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Part One; Just A Taste

Hot. He was burning, burning inside. His heart was racing in his chest, the beat echoing in his ears.

He could hardly breathe. Two hands ghosted up his sides, a hot tongue sliding over the shell of his ear. They ghosted down again, gripping his hips as the mouth glided down, stilling on his neck and sucked. He arched his back, feeling his shoulders meet the warm and slick body behind him.

He was sitting up, he knew as much. But no matter how hard he tried, the air he breathed in was hot and heavy. The scents around him were thick in his throat, making his heart beat even faster. And then a new stab of pleasure coursed through him. He moaned.

There was a second set of hands keeping his legs spread. A loud cry was torn from his lips at the unexpected stab of pleasure. White flashed before his eyes.

He could breathe again. The heat around his member left. The lips on his neck left, only to appear again next to his ear, whispering something he tried to make out, but couldn't.

He knew what it was, though. He hadn't known when he had agreed to this earlier, but he knew now.

He knew it still wasn't over.

::Seen It All::

(Earlier that same night...)

Eragon hated parties. He hated college parties even more, but one of his friends -Aksel, the idiot- insisted he'd at least go to one before the year was up. Seeing it was now the end of May and all the exams were completed, he no longer had an excuse not to go. School was would be over in just a week and a half. And when the rest of his friends backed Aksel up, there was no way he could get away.

So there he was, caught in the middle of his first college-level party. He had already decided that this was going to be his first and last party, and that he was going to survive it in a sober state. The drunk guy he had seen upon entering had killed his wish to drink himself nearly to death. There was no way he was getting forced into a too-small bikini and singing "one hundred bottles of beer on the wall" while dancing very off-beat to the music.

Eragon had also made sure to stay away from any slurring and groping shapes. While he was no virgin, he did not like to be groped by random guys. Random drunk guys. Drunk people, in his opinion, tended not to understand the word 'no' very well. So he stayed close to the walls, edging away from any humping shapes that came near him, and made sure his water remained clean.

He noticed just how underdressed he was for the event. Or rather, how overly dressed he was. Many of the guys weren't wearing shirts, and the girls were parading around in skimpy shorts and tiny bras. Eragon, with his loose jeans and plain shirt, felt very visible.

Aksel chose to enter then. His entire front was drenched in something Eragon hoped was water, as it was wetting his own shirt when Aksel glomped him. Some of Aksel's hair was wet as well, making his dirty blond hair appear even darker and more droopy. Aksel did not look like himself when his hair wasn't up in its wild style, Eragon noticed.

When Aksel tightened his grip, weighing him down further, Eragon snapped back to the present. "Aksel, get off," he scowled.

"You should join the fun!" Aksel grinned. His breath told Eragon he was still sober, thank god. A drunken Aksel was a very overly affectionate being. Eragon had no wish to slam his fist into his friend's face today.

Eragon took another look at Aksel. "What fun? A wet t-shirt contest?"

"No, silly. Wet t-shirt contests are so last year," Aksel's grin turned into a leer. "It's a -"

"You know what? I don't want to know," Eragon inched away from him. "If you like it, it has to be perverted."

"Y'know, I kinda feel offended by that," Aksel pouted.

Eragon scowled when he noticed that his hair was getting wet as well. How much water -because Aksel was dead if it wasn't- had Aksel gotten drenched with?

"Aksel, get off," he repeated. "You're making me wet."

"Whoops!" the blond laughed and let go. Eragon glared at him. Oh yes, his shirt was very much wet now. He was very glad he had chosen a black shirt. At least the moisture wasn't visible. But seeing the right side of his face was plastered with wet hair, it was very noticeable that he was wet nonetheless.

"All 'm saying is that you should let loose a little," Aksel shrugged. "You can't stand in a corner all night, 'Agon."

"I can and I will," Eragon crossed his arms.

"Tsk. Spoilsport," Aksel shook his head. "Either you mingle with the fornicating people, or I make you."

"That's exactly why I don't want to mingle with them!" Eragon hissed and pointed to the 'dancing' -if you called humping dancing- crowd. "They're dry-humping! No thank you."

"Y'know, you have got to be the most pude-ish non-virgin I've ever met."

Eragon was glad Aksel had said this in a normal voice, or Eragon would have smashed his face in. "Fuck you."

Aksel laughed loudly. "No thanks, jailbait," he winked.

Eragon spluttered. "I'm nineteen, you asshole!" he hissed.

"I know," Aksel smirked and patted his cheek. "And you still look like a sixteen year old."

Eragon glared at him as the blond squeezed into the dancing -humping, damnit- mass and was gone. He scowled and took a sip of his water. Really, it had been too easy to sneak a cup filled with punch, dump it out and fill it with water. To his spectators it looked like he was drinking himself beyond reason. Unfortunately he wasn't.

The brunet sighed and pushed away from the wall. Time for a refill. He squared his shoulders and started to head towards the outer part of the crowd. Usually it was easier to get around people there.

Even if it was fewer people there, Eragon still bumped into the occasional couple. He didn't know why, but he always muttered a soft apology and carried on. It wasn't like they noticed him, but he had been taught to apologise when running into people, and he just couldn't turn it off. Damn manners.

