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"Now looking at me, not the light." The doctor shone a little light at Bel's eye and she tried not to look directly at it. Once she had proposed her thought to Breaker and Snake Eye's they thought she was going mad and they rushed her to the doctor as fast as they could. Bel tapped her fingers against the hospital bed.

'They're the crazy ones, not me.' she thought to herself

"Well, there appears to be nothing wrong with her," the doctor directed his statement at Breaker who stood in the corner of the room. Snake Eyes had left to go train or something like that, he hadn't specified.

"That's because I'm fine," Bel said; putting emphasis on the word fine.

"Are you sure she's okay? She's not going crazy or anything?" Breaker seamed really worried.

'That's nice,' Bel thought. 'It would mean more if there was actually something wrong with me though.' Bel hopped off the bed.

"Well while you two discuss my sanity I'm going to go look for Sake Eyes, he is supposed to be teaching me." She began to walk away when Breaker grabbed her shoulder.

"But what if you're right? What if you really can read minds? They'll need to run more advanced tests on you to see how it happened and they'll want to use you. Can you live with that?" Breaker seamed sympathetic about her situation, but Bel had seen worse.

"It doesn't matter, now does it? If that is the situation I can't change it and if that isn't then I don't have to worry about it." Bel gave a last wave to the doctor and the computer wiz before exiting the room.

"What are we going to do with her?" Breaker sighed and the doctor laughed.

"She's one odd girl."

Snake Eyes assumed his position in the middle of one of the training rooms, facing the east. He waited; hand on his sword, as if at any moment someone could attack him. Some of the Joes training stopped to look at him, but most were used to it and continued with their training. His breath was slight and if his eyes could be seen then everyone would have known that they were shut. He waited a few more moments before they shot open and he leapt into the air, raising his sword against an unseen opponent. Snake Eyes landed gently and stayed in that position for a few more moments before sheathing his sword and standing up. He was making his way out when he ran into Bel, who had a peculiar look on her face. He raised an eyebrow, an action she couldn't see.

"Hey. Do you do that, everyday?" Bel gave him a more questioning look and Snake Eyes shook his head no. "Right," she mumbled.

Snake Eyes began to exit again, but stopped when Bel began to speak again. "Only every five days, right?"

'How? How did she know that? I know she was at Cobra headquarters, but there's no way she could have figured it out just by seeing it once. Could she?' Snake Eyes mulled this over in his head as Bel processed her thoughts. She turned and left the room before him, pausing in the doorway.

"You two really care for each other, don't you?"

Storm Shadow assumed his position in the middle of the training room, facing west He rested his hand on his sword and waited. They were a few people running through the halls, but they paid no mind to the white ninja. A few moments later he sprung up from his position and lashed out with his sword. Storm Shadow landed neatly on the ground. He paused and them slowly sheathed his sword again and straitened up.

'It's odd,' he thought to himself. 'Not having an observer. Now that she's gone there's no one to tell me how stupid it is to fight with myself. I almost miss her, almost. I haven't felt an emotional response to someone leaving since…' Storm Shadow's thoughts trailed off as he passed into the part of his mind that he kept telling himself to stay out of. He knew he couldn't keep it away forever though because the more he thought about him, the more he realized that it kept coming back stronger. Soon, it would take more then meditation to keep it away and after that… Storm Shadow shook his head not wanting to think about the pain it could bring.

Bel listened to her footsteps echo off the hallway. With each step it became increasingly difficult because she was leaving the metical wing and entering the rest of the base. She walked in the direction of the trainings room, in no particular hurry. Bel had a feeling that Snake Eyes didn't like her that much, that or he thought she was crazy. Both were good hypotheses.

'There's almost no point in going,' she thought to herself. 'It's not like he'll be waiting or anything. He's probably glad to get rid of me.'

Bel quickened her pace a little as she neared the training room. The door was open and a few Joes were exiting. She hurried past them and muttered her apologies as she passed.

Bel got to the training room a little later then she had expected, but stopped dead in her tracks at what she saw.

Snake Eyes was crouching with his hand placed lightly on his sword. He paused almost as if waiting for something. Bel mulled this over in her mind, trying to remember where she had seen something like that before. It wasn't until Snake Eyes leaped out of the position he was in that it occurred to her. She had witnessed a variation of that move hundreds of times when she was with the Cobras.

"Oh Snake Eyes," she whispered to herself. Up until this point Bel had never fully understood the actions of either of the two ninja and she assumed that no one else had figured it out either. When witnessed from only one point of view it appeared to be a training ritual or some other method of something-or-another that ninjas did, but when witnesses from both sides… It was hard to put into words. The sheer emotion that pierced their shields for the one moment of what would be contact was unexplainable. There was only one way for Bel to confirm her thoughts and it was walking towards her now.

Snake Eyes stopped momentarily to look at her with what Bel thought was the ninja equivalent of a confused look.

"Hey," She began "do you do that everyday?" Bel tried to make it sounds as casual as possible.

Snake Eyes shook his head no

"Right." Bel mumbled. With that one motion all her suspicions had been proven true.

"Only every five days, right?" Snake Eyes had begun to walk away and Bel heard him stop in his tracts at her comment.

I wonder if I'm the only one who knows about this. Might be kinda bad if the rest of the Joes found out, but I don't know if even Snake Eyes or Storm Shadow realizes it. Maybe I'll just keep it on the down low until one of them brings it up.

Bel strayed away from her thoughts and left the room. There was no need for her to stay. Before she was out Bel paused in the doorway.

"You two really care for each other, don't you?" With that she gave a small chuckle and made her way to her room. Bel need time to full access the situation and to try to figure out what to do about it.

Storm Shadow passed once again by the room that used to belong to the odd blond haired captive. He stopped this time and wondered how she was. It never really crossed his mind that she was the source of happiness around the Cobra base. There weren't that many people in good spirits hanging around with Cobra and she had always managed to brighten his day. As much as he tried to focus his thoughts on the girl they began to stray to someone who was closer to her.

"Screw this shit." he mumbled before mentally creating a plan as he ran back to his room. He was going to do the unthinkable. Storm Shadow was going to go "visit" Snake Eyes.

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