Chapter 1

Naruto slowly walked into the forest and so unlike him silent and deep in thought. Behind him walked a few Shadow Clones carrying two bodies and a sword too big for one of them to lift alone equally silent. While the second meeting with the fox this day had answered some questions the blond boy was still confused as hell. Bloodline limits as a result of higher beings interacting with humans? It did seem a bit far fetched, but on the other hand it somehow made more sense than the explanation he heard of Kakashi about superior genetics and breeding.

He let his feet carry him until he suddenly looked up. He was on the clearing where he first met Haku. 'Fitting' he thought, mentioned his clones to drop their burden and start digging two graves.

The original then decided, that he should try to talk to his two new tenants. Therefore he sat against a tree and tried to meditate as Iruka once explained to him. His old teacher said it would help calm him down, but the young hyperactive boy never listened and was already planing his next prank.

'Sitting still and clear your mind...', Naruto remembered Iruka's words, 'Well that could take a while.' Meanwhile his clones were busy digging two graves.

In a grimy sewer two figures were slowly making their way towards a goal they weren't even sure existed. "This is so weird" Haku muttered. Zabuza snorted "Yeah, well it is not as if we could get out of here any time soon, or do you have a better idea." Around them water was dripping from the pipes overhead and a strange blue-grey light pulsed. Every minute or so it was interrupted by a red pulse. It was odd, from time to time they seemed to come across small cracks in the walls and ceiling, but every time the red light that they assumed was the fox's chakra pulsed they seemed to close a little bit more.

"I don't even want to know what someone has to go through that his body and mind are represented by something like this." Zabuza interjected some time later. "But is it just me or has the blue light that I assume is his chakra started to pulse faster since the brat left?" "Now that you mention it, I think you are right" Haku answered. "Maybe time in here is slower as long as he is here himself, after all they say the mind works faster than the body." "Might be" Zabuza answered.

They walked in silence each mulling over their new situation. They came across side corridors of varying size and shape, some big enough that even the fox would be able to get through, some small enough for on chakra 'pipe' to fit in. Tunnels with a multitude of pipes, some with non at all. Once they could even see what seemed to be a large reservoir of chakra down one of the biggest paths they came across.

After a long time of walking they found something new. A blob of what seemed to be black ink was warped around what seemed to be the main chakra pipe leading in their direction. It neither felt right or wrong, but somewhat foreign, as if it was not meant to be there. Even the Kyuubi's chakra did not seem so out of place as this black blob. What was even more curious was the fact that the pipe was extremely thick before entering the blob but come out again not even a quarter of its extent. They could see water coming out of the pipe and slowly running down the wall, feeding to the ever present ankle deep water on the floor. From the blob small strands of black extended to various other pipes around the main one as well. Though those seemed to be affected by the tailed beast's chakra like the cracks in the wall and unlike the blob itself, but those strands regenerated themselves quiet fast, until the next red pulse reduced them.

"We should get rid of that." Zabuza stated.

"But we don't even know what it is." Haku replied.

"Yeah, but so out of place as this here feels I'd rather get rid of it fast than let it here."

"Maybe we should ask the fox about it, he seemed rather knowledgeable."

"I don't think he will help, even if he wasn't as forceful as possible, I don't think he will be in a good mood if we interrupt his thinking he seems to want to do."

"Point, so how do you want to remove this?"

"I thought about just cutting it down."

"And if we hurt Naruto?"

"I heard the fox say something about regeneration, he will survive."

"That's cold."

"I'm a shinobi, a trained killer, that's how I was raised."

"I think it would be better to wait until Naruto comes back."

"Whatever you think." Zabuza said, sat down against the wall where he could keep an eye on the black blob and lost himself in thought.

Haku slide down the wall beside him. While thinking he unconsciously formed a snow flak in his hand. "Well seems at last as is our chakra is still somewhat working" the young man said. The Daemon of the Mist just grunted and kept his eyes closed.

The noises of the forest had ceased and he could hear water dripping. Slowly the blonde opened his eyes and saw two dead people sitting only a few meters away from him. A sad smile formed on his lips and then he asked: "What are you waiting for here?" The swordsman opened his eyes and looked at him, while the ice manipulator let the ice crystal on the palm on his hand fade into water.

"You probably want to get rid of whatever this is." Zabuza slowly stated while mentioning to the black blob not far above Naruto's head. While the duo from Mist slowly started to stand Naruto looked thoughtful onto the inky substance.

"Well, we could cut it down, but I don't know anything that could destroy it." Naruto then answered. Zabuza nodded and replied: "I wanted to do the same thing but Haku wanted to wait for you. You agree that we have to get rid of it, don't you? To destroy it... well I hope that low level camping fire technique I once learned will be sufficient." "Well I can feel that this doesn't belong here. And since this is a represents my body anything that doesn't belong here shouldn't be here." the Genin answered. Zabuza nodded as Naruto already formed Shadow Clones to complete the task. First the strands were cut and the anchor points on the smaller pipes started to wither away. The original Naruto winced in pain and tried to see what hurt on the back of his neck.

The older man took a look on it and voiced his observation: "That's a seal on your neck, no idea what it does though. The parts that I recognise are some kind of suppressant seal – similar to those used by ANBU to suppress a captives chakra – and what is a trigger for the seal to destroy when the person it is put on dies. Seen similar ones on the seals that are sometimes used for execution – they drain your chakra until you fall over dead and then the seal destroys itself. Nasty seals, those are, unfortunately they won't even work on a Genin in the field, they take simply to long to work if not drawn on bare skin in great number."