He ran into the tenth couple of the evening and muttered a quiet "sorry". He never made it farther, though. Eragon had made the mistake of looking up, and now he was staring at his best friend getting molested by some tall redheaded dude.

Eragon forced himself to blink and look away. Saphira didn't appear to mind the hand up her singlet -the sweater she had worn upon arrival seemed to have mysteriously disappeared- or the face-eating. Oh no. Judging by the hands that were grabbing the guy's ass and the moaning, she didn't mind at all. Eragon blushed, forced himself to stop thinking about it and moved on.

It was hard for him to think of Saphira as sexually active. She just seemed too sweet and innocent, though half of the suggestive comments made by his friends came from her. He shook his head and slid into the kitchen. There was another pair there, half-naked and steadily getting more naked. Eragon ignored them and walked up to the sink, refilling the cup before walking out.

Eragon wasn't sure where he was, exactly. Aksel, Saphira and Arya had just forced him to tag along. It was some clubhouse of sorts. It had an awful lot of rooms, though, and Eragon knew what each and every one had been and was being used for. When people said that young adults were horny, they weren't kidding.

Most of the rooms he had walked past had been empty, but then again, he was only on the first floor. The upper floor seemed to be the most popular place for a quick screw. But he had walked past two or three doors where he had been greeted with a loud exclamation of some sort. Once he had actually seen two girls practically go at it. He had managed to get a glimpse of a bare stomach, a hand trailing upwards, a head tilted backwards and a head placed conveniently between two bare legs before he had run off.

Eragon was by no means a homophobe, but his sexuality made him less than inclined to watch two girls making out, let alone anything heavier. He just preferred to watch two guys.

He made it back to the so-called living room. The music remained the same; a thumping beat that was perfect for grinding up against who- or whatever was within reaching distance.

When he walked past the crowd, he was surprised to see Aksel dancing with a black haired guy. They were rather even in height, but judging by the arm the other had around Aksel's waist, Eragon had a feeling he knew who was going to top who later.

He quickly forced those images away. While it was easier to imagine Aksel go at it with some random dude, Eragon had seen him half-naked too many times to be comfortable with the images that provided. The blond was a rather attractive guy, but not Eragon's type.

The brunet walked back to his spot and leaned against the wall. He had been watching the crowd a bit, or the smaller groups around in the room. There was a table set up for strip poker in the far back. The two busty girls at the table had made a lot of guys either join, or just stare at them as they played. A little away, someone was playing spin the bottle version of truth or dare. So far, Eragon had watched a guy put his own underwear on his head and scream "fuck me, Jesus, and fuck me hard!" and another to offer having a threesome with two more nerdy girls. Eragon hadn't seen him since. He couldn't be sure, but he had a sneaky suspicion they had said yes, even after they had slapped him. Alcohol did strange things to people.

A little further away, someone was playing something Eragon had dubbed 'Strip-I've Never'. They still used fingers, but Eragon had seen a couple of them lose an item of clothes along the way. Not that he really cared. If he wanted to watch something, he'd rather watch the truth or dare game. At least something happened there.

Eragon recognised the next song that came on. Apparently, as long as the song either had something to do with sex or had a grinding rhythm, they played it. He found himself humming along before he knew what he was doing. He stopped the second he realised it, looking around himself to make sure no one had heard it. Eragon breathed a quiet sigh of relief. Singing was not something he did in public.

"Are you still standing here?"

Eragon blinked and looked up. Before him stood a very familiar girl. They weren't close, but Eragon knew that was doomed to change. Arya had her heart set on this one.

"You really should be out there, having fun," she continued, crocking one of her dark eyebrows. Her hand was poised at her hip.

"Like you and Arya were having earlier?" Eragon countered. "No thank you."

Even on her dark skin, Nasuada's blush was very visible. "I thought she closed the door."

"Not entirely," Eragon winced.

"Even so," Nasuada cleared her throat, "that is not the only fun you can have at one of these things, you know."

Eragon looked at her blankly. "No? Then how come fifty percent is off screwing, thirty percent is dry-humping and the other twenty are either drinking themselves to oblivion or playing some sort of drunken sex-related game?"

"Someone has been keeping track of the fun around here," another female came into view. She smirked. "Not thinking of joining are you, Eragon?"

"No," Eragon fought the urge to glare at her. "I'm not a hornball, unlike someone I know."

Arya laughed. "I can't help it if I find Nasuada positively irresistible."

Nasuada glared at her. Arya kissed her cheek. "You love it."

"Oh really?" Nasuada drawled.

Arya smirked in answer, curling an arm around her girlfriend's middle. "You know you do."

"Not to interrupt any of the flirting, but if you're going to do that, can't you run off to that room you used earlier?" Eragon said blankly.

"Why, that is a brilliant idea, Eragon," Arya's green eyes twinkled mischievously.

"No, it isn't!" Nasuada hissed. "You forgot to close the door the last time. No more for the night."

"So a couple of people may have seen a glimpse of us. As long as I'm blocking you, I don't mind," Arya said and started to nibble Nasuada's earlobe.

Eragon looked away pointedly.

"Stop it!"

Arya laughed. "Oh, yes, I almost forgot. Eragon?"

The brunet dared to look back. Nasuada looked even more flushed, and Eragon didn't really want to know why. He looked into Arya's eyes and waited.

