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Strong hands brushed over his torso. He arched slightly into the touch, enjoying the feeling. The white ninja felt himself being pushed back into the mattress as his neck was attacked by harsh lips. The owner of said lips sucked and nibbled at the sensitive flesh and he moaned louder then he would have liked, though he didn't try to stop it. The mouth smiled against his neck and slowly kissed his way up the white ninja's neck until he reached his mouth where he caught it in a sloppy, lust-filled kiss. Storm Shadow wrapped his arms around his lover's neck in an attempt to deepen the kiss, but he was pushed down into the mattress again. This time the trail of kisses led downwards and slowly it turned from kisses to small bights and licks making Storm Shadow moan again. The mouth stopped at the waist line of the ninja's pants. The white ninja, in response, moaned for him to continue. Quick like a ninja, because well he is a ninja, the black ninja pulled his pants and boxers down and off. The white ninja gasped as the cold air hit his length. He gripped his partner's hair and gasped again as his cock was hit with a different temperature. It was as if an inferno had engulfed it. The black ninja licked his way up and down the length before taking it in his mouth again. "Snake," the white ninja moaned.

"snake, Snake, SNAKE!" Storm Shadow shot up in bed, sheets clinging to his skin. The alarms were sounding all around him.

"Damn," he mumbled.

"Attention, Sector twelve has been breached. All units report to sector twelve." That voice always annoyed him. Storm Shadow grabbed his uniform and hastily threw it on. He had a feeling he knew who the intruders where and what they wanted. Instead of heading to sector twelve he ran the opposite way, towards their latest experiment.

The Joes hadn't expected to be found out about so quickly. They had only just entered the Cobra base when an alarm went off and they had to split off. Snake Eyes went after the girl and the rest of the Joes pretended to try to find her so Snake Eyes would be able to locate and save her faster.

His footsteps barely echoed down the corridor. Though the sound was barely audible it was too loud for the ninja and he tried to lighten his steeps while keeping up his pace. Rooms raced past and he slowed before turning the corner. The black ninja ran to almost the end off the corridor before he turned to face a door. It was locked so he did the next thing he could, kicked it down. He stopped in his tracks when he saw the girl he was trying to save in the arms of a white ninja. His sword was pressed up against her neck and she was squirming in his grip.

"I knew you would come for her," Storm Shadow smirked "Then maybe there'll be someone you'll actually be able to talk to." Snake Eyes flinched a little on the inside at that comment. It wasn't so much his fault that he didn't talk besides he would never be able to find the right words.

Storm Shadow threw the girl to the side and she hit her head on the floor. She mumbled some incoherent words before falling silent. Snake Eyes ran to Storm Shadow, their blades clashing in a fury of sparks. They traded clashes of blades until Snake Eyes knocked Storm Shadow's blade out of his hands. He pressed his sword against the white ninja's neck. Then in one swift motion he grabbed the girl and sheathed his blade running out the room and leaving behind a confused white ninja.

Snake Eyes ran back down the halls at a record pace. He encountered only a few people and none of them even registered who he was or what he was doing. When he made it to the other Joes they had their hands full with fighting off the Cobras. When they saw him they began to fall back, their backup already had the jets waiting for them. Snake Eyes was one of the first on; he set the girl down on the bench and tried to stop her from moving around to much. He was soon joined by Scarlet, Duke, Ripcord and the rest of the Joes.

"See Duke didn't I tell you this was gonna be a piece of cake," Ripcord laughed and Duke rolled his eyes. "I mean look at us, Snake Eyes got the girl no problem and we got away with only a few scratches. That's pretty damn good if I do say so myself."

Snake Eyes looked down at the girl who was beginning to ster. Scarlet looked over.

"What happened to her?" She looked at the girl as the ninja pointed to her head. Scarlet seamed to get the memo and she left to go get something to help ease the girl's pain when she awoke. She moved again and here eyes slowly flickered open. Her hand moved to her head to rub the spot where it had hit the floor. Scarlet returned with an ice pack and the girl quietly thanked her. She proceeded to look around at everyone. Her eyes stopped when they met with those of the black ninja. She tilted her head to one side to look at him.

"Are you okay?" The girl turned to look at the redhead and she nodded.

"Your name is Bel right? I'm Scarlet and this is Duke, Ripcord and Snake Eyes." Each member of the team nodded as their name was said and Bel nodded back.