"So someone put a suppressant seal of some kind on my neck, it is represented by this blob in my mind, it hurts to remove and if I die nobody will ever find anything because it would self-destruct?" Naruto asked for confirmation. The missing-nin just nodded in response. "Well let's get rid of it, even if it hurts... Can't have something limiting me, even if it hurts. "

The clones proceeded by chopping of pieces of the blob and threw them down where Zabuza incarcerated them with a low level fire technique. Thou it hurt like a bitch, at least in Naruto's mind – and mind you every cut was more painful than being hit with a senbon by Haku – but he gritted his teeth and watched his clones continue.

After about half of the mass was removed the once black inked seal on the base of his neck started to glow orange and the pain no longer subsided between cuts, but stayed permanent. Naruto closed his eyes and tried to endure the pain when he suddenly heard the noise of a clone popping. The blonds eyes shot open and when suddenly the memory of being impaled by some kind of spike coming out of the mass flooded his mind he fell backwards onto his ass. "Well that was surprising" he said as he formed another pair of Clones, his discovery about Shadow Clones shoved into the back of his head. "Seems as if this thing doesn't want to go without a fight, now does it?"

The black mass started to fight back more and more, impaling Clones, trying to swallow clones a whole, what seemed to be absorbing chakra form the pipes, but in the end it fell to an endless supply of Shadow Clones.

Naruto sat down at the verge of tears. The removal of the seal had hurt pretty bad, but he didn't want to seem weak in front of his friend Haku and the man who promised him to help train. Suddenly a bright pulse of blue chakra raced through the hallways fallowed narrowly by a equally bright red pulse. Naruto one again gripped the back of his neck and started screaming – both in what he for easy description decided to call mindscape, even if it was according to the fox not really that, and the real world.

"Well, seems as if there was some backslash from removing that seal in an unorthodox way." Zabuza mused as he looked upon the screaming form of the blond boy that slowly started to fade from their presence. "Ah there he is again, the bloodthirsty Daemon of the Mist, and here I thought you changed Zabuza-sama." Haku answered with mirth laced in his voice. "Well I guess death promoted me to drop my mask, don't you think that is possible, my loyal tool?" the missing-nin answered equally amused. "Now we have to wait for the brat to come back, well, we'll see if there is something different about him."

"You've noticed that the pulses of light now come in shorter intervals again." Haku then wanted to know. "Yeah, sure did", Zabuza replied. "And those pipes beyond what was the seal have changed as well. They now continue equally thick than up to here. Less liquid is leaking as well, might as well get those caves here dry sometime in the future." "Should we wait here or go further in that direction?" Haku asked a bit unsure. "Might as well get going" answered the swordsman carelessly.

Soon after they entered a high hall, that was much better lit than anything they had come across until now in this strange world that represented Naruto's body and mind. Oddly there was another thing different in here. "Doors? Have you seen doors anywhere else in here?" Zabuza demanded to know. Haku continued to look around. In the middle of the room was a strange crystal that seemed to glow in strange colours every now and then. On the ceiling, which he believed to even taller than the one in Kyuubi's prison was a large assortment of pipes in all shapes and forms, some hanging that low that someone twice Zabuza's height could have possible reached it. Near the entrance of the large corridor they walked to come here some of the smaller pipes that came form there went down the walls and to the floor. 'Electric cable? Well, just another oddity, electric cable that works in ankle deep water.' the fake hunter-nin thought. And truly, massive amounts of cable went all around the room crossing each other that at some places around the crystal it was nearly stacked up to a meter in height. The doors along the circular room each held held some type of symbol, but all were locked with large iron chains. Well all except two. 'Can it be?' Haku thought as he walked nearer. "Zabuza, you might want to see this." he called out. Zabuza, having checked the strength of one of the chains and failing slowly walked over to him not saying a word. Standing behind Haku he scanned the doors that got his partner all exited over. 'No chains – good point, might as well be something useful. Now for the symbol... well, an ice crystal in all its perfection and a sword hardly anybody would be able to carry. Well, I never was one to back down so I might as well go forward' the Daemon of the Mist thought.

Entering the room he saw blades strew all over, some rust, some shiny new, some covered in blood and gore, some encased by various elements and many more. Blades in all shapes and sizes, from small Tanto's over Kodachi's to Katana's, straight bladed western style swords, even the odd Naginata. After a while he decided to pick up a weapon covered in blood that oddly resembled his own Decapitating Carving Knife, but was not quiet the same. Fast flashes of memories played themselves in front of his eyes, the day he had first met his partner and student Haku back in Hidden Mist. Slowly he sorted through the swords and realised that each and everyone represented a memory of his life. When he figured out the schemata of the blades appearance in relevance against the memory they represented he started to smile and purposefully began looking for a few of the best memories of his life. An observer would have remarked that about half of those memories consisted of fights where he could very well have lost said life.

Haku meanwhile entered the room beside the one Zabuza went into. Immediately his eyes were drawn towards a blood red ice crystal floating in the middle of the room. Floating on the young man's eye-level it nearly reached the ceiling. He could see a blue substance constantly dripping form the crystal into a basin beneath.

The fake hunter-nin walked closer mesmerised by the sight of the crystal, reflecting the light. When he put his hand onto the middle of the six pronged shape he suddenly felt a rush of cold going through himself, like when he was using his bloodline. Haku smiled.

He then proceeded to look around the room. Little snow flakes and ice crystals were lying and floating around everywhere. Deciding to touch one directly beside the big red crystal in the middle of the room Haku could observe his first meeting with Naruto in the forest once again. Again a small smile formed on the boys face.

Proceeding he touched more and more of the various frozen objects in the room, finding them all to be memories of various things. To Haku's misfortune most of those memories included pain and suffering, his own as well as that of others.

