Ok, so I came across this when I went back to 'The World As A Circus' a few weeks ao. I'd forgotten I'd done it. You see, it seems I named the position at the circus for basically ever character in Danny Phantom, even though I didn't use it all. So, I thought I'd add it at the end as an 'extra' - I think I tried to get each one to as best as their character as I could, and the others I just randomized.

Disclaimer: Danny Phantom belongs to Butch Hartman, I'm just borrowing them, and no profit is gained.

Danny Phantom Characters Positions in the Circus

Freakshow – Ring Master

Vlad Masters – Manager

Paulina Sanchez – Acrobat

Star Silver – Acrobat

Valerie Gray – Aerial Artist

Dora Dragon – Aerial Artist

Aragon Dragon – Trapez Artist

Pandora Dark – Trapez Artist

Bertrand – Contortion

Amor Pho – Contortion

Nicolai Technus – Fire-eater

Johnny & Kitty Thirteen – Knife Throwing

Kwan Wu – Clown

Dashiel "Dash" Baxter – Clown

Mathew Lancer – Juggler (clown appearance)

Desiree Ferah – Fortune Teller

Skulker Green – Strongman

Box Ghost – Human Cannonball married to Lady Luna

Ember McLain – Horse Acrobat

Penelope Spectra – Horse Acrobat

Froll Knight – Horse Acrobat

Young Blood – Elephant Acrobat

Madeline "Maddie"&Jack Fenton – Tiger Tamers

James Walker – Circus warden (police)

Lady Luna Ghost – Cook married to Box

Jasmine "Jazz" Fenton – Advertiser

Tucker Foley – Ticket holder

Danny Fenton – Looks after the tigers

Samantha "Sam" Manson – Cleans out the stables

Sidney Poindexter – Worker

Mikey Floors – Worker

Danielle 'Dani' Phantom – New worker