Hello again, my fellow readers. Cory of PRIVATE Corp here, and this time I am bringing another OC story to the table in my selection of reading. This time, I am doing a Kids Next Door idea that I had when the show officially ended, and really this is one of my ideas that I had planned back when I didn't knew about .

So now, here is the prologue to my latest project: an OC story set after INTERVIEWS and it features a new generation of KND operatives and new villains. So now, enjoy...

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C: KND – Op.: S.-C.


Hello there, fellow opportunists and newcomers to the KND. My codename is Numbuh 211, and lately I haven't been feeling myself lately. You see... just last week I ran into this group of shady kids and they look like normal operatives, but I was dead wrong. They beat me up badly and now I got this black spot on my chest. I thought it was some kind of bruise, but then my mind begins to play tricks on me and all I was thinking about is how much I hated the Kids Next Door. I am one of them and here I am thinking such evil thoughts. They are surely going to decommission me for having such thoughts.

Well, if I'm going to get decommission or suffer more from those group of kids gave me; I might as well tell you what has happened...

It all started way back when some time when our greatest hero, Numbuh One, left to join the Galactic Kids Next Door. And now you're wondering how I know this, it's well... great; my mind is doing it again! Anyway, the villain Father came along to stop Numbuh One so that he can retrieved his beloved pipe, but when he got to the site, there was no one there. Father grew viciously mad that his greatest enemy has left the planet to join the rest of the universe in the fight the adult disease.

Again, how do I know this much? I swear to you that I don't know it, but I think that this black spot may be affecting my mind. But... continuing on, as soon as Father left the site, he has receive word that his father, the infamous Grandfather, is slowly passing away and he requested Father to be at his side. Of course, Father didn't want to attend, since his father preferred his brother, Montgomery Uno, over him, but this may be a chance to be redeemed.

For what Father knew is that Grandfather can transferred his powers to whoever touches him before he passes away.

So Father joins his brother at the retirement home Grandfather was staying at, along with several other villains who want to pay their respects to a well-famed super villain, and oddly enough, there was a KND operative there as well. He was a scientist for the KND, only except that he operates under his own means instead of working under the water. Still, all of them are there, giving their final words and waiting for someone to take Grandfather's power.

One by one, each villain give their words to the dying super villain, each one nastier than the next, until only the scientist, Montgomery and Father is left. Father went ahead of his brother, hoping that he can retrieve all of the power before Grandfather donated it to Montgomery. But Grandfather chose the kid out of the group, which made Father furious. Then, after a brief moment of talking, Grandfather placed a hand on the kid's left hand and then Grandfather passed on.

Everyone remained silent, except for Father, who grew very angry over the turn of events. The room erupted into violence and Father expressed his full rage on everyone, but the kid scientist and Montgomery got out in time before things got nasty. Outside of the retirement home, the two of them went their separate ways, which was when the master started to take form.

Wait, who is this master? What am I talking about? Oh, how things got to be. I'm feeling very strange all of a sudden.

Anyway, the parting gift was the thing that Father was looking for, and it immediately went into effect as soon as the master left the building. During that time, a black virus began to infect his veins and bloodstream, turning his inside black as the night skies without stars. He is turning into what he is today.

When he got home, he noticed a black spot forming on his left palm and he began to felt strange sensations in his head, just like I'm feeling right now. Then the virus split and attacked both the heart and brain, getting the master ready for his transformation.

Guh... my head hurts. Why does my chest feel so heavy all of a sudden? Why, oh why am I thinking of turning against my fellow operatives? Why do I want join the evil side?

The kid scientist is terrified by having his hand now turning black and he felt something sharp piercing through his brain. He began hearing voices throughout his head, saying the same things that I am hearing, and then the events stopped. He looked back at his hand and he noticed that the spot is gone, and he figured that it was his mind playing tricks on him.

But the worst was yet to come...

"You, Numbuh 99.3, you are now under my control!"

"What? Who is this? Who are you and what are you doing in my room?"

"Ha! I am not in your room. I am in your mind!"

The master stumbled and he began to fear for the voice. "Don't be afraid my student, for I am hear to change you."

"Change me?"

"You see, the Kids Next Door has been a minor nuisance to the adults for a long time, ever since they had begun operations way back to the start of civilization! They had proved to be a threat to all of adults in the world, trying to prove that they are better than us! Well, that is where I come in."

"Who are... what are you!"

"I am known as..."

Then the virus strike my master's brain and heart, beginning his transformation into a great and powerful being. His whole body changed to the same color as his insides, and his clothing also changed as well. He had become as black as the shadows, maybe blacker than that, and his very appearance changed to fit his new form. Now gone is his memories of a KND operative, and then standing in front of a mirror was an agent.

An agent to the evil of the virus within him.

The virus not only changed my master's appearance, but it has also given him the powers of fires and the ability to change anyone into an inferior copy of him, like myself.

Huh? What did I just say right now? Did I say that I was an inferior copy and that whoever's images I'm seeing is my master? What's going on here? Why are these things happening to me! Aaaaaaaaaaah!


"Epsilon, stand up. Your transformation has been completed."

In a plain white room, a light is shining down upon a lonely girl, who is on her hands and knees from the pain she is suffering. She is a child, only twelve years of age, and she is hurting real badly. She grabs onto her chest, clenching onto the spot where a boy hit her, and she slowly made her way up. Her face is stained with tears, but she stopped crying as soon as she heard her new name.

"Yes, my master," she said.

"Your transformation is complete," a voice on an intercom said. "You are now part of the Splinter Cell, and all your memories about the Kids Next Door are no more. From the time you step out of this room, you are now call Agent Epsilon, is that clear?"