Deciding it was enough for now, he slowly left the room.

The human body is highly resistant and adaptable to most outside forces. If you put strain on one part it proceeds to grow stronger. An obvious example would be a muscle that grows stronger if it is often used. If additional strain is added this process can be sped up even more. Good examples would be eyes that adapt to less light by adding shades or muscles that grow even faster by adding weights. Now the same is true with other parts of the body. If a nerve cluster is prevented from relying information this would cause problems for many a people, because the human adult is totally unable to form new nerve strand and a child's body is only limited able to do so. Not so if the person in question possesses a rare regeneration bloodline and has an entity sealed within himself that has curious side effects when humans are prolonged exposed to it. Similar things are true if parts of the body are deprived of various necessaries like oxygen from the bloodstream or chakra, the very life force itself. If a body part has to work with only low levels of those supplies they normally die. Simple as that. If though said person has one of the tail beasts interconnected with ones very soul, then survival is possible, if only because said semi-immortal being is too stubborn to die. Sending the much more potent life force of itself, at least compared to an human, directly to the affected body part, in this chase the brain, or the whole head really, the mighty fox was able to keep his host from dying. A nice side effect was that those energies repaired the ever occurring brain damage due to oxygen deficiency. Now play that game long enough and the body learns to live with lower levels that anybody with a passing knowledge with anatomy considers remotely possible. Sure, the affected person seems much dumber that the average person, unless he is in a situation where blood as well as chakra circulate much faster. Like, let's say, a fight.

Now if someone opens that floodgate that prevented all types of energy in any form to flow freely that would result in a higher level of activity as before the suppressant effect came into place. Now if this affects the head and therefore the brain and said person was fully average before, with, as defined, an IQ of 100 and after the limitation barely scrapping the 70's when he or she should be for all intents and purpose brain dead – well I think you can get the idea. While by no means a genius with an IQ of wide over 200 one would no longer be considered an idiot any more. And if certain person was not so average before...

Then you have to consider that this also effects all senses as well, mainly taste, smell, sight and hearing, but also touch due to the fact that the information streamed from the nerves was limited as well. Now such highlighted senses should be enough to send most people into blissful unconscious. If not the suddenly highlighted need for nutritions, oxygen and life energy should be enough to shut down the metabolism temporary.

But in the end that wasn't what knocked Naruto out. The small fact that he possesses a regeneration proved his downfall – or salvation the other, slower options considered. His consciousness decided to shut down because of to much input from the pain receivers. One has to consider that this regeneration bloodline could fix almost everything, even the damage to the genetic structure usually found after cell division, and has somewhat a life on his own. As long as enough chakra was available it fixes the body to it's peak performance, the more potent chakra of a tailed beast that was nearly limitless at disposal only helped. How would it otherwise be possible for Naruto to have his extreme stamina and not to look like he was starved? Sure direct attacks on the boy were very uncommon even before he graduated, usually limited to drunk people on few occasions – Kyuubi festival, hero memorial day and on one or two occasion the death of a person from a big and connected family or clan – but most people tried to get their own little revenge on the fox somehow, even if only indirect by harming the host in little ways. Being served smaller portions in restaurants, getting overcharged and receiving poor quality goods happened often, some shops even outright refused to serve him. While most people stared at him with cold indifference those happenings were eating away his founds, what led to less than advised food consumption for a ninja in training – besides ramen that is, after he found Ichiraku's.

At the moment the genetic mutation seemed to have decided to make some long overdue changes that before lacked the necessary supplies of chakra. Like, say expanding many pathways commonly found in the body, like blood vessels and chakra pathways. Many other changes were made as well – like old overdue corrections in the genetic information contained in every cell in his head. This small and big changes led to a near total renewal of his complete head. The strain on his chakra system for a moment was so great, that all his clones were dispelled.

Naruto slowly woke up. 'Weird' he thought 'I can smell every single tree surrounding the clearing, even the grass. Come to think of it, I also hear a lot more, small animals, seems to be insects mostly, and the wind in the trees.' Not making any assumptions yet he slowly opened his eyes. 'Damned light, far too bright for my liking.' he concluded squinting his eyes shut. He slowly, blinking opened his eyes again. 'Was that bloody light up in the sky always so extremely bright?' he thought to himself. Slowly sitting up he carefully observed his surroundings. 'It's as if the whole world suddenly is sharper – or as if a veil was suddenly lifted from my senses.' he mused. 'Well slept enough work to do' he thought, creating a quartet of Shadow Clones who without prompting went to additional digging. The Genin blinked 'Didn't I usually yell out orders for them what to due, despite the fact that they know everything I know the moment of creation? Well thinking it over my thoughts seldom were as focused and clear as today and I did change my opinion kinda fast and unpredictable.' Naruto then sat down in lotus position trying to achieve the peace in mind he had the last time he entered the mindscape. It proved difficult with his new thought pattern and send him thinking again: 'It seems as if I think a lot more now than before – must have something to do with that seal we removed earlier. Come to think of it, the sound of digging clones is a lot more distracting now, never noticed that before.'

Haku and Zabuza both re-entered the main chamber both around the same time. "That was certainly interesting." Zabuza said "I wonder what would happen if we brought some memories out here..." He then took a good look around and blinked. He then shot his companion a glance and noticed that he had a shocked look on his face too. "This is certainly interesting" the Daemon of the Mist murmured. Indeed the central chamber had changed noticeable. All those cable on the ground had somehow sorted itself to more manageable, thicker lines. The pipes at the ceiling showed an similar effect. And the crystal in the middle had changed from some broken out piece stone to a faceted cut gemstone. The light that previously only was visible on occasion now shone constantly.