"Do try to have some fun. And if a guy or two approaches you, you could strike up a little friendly conversation," she smirked at him.

"Your type of friendly conversation is not my type of friendly conversation," Eragon replied dryly.

"You're not a virgin. Stop acting like it," Arya tsk'ed.

"Yes, because the last time I had sex went so well," he snorted.

"The guy didn't know what he was doing. I'm sure there are plenty of other gay guys that do know that they're doing," Arya said pointedly.

Eragon felt himself blush. He shushed her.

Arya rolled her eyes. "It's not like every gay guy is going to jump you just because I let it slip that you're one of them," she drawled. "Now, I just happened to notice two rather attractive guys checking you out. I suggest you don't brush them off should one or both of them approach you."

Eragon blinked. "...You're gay. How would you know if guys are attractive?"

"I may be a lesbian, but I notice beauty when I see it," Arya winked. "And those guys are definitely something you'd find good looking."

"Where?" Nasuada asked.

"They're standing over there by the speakers," Arya said.

When Nasuada looked that way, Eragon found himself looking with her. There were indeed two guys there, separated from the crowd and the smaller groups around in the room. They were not looking their way. One had dark hair and was leaning with his back against the wall. There was a bottle in his right hand. His head was titled as he faced the other. The other had dark blond hair and slightly darker skin than his companion. He was leaning with his side to the wall with his arms crossed as they talked.

Eragon also noticed something else. Namely the arm the dark haired one had around the other's hips and the way they were looking at each other.

"They're a couple, Arya," he looked at her. "Neither of them is checking me out. You're mistaken."

Arya crocked an eyebrow. "Are you sure about that? Maybe they just looked away when you looked over?"

Eragon snorted. "I repeat, they are a couple."

Arya waved him off. Nasuada looked away from them at last, her eyebrows furrowed slightly in thought.

"Babe?" Arya blinked.

"Oh, they're looking over here, alright," Nasuada said suddenly. "Just not when we're looking."

"What?" Eragon spluttered. "You're joking!"

"I'm not," Nasuada looked at him, her dark eyes filled with sincerity. "But if you check again, they'll be looking away."

"Then how do you know they're looking over here?" the brunet countered.

"Because I can see them out of the corner of my eye. They have indeed taken an interest in you, Eragon."

"Maybe they'll invite you to join them," Arya said teasingly.

Eragon blushed and spluttered. "Go and have sex in a broom closet or something!"

"Gladly," Arya laughed. "Just beware," she winked and dragged Nasuada off with her.

Eragon scowled after them. They were nuts. He discreetly looked over at the two guys. They were still talking. The dark haired one smirked at something the other said. Eragon looked away. There was no way they had been looking at him.

He slouched back against the wall and looked out at the crowd. Somewhere along the way, some dead-beat techno music had started to play. He winced. That was really not his kind of music.

::Seen It All::

Fifteen very slow minutes passed by. To pass the time, he had looked around in the room to try to entertain himself. He had seen a few laughable dares from the truth or dare corner. But every time he had gazed around in the room, he had made sure to not to look at the couple Arya had mentioned earlier. She and Nasuada were really out of their minds.

He looked back at the so called 'dancing' crowd and perked up when a familiar blond head popped into view. Saphira waved as she slid around the people in the crowd. Eragon gave a half-smile as she came closer.

"I'm so sorry I just left you like that," she said and ruffled a hand through her hair. "I -"

"It's ok," Eragon fiddled with the cup. "You're allowed to have some fun."

Saphira blinked. "Well, yes, but -"

"And I'm glad you've found someone you...like," he scratched the back of his neck.

"Oh God, you saw?" she covered her mouth.

"Yeah. A little."

She blushed.

"It's fine. I also saw Arya and Nasuada go at it, so I'm practically blind at this moment," he drawled.

Saphira giggled softly. "Still, that can't have been pretty."

"...Not really," he cleared his throat. "But it's fine. 'm just not...used to seeing you like that," he shrugged. His eyes widened suddenly. "That did not come out right," he spluttered.

Saphira ruffled his hair. "It's fine," she laughed. "I know what you meant."

Eragon batted the hand away. "Hey, what are you doing here, anyway? Don't tell me you're through with your...friend?"

"Oh no, but I wanted to come over and check on you," she bit her lip. "I really feel sorry for leaving you here all alone. I mean, I saw Aksel and...well..."

"Yeah," Eragon rubbed the back of his neck. "But it's cool. I think maybe I'll just leave early or something."

"...Do you even know where you are?" Saphira crocked an eyebrow.

He paused. "I'll get a cab or look for a bus or something."

Saphira rolled her eyes. "Could you please stay? I'm staying sober so that one of us can drive, and -"

"I can drive," Eragon shrugged.

"Again, you don't know where we are," she patted his shoulder. "I'll drive."

"...But then I have to stay," he sighed.

"Only for an hour or two more," she smiled. "We'll leave then, I promise."

"...All of us?" he drawled. "Good luck finding Aksel."

"We can leave without him if we have to," Saphira winked. "Just, hang in there, alright? Go and dance or something."

Eragon just looked at her. "You know I don't dance."

