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Chapter 2: When I grow up

Jack was now seven years old and attending New York Junior School, he was the most charismatic in his class and always seemed to get the attention, accept another boy in his class.

The boy was Gene Thompson, he was the most popular boy in the school, but was also the school bully.

Whenever he could he always used his size and strength to intimidate any kid who threatened his position of power. The boy had two sides to himself, when in front of adults or girls he was as sweet as pie but in front of boys was a different story he was as mad as a truck driver, he would either humiliate or hurt the victim, well with his friends Davis Hall and Simon Jessop.

Wherever Gene was they trailed behind him and everyone was scared of them well not everyone, Jack was one of his victims but it never got him down until one day.

Jack was on his way to meet his friends May and Jimmy but as he walked further down the hallway he saw that Jimmy was being confronted by Gene and as Jack liked to call them his minions.

"Alright nerdo hand me your lunch money!" Gene demanded.

Jimmy was scared and the fear could be seen behind his glasses as the young boy knew if he didn't do as he said it would mean trouble for him as he quickly reached into his pocket and grabbed his lunch money to give to the bully as he just laughed at his weakness and just took his money.

Gene looked at his cash and looked a bit confused. "Consider this nerd tax, you better have more tomorrow!" Gene said about to walk off.

Just then Gene was spun round by someone as he turned to see Jack as his eyes widened in surprise.

"Give Jimmy his money back." Jack stated.

The bully looked at him as his friends were behind him as he just laughed like it was a joke.

"Get lost Redditch!" Gene said as he went to leave again.

But once again he spun him back around as he showed defiance to the face of Gene once again.

"I'm not asking again, give Jimmy his lunch money back…Now!" Jack demanded.

"What're you gonna do about it…Red…ditch?!" Gene snared getting in his face.

Jack looked to him. "This." as he just pushed Gene as he fell to the ground humiliating him in front of everyone who was in the hallway.

Gene now having the egg on his face, was furious as he got back up and approached him wanting to exact punishment on Jack.

"You're so dead nerd! Both of you…you…me…after school…I'm gonna make mincemeat outta you Redditch!" Gene threatened as he and his friends stormed off.

Jimmy and Jack looked to each other as Jimmy had the look of fear on him. "Now you've done it Jack, he's gonna pulverise you then he's coming for me!" Jimmy worried.

Jack got a hold of his friend "Jimmy! I had enough of him and his minions always pushing us and everyone around, it's time someone took a stand and I will take that stand even if it means I die today so how many hours until execution?" Jack asked.

"Three hours, well at least you've got an excuse to skip the math quiz tomorrow." Jimmy said as both laughed to that.

"Seriously though I need you to do me a favour or two." Jack asked his friend.

"What is it?" Jimmy asked.

"Stay away from the fight and don't tell May, I know she'll try to get involved but this is my fight, so please for me." Jack asked.

Jimmy looked concerned and reluctant to do so but made his decision.

"Yeah I won't just try not to die, so we can at least finish our science project." Jimmy said as he laughed to that.

The bell rang and that meant it was time for Jack as he saw Jimmy giving the "You're so screwed" look as Gene was now clutching his fists as he was ready to dish out some punishment on Jack for humiliating him earlier on.

Everyone left in a rush to get to the front of the school as they all knew that Gene would be fighting but who it was they didn't as Gene and his minions kept the surprise for later.

Jack walked through the crowded hallways as he went to confront the bully himself and try to end his supposed reign of terror, he made it to the front of the school and saw people were waiting in a circle as he saw Gene waiting for him at one end as he just entered.

"You actually showed up Redditch!" Gene taunted.

"It's Redgrave ya butthead!" Jack came back.

"You're gonna regret what ya did today!" Gene said as then his minions joined him.

"I thought this was one on one?" Jack asked.

"Their just watching us, now ya gonna fight or are ya chicken?!" Gene taunted further.

Jack knew it was a trap as he was outnumbered three to one as it was hopeless of him to try and win but like his dad always said "A man's gotta do, what a man's gotta do."

"Ok let's do…

He then saw Jimmy enter the ring right next to him as he was shocked and confused to why his best friend would even be there let alone step into a fight.

"Jimmy?! I told you to get out of here, you're gonna get killed!" Jack said to him.

"What you said before, you're right I'm tired of him and his friends pushing us around, I want to take a stand with you even if it means I die but at least I get fifteen minutes of fame and going down with my best friend." Jimmy said taking his glasses off.

