Well, it's time to keep this series rolling here. For now, this chapter shifts more over to the dark side of the Kids Next Door. As in... the Splinter Cell.

What you're about to see in this chapter is pretty much what is the main headquarters to the Splinter Cell, as such as the Moon Base to the KND, and you'll meet more of the Splinter Cell agents. Several of which are going to play bigger rolls once this series finally gets moving. So for now...

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Volume One: B.E.G.I.N.N.I.N.G.
Chapter Three: The Central


To the Kids Next Door, a symbol to their power is the treehouse. With a treehouse, the kids living in a certain sector to have access to all around within a large region of the treehouse and the kid operatives living in the treehouse can see for miles out. And there are several of these treehouses dotting the world, with one for each letter in the alphabet and only a few marking for a special purpose. But there is only one that stands out from the rest of these treehouses, for that this tree does not belong to the Kids Next Door.

This treehouse belongs to the Splinter Cell.

A mighty black tree infected by a strange virus looms over the surrounding, with roots thicker than the remaining trees that fall inferior to this tree. In an unknown location of the world, this gigantic tree stands all mighty against all else, with its black composure hidden deep in the dark skies. The only way to know about the tree being there are the structures branching out and the windows illuminating like the night sky, but even this proves to be worthless to tell the sheer size of this treehouse.

The buildings themselves are nothing compared to the structures the Kids Next Door use for their treehouse. Like the tree itself, all of the buildings sticking out from the leaves are black, with only the lights coming through the windows to be yellow. These buildings were once part of several skyscrapers from the past but were torn down to build new skyscrapers. To the Splinter Cell, this is an opportunity to use those scraps for their own, expanding them to create enough space for the large community that is the Splinter Cell.

All around, the air space is fill with Splinter Cell modified vehicles stolen from the Kids Next Door so that they have their own personal vehicles for them to use. Inside of these vehicles are known as the Lower Cells agents, agents that are not part of the exclusive twenty-six high-rank cells that Agent Alpha assigned them when joining the Splinter Cell. These lower agents make up a vast majority of the Splinter Cell, with a number ranging from -27 to beyond, all containing the negative to their number and going lower shows the true rank of these agents.

As for inside of the treehouse, the interior is much more spacious than what appears to be outside. The tree itself is mighty big, but the treehouse proves to be larger even to the Kids Next Door's standards. All around are other agents that make up the Lower Cells and only a few that make up the Superior Cells. These cells, simply known by who is the leader of the cell with bearing a Greek letter, each own one of twenty-six rooms in this massive treehouse. With four to each cell and twenty-six cells in total, including the infamous Alpha Cell, there are a large number of these Superior agent that Alpha chosen when they joined the Splinter Cell.

And one of these cells enters the treehouse looking worry.

The Gamma Cell steps out from one of the shuttles that populate the airspace and into the spacious hanger where there are several black vehicles loading and unloading supplies and agents. Agent -3 haves his hands in his pockets, his eyes looking all around his surroundings, and Aquamarine grabs the distracted agent by his shirt to bring him forward. Agent Cannon temporary steps away from his cell to restock on some of his cannonballs, and when he got back, he notices his leader walking back and forth in a panic.

"What are we going to do? What are we going to do?" the gamma agent muttered to himself, repeating the question over and over. "If Master Agent Alpha knows about our failure, we're surely going to get the boot."

"Oh relax, will ya?" pitched Agent -3. "You're getting too work up over this. Maybe Agent Alpha will cut us some slack."

"Cut us some slack?" Aquamarine blows a raspberry. "Please. When it was the last time that Master Agent Alpha gave anyone some slack?"

The blonde agent tries to answer that question, but the words soon slip away. And then he found something he could use. "But doesn't he have this ability to see just about anything?"

"No. The only agent that can do that is Agent Negative, but even he haves his limits," Aquamarine stated.

"Plus, Master Alpha only haves powers from some of the Power Suits users from generations ago," Agent Cannon stated. "If he would to have the power to see what all of us were doing, he would have gone and steal those from another Power Suit user, but there hasn't been one with fire powers for a long time."

Agent -3 lets out an irritated moan. "Look, I'm not looking for a history lesson. I'm just wondering if that he could see all of us doing our jobs."

"If he does, he'll already be here, getting all of his rage on us!" snapped Agent Gamma. "It's best that we try to avoid Master Alpha at all cost."

"I wouldn't be sure of that."