"That stone seems to be something important, might as well take a look at it." Zabuza suggested. "It reminds me of something in my room." Haku replied "But that did represent my bloodline. Well lets find out." The older shinobi blinked in surprise, but then shrugged it off and made his way to the centre of the room. Curious, but still wary both slowly brought their hands up to touch the stone, as it did not seem dangerous and they had yet to find something really dangerous in here – well beside a certain irate fox and some foreign seal. They finally came into contact with the surface of the crystal and the world shifted.


Eternal darkness that stretched into every direction, nothing stood out that pulled ones sight onto it. But he could feel something solid, with an irregular surface in his back. Soft wind caressed the skin of his face and hands. He could feel it in his hair as well. He could smell grass, wet earth and rotting wood. There was also the faint smell of humid air and a slight smell of salt. Distant he could hear waves break against the shore. Closer his ears recognised rustling leaves, singing birds and many other varieties of sound emanating form small animals. Also there was this constant noise of metal hitting earth and something falling to the ground. That distinctive sound was far nearer than most others. It also seemed to be multiple people working on this what so ever. More confused than everything else Haku tried to slowly draw himself away from those sensory inputs. And to his surprise he succeeded on first try.

Looking around he saw Zabuza equally confused as he was. "Feeling, hearing, smelling, but only eternal darkness?" the ice wielder asked warily. "Some here" Zabuza answered court "Still trying to make sense of it." Carefully observing his surroundings the fake hunter-nin suddenly noticed a change and looked down onto his own hand. Sure there was a crystal of the same making than the big one in the middle of his room. It was part of a ring he was wearing, but he did not notice any weight form it. The stone itself was in the same shape than the symbol on the door behind which his memories were represented. The missing-nin's ring was the same, with his own symbol. Curios he touched the stone. The same sensation he felt touching the bigger gemstone occurred. Nothing had changed, the sounds and smells still the same as before. Focusing on retreating he managed it again.

"Whatever this is, it seems to be important otherwise we would not have those rings on our finger. They work just the same, by the way." he informed Zabuza of his discovery. "Important or not, I still haven't figured it out." he simple answered. Sitting down onto one of the cables that seemed dry they one again fell into silence, reconsidering those past few hours.

Suddenly Haku's head shot up. Zabuza spared him a glance. "I think I will try something." Haku said, looking at him and shrugging.

Naruto slowly became a bit peeved. How hard could it possible be to enter his very own mind? After all he did it not too long ago – once called there by the fox or his intense anger, he did not know, once what appeared to be a working of his assumed bloodline and then a third time by meditating. "Can't you work a bit more quiet, one can't even think in peace, nevermind clear his mind with all the noise you are making." he sully snapped at his clones, never opening his eyes. An answer was shot back: "Well, I think I heard someone call us the loudest ninja in the Hidden Leaf, so it's all your fault." The original snorted. 'I think he does has a point.' he then mulled. 'Stop, clearing the mind, thinking gets us nowhere.'

A few minutes later the young daemon container is about to scream out loud. Well, even if his intelligence went up, he still had some trouble with sitting still and doing nothing. Suddenly a voice asked him unsure: "Naruto, can you open your eyes?" Caught completely off-guard the blonds eyes snapped open and his head darted in every direction, but still seeing nobody but his clones. "Weird, I thought I heard someone speaking to me." he said aloud. His clones looked at him oddly. "If you go round the bend don't blame us and let as stay ignorant and sane." a cocky clone demanded. "Have I said something about stopping to work. Hush." retorted an irate original. "Well seems as if I found a way to talk to you from your mind." the odd voice added the familiar voice. "Haku?" Naruto demanded for clarification. The clones shot him another odd look, while one went as far as pulling out a kunai while mustering his creator calculating. "Yeah it's me" the ice wielder laughed at Naruto's situation. "But try thinking your replies back, I don't want to imagine what the citizens of your village would do if you started talking to yourself given your prisoner." 'Can try' he thought back to the odd pressure in the back of his mind that seemed to pulse every time he could hear Haku talk. "Much better, no suspicious clones debating over your non-existent sanity this way." came the answer. 'Any change in there, I seem to be unable to replicate my last entry into the mindscape?' "There seemed to be a lot of change, but then again I can't really tell, since we don't have any pictures of what this place looked like before we got here." 'Well, I can live with that, found any way to bring me in?' "No nothing, but what about focusing onto my presence here." 'Gotta try that, you mind being silent for a minute?'

Not nearly a minute later Haku suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder and even if Naruto has closed his eyes again he could tell clearly that this sensation had nothing to do with the real world. Focusing onto the touch he found himself face to face with a grinning blonde. "Good, that's a few problems solved." Haku said "Getting you in here, communication while you are out there as well as observing the outside world." You could hear that he was proud of himself for his discovery. "So where are we here?" Naruto asked the pair. "'S far as I can tell we are in you mind here. Sensory input on this little stone here, pipes represent chakra pathways, cables are most likely nerves, the doors seem to hold memories, couldn't check thou, since we can only enter two and those hold our memories. That's actually something that I wanted to ask you, remember anything that you would find to be a distinctive memory of ours?" Zabuza answered. "I had a ice crystal in my room as well, that seemed to leak what looked very much like your chakra, most likely my bloodline. But then again, my body was destroyed, it's unlikely that you would be able to use it." Haku added. Naruto furrowed his brow and seemed to think about something, then claimed: "No, no memory springs to my mind that could be one of yours." Zabuza grinned: "Well then we will have to test something, won't we." And off he was.