Jack smiled as did he and they both turned to the three bullies and got ready for their doom to approach.

Just then May and her friend Courtney were on their way home as they heard some shouting and cheering.

"What's going on?" Courtney asked May.

"Probably just another stupid fight, let's just ig-

"Let's go see who's fighting!" Courtney interrupted as she dragged her friend with her.

"Uh fine, but I doubt it's gonna be any interest which guy is beating wh-" May stopped in mid sentence as she saw Gene Thompson and his friends fighting Jack and Jimmy?!

They watched as Jimmy was being held back with ease by Davis and Simon as Gene and Jack went at it and Gene was beating Jack to a pulp but Jack was fighting back as he managed to cut his lip and give him a black eye.

However Jack was just as beaten with his eye blackened, his lip and nose were bleeding and he had some redness on his forehead.

As Jack was beginning to get the upper hand on Gene he was then grabbed from behind and restrained by Davis and Simon as Gene walked towards him confidently as he smiled at the fact Jack was defenceless.

"Okay Redditch your gonna learn why I rule this school!" Gene said balling his fists up.

Jack looked to see Jimmy was down holding his abdomen as he knew it was hopeless as he looked directly in front of him waiting for the beat down.

Gene then came forward to finish the job he was stopped in his track as someone got in front of him and blocked his path.

"Gene don't please!" May said as she tried to plea with him.

"Buzz off red, Redditch is goin down!" Gene said as he just ignored her and continued on.

But once again the young red head got in his way as he had enough and with one hand he shoved her hard to the ground as May fell on her face as her friend Courtney went to help her she saw she was bleeding from her lip.

"May! Oh you're bleeding…that jerk!" Courtney angrily said.

Gene saw what he did as he just shrugged it off and went back to Jack.

Jack saw what Gene did to May, with the blood coming from her mouth and then looked to Jimmy as he went to check on May and saw he was still in pain, seeing them both made something just snap inside of him as he had a burst of strength and elbowed Simon in the stomach and bit Davis on his hand as he just ran full force at Gene and tackled him to the ground.

Jack was blinded by rage as every moment Gene bullied him or his friends came back to him he wailed on him.


He was pulled off by the big man himself, The Principle as he brought Gene up to his feet and dragged Jack and Gene to his office.

The Principle made sure both boys were patched up by the nurse as they sat in his office and awaited the arrival of their fathers.

"Principle Karlson, Mr. Thompson and Mr. Redgrave are here." the secretary said.

"Send them in." Principle Karlson said

Both Jack's dad and Gene's dad came in, Gene's dad was a high school gym teacher and knew from May's dad he was his bully in school, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

"Mr. Thompson, Mr. Redgrave, now you know why you're both here?" The Principle asked referring to their sons.

"Both Jack and Gene were caught fighting and I've heard both sides of this story and it seems a dispute over Gene here taking children's lunch money again." he explained.

"Gene not again, you promised me!" Flash said now disappointed at his son.

"And Jack here seemed to have challenged Gene to this fight and as you can see how it ended." The Principle said.

"Jack, I thought I taught you better than this!" James said also feeling the same way.

"I'm sorry Mr. Thompson but I'm going to have to suspend Gene for a week as this is his second strike." The Principle said.

Flash looked at Gene just really disappointed at his son's behaviour.

"And Jack for fighting on school grounds and since it's your first offence detention for two weeks.

James was a bit upset but knew Jack learned his lesson.

As they all left The Principle's office the father's had a small talk.

"I'm sorry about my boy's behaviour, it's just that my wife and I are having marital troubles, he's lashing out ,but I promise I'm going to set him straight." Flash said making excuses for Gene.

"I know my son should've shown more restraint but I will assure you this won't happen again." James said.

"Now Gene you got something to say to Jack here?" Flash asked his son.

"Do you as well Jack?" James asked his son.

Both boys stepped forward reluctantly as they looked each other square in the eye.

"Sorry." Gene muttered.

"Sorry." Jack muttered.

Both boys knew this was only the beginning for them both.

It was now evening and Jack was now officially in trouble his mom was upset and he got grounded for the month.

Just then the doorbell rang as Caitlin went to answer it and saw it was May and Caitlin saw her lip was cut but dried now as she smiled.

