Like so many other fics I start this one with the end, and retelling the entire thig. Get ready, because you're going to have to do a double take on the check you have for reality!

Man that sounded so corny!

You wanna hear a story? It's a story abbout two of the greatest heroes I've ever seen. Actually, I've only seen one of them, and he told me about the other one, and I took his word for it. Pretty strange huh? Yeah, that's him alright. He says they're both like that, that it runs in his family. Good. He deserves family. They both do.

He told me he never thought he was normal at all, and I believed him. I mean, people who could clear apartment complexes in a single leap, and knock someone out with a tap to their head, usually weren't normal. Others who could stick to walls and bench press whole trucks and have a borderline precognitive sense in the back of their head were people not to be fucked with. In fact, they weren't people to even insult or joke about. But in his concrete jungle, his stomping grounds, his home, he was one of the best. He was one of the most well known.

Replace was with would, and put in a B. The thing is, he's not grown up yet. He's got a long way to go. But from what he's told me today... I'd say he's on his way. In fact, I could summarize it up in six reasons why too.

At first he was an orphan. A poor kid on the streets, not knowing anything but what he learned day in and day out. He was a would be legend, compared to all the possibilities before him, and yet, he was so far away from that. Because of the many differences between him, and his would be self.

The kid was a straight up bonafied prodigy. He deserved his time in the spotlight just like everyone else, didn't he? Then why was it that he lived in one of the most darkest places of the NYC? He had no parents. No guardian. No Aunt, Uncle, sister, brother or third cousin seven times removed on his mothers side by marriage to call a family at all. He was all alone in a world of heroes.

He wanted to be just like them. Iron man, Captain America, Wolverine. The real legends. He would take his place in the history books, as someone who protected his people, and made sure no harm came to them.

He saw everything in red and blue. Never let anything keep him down, this kid. Always optimistic, and cheerful. He had no friends, or anyone to look up to, except a few people working at a corner store down on 5th street and Thrumond. I'd never say it out loud... but it was admirable.

He was different. He could be powerful. Well known throughout the whole damned world in fact. Famous, rich, looked up to. He says that that potential runs in the family too.


He had no idea, what the fuck he was getting into when he went to that exhibit on spiders. He didn't really understand what the hell they where saying most of the time. He just stared at the little arachnid, feeling like he could belong with them. Like, he was missing a part of him that was there, inside of him, but he could not find it. Yet.

Who am I? Well I'm no omnipresent god or being just to let you know. No, I'm the guy who took him and raised him for a little bit. Yeah that's rigt. Just a little bit. I don't know half of the whole story, and he refuses to tell me most of it. There were fights. Lots of fights, he says. He fell alot, and he got his ass handed to him a lot too. Good. that's what he gets for being cocky.

He says he's met some interesting people on the way. I can only wonder as I roll my eyes. He says he's met a fox too. One that likes ramen. Boy would that be a sight.

I don't know everything. I don't want to either. I just have a tiny feeling in my gut that I'm in the presence of a hero right now, and that he's been in the presence of another one. When I ask him, rubbing his head, he grins up at me and laughs the happiest laugh I have ever heard from him.

"My family in Konoha."

My nname is Nick Fury. I don't ask many questions, but I just can't help but wonder what the fuck he got himself into this time, where ever this 'Konoha' is.

The kid has family, so what. He's with his real family right now.

"So how did it all start kid? How did this 'great adventure' begin?"

He laughs and rubs his head for the billionth time. "Well... It all started with a spider-bite I suppose... and some living tar. Yeah, that's a start. But the real action started when i met this kid with whiskeer marks on his cheeks. That's where the fun stuff begins."