The girl gives a blank, cold stare into the glass on the far side of the room. She could see other people on the other side, with one dark shadow standing up. "Yes, I understand, master," she replied.

"Good. Now get out!" ordered the voice.

A door opens up and the girl makes her way out of the room. From there, she meets up with three other agents that also went through the same process: a thirteen year old boy with an emerald cloak, an eleven year old boy with a grey jacket and what appears to be an engine on his chest, and an fourteen year old girl with normal attire and a tattoo on her arm with the number "-5." The group of children is now being visited by a boy enshrouded in total blackness, with what appears to be a coat blowing as he walks near them.

"Epsilon Cell, this is your leader, Agent Epsilon," the shadow said. "She will be leading in your mission to capture more KND operatives, and turn them into more agents for my army."

"Are we going to take orders from her?" the emerald wearing boy asked. "She looks too much of a crybaby to be giving orders."

"Looks can be deceiving, Agent Emerald," the shadows responded. "Agent Epsilon was a former leader of Sector W of the KND, and she proves to be useful than you think."

"So what can she do?" the tattooed girl asked.

"Epsilon is capable of telepathy and is able to antagonize a person to the breaking point," the shadow boy replied. "Believe me, she had some useful information that we are keeping in the database."

"Heh, she will be useful," the engine boy said. "Why, with her, we can show those other cells that we're the best there is!"

The shadow boy gives a stern cough. "Uh, except for yours, Master Alpha," the engine boy replied.

"That's good," the shadow replied, "but was my name again?"

"Oh, it's Master Agent Alpha."

"And that's more like it," the shadow said. "Now dismiss! You are on duty now!"

"Yes, Master Agent Alpha!" shouted the group.

The four children left the room, running off so they can take on their missions. The shadow boy, Agent Alpha, walks back over to the control panel and watches as a boy roughly ten years of age enters the room.

"Let's see how much information this operative knows," Alpha said, pushing a button on the console.


Let's see... I am Numbuh 555-0101 and really, I don't know how I got here. All I could remember is that I got knocked in the head and someone was dragging me. I was out for so long and now here I am. Ugh, why does my head hurt? Wait, I think I remember something.

Then, after forty years of searching for clues, Father decided to go and find the disbanded Sector V, the sector that Numbuh One was once apart of. When the kid scientist heard about this, he went and pursued the walking shadow to wait for him to be done with the former operatives. After collecting all that he wanted to know, Father came out and then he met eyes with the kid scientist. The two of them had a long stand-off, waiting for one of them to make a move, until the kid made the first move and defeated Father with one move.

After defeating Father, the kid scientist placed his right hand on Father and began taking his powers from him. The operatives weren't there to see it, but as soon as they came out, they found a dead man lying out in the open. It was the master that stole Father's powers and he was the one that began his mission to turn against the Kids Next Door.

Huh? What's up with me? Why am I thinking of these events? What's going on here?

It was during this same time that the Seventh Age of the Kids Next Door came down on its knees, all thanks to the master, but one thing stood in his way from completely destroying the KND, and that was a new operative named Numbuh 887.

The two of them met along the street that is Sector V and they began to do a stand-off. Then, at a blink of an eye, the two boys charged right at each other, fists ready to go flying. It was then that Numbuh 887's left fist and my master's left fist met, slamming into each other and causing a large explosion of energy. The two forces slid back and then Numbuh 887 felt pain throughout his fist. He knew about my master's powers and he knew that he shouldn't touch him, but something about that punch made him stronger.

My master decided that they will meet again, knowing that these two forces will again face off in battle.

What? Who am I talking about? Why am I talking about the great 887 and this master guy? Why is my brain... GAH, IT HURTS!


"Hm, only a simple pawn," the shadow boy said. "Sure, he knows about the battle, but he's worthless."

Alpha reaches for a glass box and he flips it open, uncovering a red button. He pushes the button down, which triggers a trap door underneath the boy in the white room and he falls down the hole. The door closes up and the lights are turn off in the room, signaling that the interrogations are done for the day.

"Heh, I got a very good catch today," Alpha said. "A cell leader, several negative agents, a weapons agent, and two gem agents, all in one day, thanks to this virus." He clenches his left hand into fist. "With the Splinter Cell Virus flowing through my veins, there is no one that can escape the all-mighty that is Agent Alpha and the Splinter Cell!"


"Welcome to the Eighth Age of the Kids Next Door: The Age of the Splinter Cell."

Codename: Kids Next Door
Operation: S.P.L.I.N.T.E.R.-C.E.L.L.

ebellious –

Yeah, that's the best I can come up with. Well, it's something, but that's all I could think of. Besides, I need to come up with something to come up with what I am going for. And I'm talking about the title. Also, this prologue was going to be a history event, but I decided to go with this.

So now, I have introduced the main villain of this series, which happens to be Agent Alpha. As you can tell, he is the leader of the Splinter Cell, which is something totally different from what fans think of. Well, the idea of having kids turning against the KND is still there, but I wanted something to really show it.

Also, I have got two other characters introduce, with Numbuh 887 being a hero in this case and Agent Epsilon being a villain with her team. There will come the time I will explain everything in due time, but please, wait until I get that part done.

So, is there anything I need to talk about? Oh, agents Alpha and Epsilon are based off the Greek alphabet, Numbuh 211 is something I know exists but don't know what, Numbuh 99.3 is a radio station that I just chose, Numbuh 555-0101 is a classic fake phone number, and Numbuh 887 is... well, strangely enough, is my number. Yeah, I got the number from the Numbuh Generator and I decided to stick with it ever since. I can guarantee that you won't be seeing my name anywhere in this story.

Anyway, I like for you to review. I don't know when I am going to post the next chapters, but I will begin focusing on the main stars of this series: the new Sector V.