I don't own Law and Order or the characters. Dick Wolf does. It's just a thought that popped into my head from the song Breakeven by the Script.

It was a calm day at the office and they were sitting at their desks wrapping up a case with Munch and Fin. Elliot looked over at Olivia and saw Munch talking to her.

Liv smiled at Munch and laughed, and Elliot hoped it wasn't another one of his conspiracy theories. Munch walked back over to his desk and sat down quietly

drinking his favorite coffee. A few more minutes passed and finally Elliot had to look up, because his neck hurt from staring at a sheet of paper for hours.

Elliot saw Liv in different ways. The first way was his best friend and partner, two his secret love, and the other women which he would never let her be.

Elliot continued staring at Olivia when she looked up and stared back at him with those beautiful chocolate brown eyes and delicate expression. Elliot couldn't

help but smile at her and she smiled back.

She then said "El what's with the looks and smiles?"

"Nothing you're just better to look at than this piece of paper."

She chuckled and said "I would hope so, because there's nothing on that paper."

"Very true Liv."

Elliot had to avert his gaze for a second and Liv went back to the computer. Elliot looked back up and just stared at her, because he could do that for hours.

Not in a creeper way, but as in the silent observing way. Olivia looked up again, but this time when they locked gazes he couldn't look away. They just stared

at each other and Liv licked her lips in a very sexy way that he hated to admit but it turned him on. Fin then broke them out of their eye sex by dropping

a cup of hot coffee on the ground, and they went back to their work. Elliot knew he shouldn't have these kinds of feelings especially for his partner,

but it felt right. All those long hours and dangerous situations made you closer, more than even his wife and him were. The truth was simple they did

care a lot for each other, but did when did caring to much cross the line? When it interfered with their work and got someone hurt or killed.

"Elliot, will you come here for a second?"

"Sure captain" as Elliot got up and lumbered over to the captain.

Liv looked up for a second and then looked back at her computer screen.

"Elliot, your wife called and said she needs you to come home now."

"It sounded like an emergency."

Elliot could only stand there and then he finally said "ok, captain thanks."

Elliot walked back to his desk and got his jacket. Liv asked "what's wrong El?"

"It's Kathy I have to get home."

"Ok, I'll be here."

Olivia felt her heart try to shatter and she wondered can someone die of a broken heart?

Elliot ran out of the precinct and towards his house.

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