The Gamma Cell turns around to find one of the Superior Cell agents standing before them. He is several ranks below them, belong the Nu Cell, but he is a powerful agent for where he stands. His outfit is similar to Agent Cannon, but unlike the grey cannon wielding agent, this agent is reflecting off a negative image off his clothing. In truth, his whole body is much like a walking negative, as if he walked off of a film strip and then brought up to normal size to be just like everyone else. However, unlike a normal film negative, this boy does not have a face at all, making his look on his face to be in question as to what the Gamma Cell are seeing. But oddly, there is no sign of a black spot anywhere on his body, and even if the spot was visible, it will appear to be a white spot thanks to the negative.

This, as true to his appearance, is Nu Cell's Agent Negative.

"I got word that you four came back from your mission," the faceless agent said, speaking very calmly. "Any good news from your excursion?"

The four members of Gamma Cell look at each other, hoping that one of them will step forward and speak, but they are too afraid to the truth-seeking Negative. After a minute, the sound of a sigh emerges from Agent Negative and he focuses on Gamma Cell.

"Look, you all know what I am capable of doing," the agent stated. "If you don't confess, I am force to use my negativity to search your minds for the truth."

"If you really want to know, we took on some of the Kids Next Door, and they're a pretty new team," Agent Gamma finally responded, explaining only the partial truth.

Agent Negative attempted to raise an eyebrow, but nothing happen due to lack of facial features. "Oh, really? What sector?"

"V," replied Aquamarine.

"Sector V... you mean the sector Master Agent Alpha turned into the Heta Cell and one that got to be the lowest of the Lower Cells?"

"That's the one," Gamma answered. "And weren't we the ones that took care of those operatives?"

"Yes, I believe," said Negative. "Now, if I recall, you were originally assigned to bring a batch of the Fourth Flavor. Did you retrieve it?"

"Funny thing about that," said Agent -3. "When we were getting it, Agent Cannon here was trying to shoot down the Kids Next Door, but one of his cannonballs destroyed one of the barrels..."

"You destroyed the target?"

"But I'm not finished! But inside of those barrels was nacho cheese!"

The five of them are silent. From what Gamma Cell can see on Agent Negative's face, they could tell that he is not happy with these results. But something else is going on, as on the faceless agent's face is a sign of a sinister look going with the angry look.

"Those fools," he mutters. "Those Ice Cream Men think that they can trick the Splinter Cell from the Fourth Flavor, so that they can use it for themselves?"

"Wait... you're not mad at us?" asked Gamma.

"Oh no... Master Agent Alpha will be, but if I explain the situation, he'll never expect a thing. Carry on," Negative said, turning away to carry out his business.

The negative agent walks away from Gamma Cell, leaving them be as they make their way towards the exit of the hanger.

"I wonder why he isn't part of Master Alpha's faction," Agent Cannon muttered.

"He probably is, but Agent Alpha doesn't trust that Negative," Gamma replied. "If he known better, Agent Negative is up to something, and I don't trust him one bit."

As they walk away, the agent being mentioned snickers out loud as he hides a large smile on his blank face.


The rest of the treehouse, simply known to the Splinter Cell as the Central, is more of a city than just a large treehouse in a massive black tree. Even being in the tree, several branches are shooting out from the ground that makes up the very central center of the Central. A large courtyard with several agents dress in black are out and about, talking with other agents in careless conversations and talking over about the missions that they are on. There are more skyscrapers inside of this city, only instead of being black, the building material is made out of a silvery stone.

There are also businesses in this city, being operated by some of the Lower Cell agents and many of them are trading artifacts from their missions to obtain items. With places to eat, clothing stores for the lower agents and other fine places, this is a large production for the Splinter Cell. With such a work force running a city this scale, it is view that the Splinter view this city as their home, and that is what Agent Alpha hoped for once he started this treehouse.

And for the leader of the Splinter Cell, in the middle of the giant courtyard is a large statue of the head agent, with his nothing likeness being match in a marble statue. And below is a water fountain for the agent, which haves a pathway in the middle to an arch at the base of the statue. This is where agents go to if they want to meet their leader, when he is not tending to the new arrivals and away in his hidden personal quarters.

The members of Gamma Cell step out from the building that houses the hanger and all four members step down the stairs leading down to the courtyard. Once stepping on the cobblestones, Agent Gamma looks towards the Alpha statue with disgust, and he turns to find his cell disbanded. Agent Cannon is wondering off towards some of the shops, hoping that he could improve his cannons; Agent Aquamarine is heading towards a group of girl agents near the fountain; and Agent -3 is too busy spinning around, with his head looking up and hands in his pockets.

