Without hesitation House burst through the doors into boardroom, taking everybody but Cuddy and Wilson by surprise. As he entered he surveyed the room and noticed the meeting was being held in the room where they usually held organ transplant meetings. Obviously it was a tactic by Cuddy and her goons to try and unnerve, having all the tables in the room facing him while he addressed the board.

He smirked, Cuddy should have known better. It didn't't matter if he was berating a few or many he was going to get what he wanted. His intense blue eyes could easily intimidate their pair of twelve.

"House what are you doing?" Cuddy said flustered as soon as he came in and stood right next to her.

"Why Dr. Cuddy it is impolite to start the party without me, especially since I called it," House said with mock respect.

"You can't just burst in," Cuddy continued not wanting to relent.

"I might take that into consideration in the future, but as I said this is my rodeo and it is my turn to address the clowns," House said just loud enough so everybody could hear him.

Cuddy decided to stop sparring with him knowing his last comment wasn't going to garner him any support.

Wilson, who sat at the second table, which was elevated above the first, met House's gaze and tried to communicate to House that the board was against him.

Wilson also noticed House's intimidation act of placing his cane on the podium ledge at the top, right in front of the board. He was a cripple but he was still an imposing figure. In fact having the handicap gave him a valid reason to carry a possible weapon.

House cleared his throat and began, "I am assuming that since you all looked so comfy when I came in that Cuddy has informed you all why I'm here. My department is getting a new team and I want Doctor Cameron to be a co-head. You all have no reason to deny Doctor Cameron or me my request. This is nothing but a power play, a way to show me I can't always get my way. The problem for you is it won't work, I will win"

The board members, even Wilson to an extent, were shocked to see House to speak so bluntly. Cuddy inwardly smiled that House was seemingly hanging himself.

"The fact of the matter is Doctor House that you cannot just create a position without the consent of the board or me," Cuddy stated firmly.

"True," House admitted and a few eyebrows rose skeptically, "but I did and Doctor Cameron is here. Last time when I formed a team Cuddy brought in Doctor Foremen to do exactly what I am asking Doctor Cameron to do. She brought Doctor Foremen in to fill a position that didn't exist without consulting me about it, so again this isn't about hospital protocol. Also you all should know Cuddy's plan with Foremen failed. She gave him no power than my other stooges, a mistake I am rectifying by giving Doctor Cameron the same power as I do. You all have a better shot of controlling me by making Doctor Cameron a department head."

Wilson silently applauded his best friend on his tactics. Cut Cuddy down on a similar thing she did, boast his own plan, and placate the board by telling them end up benefiting by siding with him. Wilson also had to keep from laughing because Cuddy looked livid and he could almost swear steam could be see steam rising off of her.

Doctor Knight decided to break in to ask a question, "You expect us to believe that someone you handpicked would have any sort of control over you?"

"Doctor Cameron above all else puts the patient first. I do insane things to save my patients and she understands that it is sometimes necessary, but she is also the first to call me out if it puts the patient in danger. She gets what I do and why I do it. She has the ability to work with me and think on my level," House answered with no trace of sarcasm.

"Your department is still too small to justify paying another department head," Cuddy interjected willing to fight him tooth and nail for this.

From the unchanging faces on the board House decided he had enough. He hated trying to be diplomatic so it was time to just go at it. "If this was about money you would cut down the number of fellows I could hire but as stated before this whole thing is a power play. Fine if that is how you all want to play it lets cut the bullshit. You all have no legitimate reason for me not to hire Doctor Cameron. So either give me what I want or I'll quit!" House's voice was heated and confrontational.

Wilson's and everybody else were caught completely off guard. Wilson wondered if this display was just for Cameron or if House really wanted to put the board in place. He also wondered how House was going to justify the hospital's need for him. All Wilson knew was since House came in the boardroom there had been a spark ignited in his friend.

"No other hospital will hire you," Cuddy said taken aback not expecting that from House.

House ignored her and chose to address one of the board members, "Doctor Miller."

"Yes," the woman answered somewhat cautiously.

"You have a son in med school at Yale right?" House asked.

The woman's face lit up at the mere mention her son, "Yes he is in his last year. Why do you ask?"

"Has he ever asked you about me? Maybe his friends wanted to know if you ever met the infamous Doctor House?" House asked the woman while the board wondered what he was trying to prove.

