"Hey!" House said rather loudly to a hospital receptionist who he could tell was obviously not doing her job, "Looking for a Dr. Cameron."

The receptionist looked up rather annoyed at being interrupted and instead of answering him pointed to board on the wall rather than deal with the obviously rude person herself.

House scoffed sarcastically, "Good to know incompetent hospital staff isn't limited to the lower 48. Although this ain't much of a hospital." With that remark and a disgusted face, which was reciprocated by the receptionist, House hobbled off toward the plaque in question.

He stood there and scanned the names, which he would have found too much trouble if this wasn't such a small hospital, finding the one he wante took off. "For crying out loud!" House said impatiently as he found out the clinic was so small it didn't even have an elevator.

A couple of nurses looked at him weirdly. "Sorry cripples don't get along with stairs," House said after them and thought for a moment and finally started to slowly move up the stairs. When he got to the second floor, which he was glad that the hospital was so small it only had two floors. House looked around and set off in the direction he thought the office he was looking for was.

Finally he found an office with a white board on the wall next to it that had Dr. Allison Cameron written on it. House marveled for a split second at the cheapness of this facility and picked up has cane a hit a few times against the door.

No sound came from the other side and he picked up his cane to continue his assault on the piece wood when the door opened a crack and a familiar green eye looked stared back at him. There was silence for a split second before Cameron spoke, "What are you doing here House?" Her voice was more accusatory than questioning.

"Vacation time," he answered casually.

"Right," she answered back knowingly and her eyes noticed him leaning more on his cane than usual. She looked back at him, "Surfboarding not go so well?"

House noticed the hostility in her voice and knew she still remembered their last meeting, "Wow. For you that is a pretty cheap shot… but no this dump, you work in, masquerading as a hospital doesn't even have an elevator.

A somewhat devious grin spread across her face, "Why do you think I picked it? I thought you might show up here someday"

House looked at her amused and studied her intensely with his eyes trying to get more of a read.

"Why are you here House?" the question more direct than last time.

"Let me in we need to talk," he said but she made no move to let him in, "I can stand here as long as you can I have nowhere to be."

"I doubt that," Cameron said gesturing at his leg and noticed it jerking a little knowing the stairs actually took their toll on him. Knowing that he was stubborn enough to back up his claims and the small part of her that still held some remorse made her move and open the door.

Cameron went and sat down behind her desk and House sat in of the two chairs on the other side without being invited to do so.

Cameron gave the question again, "So you going to tell me why you're here?" Half of her just wanted to find out what he wanted so she could get him out of here and other half found it curious that he was here.

House looked up at her and noticed her appearance, "So you won the length but Chase got to keep the color." His statement was more an observation than it was a question noticing she had changed back to the brunette version of herself. "Interesting," he muse out loud.

"House," she said somewhat warningly not wanting to quip about that subject.

He decided no to observe her directness "I told you vacation."

Cameron gave him another knowing look, "First you hate vacations that venture further out than your apartment, two if you did take a vacation it would be to a national monster truck rally or to the rock n' roll hall of fame, and three you always go anywhere for a reason."

"Well what can I say Cuddy is letting me use the hospital expense account and the two choices you listed, while appealing, just aren't expensive enough to get a good enough reaction from her when she gets the bill," House said with smile as if he were saying a fact.

Cameron noticed he sidestepped her third criteria for his vacation, "So you came here, to Hawaii."

"Got on the wrong flight I was going to Disney World," he said mockingly before continuing, "but I decided to make the best of it, the Hawaiian tropics team is doing an event this weekend."

Cameron gave a small sigh, which kept her from grinning. "Why would Cuddy give you the hospital expense account?" Cameron asked figuring if she kept asking questions she would eventually get to the truth.

"Cuddy said she needed a week of peace before I start up the games," House said rather smugly.

"The games," Cameron repeated knowing she was hitting closer to the reason for his visit. "How many spots you got to fill this time?"

House looked outside the window for a moment taking in the nice view Cameron had from her office before turning back, "Cuddy is allowing me to have four."

"All of them?" she said surprised before recovering her composure, "Everybody quit on your or did you fire them?"

House gave a small smile at the phrasing of the question that was supposed to be a dig at him, "Dinner."

"What?" she said, taken off balance.

"I'll tell you if you come to dinner," he repeated. House could she was struggling with an answer and decided to help her out, "Come to dinner and I won't bother you again otherwise I got six more days to harass the hell out of you. Oh and that senior citizen you guys are passing off as a security guard is no match for my cane," House said picking up his cane and showcasing as a weapon.

"Fine," she said in fake hostility though glad he made the excuse for her. Even though her damned curiosity, which she hated to say she picked up from House, was going to make her say yes anyway.

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