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Chapter 29: Three words

"Colonel we've found him!"

"Is he alright?" Fury asked.

"No sir, he's been badly beaten, he has several fractures, a few cuts, bruises, a gunshot wound on his right arm and a stab wound to the left chest area." the information didn't sound good.

"What of mercer?" Fury asked hoping he was there.

"No sir he didn't make it." and that made Fury sigh.

"What of Eclipse? How bad is his condition?" Fury asked hoping he was ok.

"He needs serious medical attention, his vitals are dropping, we need an evac chopper now!" as Fury called for one and within seconds one went to the location of the dark hero.

May looked to him as he lit a cigar up. "Is he ok? Is Ja-Eclipse ok?" May said almost letting her boyfriend's identity slip.

"He's in critical condition he's being taken to the nearest medical facility, Jack will be safe." Fury said as he already knew his identity.

"What about Mercer?" Peter asked.

"Nowhere, I think he died along with the ruins." Fury said.

May was beginning to tear up as then from nowhere Silhouette came and comforted her.

"Mayday he's going to be fine, I know him he's stronger than any person and has been in more dire situations than this." Lilly said as May was just terrified she would lose him as Peter put his hand on his daughter's shoulder.

"Let's go, he needs us all." he said as they all followed suit to the side of their friend.


Everyone was just there sitting or standing in the hospital quarters waiting for news on Jack's condition.

"So Colonel, how'd you know about Jack?" May asked him as he smirked.

"Knew? I always knew I just let him do what he wanted and after the fiasco in Siberia he did us a favour destroying that weapon, it was a mistake to make in the first place and he hacked our systems and deleted it from our files, that kid could be an asset to SHIELD someday." Fury said as Peter detected some respect in his voice.

"Why not recruit him then? Why keep him off SHEILD's radar?" Peter asked.

"Like you Parker I wanted to see what else he's was capable of and seeing this makes it clear he's SHEILD material or better yet he's Ultimates material." Fury said making his intentions known.

Shannon who did not look happy about his plans for Jack had to say something. "Nick, I thought you were done with recruiting heroes for SHIELD? The registration act failed because of stuff like that." she said giving a history lesson.

"I do remember Carter but I only said that he would make good material but it's his choice and my guess is he won't take it, he's focused on his part to protect people as an individual." Fury said making his full point.

As then alarms started to blare as a crash cart came flying through and staff as everyone was now in panic.




May was now in shambles hearing all those voices shouting as they began to try and stabilize Jack.




3 months later…

A church was filled with friends and family as most were either silent or crying and the reverend came into centre.

"Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to witness the union of Francesca and David." he announced.

"Now before we begin does anyone have any cause why these people should not be married today?" he asked as there was silence.

"Then I shall continue now David have you written vows?" he asked as he nodded.

"Frankie, the first time we met on the water cooler where I spilled the entire thing all over us both made me realise it was fate, this was meant to be and I will be the man you dream of." Dave said as she was just happy.

"Dave, my first impression of you was that you were a little boy who did not take anything seriously, your stupid little quirks, your addiction to crosswords and the accident proning I've grown to love, as I will for the rest of our lives." Frankie said as he also smiled at that.

"Now does the best man have the ring?" he asked as he produced it.

May and her family were there looking on. "It's beautiful isn't it?" May asked as an arm was put around her.

"It sure is, I can't believe I'm living to see this day." Jack said as he was enjoying this as much as anyone.

The ceremony went off without a hitch and before you know it the "I do's" were done and it was official Frankie was Jack's aunt and his uncle was finally hitched as they all left the church for the party which was at the Carter's residence.


The entire Carter and Madison families were partying and dancing as the DJ spun his records everyone was having a good time.

Jack however was sitting with his Avenger team-mates and was watching some of other guests dance.

"Man your parents are serious dorks when it comes to dancing." Jack said to May as she face palmed herself.

"I know, they really are the King and Queen of dorky dancing it's like I'm cursed to endure the humiliation." May complained as they continued to do so embarrassing her.

"Oh come on May they like this and besides it's the day you can be a dork and you can't talk." April said as May knew what her twin meant.

"Oh Ape don't go there!" May warned.

"She's right ya know, you are a terrible dancer and saying your awesome move is the robot does not cut it." Jack said as May playfully nudges him for making fun of her. "Ah! Still in some pain here!" he said holding his shoulder.

"Oh Jackson be quiet, you're not that hurt." Lilly said as he huffed at that.

"Yeah besides romeo it's not like you got your ass kicked halfway across the globe…oh wait you did." Kelso said.

"Ok then hands up who here has saved all existence?" Jack asked out loud and put his hand up as he looked around. "No? anyone?" he asked as then he looked up at his own hand. "Oh guess that means I'm the only one who has!" Jack bragged to shut Kelso up.

