I can't stand this feeling. It just won't go away. Whenever I see him I want to wrap my arms around him and never let go. Whenever he yells at me when I steal his things or pull a prank on him it makes me want to apologize and feel guilty. And whenever I see a girl flirting or even looking at him wrong I want too go over there and beat her up. I can't help that I'm in love with him. But the weirdest part is he's my brother, and I can never ever be with him, no matter how much I want to it won't work out. So for now I'm stuck admiring him from afar.


I almost jump completely out of my skin at the sound of Justin's rage. I see him stomping down the stairs, he's only wrapped in a towel and all wet, so hot.

What are you saying Alex he's your brother.

Justin was standing in front of me, his face is so red. "Do you want to explain?"

"Explain what?" I gave him an innocent smile.

"I'm not playing Alex you used a spell to make the drain spit out rat pee instead of water."

I held my nose. "That smell was you? I thought it was just Max."

He groaned. "You're so annoying."

Mom came rushing in just then. "What are you two arguing about this time?" She caught sight and smell of Justin and held her nose. "Ew mijo, what did you roll in? Go take a shower."

He turned to her. "I was until rat pee came out instead of water." He turned back to me. "Some got in my mouth." He opened his mouth and breathed on me.

I started gagging. He laughed.
"Alex go fix it." Mom pointed toward the stairs.

I walked up our spiral stairs, still gagging. When I opened the bathroom door I literally almost threw up, the smell was way to strong. I got my wand out of my sock and thought of a spell. " Though I had a laughter Justin smell is so not hotter so turn this pee back to running water." I turned on the faucet and water came out.

I walked into the hallway and bumped into Justin. "Happy I fixed it."

He smirked then slammed the bathroom Door shut. I headed to my room and fell on my bed.

God. Why does Justin have to be so damn hot?