Oh dear, here I go again. Seems that instead of doing homework like a good student, I'm stuck writing silly Transformers stuff. I'm not responsible for any mental images you may get as a result of this.

Disclaimer: No. I don't own this. You would know by now if I owned anything of any value.

Prowl turned to the violent battle before him, optics locking on to a mech that was advancing on the saboteur. Jazz was entirely unaware of the enemy creeping up on him, too bust being engaged in a duel with two of the Casseticons to take note of his imminent danger at his back.

As Prowl saw the larger mech prepare to fire a crippling shot the tactician did the only thing he could do: without taking a second to aim he pointed an fired, enveloping the enemy within a blinding haze of shimmering light. Everything went quiet around the small group as everybody's optics cleared from the unnaturally bright blast, attention focusing on the target of Prowl's shot.

If one could see his optics, Soundwave would have noticeably blinked, head tilting slightly to the side as he ran a questioning servo across his chassis and bringing it up to his visor.

"Query: What is this?" The Decepticon's communications officer asked with a perhaps a tinge of bewilderment lacing the edges of his signature monotone voice. Prowl and Jazz stared. The second in command's shot had just barely missed but left some interesting (and rather pretty) residue behind, most of it coating Soundwave.

Prowl simply stood there, trying to process what his optics were recording, but his concentration was broken as Jazz let out a small snicker. That was all Prowl needed,and even though Jazz tried to cover it up with a cough Prowl whirled on him, completely forgetting the battle around him in his current rage.

"Jazz! I told you to get rid of this-this-this thing!"

"What d'ya mean, Prowl? I did!" Jazz couldn't stop smiling though, and both the Autobots took another look at Soundwave, who was now sporting a nice silver sparkle on his customary blue paintjob. It was rather... pretty, in a horrifying way. Out of the corner of his optics Prowl caught the Lamborghini twins stopping their fights to take a good long look at Soundwave before promptly doubling over in laughter.

Once again Prowl (and Soundwave, still confused as to why he was suddenly picking up unnaturally gleeful thoughts from Rumble and Frenzy every time he moved and sparkled) turned to Jazz, who was barely containing himself. "Jazz..."

Jazz looked up at Prowl and Soundwave, filing away the images of their combined bewildered stares (although Prowl's was rapidly bordering on murderous) for later viewing. "Alright, so maybe the twins had a tube left over. But I know ya wanted t'get rid of it, and now ya did!"

Prowl stared blankly at Jazz, then turned to the glittered Soundwave with a long suffering look. To Jazz's surprise the Decepticon simply nodded and walked off, muttering something about Skywarp that neither Autobot could make out. Jazz watched him go, noticing that the battle was over yet again. Ah, well, another day's work done, with neither side suffering substantial losses... minus one sparkly Decepticon. With another amused look at Prowl he turned and walked off to help Wheeljack, who had seen the explosion and look as if he was itching to duplicate it.

Prowl watched the saboteur with a tiny smile, optics recording Jazz's sparkly backside and saving it for later.

And there you go. This is why glitter is not allowed within a certain Autobot's reach, even if it does have some pretty results. :)