"You know, every time that I come in this place, I'm still amazed," Agent -3 said, coming to a stop to face his leader of his cell.

Agent Gamma lets out an irritated moan and he grabs Agent -3 by the shoulder to go grab Agent Cannon, who is busy talking with a gem agent at a weapon shop before the two of them broke into a fight. Cannon whips out two steel cannons from his coat and the gem agent forms a whitish round spheres in his palm, with both ready to fire several round items at each other. The gem agent makes the first move, tossing the white sphere at one of the cannons, and Agent Cannon open fires, shooting both cannons to destroy the white sphere before getting hit by the other sphere.

Agent Cannon is sent back a few feet from the impact, only due to his lack of focus and too busy relying on his firepower. The cannon boy eventually got others around him, mostly angry low rank agents, and he blows them all off by rushing forward, putting away the two cannons to replace them with his much larger concrete cannon, and getting a shot ready. The gem agent, which haves the same design similar to Aquamarine's, but haves whitish splashes, prepares several lines of whitish weapons for the agent to use. Both rush towards each other, hoping that one of them will settle this fight.

But the fight is abruptly stopped by one agent jumping forward and waving a blue cape around. "All right, enough!"

Both charging agents come to a stop, looking hatefully at each other before looking at the agent before them. There standing in-between them is a Superior rank agent with a uniform close to Agent Gamma's, but the comparisons stop there. The boy is roughly fourteen years old, wearing a dark green outfit consist of a long sleeve vest, with the Greek letter "kappa" on his right sleeve, over top of an even darker green shirt, along with a lighter variation to the dark green for a pair of jeans and black shoes. On the vest in the back is a blue cape, which resembles more of a blanket than a cape. And his head consists of a black streak running down his face like a scar, a pair of emerald green eyes and his hair being as blue as his cape.

The two fighting agents gaped at the sight of this agent. "Agent Kappa!" they both shouted at once.

The newcomer shifts his attention towards the gem agent. "Agent Opal, what were you doing fighting with Agent Cannon?" he asked.

The gem agent, who is revealed to be Agent Opal, looks nervously at Agent Kappa with his white eyes. "Uh... you see... Agent Cannon and I were getting into a normal conversation, and I may have said something to offend him, and then the both of us got into that fight," he answered.

The kappa agent puts a hand to his face and squeezes together. "How many times do I have to tell you to be careful of what you say to others?"

The opal agent begins to think. "Several?"

"And most of the time...?"

"I don't," Agent Opal replied in shame.

Agent Kappa lets out a sigh. "At least you didn't get to kill one of the top three cell's best agents," he said.

"Excuse me," said Agent Gamma, walking up to Agent Cannon before bringing down a fist on the agent's head. "What were you thinking? Are you trying to give us bad luck today?"

"I'm sorry!" whines Agent Cannon. "I don't know what has gotten to me today!"

"I think I know the answer," said Agent Aquamarine.

The crowd turns to notice the aquamarine agent strolling up with another agent behind her, this one being a female and wearing a female version of Kappa's clothing. She is wearing a light purple vest with a long sleeve shirt underneath and she haves the Greek letter "epsilon" on her left sleeve. She is also haves a purple skirt that goes down to the shoes she is wearing, and her hands that she have in front of her have a pair of dark purple gloves. And her head haves a pair of blank purple eyes that are staring deeply into the boys and beyond, and her brown hair haves streaks of purple going down and back.

"This is Agent Epsilon," stated Aquamarine. "She's the one toying with Cannon's mind since this morning."

"This morning? You mean when I bumped into the new girl and somehow starting my bad luck?" asked Agent Cannon.

"She apparently uses telepathy that can alters one mind, changing to make that person unstable and eventually breaks them down," said an agent from behind, this one being another gem agent, but haves a green theme going and is a male agent.

"Agent Emerald, is she your cell leader?" asked Agent Kappa.

"'fraid so," the green gem agent replied. "She hardly speaks at all, and she is staring at the other guys with those huge orbs of hers, causing them to be so mentally screw up, they can't even think straight most of the time."

"That would explain me," Agent Cannon said, now realizing the whole situation.

"Is there any way to reverse this effect?" asked Agent Gamma.