"Then find someone to make out with," she wiggled her eyebrows. "There are plenty of guys to choose from."

"...I need to find friends that can think with their upstairs brain."

Saphira rolled her eyes. "Just try having some fun, Eragon. You won't regret it," she ruffled his hair again and walked off.

Eragon shook his head and tried to pat it back down. He really couldn't understand his friends.

He sighed. There was only so much he could do for another hour or two. He considered stepping outside. Even though he knew there were people too, it was getting rather warm and it would give him something to do.

After a few more minutes of feeling the heat build up around him, he began to walk towards the terrace. He took a deep breath as he finally stepped outside. Eragon was pleased to notice that he had been wrong. There was no one in sight. He walked out on the wooden planks and over to the stairs. There he sat down.

He could still hear the music from inside and the occasional loud exclamation and laughter. But it was nicer outside. Much, much nicer. And more quiet. Why he hadn't gone outside before was beyond him.

He put the cup down and felt the right side of his hair. It was still a little wet, but it hadn't started to dry weirdly. Yet. Thankfully it was warm outside, or he would have started to freeze. His shirt was still moist, after all. Damn that Aksel.

Eragon frowned when he heard creaking. He looked over his shoulder and found nothing. He shook his head and looked back out at the dark garden.


Eragon jumped. He looked to his right and found himself staring straight into a pair of sparkling grey eyes. He leaned back slightly. He hadn't even heard the guy sit down!

"I'm Tornac," the grey eyed male said. "And that over there is Murtagh."

Eragon turned his head around. On his other side sat a dark haired male. He smirked and nodded his head. Eragon looked back at the one who had spoken. He knew these two from somewhere...

The sandy blond hair, the dark hair and the smirk...Eragon's eyes widened the image slapped him in the face. It was the guys Arya had pointed out to him! And she really hadn't been kidding when she said they had been attractive.

"And you are?" Tornac tilted his head.

Eragon blinked. They had to be involved in some kind of dare. There was no other reason for them to be talking to him. Even so, they had been polite so far...

"I'm Eragon," he replied softly.

Tornac grinned. "Eragon. It's nice to meet you. I have to apologise for my friend, though. He doesn't talk much."

"I resent that." Eragon felt a shiver run down his spine. "I just let you take care of the chit-chat," Murtagh continued. And by God, his voice was husky. It was deeper than Tornac's but not by much, even though Eragon could see that Tornac had to be the older one out of the two. They were also both obviously taller than him.

"Anyway," Tornac rolled his eyes. "We thought you looked lonely and decided to drop by."

"Your friends seemed to be in a hurry to leave whenever they came over," Murtagh drawled.

Eragon blinked again. How long had they been keeping an eye on him? And just where did that fit into whatever dare they were a part of?

"Um, yeah. I mean, when they have a chance to get laid, they tend to leave me behind."

Both of them let out a laugh. Tornac's was louder and merrier while Murtagh's was a soft chuckle.

"And let me guess...you can't blame them?" Tornac smirked.

"No," Eragon snorted. "As we all know, good friends always blow each other off when there's a possibility of getting laid."

"Aren't you a funny one?" Tornac grinned.

Eragon just shrugged. He was a little weirded out, though. Why hadn't they done whatever the dare was about and gotten on with their lives? ...Unless the dare involved inviting him to a threesome -it seemed to be the dare of the evening, for some reason-because if it was, then he was out of there.

"Seriously, though...why are you talking to me?" Eragon asked a little awkwardly.

"I told you. We thought you looked lonely and wanted to offer you some company."

Eragon crocked an eyebrow. "Whatever the dare is, get it over with, would you? You don't have to lie."

Tornac and Murtagh shared a look. "We're not here on a dare," Murtagh replied.

"Yeah, right," the brunet snorted.

"We're not," Tornac repeated. "We're here to give you some company. And to ask you to join us..."

::Seen It All::

If he hadn't stopped himself, Eragon was sure he would have spluttered or shrieked 'what?' very loudly. Instead, he settled for looking flabbergasted and a little disturbed. If he were to believe Saphira, he had mastered that look quite nicely.

"Dancing," Tornac added with a half-smirk. "Why, what did you think we meant?"

Eragon just let out a half-strangled sound. Beside him, Murtagh let out a husky laugh. "You'll have to excuse Tornac," Murtagh said then. "He likes to catch people off guard."

"You love me anyway, babe," Tornac smirked.

Murtagh flipped him off.

If Eragon had doubted that they were dating, seeing them interact would have killed that doubt. It was so clear. It also made him very uncertain of why they wanted him to join them. Dancing! Join them on the dance floor. God, even making that slip in his head was making him blush.

"Um, I'm not much of a dancer, to answer your question. So, thanks but no thanks."

Murtagh and Tornac shared another look. "Murtagh will take care of that," Tornac said simply. "It was he who taught me to move. It's not that hard."

"No, that's why it took me ages to teach you," the other drawled.

"I'm sorry, but you were very distracting," the blond replied dryly.

"I could wear rags, and you'd still find me distracting," Murtagh rolled his eyes and stood up. "But you are coming with us," he said to Eragon.

"Yup," Tornac stood up as well. Eragon had to tilt his head back to see them properly. "You've been here for, how long? Almost three hours? And all you've done is to stand there. You're coming with us."

