Chapter 2

The howl I had heard so many times split through the night air.

They were coming.

Molly whimpered at the sound. I would too if a pack of wolves chased me down, out for blood.

They knew I was here.

But maybe just maybe...they didn't know about Molly.

"Molly..." I whispered. I really hope she's still conscious.

Thankfully her eyelashes that were covered in icicles like a thick layer of white crystal mascara fluttered and then opened.

"Winter?" she murmured.

"Shhhhhh" I whispered quickly. They might hear her. They had good hearing. As I well knew. They would kill her if they found her. Even if she didn't know about them. Winter was a witches downfall and my name ironically was Winter. "I'm going to hide you, okay? Don't come out until everyone leaves."

I could hear their yaps echoing through the valley around the town and forest as they followed my scent they'd found in town.

"But..." she shivered violently.""

She shook so much. We didn't have much time.

"I'll be fine. Don't worry about me." I whispered back picking up branches from under all the snow.

I could hear their footfalls getting closer like a starving cat chasing the frightful mouse.

They were close but not close enough to hear me whisper.

"No matter what, Molly do not move until they have left." I started putting branches over her. "Go home. Tell your Mom and Dad thank you for letting me stay but I have to go home now. To my pack."

"Winter..." She whispered. A tear leaving an icy trail down her cheek. "You the best sister I could...ever ask for. you".

"I love you too, Molly. No matter what...Now remember what I said. Go straight home and more importantly no trying to track me down after this okay? It'll only end badly." Tears filling my own eyes.

"Goodbye Winter." She must know this was the last time I would see her.

I started pushing snow over the branches. Hopefully the branches would create a wall and keep most of the snow off of her.

They were so close.

I could hear their raspy breaths as they closed in.

They wouldn't find Molly I would make sure of that.

I shifted and ran as fast as I could away from where Molly was hidden. The snow would have covered her trail.

I heard them run forward, surrounding me as we ran.

I shifted back into human form shuddering as I did so.

I pushed my short reddish brown out of my face as they circled me. Their warm breath making steaming puffs in the cold night air.

Five pairs of flowing eyes walking cautiously around me.

One smaller set stayed behind another. A pup.

I laughed. It was a cold, hard sound that made their eyes freeze.

My pack had found me.

And everyone knew...there was no family like a pack. And I had abandoned them. Maybe not purposefully but I still had.

A wolf stepped out of the shadows of the trees.

He was the leader and my best friend before I had left.

I looked at the sky.

The moon was full.

And it was always cold...

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