Agent Epsilon gives a firm nod and her eyes adjust to be where a normal person's eyes should be. Then Agent Cannon could feel his head aching from the sudden snap of Epsilon leaving his head, and the pain went away after a second. Soon, the cannon agent gives a look around and he shrugs everyone off to join back in his group.

"Well, I guess that I'm not needed here anymore," Agent Kappa said. "Gamma Cell, you need to report to Master Agent Alpha immediately. Agent Opal, you're coming with me."

The opal agent lets out a moan as the two of them walk off to one of the skyscrapers. The two members of Epsilon Cell split away from Gamma Cell to go back to wherever they came from, leaving Gamma Cell by themselves. Now looking towards the statue that is holding their leader, Agent Gamma lets out a sigh and takes a step forward to face his fate.

"Come cell," he said. "Our master is calling us."


In one part of the Central, in an unknown location, there is a large black room, with only a single row of lights making up a path for Splinter Cell agents to walk up and down the room. At one end of the room is the portal that leads to the arch at the statue in the courtyard, and on the other side, which is a far distance, sitting on a large black and red throne is the leader of all Splinter Cell agents: Agent Alpha. With his whole being part of the shadows, with a thin outline of orange and red to symbolize the powers that he owns, he sits with a leg up and hands clasp together in waiting for Gamma Cell.

Along with Agent Alpha, three other agents are in this very room, with one being a thirteen year old male with a gem outfit that haves purple splashes all over the cloak and haves purple hair and eyes for his head. Another agent is a shady male figure, at also thirteen years old, wearing more of a rogue punk theme with a black vest, a red shirt, black jeans with chains out of his pockets, black arms from his master touching him there, a tattoo of "-1", and his face glowing with a sinister stare. And the final agent is nearly all black, with the exception of his skin, as he wears the same as Agent Cannon, but his color is all black, along with his eyes and hair, and he haves a black spot on his face in shape of an anvil and running down his neck to the rest of his body.

These three agents, along with Agent Alpha, make up the highest rank Superior Cell in the entire Splinter Cell: Alpha Cell.

Gamma Cell finally emerges from the portal and into one of the lights illuminating the room and the nearly black agent walks up to the cell to stop them. Agent Gamma tells the agent, known as Agent Anvil, to allow them to pass and all four begin to walk up towards the throne. They got there in a minute, as the walk is a lengthy one, and they notice the gem agent, Agent Amethyst, and the sinister looking agent, Agent -1, standing on both sides of one irritated Agent Alpha.

"Gamma Cell," Alpha started, his voice loud enough to startle all of Gamma Cell. "Will you like to explain to me why all of you failed your mission?"

"We don't know how to explain it," started Agent Gamma. "We got word from Agent Zeta about some Fourth Flavor ice cream being transported..."

"And one of your agents went against orders to destroy the target!" snapped Alpha, getting out of his throne with flames shooting from his body. "I have heard the report from Negative, but your cell failed to comply that if you're assigned to get a target object, you need to bring it back in perfect condition!"

With flames now growing from his rage, Aquamarine tries to save her cell from getting burn. "Master Agent Alpha, with all your respect, it wasn't just all our faults," she said. "The Ice Cream Men provided the faux ice cream to us, and we fell for it."

The leader of the Splinter Cell's rage is still burning, but his flames slowly die down. "Plus, we got to deal with some of those pesky Kids Next Door," said Agent -3. "Heck, Agent Gamma here even took on Numbuh 887."

Agent Gamma is about to hit Agent -3 with a shot of gamma radiation with Agent Alpha's ears twitch. "Did you say Numbuh 887?" he asked.


None of the agents spoke, until Agent Alpha lets out a small laugh. "You must be nuts taking on Numbuh 887," the leader said. "I had a run-in with him five years ago and I even attempted to make him Agent Omega for the Splinter Cell, but he is still part of the Kids Next Door?"

"Afraid so," Agent Gamma answered.

Alpha lets out a sigh. "I can't believe that's been five years. Normally the virus would have taken over within minutes, but he is still with the blasted Kids Next Door!" Flames begin to shoot up again. "You might be considering yourselves lucky to survive that encounter with Numbuh 887. That operative is not one of the regular operatives you met on the field," he said, sitting back down in the throne.

"You still have Agent Omega open?" asked Agent Cannon.


"Why don't you give that to someone...?'