"...You know how long I've been here?" Eragon spluttered.

"Sure," Tornac grinned. He grabbed Eragon's arm and forced him to stand up. "You came with three of your friends. Murtagh noticed your arrival, because it only took Thorn, a friend of ours, ten seconds to start drooling upon seeing one of your friends."

"Thorn?" Eragon frowned.

"Yeah," Murtagh shrugged. "Redhead. He hooked up with your blonde female friend."

"Ah." Eragon knew who they were talking about now. Huh. Small world. "Anyhow, I'm not dancing. Sorry."

"Come on. It'll be fun," Tornac promised.

"We won't take no for an answer," Murtagh added.

"..." Eragon licked his lips. "Alright, but only for a little while."

"Sure, sure," Tornac linked their arms and started to drag him back into the house. Murtagh followed them. Eragon wasn't sure what he was getting himself into. He really, really didn't dance. And if his friends found out...he'd never live it down.

As they entered the house, the music had once again been switched to a thumping, sensual song. It was hard not to move along.

It was true that Eragon didn't dance, but that didn't mean he didn't know how to. He could move to the music...if he wanted to. He just rarely wanted to. He was sure that he sucked, and he'd rather not scar anyone with having to see his attempts at dancing.

The brunet was tempted to back away or run when Tornac led him towards the other dancing couples. How was he supposed to dance with them anyway? Tornac had said something about Murtagh teaching him, but where did that leave Tornac?

Tornac came to a stop and practically threw him into Murtagh's arms. "I'll be around," he said, winked and disappeared.

Eragon blinked. He was suddenly aware of where he was and who he was pressed against. He quickly stepped back and tried to keep the blush at bay.

For a second, they both just stood there. Finally Murtagh rolled his eyes and waved him closer. "You want to learn, right?"

"Not really. I'm fine," Eragon suddenly found watching the others very interesting.

"Tch." He blinked at the foreign sound and looked back. And suddenly found Murtagh standing right before him. "We're doing this. Come on." And before he could back up, Murtagh had grabbed onto his hips and pulled him closer.

"Um -"

"Don't think," Murtagh interrupted him. "Just feel the music and let it move you."

Eragon was tempted to glare at him. Did he look like a moron? So when he felt Murtagh start to shift and move to the music, he started to move with him.

"...If that's what you told Tornac, then how come he had trouble?" Eragon asked offhandedly.

"He was too busy groping my ass," the other replied dryly. "He was telling the truth about that."

"So you are..." Eragon made a motion with his hands. Murtagh crocked an eyebrow. "...Together?"

"Focus on the dancing," was all he replied. "You're doing great so far, but you need to pay more attention to your partner and the music than your thoughts."

Eragon focused his eyes on Murtagh's chest. He'd rather not look him in the eyes. He felt awkward as he stood there, swaying to some bad trance tune. Apparently Murtagh thought so too. "You need to do something with your hands. You look ridiculous with them just hanging there."

This time, Eragon did glare at him. Murtagh answered with a soft smirk. "Unless you want me to come closer, they're remaining there," Eragon countered.

"Who said I didn't want you to?" Murtagh proved his point by pulling Eragon closer. "So look alive."

Eragon answered by draping an arm loosely around Murtagh's neck. His gaze remained firmly on the other's chest, however. It didn't matter that he knew that Murtagh was taken; being so close to someone attractive was having its effects.

"To answer your earlier question, yes, we are." Eragon frowned in confusion. "Tornac and I. We're together," Murtagh clarified.

"Oh. Then how come he isn't dancing with you?"

"Because I'm not an exhibitionist and he can't keep his hands to himself," Murtagh drawled.

He blinked. "So you never dance together?"

Hazel. Murtagh's eyes were hazel, and currently twinkling like mad. "I didn't say 'never'."

Eragon blushed. He could only imagine what that would look like. He tried to force the images away, but they flashed in his mind anyway. Tornac's hands buried in Murtagh's back pockets, their groins practically melted together, Tornac's lips on Murtagh's neck...

He shook his head fiercely. Go away, images! He did not need those right now.

"Are you alright?"

Eragon made the mistake of looking up. Murtagh's face was just a few centimetres away from his own. Murtagh's breath ghosted over his lips as he spoke.

"Yeah," Eragon cleared his throat, "I'm fine."

Murtagh did not look convinced. Eragon stumbled when Murtagh pulled him even closer. "If you're uncomfortable, we can stop."

Somehow, Eragon didn't think he was just referring to the dancing, which was strange, because it wasn't like he had signed up for doing anything else.

"I'm fine," he said finally. "Seriously." And to prove this, he threw his other arm around Murtagh's neck.

The other smirked down at him. "Anytime you want to back out is fine."

"We're just dancing. If you start to grope me, I'll just sic your boyfriend on you," Eragon said jokingly.

Murtagh chuckled. Before Eragon could ask what was so funny, he felt a different set of hands grip his waist. Murtagh's hands slid around his back and into his back-pockets. Eragon blushed. With a hard body behind and in front of him, he suddenly realised how close he was to them both.

"Who are you siccing who on?" Tornac purred into his ear.

"Um, you on Murtagh, if he started to grope me," Eragon repeated a little breathlessly.

