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Chapter One: Dreams

Her dress was white. That was the first thing she noticed. The second thing she noticed was that she couldn't see anything else. Only slightly above where she saw the hem of her dress and her feet resting on the dark hardwood floor, a field of gauzy white obscured her vision. She shook her head slightly, trying to dislodge the obstruction, and saw it move slightly.

There was a weight on her head. She became conscious of it as she moved; it was very slight, and it seemed to be resting around her forehead and slightly over her ears. She wondered what it was and, curious now, started to reach up to take it off…

But something was holding her hands. She couldn't see them, but the grasp was leathery and warm, holding tighter as she tried to move. She stilled with the realization, and the clasp lessened, leaving merely a slight pressure that seemed to radiate comfort and warmth. She relaxed. They were just hands, of course. No need to panic. It was nice to have someone hold her hands…

Someone was speaking. It was a nice voice, she thought, just musical enough to disguise the slight hint of a drone... She focused through the haze that enveloped her, trying to tell what it was saying. Only a few faint whispers slipped through the gauze: "…have and… hold… this day forward…better, for…poorer, in sickness… cherish, 'til death…"

There was another voice. She knew it instantly to be different from the first, for it was deeper, richer, and much closer, with a strange current running through it that distracted her from its strange familiarity. She was so focused on trying to identify why it made her shiver that she almost missed the words. "For now and always."

There was a pause, and then the first voice returned, far less clear than the other had sounded. "Unusual…not tradition… potent enough…" It spoke on, but she paid no attention, distracted by the slowly growing wealth of impressions that were filtering through the snowy gauze. There was a slight breeze, a tiny breath of air that brought both the faint smell of roses and the tiniest of sounds that nonetheless spoke of a multitude not far away, most of them shifting ever so slightly in their seats…

The hands holding hers – they were still holding hers, weren't they? She squeezed them slightly, making sure, and was almost surprised when they squeezed hers in response – the hands holding hers were very warm. She could feel sweat just barely beginning to break out on her palms, and longed to take them and wipe them on her skirt, but she was distracted by something else that was already slick, something around her finger –

The second voice was speaking again, and the words were even clearer than before, capturing her wandering attention completely. The current of electricity running through it made her shiver, half with the sheer strangeness of it, and half with the pleasure of hearing his voice… wait a minute

But he was speaking, and so she focused on the words, hearing their cadence and recognizing through the fog that they, too, sounded familiar… "…fear me, and love me, and do as I say, and I will be your slave…"

Something was expected of her. She got the sudden sense that something around her was waiting, hanging on her next actions, but she didn't know what to do – the fog cleared slightly, and in front of her, she saw two words appear on the whiteness of it. She couldn't tell what they said at first, so she read them again, slowly, out loud – "I do."

She didn't realize how much her voice echoed until she used it. But there was no time to dwell on the fact that the space she was in suddenly seemed cavernous, the sound of her two small words bouncing off the walls and resonating from the high ceiling, for the first voice was speaking again, and it was taking all of her concentration to focus on the words that were suddenly as clear as day…

"You may kiss the bride."

The haze lifted. It was as if a curtain of gauze was slowly exposing itself to her limited vision, rising slowly as if savoring the moment… She could see even more of the floor now, and there were two shapes of black leather just a few feet away from her toes. Boots, they were boots, and now she could see the breeches above them, and the edge of the white dress shirt above that as her gaze followed the rising edge of gauze, mounting more swiftly now as though whatever was lifting it was growing impatient…

The veil was thrown over her head and her mind cleared at last with its removal, only to freeze as he smiled at her, teeth glittering and mismatched blue eyes wrought with triumph and… something else –

But she could not focus, for he was leaning closer, taking the single step required to bring him flush with her body as his arms went around her back and she automatically reached up to embrace him with her own. His gloved hand cupped her cheek, teasing her with its leathery warmth, and a single lock of blonde hair fell into his eyes as he leaned down…

The last thought she registered was Oh no I'm married I'm married I'm married I'm married "For now and always," he whispered, and then his lips descended on hers as the blackness of oblivion descended equally upon her mind.

Sarah sat up, breathing hard. She glanced wildly around her room, searching desperately for a sign that it was all a dream, just a dream, not real can't be real

She was in her bedroom. Her nice, warm, safe, normal bedroom, not the cavernous, echoing hall she had just left, and Sarah shuddered with relief even as a slight smile came to her face. For there were her old books and toys, still hanging on the dingy walls despite the fact that she had been in college for a full year now….

Sarah smiled fully at the memories, relaxing now with a grateful sigh. It was all a dream. Just a dream - no, a nightmare. But she was safe, because that sort of thing only happened in dreams, and so of course it wasn't real... She relaxed even further, letting go of the terrified tension of what was after all just a dream, only a dream, and tiredly reached up to rub her face with her hands –

She froze. There was something cold on one of her fingers where she held it against her cheek. Slowly, oh so slowly, Sarah lowered her hands to her lap, not wanting to look but knowing she had to. No, that's impossible, it was just a dream

But a gold ring winked at her from the fourth finger of her left hand.

Sarah threw her head up wildly, searching for some sign that it wasn't true, couldn't be true… all a dream just a dream can't be true - can't be real

There was a white dress hanging over the chair by her desk. No. Oh, no, no, no

She started breathing hard, beginning to panic now and feeling her heartbeat quicken, and then she whirled at the sound of a sudden rustle behind her –

Jareth smiled at her from where he reclined on the bed, near-white hair mussed but mismatched blue eyes sparkling as he leaned forward, his words barely a whisper.

"Good morning, Sarah. My Sarah." He paused a moment, only inches from her face, seemingly oblivious to the fact that she was frozen in shock and denial. "My Sarah. Mine, now and always." His smile widened. "My wife."

She found herself almost wishing she could feel the softness of his lips as inside she screamed and fell once again into darkness.

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