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First day of school….

"Mom, I'm not sure if they'll accept me." A fifteen year old Lili complained. She was scared. A lot. Why did they have to move? Her life was completely perfect back home in Monaco. She was the most famous girl in school. Every guy had a crush on her. She was head cheerleader for hell's sake! Why? Why? Why?

And now she's in this foreign land. Alone. With no one with her. A new school, new friends; well, she might not have friends. Will she end up as the school loner? Or will she be popular like back in Monaco?

"Go on honey, have fun." Mrs. Rochefort kissed her daughter on the forehead. "Like I'd have any fun." She muttered under her breath as she grabbed her bag and exited the limo. The long vehicle zoomed away leaving her, to stare as it leaves.

She turned around looking at the school that she'll be staying in for four long years. She sighed and hung her head low. So low that her whole face was covered. It seemed that everyone was looking at her. Wondering who she was, "She's weird." She heard someone from her left.

Should she turn around? Should she face her backstabber? If she wanted to stand out in the crowd, she had to. And if that guy ever picked up a fight; she'd beat him up. She was a warrior right? And her race never loses.

She put up her arrogant façade and turned around with her hand on her hip. "Who said that?" she flipped her hair. "Oooohhhh!" the crowd of students said. This gesture meant that they wanted to see a fight. A red haired guy looked up. "I did." she saw his smirking face as he looked up. She raised an eyebrow. "Well, you know I can't take that." She went to her fighting stance. "I don't fight women especially a hottie like you." He chuckled. "Ugh! Fight or you're a coward!" she challenged. "Ooohhhh, Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!"

"I warned you blondie." He also got into his fighting stance. He called her blondie! Now this is personal. She let out her battle cry and so did he. As the fight went on, they seemed equal. Both throwing attacks and each attack blocked. "You're not as bad as I thought but what would you amount to my Piercing thorn fortissimo!"

Now the challenger did not expect this, he thought that blondie was just small fry. Her hard heels hit his face hard. Blood went out his lip; he wiped it away. Stood up and smiled. "Fine, you win. But next time Babe, you're going down." He winked at her one last time and went away.

"Well, that killed a few minutes." Lili smiled. Nothing like a good fight in the morning. The whole student body cheered. No one has beaten Hwoarang since the day he entered the school. And now a new student from another country, not even knowing anybody, beat him. "Lili! Lili, Lili!" They chanted her name again and again.

Two girls rushed to Lili's side. One girl was short and had pigtails. Her hair was pitch black and she looked cute. The other one looked Japanese. Short brown hair spiky hair sticking out. "I'm Xiao and she's Asuka. You were so great, we should like totally hang out." The Chinese girl with the pigtails said. "Yeah, nobody has ever beaten Hwoarang, I should train with you."

Something about that event told Lili that she will fit in here fine. Might be popular. But who knows, there's still the teachers. And that guy she beat, whats his name? Hwoarang? Well, he was sort of cute.