"So," Scarlet began

"I'm sorry, but I'd rather not talk about it right now," Bel said. Scarlet was taken back. "I was wondering though, who are you and where are you taking me?" Duke spoke up

"We're an elite team of soldiers who are trained to handle missions that no one else can. We're call G.I. Joe and we're taking you to our base so we can make sure that you're safe." Bel nodded.

"Bel, I don't know if you know this or not, but your parents they're..." Scarlet trailed off.

"Dead, I know." Everyone looked at her and she shrugged her shoulders. "I've known since it happened, or at least I learned a few moments after it did. I miss them yah, but we were never really that close and it's kinda hard to miss something when you never really had it." She fell silent and looked out the window. The rest of the group looked at her momentarily, with either sympathy or wonder, until resuming with the preparations for landing.

"So they already told you about G.I. Joe then?" Bel nodded. The General rolled his eyes and turned to Duke. "Why did you tell her, what if she was really a spy for Cobra?" Duke sighed

"Well it wouldn't really matter because we were taking her here anyways so she would have known that this was our base."

"No Duke because we were fully prepared to make this our 'back-up' base so she wouldn't know it was the real one. Well she's not a spy so you got off lucky, but because you almost jeopardized the whole mission she's staying with you and your team." Ripcord groaned and Duke was speechless.

"But, she, we" he managed to stutter out, but the general wasn't listening.

"Scarlet she'll be sharing a room with you until we can clear one for her, Ripcord keep an eye on her, show her the ropes, Duke I want you to keep her out of trouble and Snake Eyes train her so she can at least defend herself against Cobra. Those are orders, now get away from here." The General got up and walked out of the room.

Scarlet turned to the girl, "Well we'll help you get settled. If you'll follow me I can take you to our room and then Rip will show you around." The girl nodded and followed Scarlet out of the room, the rest of the Joes followed in suite.

The days had begun to blur together. Bel had spent the first few days tagging along with Ripcord in order to learn her way around, but after that she spent most of her time wondering around. That was what she happened to be doing when the General saw her and told her to report to the training room. She sighed, but did as she was told.

The training room was filled with multiple people and Bel had no idea who she was looking for. Her azure eyes scanned everything until she saw someone she knew. He was the ninja that saved her. Bel tapped her foot, she knew his name. If only she could think of it. After a few moments of thinking she remembered. His name was Snake Eyes and he was the one who was going to train her. Bel ran over to where he was.

"Hey," she poked him in the back. Snake Eyes turned to look at her. "You're teaching me right?" he nodded. Snake Eyes took her shoulders and held her at arms length away from him.

'She has a good body structure. Not to tall, or to skinny. Must have hidden strength, though not a lot. Her hair is a little long, but that doesn't matter that much.' Snake Eyes thought to himself.

"My hair isn't that long." Bel snapped Snake Eyes away from his thoughts. He gave her a puzzled look.

"You said my hair was to long, it's not. It's really quite short for a girl." Snake Eyes shook his head and pointed to his mouth. Bel gave him a confused look.

"He's saying he doesn't talk." They both turned to the owner of the voice. Bel smiled at Breaker.

"Hey, what's up?"

"Just like I was telling you, he doesn't talk." Bel tilted her head to the side.

"Really? I could have sworn he said that. He said something else too, about body structure or something." Snake eyes shook his head.

'Why doesn't she just drop it? Everyone knows that I don't talk and I'm not gonna start just because of some girl. Stubborn teenager.'

"See!" both males turned to the blue haired girl "He just did it again. He talked. I hate to break it to you, but telling someone you don't talk counts as talking."

"Bel, are you hallucinating? He still hasn't said anything."

"Are you sure?" Breaker nodded. Bel ran a hand through her hair. She stood and tapped her finger on her chin before a look of shock and realization crept onto her face.

'God now what.' Snake Eyes thought.

"I'll tell you what," Bel began "I know what they did to me there."

"How's experiment MR-815 doing?"

"All systems are functioning properly."

"You didn't tell her about it did you?"

"Of course not. I thought it would be more fun if she found out on her own. It also gives Storm Shadow a chance to see if she can find his enemy's weakness." The two men turned to the white ninja. He spun a throwing star around his finger and thought about how he could put the girl's power to a more productive use.

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