I was walking through a crowd of soccer snobs and fake designer wearing girls. I was in the middle of know where with wanna b's. What did I ever do to deserve this? Why ME?! Crying and cursing inside I shurgged my Dolce & Gabbana covered shoulders and made my way down the hall.
All the way to my assinged locker I got stares. It wasn't until I got to my locker did I actually notice someone. A boy and a girl were arguing. The boy was attractive with his blond hair and green eye, but it was the girl that had my attention. She had midnight black hair with dark eyes. She wore black lip stick and matching eye shadow. They were arguing about a mansion and a "Monster boy.". When stepped closer to the pair, I stopped dead in my track.
She smelled of vampire. Know matter where, or what class you're in, vampires had a cetain smell to them. A drak, myterious, attractive scent. Taking another wiff,
I decided she definitely smelled of vampire. Since she was my locker neighbor I decided to introduce my self. Stepping in front of Green Eyes, I faced the girl.
"Hi, i'm Alex, and you are?" I asked sweetly.
SHe looked at me funny. "Raven."
"Pleasure to meet you Raven." I said shaking her hand. " Finally I meet some one with style."
Raven smiled and laughed. :It's about time I met some one eho understands."
I smiled and turned to leave when Green Eyes stepped in front of me. "Trevor Mitchell. This schools star player." he said with a wink.
Switching m weight I looked him u and down. He was soemthing.
"Thats nice. I said and continued on ward.
"Alex. Isn't that a guys name." called Trevor.
I heard a "smack" and a "Ow, what was that for?"
Stopping, I slowly turned and faced him once more.
"Alex is an name for eaither sex. And for you're information, its short for something."
He snickered. "What? Alexa? Big difference."
I rolled my blue eyes. "Alexandra, smart one."
As soon as i said my name, from behind Trevor's locks of silken hair, I notice Raven tense.
I quickly turned before anyone could say anything else. Alexander. Jackpot. The next thing I'd have to do is fallow the vampires scent to the vampire. I couldn't wait!