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School was done in a nick of time. Not caring if anyone saw me, I ran all the way home. I stopped infront of my new home. Once i got into the house, Shadow jumpped on top of me. Shadow was my black Alaskin wolf. Shadow had olways been my guard ever since I got him. Even as a puppy he would nip and bark to protect me. I layed still on the floor, not breathing. I felt his cold nose nudge at my face. It wasnt unil he stuck his nose in my ear that i laughed and pushed him away. He barked and bounced around me. Knowing my parents were asleep, i laughed loudly. I didnt care if you were never to be rude to your parents. Your not supposed to take your child away from everything she knows.

I walked into the garden in the backyard. I ended up in the swing staring at the light through the glass that covered the backyard. Shadow had his muzzle on my knee snoring slightly as I pushed us back and forth on the swing. I didn't realize how long we have been swinging here until i heard my parents arise from the coffin. I ran my fingers through Shadows midnight fur and shook him lightly. He snorted and pulled away, curling in a ball at my side. I shrugged and left the swing, heading for the house. In a moments time, he was walking by me, a little sleepily, but still walking. I laughed and patted his head.

I felt the moment my parents came to the first floor of the house. My mother wore a lacy black corset and a blood red silk skirt reaching the floor. Her midnight hair brought out the red in her hair. her pale complection brought out her red lips and beauty mark on her lip. As for my father, he wore a simple tux with a lond black cape. They didnt even acknoledge me until my father put mothers hooded cape on her shoulder and opened the door.
"We will be back soon sweetheart. Your father and I are dying to have a look around town." And with that, i was left alone with Shadow.

My parents never seemed to care, thats why i got Shadow in the first place. I bit the inside of my cheeks to keep quit. I stormed up to my room. Shadow ran after me. I fell back onto my bed and stared up at my ceiling. Shadows body curled against mine. Giving me comfort. I layed there for maybe twenty minutes when i sat up and decided to do something. i snatched my hooded cape off of my dresser and tied it around my neck. Shadow followed me the entire time. I just walked until i ended up some where. It wasn't until I saw the school did i realize i ended up in Dullsville. I put my hood on and continued onward. I passed the soccer field and stopped for a moment.

The one named Trevor wasnt lying when he said he was the schools star athlete. Becuase i am form Romania, i happen to know a lot about soccer. He wasnt bad. Wasnt bad at all. It wasnt until once of his friends said something to him that he noticed me watching. Where i stood it was pitch black. So when he stepped over on his break he didnt see Shadow. Shadow jumpped at him, tackiling him to the floor. As soon as his friends and coach saw what happen they rushed over to help.

"Call off your dog lady!" someone shouted.

"That's no dog. Its a wolf!" called another.

"Im calling the police." yelled the coach.

They threw curses at me and Shadow, yet I said nothing and Shadow stayed upon Trevor.

Trevor tried to push Shadow off of him, but not only was Shadow a wolf, he was a lot hevier than him. Shadow may look like he was going to eat Trevor alive, but he wasn't. It was just something i taught him many years ago. As the kids and coach tried to step forward, Shadow would snap and growled deeper. Without stepping into the light. I placed my hand ontop of Shadows head and he pulled away. Trevor scrammbled up immediatly. His heart beat was beating faster than normal for a human. Shadow backed up and stood at my side. With one quick look, we were off. Shadow and I walked around town and got stares everywhere we went. I was starved to I got something called a taco. It was delicious. Nothing like I ever tasted. It was when we got home did the fun begin.

I sensed my parents before i rounded the corner. I opened the fron door and they were there. They were standing there as if they were standing there for hours. I smiply walked passed them. My father caught my arm and spu me around. Shadow growled and lunged at my dad. He hissed in return. I held on to Shadows to keep him from attacking him.

"Do not touch him." i said in a low tone.

"I may do whatever i wish." he said in return.

"Not to him." "Sweetheart we were just so worried for you. We didnt know if anything happened to you." my mother said with a sad smile. I rolled my eyes. "As if anything could happen to me."
My fathers eyes flashed. "Just becuase you are different from the rest of us does not mean you get to act like one."
I switched my weight. "Do you hear your self? You just said i am the only one yet you said i act like "one of them". Real smart."
He hissed at me and raised his hand. My mother caught it before he could strike me, but i wasnt worried. He could strike me if he tried.
I rolled my eyes and went to my room. I threw my cape into the corner of my room and took a hot shower. i slipped into one of my silk dresses and slipped into my red silk covers. Shadow curled a my backside and fell alseep before i did. I couldnt wait to move out of this dump.