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One Month Later

It's strange what time will do to your sense of normalcy. A few years ago, I thought normal was going to school and being ridiculed by my much more attractive classmates. A month ago, my normal life (if you could call it normal) revolved around running from my own grandmother and learning how to fight the things that went bump in the night. Now, normal is the life I spend with Amaranth while the world is preparing for the Apocalypse. As you can see, my life was never normal, and it probably never will be.

After Amaranth and I had made sure that the dragon I had killed was really dead this time (he was, thank goodness, I was getting tired of killing him), we had gone down stairs to help the other Daybreakers fight the remaining invaders. I don't like to dwell too much on that fight, even though it wasn't the worst one I had seen by a long shot, but it was still painful to live through. Thankfully, we didn't lose anybody in that fight, although a few werewolves and shapeshifters came close. I later found out that Hannah and Rashel had led an attack on the rear of the attackers after they had left me, which was effective but also gave their soulmates heart-attacks.

Thierry welcomed me and Cap into the Circle with open arms and an even more open wallet, a fact which never ceases to amaze me. Even though Cap and Amaranth are always in denial whenever I point out that I'm no where near deserving enough of Thierry's kindness, I still don't think saving him from a dragon makes me deserve the use of Thierry's private helicopter whenever the urge seizes me along with an almost unlimited amount of funds for my personal use (not that I have very many personal uses). Needless to say, Amaranth enjoys using the helicopter more than I do as it allows us some much needed alone time to catch up when we're not busy training for battle and searching for more dragons.

Cap and I never did find Sage, although we did find the little b- witch- who had possessed Amaranth and made me send him away in the first place. Turns out she was messing with other witches' non-witch soulmates. Let's just say, she won't be bothering anyone anymore. Don't worry though, Thierry and Hannah wouldn't let me kill her… although they did let me turn her over to Thea and Blaise, which is much more fun.

I'm still not sure what will happen during or after the Apocalypse, and I'm not sure that I'll even survive. Amaranth tried briefly to convince me to turn into a vampire for my own safety, although luckily Thierry and Ash convinced him otherwise. Good thing too, I really don't like blood.

There have been more dragon appearances, which means that Cap and I are being kept busy with tracking them and killing them. Hannah and Keller say that the increase in dragon attacks is a sign that the end of the world is approaching. I'm not sure that I believe them, although they haven't been wrong before.

Well, whenever the Apocalypse decides to come, it sure won't find me hiding under a bench like some other humans I used to know. It will find me at the front lines, with Amaranth by my side, no longer afraid to face the world.