Shortly after the famous missing-nin came back with a kodachi, but the blade seemed not to be made out of steel but of condensed mist. "That's my memory of learning the Hidden Mist Technique. Take it, look at it, and go out there and try it." Naruto took the sword, suddenly possessing a memory of him – no Zabuza he corrected himself – learning the Hidden Mist Technique. The blond grinned and faded from view, the blade falling to the ground.

Immediately both former Mist inhabitants touched the stones on their rings and started to observe. Naruto slowly and carefully formed hand seals. Then he gathered chakra and silently named the technique: "Hidden Mist Technique". Suddenly deep mist started in the area, his shadow clones stopped working and looked up startled. But then instead of staying the mist receded fast. Naruto frowned and then thought towards his spectators: 'I think I know why while working the technique only worked like on one of Zabuza's early tries. We differ in terms of chakra control and reserves too much, it's as if I woke up one day in a different body and expected that everything works perfectly.' He could hear Zabuza's agreement: "Don't forget elemental affinities brat. While it is obvious that you have some skill with water, I take it it isn't your primary. Otherwise it would be disturbingly weak." 'Elemental affinities?' Naruto thought questioningly back 'What's that?' "You don't know about affinities?" Zabuza was surprised "They test the students back in mist before they even learn their first technique. I would have expected that at least your teacher thought you something about those, seeing as he is one of three ninja loyal to the Leaf who mastered manipulation all five elements. Affinities indicate how easy it is for someone to manipulate a certain chakra element. I for my part have a main water affinity, like most shinobi in Hidden Mist. Haku here is born with a bloodline that allows him to manipulate the subelement ice, though he never learned a main element. Seeing as you could use the technique you have at least a weak affinity for water, unlike some who will never be able to use certain elements. Now you seem to be able to learn at least some of my techniques, but it seems to be better to learn them from scratch, that relearning them for a new body, that way I can also point out finer points, since I seem to have lost the memory that I have passed over to you." Naruto then returned to his mind a test successful, but not as all of them hoped.

Handing the sword back to Zabuza Naruto commented on his try: "It was not all for nothing, I remember how it should work, even if I have seemed to have forgotten the exact execution again after handling the sword back. I also do remember the hand signs I was forming, as I have seen myself forming them, even if I have no memory from where I knew them before. OK, let's start training. Do you think I can use Shadow Clones? After removing that seal I did notice to have memories that I should not possible have, because that are experiences of my clones, not me." "I think Shadow Clones would help you greatly with training, but try only a few at first and then up the number, we have no idea if there are side effects, as far as I know it is listed as a kinjutsu for some reason after all." Zabuza explained and the blonde nodded in agreement. "However there are a few things you should do before that, I think." the Daemon of the Mist then added. "For one I don't want my corpse to lie around, and Haku's even less. Cut my head of, that you receive credit for the kill and the bounty, but burn the rest of our bodies. Too much information lies within those lumps of flesh and there are a few more ruthless individuals who are known to search actively for bodies and also alive samples of bloodlines for experimentations. Orochimaru of the Sannin comes to mind at the forefront. After all he was banished from the Leaf village for experimenting on their own bloodlines and using the villages orphans to do so. Heard over a three thousand were found dead in his hidden laboratories and only a handful alive. Secondly go and clean out our hideout. There are many useful things there, equipment, rations, money, technique scrolls and much more. Helps you out if you have to explain where you learned all the stuff were gonna teach you. Also Haku has a whole collection of outfits form various hunter-nin and ANBU. Collected those from the people after us, might come in handy one day if you plan on infiltrating Hidden Mist. Maybe even kill Yagura..." Saying the last sentence he had a dreamy look on his face. "Wasn't that why you were declared missing-nin in first place?" Naruto interjected. Grumbling Zabuza agreed "Nearly had him, the few guards were easily taken care of and he was sleeping. Even I ain't crazy enough to take him head on. If it wasn't for the Sanbi sealed within him and his weird Uchiha bodyguard I would have had him." Naruto was suddenly interested: "Didn't you say he hated bloodlines and wanted to kill them? Why then have a bodyguard with a bloodline limit, and of a clan non the less that isn't even loyal to Mist village?" "How would I know. But then again that man did hide behind a mask and only one eye was visible, and that while red had different markings, not the Sharingan tomoe. Well, anyway as a third thing you should do, I think it would be good to clear out Gato's headquarters. Give the citizens control of the country back, kill anybody that might take over and led the organisation in the future and you might even find a thing or two that interests you." "While I don't like the idea of killing I can see the logic. Kill 'em now before they come back with a vengeance, ne? Might as well get used to killing, I am a shinobi after all. Now then, any hints on how to transport someone's head, how to carry all the loot and what about the basics of that fire technique of yours, might be handy to dispose off bodies." "Ah, yeah, that technique is actually one of the hunter-nin's favourite, exactly for that purpose. Now to transport the head, we should have a few storage scrolls back in our hideout for exactly that purpose. You can use other non specified scrolls to transport all the other stuff. Now for the technique, it doesn't actually have a name, but try it. If it's not working you don't have any affinity for fire then it won't work. This is how it's done..."

Coming out of his meditation, and having got the fire technique down, at least in his mindscape, Naruto turned to his clones and saw that they had finished digging the graves. "Good work" he complimented them. "Now fill those up again and erect two markers." Four clones stared at him with their jaw's hanging. "You know, " one of them said dead serious "I'm gonna kill you now, just to ensure that that kind of insanity doesn't spread around." Moving for his kunai pouch the was dispelled before he could do any damage. "Any objections?" the original asked. Two shook their heads slowly, while the third put his shovel down and walked away: "I've got enough of this boss, I quit." As he turned around a kunai hit him in the back of his head while Naruto muttered "Mutiny." Creating four new Shadow Clones he went to retrieve his kunai. Afterwards he went to work on the two bodies. Cutting Zabuza's head off wasn't that hard, once he managed to lift the Decapitating Carving Knife high enough. Seeing it was now his he decided do name the sword after this occasion Head Cutter. Afterwards he went to work on incinerating the body's. While he was able to do the technique he was far from mastering it and therefore it took him a good many tries to fully erase every clue of their presence. Pouring the ashes into the already half-filled graves he knelt down speaking a short prayer as to honour the end of their bodily existence.

