heads was the bubble of water, which had slowly diminished to reveal a giant monstrosity. Its scales rippled like the ocean, and Tidus could just barely slowly a glowing wormhole of sorts leading inside of the beast. It didn't matter whether it was nailed down or not, inanimate or not; everything was being pulled towards it, including the bridge that Auron now stood on.

"Auron!" Tidus cried as he struggled to hang on.

The man in question was starring up at the glowing light. He nodded his head and muttered something, as if talking to the monster above. Is he crazy!? Looking back at Tidus, the older man reached down and gripped his overalls, easily lifting the boy up.

Tidus cried out as his body slowly lifted upward. It was as if he were floating rather than Auron holding him. In fact, he was. Opening his aqua orbs, Tidus found that he really was defying gravity and floating in midair! Only Auron's grip saved him from floating straight into the waiting monster. A look of fear crossed his features as their fate came to mind.

"This is it," Auron whispered to the younger male, his stern brown eyes meeting the younger's blue gaze, "Your story begins here."

"Auron!" the seventeen-year-old cried, "What're you…whoa-oh!"

His eyes widened in shock as Auron was sucked inside of the glowing wormhole. He then squinted his eyes to keep the light out of them, finding himself going blind due to it. A scream of horror tore from Tidus' throat as he was drawn into the light…