"Well, he's groping you now, isn't he?" Eragon could practically picture the smirk. "And I see nothing wrong in that. Murtagh knows who he belongs to."

"That goes both ways, jackass," Murtagh countered.

"Oh, you melt me with your words," Tornac laughed. The laugh fanned over Eragon's ear, making him shiver. As if the soft hardness in front and behind him wasn't enough, now they were going to grope him? If he had known that earlier, Eragon wasn't so sure that he would have said yes.

"What's going on?" Eragon asked, instantly hating the soft breathless hint in his voice.

"Oh, nothing," Tornac hummed. Eragon gasped when he felt Tornac lick the outer rim of his ear. Murtagh's hands grasped him tighter and pulled him even closer still. Tornac followed almost automatically. "Except that we're asking you if you're willing to join us for some fun."

"This is the dare, isn't it?"

"No dare," Murtagh replied huskily. "Just plain old lust."

"What do you say, Eragon?" Tornac murmured. "We'll take good care of you."

"You can back out anytime you want," Murtagh nipped at Eragon's bottom lip. "No pressure."

Eragon knew what he was supposed to say, knew what was smart of him to choose. And yet, as Tornac moved down to lick his pulse; a very different word tumbled off his tongue.


::Seen It All::

Eragon wasn't sure how he ended up there, or even where here was. He was pretty sure they were still inside the house, but if they were on the upper or lower floor was beyond him. All he could remember was Murtagh's lips on his neck and Tornac's hands leading him forward before he was lead across a threshold and practically thrown onto a rather large bed. Then Murtagh's lips were on his and Tornac's hands were working on his jeans.

How they made it work went right over Eragon's head. Murtagh's tongue was doing sinful things to his mouth, and that was all he could really focus on. The tongue was stroking his, mapping out his mouth and swiping across his bottom lip before starting over again. It was difficult enough for him to remember to breathe, let alone to notice what Tornac was doing.

That was, until a hand sneaked into his underwear and started to stroke him. Eragon moaned into Murtagh's mouth. Murtagh pulled back and started to work his way down Eragon's neck. He found his pulse and sucked. Eragon moaned and arched up into both touches.

Someone pushed his jeans and underwear further down and pulled them off. The logical half of his brain told him that it had to be Murtagh, but his other half told the logic where to stick it. The same hands slid up his body and started to pull of his t-shirt. It made a wet sound as it left his shoulders and was thrown from his body.

When Tornac's hand sped up, Eragon reached out and grabbed the first thing he could find. His heart was beating loudly in his chest and his cheeks were steadily getting hotter. Murtagh's mouth had left his neck and Eragon let out a loud cry when Tornac tightened his grip at the same time as Murtagh licked one of his nipples.

His arousal was throbbing hard. Eragon's hands tightened around Murtagh's shoulders, being what he had grabbed onto, raising the material of Murtagh's shirt as he did so. Eragon suddenly became aware of the fact that he was the only one that lost a single item of clothing. He grabbed onto the shirt and pulled. Murtagh pulled away, which caused Eragon to let out a displeased cry, but when he could feel bare skin under his hands and the mouth returned, that was all forgotten.

Suddenly everything stopped. Eragon opened his eyes -he hadn't even noticed that he had closed them- and lifted his head. Two sets of eyes stared back at him. Murtagh licked his lips and shared a quick look with Tornac. The latter nodded. Eragon suddenly found himself being pushed into a seated position with Murtagh behind him. Murtagh's hands ghosted down his sides as Tornac slid his legs more open.

Eragon blushed. He felt very exposed, even more so than he had done lying down. Tornac's hands ghosted up his thighs as the man leaned down and breathed hotly on Eragon's erection. Eragon moaned softly. Murtagh's hands stilled and gripped his hips at the same time as Tornac's tongue started to lap at the sensitive flesh.

Hot, it was so hot. Eragon choked and felt his eyes clench shut. Murtagh's mouth was once again on his neck as Tornac started to bob his head.

With Murtagh hitting every spot on his neck and Tornac working his magic on his member, it wasn't long until it started to tighten in his stomach. Tornac's hands suddenly moved, sliding up his chest and starting to toy with his nipples. Eragon didn't have time to warn any of them before he let out a loud cry and came.

His head fell back against Murtagh's shoulder. Murtagh's mouth left his neck and moved up to his ear. At the same time, he felt Tornac sit up and tower over him. "Are you still with us?" Murtagh asked teasingly.

It took a while for him to process the words. "Aah, yeah," Eragon panted. His brain wasn't cooperating properly just yet, the stupid thing.

"I bet you weren't ready for that," Tornac chuckled.

Eragon forced his eyes to open. He tried to sit up, but only fell back against Murtagh's body. He shivered when he felt Murtagh chuckle.

"Think you can handle more?" Tornac murmured softly.

There was more? Eragon tried to imagine that, but couldn't. It was hard enough to remember everyone's names, including his own.

"You don't have to if you don't want to," was whispered against his neck.

But he wanted to. He could feel Murtagh's erection against his lower back and could see the outline of Tornac's straining against his jeans. And even though he knew he could walk away without them missing him that much, Eragon didn't want to leave. In for a nickel, in for a dime.

