A place to call my own

"Where did you get the money Tony?" He asked me.

Looking down at the bottle of beer in my hands "Didn't really need to go on Spring Beak, getting to old for that" I replied.

After talking for a while Gibbs told me that I shouldn't be out driving due to the beer and the day that I had, that I could sleep here. Not that I would get any sleep got to many questions in my head.

The morning came and I was still awake, walking out into the living room and the first thing I saw was Jethro Gibbs standing there, with that look that told me to go up to him.

"What was the money really for Tony?" he questioned, a look on his face that said 'and you better not lie'.

Looking down to the floor trying hard not to let the tears fall, I walked over to my backpack I had left by the door last night, I picked it up and walked back to where Gibbs stood. Opening it up I pulled out the real estate papers showing him.

"I wanted, for the first time in my life, a place to call my own"


a big thanks to my co-pilot for being the beta for this.