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(OK, imagine Sylar/Gabriel is at the carnival and doesn't know who he is (based on promo) and lets say Claire manages to find herself here: P and so I have my story lol)

I found myself at a carnival, it was unlike any carnival I had seen because it was full of people like me, not like me exactly but you get the gist. I looked around searching for something to latch onto a piece of normal, well as normal as I get, I mean how was I to know that my sorority sister actually had invisibility as an ability and killed my room-mate, just to get me here. My eyes took in the desert like surrounding noticing the tranquillity of everything. That is because this place, it does not exist, it does to me and to others of my kind but to anyone else it is nothing. A piece of land waiting to be controlled by the human race, and yet we are already here.

My eyes lay upon a man. A man who I had known for the prominent years of my life, a man who had killed both my parents, and a man who was meant to be dead. Becky appeared by my side almost instantly,

"Do you know him? He doesn't remember anything, he says his name is Gabriel Gray". I smirked " I know him" She smiled at me looking for reassurance, I wouldn't give her any, because anywhere he is, was, is bad. She took my arm and led me towards him, I should have run, I should of done something, but curiosity kills the cat. Its a good thing I cant die.

Becky introduced him to me, not that we needed introducing, well I didn't at least. She was right of course, he couldn't remember anything. Nothing. Zero. Zilch. Zip. He was sat next to a women called Lydia... I'm not jealous, I'm not.

I looked into his eyes, he had no worries, they were chocolate brown, not the black that I was used to. He smiled at me. He was, I hate to say it Irresistible. And yet without his memories, he wasn't what I wanted.

As the sun set on the foreign plain. I cant help think. Would it really be so bad to fall in love with someone you shouldn't?

More and more people gathered around him the next day, they unlike me were not immune to his charms. He was a blank canvas, and no one knew who he was, or what he was. He was different from the rest, he was restless, in-contented with being here.

I could watch him for hours though, for all my hate, he drives me insane with the intensity or everything he does. I heard a rustling in the bushes behind me and then came out three men. All unrecognisable except for the middle man, who I knew as Matt a policeman with the ability to hear peoples thoughts. His eyes were wide with fear and his body seemed restrained as if keeping something from getting out.

I followed the direction of his eyes. Then it all added up. Matt screamed and writhed, he let go. Time stopped. And the monster inside his head, growled in satisfaction.

Sylar POV

I awoke, and memories came flooding back. I knew where I was and who I was. I am Sylar and I have my body back.

I look around me and see an insignificant ocean of faces. The people of the carnival. A whole carnival of abilities.

Claire POV

I could see it in his eyes the calculations, I could practically hear him think it, a whole carnival full of abilities. He started his I am sylar, I am amazing speech and my brain whirred with the countless opportunities of this situation. I made up my mind and grabbed a really. Big. Stick.

Chapter 2

I crept up behind him as silently as humanly possible and hoped that the carnival music would muddle up his all hearing ears. I smiled under my breath and lifted the wood above my head, what would this be the third, the fourth time of knocking him unconscious, hey, I believe in karma, what goes around comes around. And I hit him. Really. Really. Hard.

Sylar POV

CRACK, I fell to the ground but not before I saw the face of my pain benefactor. Her long blonde hair now cropped, and her uniform less state was even more appealing if that was possible. I grabbed her foot as she went to step over me. If I was going down so was she.

Claire POV

I tumbled to the floor and before I knew it he was pinning me down to the ground on top of me.

"Hello Claire" he said

"I hate you" I replied instantaneously. His laugh echoed through me. I felt my whole body vibrate, he pressed his lips to my ear and muttered, "lie detector. And I say you don't", I could feel his smirk against my cheek. I flushed red. I pushed him off of me. I got to my feet as swiftly as possible and saw that everyone was looking at us, Each one more agitated than the next. However Samuel looked pleased as if a plan had fallen into place...

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