He finally regained his breath and managed to sit up. "I want to," he said. "But how -"

"Don't worry about the how," Tornac winked. "We have that part covered. You just let us know if you have anything against being on the bottom."

For those two? "No."

"Excellent," Tornac smiled widely. "Now, which of us do you prefer?"

What? "I have a say in this?"

"Of course you do," Murtagh replied. Eragon felt him shift and move away from him. Eragon braced himself as the other man came into view.

Eragon blushed. He could choose? But what if –

"No one is going to feel snubbed that you didn't pick him," Murtagh said then, interrupting his inner triad. Eragon felt his blush darken. Was he that easy to see through?

"Nope," Tornac agreed. "You get to choose which hotstuff you want in ya."

Eragon stared at him. "You'll have to excuse Tornac's language," Murtagh shook his head. "Only he would call himself 'hotstuff'."

"That's not true," Tornac said. Murtagh just stared at him. "Alright, fine. Maybe it is a little."

Murtagh rolled his eyes.

Even though Eragon had wondered about the use of 'hotstuff', it hadn't been why he had stared. The blush was burning hotly on his face. Was he really doing this? It really seemed like he was, and he couldn't believe it. A blow job was one thing, but to go all the way with two guys?

He jolted at the feeling of an arm sliding around his shoulders. "Having second thoughts?" Murtagh whispered into his ear.

Eragon shivered. He shook his head.

"You are of course allowed to," Tornac repeated.

"I'm not. It's stupid, I know, but I'm not," Eragon said and licked his lips. "You should try everything at least once, right?" That was not one of his favourite philosophies in the world, but it made sense.

"That's right," Tornac hummed. "So, who do you want to try first?"

Eragon forced down the splutter that had been making its way up his throat.

Murtagh pushed Tornac, making the blond laugh. "Quit scaring the kid."

That was right! Wait, what? "I'm not a kid!" Eragon spluttered. Oh great, he hadn't gotten rid of that voice yet.

"No offense meant," Murtagh gave a half-smirk. "In fact, I'm quite sure you're older than Tornac mentally."

"Offense taken," Tornac shoved Murtagh back. The other just smirked wider. "Since you're in such a good mood, you can go first."

What, they were taking turns now? He saw Murtagh roll his eyes and mouth something to Tornac. The other mouthed something back, and Murtagh's smirk seemed to widen even more. Eragon gulped softly. Dear God, just what had he gotten himself into?

::Seen It All::

Eragon woke up after what felt like only minutes. He was confused at first, not recognizing his surroundings at all. He sat up and blinked. He was in some sort of room that smelt heavily of sex. He wrinkled his nose. How he gotten there?

He looked down at himself and noticed two things. One, he was naked and two, there was an arm around his middle. Eragon stifled what would without a doubt have been a loud shout and forced himself to check whose arm it was instead.

As he saw the two other men, everything came rushing back. He blushed furiously. He couldn't believe it. Had he really done what he thought he had done?

Judging by the pain in his ass and the still lingering fatigue, he had.

It took Eragon a minute to wiggle out of Murtagh's grasp. Then he slowly began to dress himself. He sat up gingerly and ran a hand through his sweaty hair. Oh yeah, it probably looked like a bloody mess. That was not the biggest issue at hand, though. Getting away was.

Eragon made sure he hadn't forgotten or dropped anything before quietly tip-to'ing over to the door. He grabbed the handle and turned it. Something held him back though. The brunet bit his lip and looked back onto the bed.

They lay just as he had left them. Tornac was still spooned against Murtagh's side; his right leg curled around Murtagh's left. Tornac's right arm still lay across Murtagh's stomach possessively. Murtagh's left arm was around Tornac's body, his hand resting on the small of Tornac's back. The right arm that had previously been around Eragon's middle now simply lay beside him. They were both firmly asleep.

Eragon shook his head and sneaked out of the room, closing the door as softly as he could. He sighed and began to walk down the hall.

He could still hear the party going on downstairs. Eragon groaned when he realised he needed to walk down the stairs. That was going to be fun.

Five minutes later he finally found himself on the ground floor. Eragon cursed whoever had invented stairs and tried not to limp too much as he walked back into the common room. The music that greeted him seemed unusually loud. He flinched and just barely managed to force himself not to cover his ears.

The party was very much still going on, Eragon noticed. It looked like he had never left. He shook his head and began to make his way towards the door. If anyone was looking for him that would be the first place they would look.

Eragon winced when he noticed that all his friends were there waiting for him. That really couldn't be good. They would ask questions, and if he had any hickeys, the teasing would be never ending. He schooled his features and walked over to them.

"There you are! Where have you been?" Saphira scolded, looking him up and down as if to check for any damage.

"Just around," Eragon shrugged. "I spent most of the time outside after you left."

"We checked outside. You weren't there," Aksel drawled.

"I was." Eragon hated to lie, but now it was vital. There was no way he was telling his friends what he had just done. At least, not right away. "I took a walk around outside. You must have missed me."

None of them really looked convinced, but they let it go. Eragon released a relieved breath and followed Saphira out and over to the car.

Technically it was Arya's car, but it was clear that she had been drinking, so it was Saphira that unlocked the car and slid into the driver's seat. Aksel slipped into the back with Nasuada and Arya. Eragon took the passenger seat. They all buckled in and Saphira backed out and onto the road.