"Hello, Is Jack home Mrs. Redgrave?" May smiled as she asked.

"Yes he is May but he's being punished for the incident in school." Caitlin said.

"I know what happened, I wanted to see if he's okay?" May asked concerned for her friend.

"Well okay but not too long, he's being grounded…Jack, May's at the door!" Caitlin shouted for her son.

Jack came to the door and was delighted to see May as his mother looked to him. "Remember only ten minutes, then bed mister." Caitlin said to her son.

"Okay mom." Jack said as she left them.

Jack saw her now dried cut lip from which Gene caused. "May I'm so sorry, I got you involved!" Jack said.

"It's not your fault Gene's such a jerk, and I heard you got two weeks of detention that sucks." May said.

"And look what he did to you, I take that back he's not a jerk he's a butthead!" May said after seeing what Gene did to Jack.

"I'm just glad you and Jimmy are ok and that I taught Gene a lesson." Jack said.

"I still think it's a bummer you got punished for standing up to him." May said.

"Yeah well, it's how that goes, what did your mom and dad say after they saw the battle scar?" Jack asked referencing to her lip.

"They freaked, I told them what happened and my dad was gonna go and kill Gene and his dad." May said.

"Don't blame him, he has my blessing." Jack joked as May laughed.

"Jack!" Caitlin called indicating his time was up.

"I gotta go, I'll see you tomorrow." Jack said.

"Yeah sure, see ya…JackHammer!" May joked to Jack as he found it funny.

It was now exactly October and some of the popular kids were throwing a Halloween party and it was a costume party as May, Jack, Jimmy and Courtney were going together as all of them were in costume.

May was dressed up as a cat, Jack dressed as Zorro, Courtney dressed as GI Jane and Jimmy dressed up as his hero, Spider-Man.

But they were being chaperoned by May and Jack's Fathers as there would be other parents there and plus they also knew Gene and his father would be there as they promised Caitlin that Jack will not get into any trouble with Gene.

When Peter saw Jimmy's Spidey costume he just laughed as it brought back some memories. But he still favoured his daughter's choice as it was her mom's costume from when she was young.

James was liking what Jimmy and Courtney wore but his son was his favourite as he knew it was the perfect outfit for his son, he always liked dressing up as a dark hero and Zorro seemed to be the perfect fit for him as he watched him play with his plastic sword.

Both James and Peter just went looking around the place while they waited for their shift to start.

The group saw that all the kids were dressed up as they then went in and mingled.

"Hey look what John's wearing!" Courtney said pointing to the boy as he was wearing a Captain America outfit as they all thought it looked kind of cool.

"Well check out Desmond!" Jimmy said pointing towards the boy who was wearing an Indiana Jones outfit.

They were all mainly making observations on who was wearing what but Jack was on the scope for his arch rival as he could not see him anywhere and was actually relieved that he was not in sight as he did not want to repeat their last encounter again.

"Looking for Gene?" May asked Jack as she noticed him looking around.

"Yeah, I didn't want to spoil this night for us so I'm looking around in case." Jack said.

"Be cool JackHammer, if he does show up just ignore him, he's a butthead and you're bettter than him." May assured Jack.

As he smiled to her in response as did she they went back to the party.

The Party was over and it was a Gene free night as they did not see or hear anything the four kids were all talking as they walked home with Peter and James.

"I wonder how will things be when we grow up?" Courtney asked.

"I'm gonna be a comic book creator!" Jimmy said.

"I wanna be a photographer!" May said as her father smiled at that.

"I'm gonna be a designer!" Courtney said.

"I wanna be a rockstar!" Jack said as he began to pretend his sword was a guitar.

"Jack wants to be a rockstar?" Peter asked James.

"Yes he does, he's already started some guitar lessons and with a lot of work he could become a rockstar." James said.

"I can see it now, Jack Redgrave, rockstar, future legend and son of a university professor!" Peter joked.

"Someday maybe someday but who knows what's in store for them all." James said.

After Courtney and Jimmy were taken home both Peter and James were talking science stuff again.

Which left May and Jack to pass time as they were outside in the Parkers back yard as they sat on top of a tree talking.

"Are we gonna be friends forever?" May asked.

"Yeah! Always, you've been my best friend ever since I moved here and someday when I become a huge rockstar and you a world famous photographer, we'll still be!" Jack said.

May smiled as did Jack it seemed nothing could break them apart.

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