Naruto then left his clones behind and followed the silent directions of the mist duo towards their hideout, all while carrying a bloody head. There he quickly searched for a scroll to put the head into and then piled everything he could find together. "Remember storage scrolls that are of good quality can hold nearly limitless mass, you just have to put enough chakra into the seal to encompass all that is lying on it. Also sealing a storage scroll into another is asking for trouble. If you have bad quality seals however if you put too much chakra into them they will overload and then decompose – you will lose everything stored into them. Very high quality storage scrolls can be recognised by special additions, like those that keep something put into it from rotting, like a head or food, blood based security features or the option of pulling out items one by one. I may not know how to create seals, but I can recognise a fair few by look alone and can create explosive tags, good quality storage scrolls and those used for body parts from memory, I'll teach you to make those some when, you can never have enough of those three types of seals." the Daemon of the Mist lectured.

'Yeah, yeah, I have heard that rant already' Naruto reminded him while looking over what he found. A fair few scrolls on water element ninjutsu, one with a single ice technique – the demonic ice mirrors Haku used against Sasuke, a few scrolls wherein Haku detailed his training in ice techniques, their creation and usage, a scroll on chakra elements in general and one on one handed hand signs, two scrolls on kenjutsu, the sword arts, one for a big unwieldy sword as Zabuza's and one for smaller ninjato, that the hunter-squad's from Hidden Mist seemed to favour, and a few miscellaneous scrolls. Besides the usual equipments there were seven full hunter-nin uniforms – five from Mist and one each from Hidden Rain and Hidden Grass – and two ANBU uniforms from Mist. While the sizes were carefully chosen to fit Haku, Naruto decided that it would do for him as well – he was not that much smaller as Haku after all. That of course was his ego speaking, but he somehow managed to wear those uniforms without standing out as too big.

Haven sorted through the stuff, and sealed everything into four scrolls – the one holding Zabuza's head included – Naruto put the hut after some prompting form Haku on fire. Slowly turning away he jumped into the trees making his way to where according to the two Mist shinobi Gato's manor was located, even if it was more of a bastion manned by hundreds of mercenaries, thugs, bandits and samurai as well as shinobi drop-outs. Non of them fully trained of course, but more challenging opponents than your run of the mill bandit.

Slowly approaching the widespread property located at the shore Naruto carefully looked out for guards. Deciding, that there where non beyond the easily three meter high fence, or he would be dead anyway the blonde came to rest on a tree branch where he could not only overlook most of the property, but also jump down into the gardens if needed. While he was observing the guard schedule as well as the placement of several hidden posts, Naruto saw a seemingly familiar boat approaching. He blinked. Sure the boat would seem familiar, after all it was the same that Gato used to get to the bridge today. While it docked on a jetty behind the house it was carefully observed. The thugs that left all seemed to fallow the command of one man. Apparently one of them did manage to take the organisation over. And by the bloodstains visible on his clothing it did not happen by previous nomination or even peaceful.

His arrival and power grab did not seem to be taken well by about half of the remaining thugs on the estate. Soon a fight started between the new leaders followers and those who were not agreeable with the situation. And while some people might think this was the perfect opportunity to strike as about one hundred man fought against twice their number, Naruto decided it was not. While he and a large number of shadow clones might be able to take out a large number in the initial strike the survivors would band together against him and even with ninja training two hundred against one were never good odds. As it was he decided that is would be best to wait for them to weaken themselves and then wait until they let their guard down. Not coming back to Tazuna's seemed not that much of a problem to him, since the only ones really caring would be the bridge builder's family. Then again the old man himself might not even notice, drunk as he most likely was. His team, well Sasuke could care less and there is no way he would comment as long as there was no benefit for him, Kakashi would most likely not even notice, absorbed as he was into his smut and Sakura, well she would likely remake on it, try to hit him on the head and then get him into trouble with Kakashi. Not that the Cyclops would care. 'What did I see in the pink haired banshee again?' Naruto thought to himself, before shaking his head and return his focus to the brawl beneath him.

The new leaders decision to kill those who opposed him, even if they did give up when they realised that their faction was going to loose did please him. After all that was one kill less he had to make. 'But then again if I kill close to two hundred people, what will those two dozen make much of a difference?'

Naruto also took great care to see where the injured men were brought to, after all it was very likely that there would be some people around that would stay awake all night long. Another point of interest was the location of the leader and what seemed to be his lieutenants, because from what he could observe during the fight that group of five all seemed to have at least basic ninja training: shuriken, kunai and the replacement technique. As the time went on those five started to consume large quantities of sake in what was likely Gato's office and in some kind of mess hall and the gardens the others started to drink. Also to Naruto's joy he noticed that his enemies had started to neglect guard duty. Not to long after that a pair of disguised clones took over one of the guard routes.

It did not take long until they were approached by a random thug. "Come on" he shouted "The boss wants to deliver a speech to all of us." Without answering the clones followed to the front of the house where a large entrance hall was located. Up the stairs stood the new leader, now with stain free cloth, his lieutenants were located halfway up the stairs.