"You're gonna keep reminding us of this aren't you?" May asked her boyfriend as he just looked smug at that.

"Just remember we did help you out?" Shannon said.

"I know you all did and I thank you for helping me and Norm I owe you a solid for getting my mom out of there." Jack said thanking him as they bumped fists.

"Always good to help out a hero in need…oh gotta go, daddy is needed." Normie said looking at his cell phone as his now fatherly duties were needed as he left.

Jack then looked at May, she was wearing her hair up as she had on a blue dress with straps on and wore some black high heels as she noticed him eyeing her up.

"Is there something wrong?" May asked as he smirked.

"Nope just seeing how incredibly stunning you look today." Jack said complimenting her on her look as she lightly blushed on his comments.

"Aw thank you and you look adorable and ravishing in your tux." May complimented him back as he chuckled at that.

"Any idea where my mom is?" Jack asked as she had been absent for an hour now.

"None but I need to talk to you…in private." May asked as she took his hand and led him away from everyone as they went into the house and by the staircase.

"Jack…I'm ready." May said as he was looking a bit confused to what she meant.

"Ready?…" Jack needed a hint of sorts.

She then kissed him deeply as he then began to get the message and lifted her off her feet and cradled her in his arms while they still made out and carried her up the stairs as he went and kicked the door of the nearest room…

"AAAHHH!" a scream was heard as Jack snapped from kissing he saw something that may scar him for a long time.

"Mommy?" Jack said out loud as he dropped May and she landed hard.

Caitlin was trying to cover herself up as did the gentleman next to her seeing her own son and his girlfriend walk in on them.

"Oh god no! Jack what are you doing in he-oh I see now." Caitlin said seeing why they came upstairs.

"Mom who is this?" Jack asked about the mystery man next to her who was half naked.

"Jack do you remember when you did your disappearing act not long ago?" Caitlin asked as he remembered him.

"Detective Williams? You guys been dating?" Jack asked as he was surprised he didn't know about this.

"We didn't want to make you feel uncomfortable about this so she convinced me not to say anything." Williams said.

"Mom…I'm old enough to realise you want to move on and be happy, so if you'll excuse us." Jack brought May up to her feet. "We have a moment to create." he said leaving them to it as he shut the door.

"May! Make sure he uses protection!" Caitlin shouted from inside the bedroom.

Both looked to one another and chuckled. "Let's go to my Uncle's room." he suggested as she took his hand and they went there.

He shut the door behind them as Jack and May sat down at the end of the bed.

"Jack, I've waited until I found the right person to come along and I want it to be you." May confessed as he however was still a bit shocked at what he just saw a few seconds ago.

"I'm sorry but seeing my Mom doing the nasty with another guy has completely killed the mood for me." Jack said as she felt frustrated by that as she stood up.

"I mean sure my Mom needs to move on and I want her to be happy as does my Dad but it's-

"Jack." May said as he looked behind him and saw something that just rendered him speechless.

It was May in her red bra and underwear as his thought were wiped clean of the incident and now replaced with what beheld him.

"Oh sweet heavenly jebus! What was I talking about again?" Jack asked as she walked up to him and undid her hair as it flowed freely.

He then stood up and kissed her as he began to take his clothes off as his upper torso was exposed, May then sat down on the bed and took her shoes off as she then climbed into the bed and underneath the sheets she took off her bra first and followed it up with her underwear.

Seeing that he began to remove his clothes as he was now stripped down to his boxers as May giggled seeing him like that he then quickly joined her under the sheets and removed his final bit of clothing as both teens were now naked as Jack went to the drawer next to the bed and pulled out the protection needed as he quickly went to wear it.

He then went to her and they kissed passionately as they wrapped together. "I'll be as gentle as possible." Jack said as she lightly kissed him.

"Take me." May softly said and they both consummated their relationship.


After a couple of hours both teenagers were lying down, looking up at the ceiling and were just embracing one another after their time of lovemaking.

"You ok?" Jack asked his girlfriend.

She was feeling a bit rough. "Yeah I'm ok just a few aches and pains." she said trying to get comfortable.

"Once you get used to it the pain won't happen again." Jack explained as he kissed her on the head.

"Do you know what this reminds me of?" May said as he looked to her. "The time we played doctor and I made you take your clothes off even though you felt uncomfortable so I took mine off to make you feel comfortable." she said having a small laugh as he had a laugh as well.

"You do realise you turned a childhood memory into something filthy right?" Jack said as she was laughing and both went to kissing one another as they embraced once more.

"What does the future hold for us?" May asked.

"I don't know but all I know is that what matters is now not then and that I say these three words to you…I Love You Mayday Parker." Jack said.

"I Love You too Jack Walter Redgrave." May said ending with them kissing.

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