I don't own them at all. Dick Wolf does. Based off the song Breakeven.

"The thing is Olivia when I first met you I knew I would be doomed to live in a circle of hell and remain there for a long time. I think I liked you the moment I saw you and over the years it turned to like and then love. When you left it was hard I even turned to someone, but she was wrong for me and it was a mistake. When you came back it was hard at first because I didn't expect my emotions to be so strong and that's when I realized I truly love you."

Olivia was standing there looking shocked and shifted her eyes from Elliot to the others. They looked pretty much the same, and Olivia was glad not many other people were here. The captain had come out of his office and was listening to Elliot talk as well.

"The point is Liv if the world ended tomorrow I would regret never telling you how I feel and knowing if you felt the same."


"Tell me after the poem please Liv?"

Olivia nodded her head so he continued on now. Elliot started reading

"My love for you is infinite and bountiful like the ocean.

My heart aches when I'm away from thee.

When I'm near you my soul burns with fire.

It is something I have never known.

You by my side where you belong.

You don't know it yet, but I've claimed you as mine.

No other shall have you as long as I live.

Am I jealous? A tad bit possessive?

Yes, this is true.

I have your heart and know what you need.

The word is plain and simple.


Elliot stood there and saw a tear escape Liv's eyes and he went to her side.

"Liv are you ok," he asked as he brushed the tear away with his finger.

"Elliot I do love you as well, but the rules."

Cragen looked at them with understanding and said "IAB shouldn't care anymore. They expected this to happen for a while now."

Cragen and the other were close to tears as well. The poem was beautiful and because they had never seen Elliot act like that before and it scared them, but in a good way.

Elliot then said "my last surprise for today is this," and then he pulled out an origami heart with a ring on it. Olivia gasped and looked at Elliot. She wasn't sure if she could trust her voice now and she said yes. Munch and Fin congratulated them and Cragen made them come in his office.

"I'm happy for you two."

"Thanks captain."

"Have you thought about what will happen now?"

"We'll leave it up to you captain."

"As far as I'm concerned you guys work well together and it would be interesting if I split you up." He stood thinking and then said "consider you two staying together an engagement present."

"Thanks captain."

"Get out of here you have the rest of the day off."

Elliot and Olivia left the precinct and drove to the hospital.

"How are we going to tell your kids?"

"We'll tell them the truth."

"Even after everything with Kathy?"

"Trust me Liv they love you."

Elliot walked into Kathleen and Richard's room and said "I have something to tell you guys."

"Maureen and Elizabeth looked up from talking and waited patiently.

"I proposed to Olivia about 35 minutes ago and she said yes, are you ok with this?"

His kids looked at him "yes we are." As the kids got up and gave them hugs. Olivia had never been happier in her life, and new more happiness was to come.

Kathleen then said "let's see the ring Olivia." Olivia walked over to the bed and Maureen and Lizzie followed. Olivia showed them her hand that now had a diamond engagement ring on it.

They gasped and said "that's a beautiful ring."

Elliot and Richard were talking as well, and Richard saw how happy his dad was so he said "you made the right choice dad I like Liv."

"Yeah I know you do son."

"Are you guys going to be ready to go home?"

"Yes, I hate hospitals."

Elliot signed the discharge papers and they all walked out the hospital doors together. Olivia got in her car with Kathleen and Maureen. Elliot got in his car with Richard and Lizzie. They drove to the house and ordered takeout. They put on a movie and all fell asleep on the couch together. If anyone looked in the window they would see a family on the couch and Elliot and Olivia holding hands.

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