"Welcome my friends" the boss stated "As you all know I am the new owner of Gato Cooperation. As such our businesses will continue as usual. Well not all as usual, but adjustments must be made. For now, with those ninja in the country as well as most of the citizens in arms we will have to lay low for a few days or even weeks. Afterwards it will be easy to take over the bride and collect a toll from all those who want to use it. All in all, not much will change and of course all of you will get your rightful share." He finished smiling while the audience broke out in cheers. Nobody noticed a single man slip out and burst into smoke. The leader then droned on and on, from time to time interrupted by loud cheers. When the speech was finished and all left for their respective drinks the second clone left their company and disappeared unseen.

'This information is certainly troubling. Was Gato as bad as he was? Then again, how did you end up in his service in first place?' Naruto thought to his incorporeal companions. "Well, he was really good at keeping up that mask as a honest businessman of his. Even I was fooled, thought it was some easy bandit extermination when I took him up on the offer. After all the reward was high – a permanent sanctum where we could hide from hunter-nin. Now when the contract was signed I did not know all details, but well once signed I could hardly back out. You have to know missing-nin do have to keep a certain reputation or no one will hire you ever again. It's the bane of our existence that we have to take jobs like this, but if we don't we would not be able to survive." Zabuza answered sadly. "This is also the reason why I keep this mask on my emotions, even towards Haku, it made dealing with it easier."

About an hour later Naruto decided to make his move. Creating three dozen clones he send them out to stealthy take out the guards on the property. Even that was not as easy as it may sound, since most who took their duty serious had some kind of training. Still, Naruto possessed the advantage of numbers, since there were almost three clones per guard. While most noticed the blond just seconds before he entered striking range – what was a feat with orange jumpsuit and blonde hair – they were killed fast by a cut throat by courtesy of the clone approaching behind. Thou the goal was achieved: all guards were gone and nobody in the house had noticed.

The memories of the few clones that were dispersed on the other hand caused Naruto to shrug off his jacket and created an army of clones wearing his dark blue t-shirt. A couple of them transformed into the man they had just killed and entered the house. Grabbing some sake here and there and grumbling about being stuck on guard duty was their general behaviour. But if the clones met some thug somewhere alone they quickly took care of him and hid his body.

The clones did display some displeasure at killing, thou nobody complained out loud or even lost the content of his stomach. That led to an interesting question with some clones. Did they even have stomachs? Were they less able to feel guilt than the original? Since when where they even able to formulate such philosophical questions?

Meanwhile only about one hundred and fifty able fighters remained in the manor. Approximately another 25 were injured in what he dubbed the infirmary. Naruto's clones on the other hand numbered twelve in the house and a good four hundred outside. The mess hall, where about a hundred drunk mercenaries were located was already discretely rigged with explosive tags. So was to door and wall to the infirmary and the door to the boss office. After concentrating on his chakra reserves and finding them about two thirds full the blonde decided to go for overkill and created another four hundred shadow clones. He himself has never left his sentry and since he had no other ninjutsu to speak of he decided on safety in numbers.

Taking one deep breath he decided to start. Forming a ram seal and sending a chakra pulse to ignite the explosive tags while the clones started their assault. The tags were mostly placed beneath the tables and benches in large numbers due to the fact that they were easy to place there and equally unlikely to be noticed. Others were placed more daring, replacing the labels of more than one sake bottle, on the floor in plain sight, on pants and one clone even managed to place a tag on the inside of the collar of a very drunk samurai wannabe while he insisted on hugging him. So it was no surprise that the initial explosions mainly maimed the legs of the thugs unlucky enough to sit near, if they were not outright blown off. Exploding bottles sent heated liquid and razor-sharp glass fragments through the room, cutting and burning people left and right. One was even unlucky enough to hold a sake bottle with special label in his hand, taking a sip when the tag went off. Let's just say, there wasn't much of his head left. Like the one who had a tag inside of his collar. Nothing to identify him from left.

Not twenty seconds later clones started to pour into the room where they found only about twenty enemies left, and those were in no shape to fight. Now forced to hold their bile down they went to deliver mercy kills.

The infirmary was located in a side building, most likely to prevent sicknesses from spreading and to ensure the healthy ones did not have to deal with the screams and moaning of injured. That provided quiet a bad ending for those who were located there. Since all four walls were heavily coated by explosive tags the roof came down, crushing everyone who might have survived the explosions and flying debris. Half a dozen clones decided to stand sentry to ensure nobody come crawling out of the destroyed building.

Those who were in their rooms, at random places in the house and in the boss's office where best off. While the office was targeted by explosions the debris from the door and adjusting frame did not reach the five people drinking in there. Hearing the explosions they instantly went on guard, but with only twenty of them left and nearly seven hundred shadow clones after their lives the odds were bad. Still most of them did put up quiet a fight, especially the leader and his bodyguards. While all of them presented abilities of a skilled academy graduate non of them was anything special. Even if they worked together covering each others back they soon fell to a constant assault of clones lunging at them with kunai ready to strike and those staying back and throwing shuriken. As soon as one fell, the other four soon followed.

When it all was over the clones started to search the place. They sorted through all kinds of assorted items. Deeds of ownership, mortgages and associated stuff was all put together to one stack, as were most of the bank accounts. Cash and any type of weapon and other useful things landed on a second stack, while miscellaneous items were placed on a third. Naruto planed to give the first stack to the villagers, keep the second for himself and sell the third. And so his clones put two of the stacks into storage scrolls.

Searching the basement some of the clones found prisoners. Exclusively young good-looking women. Freeing them and leading them out of the building they across the massacre that happened in the mess hall. While some took the sight really bad a few, who had apparently been hold in the cells for a longer time, actually started to cheer.

