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Samuel made sure that my caravan was destroyed. No one saw him. No one heard him. But I knew. This was a sick joke. The kind where the matchmaker, isn't your loving friend, and the guy isn't the high school crush. A Serial Killer and a madman.

I moved my stuff to Sylars Temporary home. I only wished it could have been Lydias'. I took a breath before entering hell. Trying to think optimistically. "At least its warm" I muttered.

He was sat there waiting. Like always. Prepared. His mouth into a smirk as mine a frown. I dumped my stuff on the bed and sat at the opposite end of the caravan. As far away as I could possibly get. I could hear him chuckle. And in a instant, he was right behind me. He hands went round me closing me to him. "Now now Claire, that's no way to act. We're Roomies" He observed with enthusiasm. I disgusted, turned and slammed hard down on his foot. He let go, with a growl.

I went to walk away only to find my self pulled back by the power of telekinesis. And then his lips were on mine.

They were not cold, they were not scaly, not wet. Not horrible. In fact they were warm and soft. I gasped in surprise. This seemed to.. amuse him. And his tongue caressed my lip looking for entry. I opened my mouth slightly, unsure. That's all he needed, He slipped inside and our tongues danced. Intertwined. My arms around his neck, and my hands in his hair. He groaned and deepened the kiss. He was right before though. I could have been his first first lady. We were the only ones who were going to live forever. I sighed in bliss. He pulled back.

I was left stranded alone. Without a lifeline. I looked at him, expecting him to smirk and taunt. Instead he leaned in again. This time pausing at my ear, he bit down softly and said. "Come to bed".