The leader of the Splinter Cell's rage builds up once again. "No one in the Splinter Cell shall have a title higher than Alpha!" Agent Alpha shouted. "Until I could get Numbuh 887 to join the Splinter Cell, no one is getting Omega unless I said so."

Agent Gamma calmly asked why no one should be called Omega. "You know that Omega can be use to show power greater than anything else," the leader said. "If that person is weak like a Lower Cell agent and if he were to get the title of Agent Omega, then I will not be in this spot."

"But why aren't you Omega?"

"Why are you bothering with these stupid questions? You're trying to advert away from the punishment I'm about to inflict on you?" asked Agent Alpha.

Everyone in Gamma Cell shake their heads no in unison. Alpha calms himself down and then relaxes in his chair to think. "Well, since you got out of there, and there was no Fourth Flavor after all," Alpha started. "...I guess I'll let you go for now."

"Really?" said Agent Gamma, now relieved.

"But if you fail to report to me immediately after failing, don't expect me to be soft on you the next time we meet."

All Gamma Cell agents give their leader a firm nod and the four of them head towards the portal to get back to the courtyard. As they left, Alpha lets out one long sigh as Agent Amethyst leans in to talk to his master. "Sir, are you going to allow those agents to go back out on the field?"

Agent Alpha did not reply for a long time, waiting for the moment when all agents of Gamma Cell are out of the room. "No," he finally answered. "I can't trust those buffoons as much as anyone lower and Epsilon. With the rise of numbers, there are agents that are going to turn against me, and I'm just waiting for one of them to strike."

"Even Gamma Cell?" asked Agent -1 and Alpha returns a nod. Agent -1 grins widely. "Then that means we have another cell to get rid of."

"But we have to get new members to replace them," said Alpha, now going for a crystal ball that is beside him. In the globe, he could see the treehouse of Sector V and the sleeping agents of Numbuhs .01 through .05 sleeping in their beds. "If it comes to the time to eliminate and replace Gamma Cell, this new Sector V may provide a decent cell."

"And Agent Negative?" asked Agent Amethyst. "He seems to be pretty shady."

"I don't see how he's going to be a threat," Agent -1 responded, shrugging his shoulders. "If he can't do much, then he's not a threat."

"Still, we can't trust anyone," Agent Alpha said. "With a growing number of agents entering the Splinter Cell, only time will tell when a new leader rises up and takes over this organization."

"And lets hope that we'll have many more years under Master Agent Alpha," stated Agent Anvil, now coming up from the portal.

With a firm nod from the leader, Alpha climbs out from his chair, dismissing his cell to their rooms for the night, as the leader begins his walk towards his room for some rest. As he is walking, Alpha begins to think about his fight with Numbuh 887 five years ago, and he could remember hitting the boy on the fist with the infected hand Alpha haves, making sure that the operative is infected with the virus. Alpha clutches his left arm as he continues walking.

"One day 887, you will join us," he said out loud. "You will be part of this organization, and you will help clear this world of all adults and Kids Next Door forever."

OK, allow me to explain how a Splinter Cell Superior team works out:

Leader: The leader is usually a letter from the Greek alphabet, starting with Alpha being the highest to three that aren't part of the alphabet.
: This is usually a gemstone, starting with the twelve birthstones and then moving into others.
Weapons Expert
: This was going to be a standard letter of the modern alphabet, but I chosen to do weapons based with the letter. Each is based upon a theme.
: This is a negative number agent. These agents are -1 to -26, going from the strongest to the weakest before stopping at -26.

So if you look at, say, Alpha Cell, it'll be Agent Alpha as the leader, Agent Amethyst as second-in-command, Agent Anvil as the weapons expert (I'll explain the name later), and Agent -1 as the scout. So that's how it works. There won't be chance for me to list all of the letters, but I will say that there will be an Agent Omega. I am trying to get things work out, and hopefully if I play my cards right, I'll get the story I am hoping for.

For what you just read, this is mainly centering on the Splinter Cell. This is much like the Moon Base to the Kids Next Door, but on a much darker tone. Also, I have introduced more agents in this chapter. Some of these cells and members will be feature in future chapters, with maybe one volume dedicated to Agent Negative and probably a few with Epsilon Cell, Agent Kappa and others.

Plus, if it seems I am rushing into things, please note that this has been forty years in the future, showing the progress of how the Splinter Cell is doing as an organization. If they are worry about a coup now, then that's perfectly fine. It'll help out with the story later on.

So for now, I like for you to review, thank you very much. I'll see what I can come up with for the next chapter.