Maddie was frozen to the ground, I died in the lab accident! Her son… Dead? No, her son was alive. He was right in front of her, in the bubble. THE BUBBLE! She raced back over the computer and started typing in the computer. Beginning Phase Two. No, it couldn't do that, Danny might die. Again… How do I turn this thing off! She thought frantically, my baby is NOT going to get hurt by a stupid invention!

"Uh, mom?" it was Danny, "Help!" I looked down and saw the probe shock him. I was going to destroy this thing as soon as possible. Aha! The bubble slowly shut down, glowing dimmer and dimmer. I let out a sigh of relief, Danny was safe. Now, how to get him out…


Please… I said, hoping with all my might they wouldn't just leave me there since I was a ghost. Mom finally jumped forward and started typing as if he life depended on it. More like mine. I thought grimly, then I heard a whirring. I looked up and saw the ecto-proof machine coming down. This one wasn't a saw, it looked like some sort of probe. I backed up some more, "Uh mom? Help!" I yelped out eh last word when the probe came into contact with my skin and shocked me. The machine's whirring slowed down and the probe retracted. The bubble grew dimmer and dimmer. I was out of danger, for now. My parent then advanced towards the bubble and squatted down in front of it. Uh oh… I backed up against the opposite side of the bubble.

"Danny," my mom said in a quiet voice, "Danny, what happened?" I turned my head away,

"I died." I whispered, so low that they almost didn't hear it. My parents looked taken aback. Their son, dead? That was impossible, he was right in front of them! Unless… I practically saw the wheels turning in their heads. Unless he was a ghost.

A/N: Sorry if it's kind of short, I am going to try and make the other chapters longer. And yes, the first chapter was written by Cordria. I love her stories, and hope to continue some of her one-shots after I finish this one.