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"Stupid Danny Phantom, thought he outsmarted me," Mumbled Freakshow staring out the tiniest window his jail cell was even lucky to have. The bars of his bunk bed shook as his cell mate below snored.

Once the Guys in White no longer needed Freakshow he was sent back to prison to serve out his time which was still trying to be decided. He had been given two years for the stealing, but they were trying to decide if they should add on more for using ghosts to help him steal.

So, Freakshow was stuck in a jail cell, doing nothing, waiting out his time, not even sure if it was the day they said it would be.

"If I was a ghost I could just go through the wall," Freakshow said his ghost envy clearly not gone. He was the only one at the prison who cared about ghosts and so could often be found talking to himself.

Freakshow moved closer until his unusually long nose hit the bulletproof glass window. He was already crazy enough, he didn't need to be driven crazy even more by living in that prison, especially with 'Bob Drarry Murr' for his cell mate. He needed to get out of there.

Freakshow hated Danny Phantom for throwing (than re-throwing) him back into prison. He just threw ghosts back into the ghost zone where they lived to begin with, and could easily escape. They caused much more trouble than he ever did! - At the beginning, at least.

It was because of ghosts that Freakshow was in there in the first place. His life had all been about ghosts. His parents had been obsessed with ghost, as were his grandparents, and being able to control them. Ghosts and the circus, that was all they lived for. He loved the circus too, though he turned it into a Goth circus, but ghosts he hated.

"I wish the world was just a big circus where I was the Ring Master with not a single ghost," Freakshow said annoyed, turning to face his wall to try and catch some sleep.

"Well, I'd expected a wish to be let out of prison, but I've been here all day and haven't heard one of those, and your wish sounds much more interesting. Your wish is my command." Freakshow turned around just in time to see Desiree before everything went black.

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