The ride was filled with silence. Eragon was tempted to squirm, but he was too busy trying not to sit on his ass to do anything else. He tried not to think of how he must have looked.

A long ten minutes later Saphira pulled over and Nasuada helped Arya out. Arya had an arm slung around Nasuada's shoulders. Eragon looked away when Arya started to nip at her girlfriend's throat.

Saphira let out a quiet giggle. "I'll make sure Aksel takes the car back tomorrow."

"Thanks," Nasuada said softly. "Good night everyone."

They exchanged a few quick goodbyes before Saphira was once again on the road.

"So, Aksel, who was that guy I saw you with?" Saphira spoke up. Eragon perked up a little. He remembered seeing Aksel with someone earlier, before Murtagh and Tornac had attacked. He forced down the blush that threatened to rise.

"Oh, just some guy," Aksel said smugly. Eragon looked into the side-view mirror and saw the smug smirk on Aksel's lips.

"You mean you banged someone and didn't get their name?" Saphira crocked an eyebrow and glanced at the other blond through the rear-view mirror.

"Alright, so maybe I got his name, but I didn't bang him." Eragon blinked when Aksel got a slightly far-off look.

Saphira let out a low whistle. "Does someone have a crush?" she asked teasingly.

"Says you," Aksel laughed. "I saw you and red go at it."

That sentence seemed familiar somehow, but Eragon couldn't remember where he might have heard it.

Saphira blushed. "For your information, his name was Thorn. We have a date this weekend."

And just like that, it hit him. Thorn was friends with Tornac and Murtagh! Eragon felt his eyes widen. Not good. Not good at all!

He forced himself to relax so his friends wouldn't suspect anything and continued to listen.

"Oooh, that's a fancy name," Aksel said enthusiastically. "He sounds like a fabulous kisser."

Saphira rolled her eyes. "Not that it's any of your business, but he was."

"Yeah, so was my guy," Aksel grinned and leaned back in his seat. "What about your guy, Eragon?"

Eragon blinked. "What guy?"

"The guy you obviously hooked up with," Saphira said and glanced at him briefly. "We can see the hickeys on your neck, you know."

Eragon let out a mute curse. Busted.

"Oh, he was nobody," Eragon squirmed and nearly let out a curse. Alright, note to self; no squirming. It hurts.

"Nobody?" Aksel sniggered. "You made out with a guy from a video game?"

"Oh, come off it," Eragon snorted. "He was an actual guy. I just didn't catch his name."

Aksel wolf-whistled. "He must have been some guy to get you to snog him without getting a name in return."

Oh, he had been some guy, alright. Only that there had been two guys, not one. Eragon bit his lip and looked out of the window. "It was nothing, alright. We just kissed a bit," he shrugged.

"Mhm, sure," Aksel smirked at him.

Eragon flipped him off over his shoulder.

Saphira parked the car five minutes later. They all got out and she locked it. Aksel held out his hand, but Saphira shook her head. "You can come by tomorrow and pick them up. God knows where they'll end up if I leave them with you," she said dryly and pocketed the keys.

Aksel rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. They all knew how often he lost his own keys inside his apartment. It didn't help that it always looked like a bloody mess in there either.

Saphira and Eragon parted with Aksel on the first floor. They walked up the stairs and down the hall. Saphira stopped outside her door. Eragon stopped beside her. His thighs and back was screaming at him for walking so many stairs, and all he really wanted was to collapse onto his own bed and sleep for a week, but he knew he couldn't leave Saphira without saying good night.

"You know you can talk to me, right?" Saphira fiddled with her keys.

"Yeah," Eragon blinked. "Of course I do."

"Will you?" she crocked an eyebrow.

That was a very good question. Eragon licked his lips. "...Maybe. I'll let you know."

"Whatever happened while you were gone...we won't think any less of you if you tell us," Saphira patted his shoulder. "Just know that."

Eragon nodded. "Good night, Saph."

She sighed softly. "Good night," she gave him a soft smile before unlocking her door and slipping inside.

Eragon winced. He forced himself to walk until he reached his door and unlocked it. The distance between his and Saphira's room had never seemed so long before. He stumbled inside and barely remembered to lock it behind him. He stumbled over to the bed and collapsed onto it. He was asleep within seconds.

A/N So, how horrible was it? Hehe.

Now, before you go on about "how many club/dancing fics are you going to write?" let me say something. This isn't actually a club/dance fic, nor is it going to be. But I needed a new setting for the story, so I went with a college party. Stuff can get pretty wild there, if I am to believe certain rumours. And wild fit perfectly for this.

As for how this story came to be...I was bored, I was horny and I wanted to write. And it was with some outside help (they know who they are) that I was made aware of Murtagh/Tornac and Tornac/Murtagh. This spiked my interest. I had looked at it before and scoffed, but now...now I was intrigued. And so when I was nudged into the direction of Tornac/Murtagh/Eragon, I found what I was looking for. This I could work with. This I could write.

And so here you see the finished work of a bored mind. I finished this chapter in, like, four days. Tops. And I like it as strange as that is. I'm a firm Murtagh/Eragon shipper, but...this worked. As a sort of crack-ish pairing.

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