Doctor Miller looked around at the other board members who turned to look at her waiting for an answer; "Yes he and his friends have asked me several times about you. He told me that some of the students have actually formed a sort of club up there."

"Excuse me, but what does your popularity at College Campuses have to do with anything," Cuddy asked.

"The only time I have been to Yale was for a lecture I gave sixteen years ago and yet they still have a club that worships me. If you go to any medical school you'll hear my name talked among the masses," House said leading the board to his point.

"So what difference does it make if you're a legend among the college circuit," Cuddy asked again.

"The point is my legendary stature is vital to this hospital. College graduates not only apply here for my fellowship but other departments because I am here, allowing this hospital to attract some of the top doctors in this country."

House's voice was loud and firm making sure they all heard him. He needed their attention before he continued and judging by their quiet he had it.

"This hospital puts up with me and gives me what I want because I am the best at what I do. I am world-renowned doctor, maybe even the best. You all call me egotistical but it isn't an ego if you can back it up. The rich people, Cuddy loves, donate to this hospital because I'm here. The most important thing to rich people, besides making more money, is making sure they live long enough to enjoy it. They donate to this hospital because they think that gives them direct access to me, just in case they happen to get a life threatening disease. My reputation and their paranoia pads this hospital's bottom line, House continued on like every word was true.

Wilson looked at the other doctors and saw they were considering his words. He knew at least part of what his friend was saying was accurate. Judging by Cuddy's silence she couldn't refute anything House said eithet. Wilson also laughed because he knew House was holding back a remark about Cuddy regarding him as a legend when she attended college with him.

"We're still the only hospital that will hire you and let you practice the way you do," Cuddy said still not backing down. She also wondered how House knew that so many donors donated to insure they could get his services if they fell ill.

"You are right about that, but given my popularity I don't need this job. Lets say you get rid of me, I'll write a book. I guarantee you it will be a best seller amongst my college groupies and countless number of doctors who stand in awe of what I do. There are also unlimited speaking requests that I could start accepting and getting paid for. The thing is, you need me I don't need you," House said without stumbling.

Wilson knew that last part was a partial lie, but if House wasn't bluffing about him attracting donors, he knew the hospital wouldn't run as easily. He had also seen how many speaking requests House got so that wasn't a lie; he could be a full time speaker if he wanted. What Wilson was most astonished about was that House was literally pulling out all the stops for this argument.

"You hate speaking and you definitely would despise writing a book," Cuddy said exasperated. She was becoming flustered and losing the formality that she should be using. As much as she hated to admit it was true the hospital needed House.

"I am not above spite," House said simply knowing it was pretty much a done deal.

"So basically we allow Doctor Cameron to be co-department head of diagnostics or you leave," Doctor Knight asked. His voice losing its' edge and stern it held earlier.

"That seems to be what I am saying," House said showcasing his snark, "However I have decided to take pity on you and give you all something in return for your cooperation."

Wilson who had been enjoying House's speech now looked at him closely. House never gave or compromised for anything so he was up to something.

No one seemed to answer House so Wilson finally spoke up, "What would that be?"

House gave a grin, he had managed to stun Wilson, "Even though this was a power play, most of your objections are well founded. My department is too small to be paying for another head so I am willing to make some concessions."

There was pause before Cuddy asked, "Such as?"

"I hire Cameron as a department ahead and get six fellows from the bunch of idiots that are auditioning for me during the next couple months. In return l will take on more cases. Having two heads will give diagnostics the ability to have two teams to take on more cases," House addressed the board.

"How many more cases," Cuddy asked. She was now intrigued in spite of herself.

"I'll even take the most boring cases you all can't figure out. Also to boost this hospital's rep I'll even start writing articles to go along with the increase in cases." House added to seal this deal.

Now Wilson understood House's motives to agreeing to more work. House got Cameron and six new puzzles to mess with. Wilson found it odd but it was a pretty much even trade.

House's proposal caused the different heads to start talking amongst themselves, trying to sort through everything.

Cuddy looked skeptically at House, "Anything else you want?"

"I wouldn't mind complete immunity from clinic duty," House tried.

Cuddy gave him a look that said that wasn't happening.

"So I've showed you my hand. Once you all talk it out send Wilson up to my office to bring me the news," House declared and exited the room after shooting Wilson triumphant look.

A/N: Hopefully I didn't over glorify House's importance too much but Cuddy often remarks that House is the best. Two more chapters and this story will be in a place that I can leave off without being too much of a disappointment.