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3 months later

Lili P.O.V

"Lili! Hey! Over here!" I heard a familiar voice call from across the parking lot.

Hwoarang was there flinging his arms all over the place. "Lili!" he yelled once again. I

was amused that he could reach me all the way over here since the Parking lot is more

like a soccer field if you ask me. He grabbed onto his knees for supports and was

breathing heavily. "Lili….huh huh…..I…..give me a sec." he panted, battling for oxygen.

I reached chuckled as I covered my hand with a handkerchief, he looked at me with

confused eyes, "I'm dying here and you're standing there, laughing at me, unbelievable."

He shook his head.

After countless minutes of goofing off, "What were you going to say to me

again?" Hwoarang snapped out, "Oh yeah! Umm…could you uhh…go with me to the

park? If you don't mind? I mean you could refuse if you want to coz' I know your busy

and all that…" He scratched his crimson hair. "Okay" I agreed. "That's okay I know

you're…what?" His eyes bawled out. "I said yes." I mockingly punched hi shoulder.

"Really? Well, that's awesome! Hold on, I'll get the bike!"

He arrived in short minutes, well, lets just say that it caught everyone's attention.

He motioned me to get on. That bike was…scary. I gave him an I'm-not-sure-this-is-a-good-idea look. He rolled his eyes and picked me up by the waist, I was ready to protest but he said "Don't even think about it."

He placed me onto the back part and he got in front. The engine roared to life as I clung

to him. This wasn't a good idea. He revved the engine again and before I knew it, I was

on the Gods Messenger's heels. My hair was flying behind me in a way that seemed

completely impossible. I wanted to fix the messed bundle but was well aware that if I

did, I would be scoring myself some serious bruises. I clung to the man in front of me

harder, which only made him go faster. "Hold on tight, Spider-Monkey." He teased as he

repeated the lines Edward Cullen said. (sige Casey, tawa lang)

I laughed and did what he said. "Not that tight." His voice had grown strained out of lack

Of sufficient air. "Serves you right!"



"So whataya wanna do first?" the red-head asked looking around. They had a really nice

park if you asked him

"Oohhh! Can we have ice cream?" Lili excitedly tugged on his

shirt while excitedly pointing towards a certain ice cream booth. Hwoarang was almost dragged over there.

"What do you want to have?" He asked the grinning girl beside him. "Hmm...strawberry!" she exclaimed with a cute little jump. Hwoarang chuckled, she seemed like a three-year-old having her first scoop of good old ice cream.

The middle-aged woman eyed them having an amused look on her face and sighed. "Such a lovely newly-wed." Hwoarang eyes widened. "Oh!" He took a cautious glance towards Lili who wasn't in this world, but in her own ice cream fantasy. "Were not wed ma'am." He awkwardly said rubbing the back of his neck. "Oh! My bad, ha-ha, I'm sorry but you two just really look perfect for each other." She smiled. Hwoarang didn't know if he wanted to say thank you or not.

Lili was going to reach for her pocket but a strong hand stopped her from doing so. "No way." Hwoarang firmly said. "Then how'm'I-" she protested. "I'll pay." He insisted. "But I-" she pursued on only to receive a very firm negative.

The blond pouted and crossed her arms. The vendor saw their silly quarrel and laughed. "Usually young lady. It's the men that pay for the women. Its part of their chivalry." She kindly said. "You hear that Lili! It's part of my 'chivalry'" he gave emphasis on the word. She rolled her eyes and decided to ignore it knowing the fact that Hworang wasn't the kind of guy who had the potential to even have the attention to know the meaning of that neither word nor act like it.

"So I guess you're my girlfriend huh?" Hwoarang timidly asked. "Yeah, guess so, you won me over by ice cream." She replied sarcastically.

They picked a good spot under a gargantuan weeping willow tree on top of a small hill where no one else went. Hwoarang laid down the mat and Lli perched herself right in the middle with the grace of an angel. "Alright! Where's the food!" Hwoarang rubbed his palms together and licked his story.

She opened the basket and took one grape. She held her hand back and Hwoarang immediately knew the game. With the flick of her wrist, the grape went flying into midair and landed perfectly inside the red-head's mouth. "Aw! Nice one! I love this game!" Hwoarang laughed. "Throw me a strawberry." He clapped his hands. " A whole strawberry?" Lili's mouth hung open but she wanted to test his skills. She chose the ripest and juiciest strawberry the basket could offer.

Long shot?" she challenged. "Bring it on!" Hwoarang put on his competitive look and agreed. "With adequate force, the strawberry went flying fast, you needed to focus to keep track of the airborne fruit. She got worried that she might've thrown it too hard, but no, Hwoarang had the whole thing in his mouth. Flawless catch.

He raised his brows out of arrogance. "Your turn." He slyly grinned. He had this devious plan in his head. Lili nodded unaware of his side line thought. Hwoarang threw a grape, it was a long one and Lili ended up lying on her back with the hopes she caught it in her mouth but unfortunately, there was nothing to chew on.

"Hey!" she laughed sitting up. Hwoarang threw a grape and caught it in his mouth. It didn't went all the way in, instead he caught in between his teeth. He grinned evilly at his newly beaten-at-this-game girlfriend. He crawled hi way to her and murmured , "I can share mine."

His face were mere centimeters away from hers. Lili bit half and he took his part. They laughed a little before Hwoarang pressed hi lips onto hers. It was a sweet and slow one. After a minutes of pure bliss. Lili pulled away slowly and Hwoarang placed his forehead onto hers. They stared into each other's eyes for what seemed like eternity.

His gaze was lost into her light cerulean blue eyes. He felt static coursing through his skin where his touched hers. He took a deep breath of her soft fragrant scent of sweet vanilla. Everything about her yelled perfect. He was incredibly lucky to have someone like Lili so close.

They continued the game until the grapes were extinct and the strawberries were extremely endangered. Lili shot Hwoarang a mischievous look "So you want to play another game?" Hwoarang smirked.

Lili bit her lip as she quickly stood up and ran taking the precious berry with her with Hwoarang hot on her heels. Lili hid behind the ancient willow. She was about to eat it when Hwoarang surprised her by wrapping his arms around her waist. She felt her feet leave the cool grass and before she knew it, she was airborne.

Hwoarang twirled her around in the air earning him a few laughs and silly complaints from Lili. They continued the twirling before Hwoarang tripped on his feet which sent them plummeting down the luscious green hill in each other's arms. Good thing Hwoarang's arms were wrapped protectively around her.

They landed at the bottom of the hill wherein she was on top of him. Neither one dared to disrupt the sweet atmosphere. They eventually laughed until it slowed down to warm smiles. Hwoarang gazed lovingly into her captivating eyes. So much in love, they're alone in this world.

Lili chuckled as he nuzzled his face at the hollow of his neck before giving it a light peck. "I love you." He whispered, his cool breath tickling her skin. She caressed his face before replying, "as I love you." He kissed her sweetly before deepening it.

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