Loss of Memories

Pairings: HijikataxGintoki

Summary: Gintoki lost his memory during accident while buying Jump.

I do not own Gintama.

What happening to me? Why my head is so painful? Why am I lying here?

Huh? Why the skies become red? Is this already sunset? It's me who become red. Why? My eyes are blurring, I can't see a thing even my fingers. I can't remember a thing. What will happen to me?

The sky become dark and it all black in color.

Who am I?

Shinpachi and Kagura went to pick Gintoki at the hospital. Gintoki has lost his memory during an accident by buying Shonen Jump.

"What?! Gin-san lost his memory?!"

"That even better, he can work a better job and pay his debt properly." When he walked at the street many people said that words to him.

If the usual Gintoki, he will be just annoyed but now, and under this situation, it must be tough to him.

"Gin-chan, don't be sad. Cheer up a bit aru."

"GIN-SAN!" A girl (stalker girl) jumped to Gintoki.

"Gin-san, you are so rude to forget me! You say that you forever will not forget me that night!" She hugged Gintoki tightly until him hardly to breathe.

"Sac-chan-san, no mater what you say even your sadistic character cannot make Gin-san remember it!" Shinpachi tired to safe him from her.

"Even if cannot, I also want to make him remember, use my super sadistic character."

Shinpachi's anger had raise. "Stop your super M character! Even normal people don't want to use that idea to remember!" Shinpachi shouted at her. Kagura just stand a side and ate sukonbu.

'I'm so tired.' Gintoki want to get back home and rest. He was so tired after at the hospital.

What type of people am I? An adult that never work, no confidence, have many debt, I still have what valuable things to live on? People that I meet on the street, all of them use a disgusting expression looked at me, it is too hurt.

"No! That is not true, Gin-san!"

"I don't want this! I don't want salary; only sukonbu is enough for me."


This is a good decision for leaving both of them than follow me. This is for their good. I cannot stay in this city, a person like me, I have to go to a city that everyone do not recognize me, no mater what but first I have to find a job.

"Oh, yes. Thank you for the information. If you see some suspicious people, call the Shinsengumi."


Who is that guy? Where did I saw that guy before?

The man with Shinsengumi clothes turned his head and his face was frowning like someone had annoying him.

"Tch! Meet some pissed people."

His eyes also same as others, show a disgusting expression.

"I say, what are you doing at here without bring your bokuto? These days have some terrorist at here so we are-" When he turned his head and saw his was gone, he went to found him.

"DON'T INGORE ME!" He shouted at Gintoki.

"Oi! Yorozuya!" Hijikata hold his hand to stop him.

"Just now did you hear what I say!? We are investigating if you run around the street like that it really a problem to us."


"Huh?" He thought he heard some words came out from his mouth, he could not hear it loudly so he tired to ask him.

"What are you saying?" He received no responded so he tired to turn his head to him.

"Oi! Look here…" He let go of Gintoki hand and he kneeled on the ground.

"Sorry…I'm very sorry!"

What happened to him? "What happen to-?!" He turned his head around and shocked to see that he was crying. He felt a slight of guilty to see he cried.

After Gintoki told him the story about him and he understand why.

"Oh, so you lost your memory. That expression was the truth of your lost memory because you will not show it if the usual you." He flashed back of Gintoki usual expression was like a dead fish sort of that.

"Even who you are also?" Gintoki nodded to him. "Even thought I don't know who I am."

"I'll help you, follow me." Hijikata took his hand hastily and it hurt Gintoki a bit.

"Ouch!" Then he realized that this guy knew him very well and tired to help him remember his memory so he struggled.

"I don't want…don't want to remember. I don't want to remember the disgusting of me!" Gintoki shouted and struggled even louder until Hijikata bring him to a small house and kicked the door.

"I don't want to go back to myself!" He was push hard down to the ground and heard Hijikata closed the door behind him. He turned his head around to look the place curiously.

"Here is…?"

Hijikata hold his chin not to let he turn. "Here is our investigated place so nobody will come here so…" Gintoki eyes widen when a warm sensation touch his lips. After a few seconds, Hijikata broke the kiss. Gintoki was still shocked of his action. "D-doing w-what…?"

Hijikata was looking him and met his gaze. He closed the distant between him and Gintoki and kissed him but this time the kiss was rough and hungry. Gintoki was taken back and moaned in the kiss. By that time, Hijikata took his opportunity to sneak in Gintoki clothes. Gintoki blushed by that touch.

He was grasp for breathe and his ruby eyes was wet by his tears. "W-why…s-stop it…"

Hijikata choose to ignore him and continue to kiss his chest.

Gintoki had it enough, he want to stop this. "No…don't! E-enough!" His breathe out for air as if he lack for oxygen. He couldn't take it more.


At the same time he was shouted, they heard an explosion. Hijikata stand up from Gintoki and walked towards the door.

"Yamazaki! What happening?"

"Vice-commander! Are you alright?" Why do you come out from this place?

"How was the situation?"

"We have two people injured but alive."

"Bring them to hospital, others things I will take care."

"Yes, sir."

Gintoki step out from the house and saw blood on the ground. He felt awful disgust and gross, he covered his mouth. Hijikata saw his reaction of this and took his hand to his mouth and kiss it. "Gintoki…"

After a short silent, he looked at him and saw his eyes with horror. He chooses to let him go. "Get in from here and run away." He walked away his and stopped his pace. "At least I not hate you." After he say this, he gone to the incident place.

Many reporters came to the incident place and interview the witness and the members of Shinsengumi. The Shinsengumi were angry because some of their comrade died instead of the terrorist. Gintoki looked at this and realized what he had to do.

"Reporters? Let them be but don't let them near Kondo-san. Ah! No problem, I will-" Hijikata stop talking after saw Gintoki. He was shocked to see him here. Gintoki face was bright red after run to find him. Hijikata smiled wickedly.

"Vice-commander?" Yamazaki called him on the side of the phone.

"Ah! Wait! Commander!"

"Toshi!?" Kondo shouted at the side of the phone.

"Toshi, do you hear me? Oi! Where are you? I go to your place. Why you always like-" He could not finished his sentence and Hijikata already hang up his phone and walked towards Gintoki.

"Do you make up your mind?"

Author Comment: This is my first Gintama fanfic. I found this idea by reading a doujinshi, of course its not mine either. :P As I can say, I don't know I should continue this story or not. XD So, please reviews that I should continue this story or not by the way please ive some tips to write it. *bows*