Meanwhile outside of the property the original Naruto was losing his stomach's content. The memories of the clones of the bloody mess they created were bad enough, but the thought that he had just killed over two hundred people in less than five minutes. Well he could have argued that it was his clones and not him, if it was not for this one thug who somehow managed to get to the fence and then through it. A well placed kunai in his throat stopped him dead in his tracks. In the back of his mind Haku commented: "I seldom could bring myself to kill, but this is the way of the shinobi – we kill for money. You should be thankful for your villages reputation, therefore most missions you get assigned you can argue: I kill people so that others can live in peace. You saw the women in the basement, you know what those thugs did to them. You heard the plans of the leader of those bastards. You know how much more people would have died, how much more people would have suffered if you hadn't done this." 'Yeah, but that was no kill in a fight, most of this was a massacre – even if I only was a single man, they never stood a change, most never even got a change to fight back.' he thought back. Zabuza answered: "That would have only led to you getting injured and some of those thugs escaping. They would have sought out other bandits and slowly created a image of the evil Leaf-shinobi that kills everyone he finds. Until one day they would come back in masses and try to gain their rightful retribution for their comrades. That is another important lesson for a young shinobi: we kill from the shadows, we cheat, we lie and all simply to get out of the mess called world with our lives." Naruto drew in air slow and deliberate and exhaled it again, equally slowly. By now he had stopped to vomit and hoped that the breathing exercise helps. Finally he looked up, steeled determination burning in his eyes: "If this is the way we walk so be it, may the gods judge our souls not by how many we killed, but by how many we saved." 'Doesn't mean I have to like it.' he added in thought. His audience of two smiled. "You'll do great brat" Zabuza grumbled good natured.

It took almost two weeks even with a renewed influx of workers and the help of the shinobi, well one shinobi to be honest. After all Kakashi had to read his smut, Sasuke was a ninja after all and too good to do "commoners work" and what was beneath Sasuke's standards didn't even find consideration in Sakura's eyes. Naruto on the other hand saw this as a opportunity to build up muscles. After all a sword like Zabuza's Head Cutter did weight quiet a lot. Also while working he constantly talked to his two friends learning a lot about each others lives and also a good deal about the world, that he either before never deemed important or was never taught.

In the meantime he had clones worth half his chakra reserves working in a secluded part of the woods. Every morning he would get a task from Zabuza and Haku and then try to get it down until dinner. The first day he spend mastering the water element. Both ninja former from Mist were astonished at his fast progress. The rest of the week was spent trying mastering his fire technique, the two academy techniques he was able to do and 'Hidden Mist Technique', 'Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death' and 'Water Clone Technique'. Mastering would mean to be able to use the techniques without hand seals, but so far he was only able to do so with the replacement technique. While he could do the others with one handed seals and less than original, which also meant that it was no longer copyable by the Sharingan, he had them by no way mastered. The second week was spent leaning to manipulate wind, but due to lack of techniques therefore Naruto then tried to master ice manipulation. He did make progress and the speed would have astonished everyone else, but Naruto was a bit peeved that it took him that much longer that manipulating the main elements.

While they did not seem to notice he was also avoiding his teammates as much as possible. Another thing that eluded them was that the citizens of Wave treated Naruto as if he was royalty while mostly ignoring the other three. It seemed that the story of him killing Gato and passing his holdings onto the Country and it's inhabitants has made a quick round after the women he freed arrived at the village. Kakashi seemed more interested in his book than everything else, noting nothing that wasn't a threat to his person. He spend his days sitting on a pillar of the bridge and the evenings sitting on the roof of Tazuna's house. Sakura spend nearly all her time trying to impress the Uchiha or shopping. Sasuke on the other hand tried to find a place away from people and brood in peace, but that was not that easy with a pink haired banshee scouting the place regularly for him. The only good thing about the place in his mind was the lack of fangirls beside the one on his team.

When the four shinobi prepared themselves to leave they were waved goodbye by what seemed to be the island country's whole population. Non of them had changed a bit, besides Naruto, who now wore a forest green bandanna to hide his blonde hair and had abandoned wearing his orange jacket leaving him with a dark blue t-shirt. Nobody could claim that he did not learn his lesson about stealth, because if half-trained dropouts can sense you coming a skilled opponent will kill you. Naruto gave one last hug to Inari before he got one last hug from Tsunami and two women he vaguely remembered freeing from Gato's manor. He smiled and waved as he and his team left Wave Country.

AN: There is also no love lost between me and the banshee and the emo. If I like or dislike Kakashi depends on the characterisation, but I want to try something that I have not seen before (if I manage is another question entirely). I want to portrait him as truly lazy and no care in the world. The only thing that could shake him would be the death of someone close to him, but of that kind no one is left and his not interested attitude doesn't help him to gain any new close friends.

Well anyway first full chapter is done, hope you like it.

About shadow clones and chakra levels: who read carefully will notice that Naruto's limit at the moment is at 1200 clones, then he will collapse of exhaustion. Considering that Kakashi formed 30-40 shadow clones after he was exhausted from fighting Zabuza and even using the Chidori. All while having the Sharingan active... well he probably can create up to 200-250 or so if he is fresh and stay in a fight. Kakashi not striking me as someone with large reserves, after all he can only pull of four Chidoris a day, while Sasuke a Genin can form two (Chunin Exam arc, training before the finals). Well, I'd guess someone like Sarutobi can form up to 800-900 in one go. Well the manga is a bit confusion at times, sometimes it is portrayed as if creating 10 shadow clones is a lot, other times a exhausted Kakashi forms 40... Another thing is this splitting the chakra... Well enough ranting I'll see how people react.